Massive Opportunity? chainlink vetCHAINLINK LINK to $100 Confirmed?!

square chainlink post chainlink sergey dump chainlink vet CHAINLINK LINK to $100 Confirmed?! Massive Opportunity?
chainlink vet price prediction for chainlink CHAINLINK LINK to $100 Confirmed?! Massive Opportunity?
good morning everyone welcome to a new market update and today were going to discuss chain link as chain link is close to being bottomed out and could it run towards 100 seems likely as in this market is currently extremely crazy so were going to do an analysis on chaining today but before that do not forget to subscribe to this youtube channel which you can do beneath here and also do not forget to like this video or comment what type of content you would prefer to see then chaining jainic is currently looking the identical view or uh comparable to what weve seen in 2020 in which we also had a very nice compressive period uh we also had a sideways accumulation range which is quite comparable to what we currently are seeing in the chart in itself we do see that the trend is downward since it bottomed out in december 2020 it has seen a nice run towards the critical resistance zone at 77 000 however you preferably want to see this break above the accumulation range so what are we currently expecting to see we can see that were currently having a bottoming construction or at least getting close to one uh in which a breakout is inevitable and therefore um we have to zoom in a little bit to make such a prediction or to see whats currently going to happen and therefore were going to make this zoomed in picture and then we can start seeing what the price is currently doing what do we see rejection at the critical resistance out of this accumulation period here another lower high lower lows lower high lower low right so in the recent movements we do see that we have got another lower high but we are actually consolidating at support here and still we might drop down below support and get to watch this next area of support at 40k um but right now were just making this construction in which you generally want to see something like this as you know but if the price of chaining is going to break above this break of 52k i think we bottomed out so thats the critical level that we have to watch for chaining in itself to avoid making it further downwards movements on the downside weve got this 47 and 40k sets this entire region that is serious business and serious support levels so as long as that sustains and we start to make higher lows at some point or at least we are making a rounded bottom right now it seems very likely that were going to have a new expansion towards the previous regions that we have been acting in therefore it has to crack 52k and if that happens i think 77k is on the boards for training and then you can also see that since its recent all-time high chaining is down 72 in its bitcoin value and i know theres many questions regarding the bitcoin ust value of the charts im going to make some more content on that but you can also see it on my youtube channel in which you should be aware of those uh differences between the two to two pairs excuse me but on the other hand we can say the upwards potential is 250 to even get back towards the previous all-time high and thats inevitable if we cut are going to have a new impulse wave but then were going to watch the bitcoin or the usdt chart which is quite different than what we see on the bitcoin chart and ill just pop up the regular one as this is more wiki which means that if we have that 252 move on bitcoin on the bitcoin value we can start showing massive gains for chaining yes this is a very bullish outlook but if we get 250 percent it is going to watch 100 bucks some things that i would like to say regarding this price prediction on chaining in itself you should be aware that if something starts to run heavily like this move that could look like a bubble picture in itself as in it seems very inevitable that were going to have some downwards momentum after such a big move however ethereum looked the same in 2016 and never got back after it made but it made a very big move first and then it started to consolidate so those very vertical moves often come back to downwards levels for tests definitely but once it goes away or it gets out of that accumulation the chances of it hitting back towards the previous levels are slim so what do we see in this entire construction here of chain link we can make the charge it itself we know that weve got to use the previous highs as support levels so anything i think its actually this entire block here anything between 19 to 20.75 is a support zone in general therefore if we get into anything of this region we have been there once already it seems a great opportunity to get into chaining critical breaker on the upside theres a few weve got this critical break that we do need to break at 29.59 if that breaks im assuming were going to have a massive expansion if we break above 34 i think the next real move is in so right now we are just into a sideways accumulation period for chaining in which we are not really seeing any big moves but we do not see it on any major at this stage as its just consolidating and as you know thats very healthy and im assuming that thats just organic and in need for the next big move to occur so if we generate ourselves as this entire impulse wave is one big wave recent low recent high going to assume the next targets own based on fibonacci extension tools the next waves are most likely towards 55 or 84 bucks however that move you have to watch through the bitcoin pair right if you watch it through the bitcoin pair you know what to do as the bitcoin pair is going to show a strength and that was also the strength that we saw in this recent move in 2020 so very likely were going to see a similar big wave occurring but if were going to have some more consolidation that is not unlikely to happen so what are the critical levels to watch for chain link it is this zone around 24 bucks it is also this breaker around 30 and if we break above 34 im assuming that were going to see a run towards 55 and maybe even 100 bucks then finally ive got to share some stuff regarding eat as eat is just finally bottomed out it seems like we were trying to lose this entire support region that we knew and we just got wicked out and immediately flipped back i ive discussed this chart yesterday in which i said it has to break some lower time frame levels to have momentum as well well if we watch the lower time frame levels and ill just use a clean chart we can see whats happening here so the support area got lost right so we lost the support area at 0 305 breakdown but it immediately bounced back up and made a new higher low afterwards so this construction loses support it tries to breaks out this doesnt do that breaks up again and flips this previous ob for support what do i want to see right now well basically we are trying to flip a very important level for support granting further continuation so in this case we saw zero three becoming support in this case you want to see this entire region holding on to support for ethereum if that grants support im assuming were going to break out of this accumulation range and im assuming were going to see a run to at least one of the next levels which is zero three four zero three four is about ten percent from here so this runs about ten percent and then we get to watch e to usdt and if we take and just say the aspirin is bitcoin ust is going to remain stable we get back to whats the all-time high region so ive been discussing this chart previously in which we said we have to flip a very important level for support right so we flipped 1650 and now we ran towards the next area around 18 and a half to 1900 next critical area this region around 1720 id prefer to see sustainer support if that holds on to support im going to assume that we see ethereum attacking 2k once again but my eyes are definitely on chaining at this stage as in the next run i think chaining could run towards 100 bucks and if jainic runs all those other oracles will definitely follow through thats my video for today thank you for watching ill see you again tomorrow or maybe tonight if something crazy happens do not forget to subscribe and like this video Chainlink LINK is close to being bottomed out and it seems very likely that we will hit $100 in the near future. 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