How LINK Reaches $100+ in 2021 chainlink price prediction 100Chainlink LINK SMASHES New All Time High!!

chainlink vest chainlink eli5 chainlink price prediction 100 Chainlink LINK SMASHES New All Time High!! How LINK Reaches $100+ in 2021
chainlink price prediction 100 censorshipresistant is being on chainlink Chainlink LINK SMASHES New All Time High!! How LINK Reaches $100+ in 2021
chain links price has been going absolutely insane recently so where can it go from now in todays video ill be going over crucial fundamental and technical analysis ill also be going over some important price predictions so stay tuned and watch to the very end hey everyone my name is tom and welcome to the crits busy channel if youre new here dont forget to subscribe also a like is very much appreciated so without further ado lets jump straight into the video okay so briefly going over the market and again like always that bitcoin dominance does stick out for me its quite interesting weve seen bitcoins dominance go from 70 even a bit higher than that at the beginning of the year and now at the end of january were seeing go to 63 so we are in interesting times especially for the old queens im very british on all coins for the time being because the overall general market health in my opinion is going really well and again like always none of this financial advice were not financial advisors we do see better return on investments with the old coins compared to bitcoin and so once we see that all coin season will be very interesting territories for a lot of people so lets go through whats happening with the market cap and a lot of other things as well so the overall market cap is one trillion dollars again thats healthy bitcoins price has gone back from that thirty thousand dollar thirty one thousand dollar region now going up to thirty five thousand dollars which is great to see again all of good stuff ethereums price testing new all-time highs again and like with that as well polka dots not so much xrp but cardano chaining as well also testing new all-time highs as well the card on a little bit different testing all-time highs in for this year a lot of good stuff happening for gardano in the future so really good stuff and the market is healthy overall which is which is good to see and on top of that with the health of the market seeing eos and bitcoin cash being kicked out of the top 10 and top 20. again thats good in my eyes as well because were seeing proper projects out there really good projects like chain link like cardano like polka dots uh doing really well and theyre being in the top 10 and top 20s this is all good stuff so lets go on to training whats happening with it recently so new all-time highs its great to see weve been saying this at creativity for quite some time now for the past few months weve been saying that chain can go to 25 it can go to 20 and it did and it has its completed those areas so you know where where where next in this interesting times again so okay look at what training has done and what you can do if you dont know what chain link is chaining is a decentralized oracle network that aims to connect smart contracts with data from the real world now essentially what that means is is that with data its a big big industry its huge and theres a lot of stigma that comes to that because of the privacy but if we utilize it in such a way where were able to keep our privacy and have safety as well but also be able to give out some of our privacy and some of our data the way to utilize that and make things just a little bit easier for us to make life easier as well it will completely revolutionize not only just one small industry it would revolutionize every industry thats out there so its a massive massive thing and the fact that trainings involved in this as well big stuff so big stuff is going to be happening for chain inc in my opinion in the future so its really good stuff let me know what you think down in the comments below about chaining and also make sure to leave a like on this video it really does help us out at crypto busy now the most immediate thing with the training because that queen bee is to integrate chainings oracle to price uh securitized tokens which is really good stuff so the queen bee company is excited to announce our planned integration with chain inc which is really good to see and what that means is that theres gonna be real world data out there that queen bee will utilize lets go into this much further detail here it will utilize this and um be able to tokenize some of the data thats out there again i think we get to a position where the world is tokenizing a lot of data we can utilize those tokens of data and just make the process a lot more easier a good example is healthcare systems across the world and data that goes with that currently right now its very you know sort of in a way decentralized and you want to see in a centralized sort of format of transferring data from one place to the other have a central system where you know anybody in the uk or anybody in europe or the u.s can access that data and quickly diagnose and you i think youd see fewer deaths in you know the healthcare system if we went down that sort of route so thats a sort of real-world application that we could go into uh with training and also with queen bee as well so really good stuff another thing that training is involved with is d5 now 2020 was a big year for d5 and like with anything when theres hype in the crypto industry and theres a lot of good stuff that comes out of that hype at the same time theres a lot of sharks out there that take advantage of that hype as well and so it sort of tainted devise hype that came around it same thing with the ico boom back in 2017 and how we saw a lot of companies out there you know making a cryptocurrency for no reason and taking advantage of the ico boom but at the same time theres a lot of good companies that came out of that as well so you have to take uh it has a balance at the end of the day um so the fact that chainings involved with d5 really good stuff there as well and the fact that also its involved with leading dapps now securing over four billion dollars in defy and chainings involved with that again this could translate in my opinion for trainings price to go exponentially higher in the future if everything is coordinated and executed and completed um you know we have to look at the team the road map the white paper the technology as well hows it being implemented all these important things when it comes to chaining when it comes to anything else does it make a good project and it ticks all those boxes then therefore my opinion you know it makes training a very good project there as well and you can see it live right now how it happens and how it works or with this link im showing you right now again showing bitcoin cash even though im not a big fan of it it just shows the idea of whats happening with it so really cool stuff you can see different exchanges here i believe and you know how its all being taken about and so really really interesting stuff this is certainly whats happening with uh with training itself so ill leave all of the necessary links down in the description below again so you can check it out yourselves in much further detail so lets go into some technical analysis im very uh fond of it as well and also a chainings price so as you can see ive put on a fibonacci here and you can see this fibonacci sequence here and showing that it could go to these sort of levels in the future so 113.96 now this is only sort of a projection you see fibonacci sequences and numbers uh quite in a few number of places across the worlds in nature you know in in sort of finance as well and so its connected in that sort of way um so we could see those sort of levels but lets take off this fibonacci for the time being and thats go down into the daily so im currently in the weekly time frame so lets go down into the daily now what you can see here as well is that weve seen a bit of a breakout a new trendline is forming for chainings price in the immediate short term and its closing above the 20 ema the 100 ema and the 200 ema so in my opinion were on on paper bullish scenario for the time being and life isnt saying with polka dots with bitcoin and soon to be with ethereum as well once were closing into new all-time high territories and were forming new all-time highs every single day the sky is the limit were blue skies at that point and theres no technical resistance and so thats why we have to look to the fibonacci we have to look to the fundamentals as well and we learn as we go with the technical analysis so its a really fun and interesting way of how to find new ways new trends and how does that translate into trainings price in the future so you know i do expect to see corrections along the way but in you know sort of a longer term perspective i do think it can go to higher levels now um you know the price predictions ill give that later on in the video before i get on to the price predictions and further analysis and insight on where i think things can go for training my conclusions around it this video is brought to you by mahadao a really interesting project that is bringing a lot of stuff to you so mahadao is a decentralized and autonomous organization consisting of two tokens the maha the maha and the arth maha is a governance and utility token that regulates the mahadaya platform and arth is the worlds this is the interesting part is the worlds first non-depreciating cryptocurrency a value coin if you will as opposed to a stable coin so you may be saying tom whats a value coin well a value coin in a rth uh perspective its pegged to an underlying basket of different assets so 80 fiat for this example 15 gold and 5 bitcoin and its paid to those prices providing value and and i think thats a really good and interesting concept its unique and i think it does give that first market mover advantage for mahadal which is really cool to see that one there as well theres a share model as well and theres a long-term goal of arth is for the arth token to be used as a traditional currency and will be initially available on ethereum erond and matic network ill leave all the necessary links in the description below about mahadao about the maha token and also arth really interesting project they are separating themselves from the competition which is good to see its new its fun its exciting um so really its really good stuff there as well again all of these links ill leave in the description below um so you can see here you can earn informational rewards with that as well again looking into how its done um all the percentages there uh which is really good stuff to see that there as well and on top of that the arth value coin protocol was launched on the erc20 token platform so thats a good one there as well the erc20 platform with ethereum its good to see that there as well so the original launch date was the 18th of january and the value protocol launch date was on the 22nd january and they have epos to go with that blockchain is on the ethereum main net a lot of good stuff happening with mahadao and on top of that more information about it so ill leave all the necessary links down in the description below so you can check out yourselves in much further detail they are separating themselves from the competition timeless value its the worlds first non-depreciating currency really interesting stuff there make sure you check out all the necessary links are linked in the description below now lets get on to some prize predictions for training in the immediate short term over the next few weeks months and also this year as well so these articles here again ill leave these links down in the description below as well im talking about chainings price hitting new all-time highs and thats good to see its fun to see at the end of the day where can it go from now you know its nice to see that twenty five dollars but can it go to thirty dollars can it go to fifty dollars seventy five or hundred dollars in my opinion in immediate short term im not i wouldnt be surprised if training hit thirty dollars and i think that could happen anytime around february or even march and from that as well going into further you know into this year if we see the crazy price predictions that weve seen with other people uh with bitcoins price going to 200 000 or even 300 000 we could see trainings price go to 50 75 or even a hundred dollars in a crazy bull market in a crazy alt season as well and we have to you know decipher between the difference between the hype that goes behind the project and then also um the value that goes behind the project as well and i think the value and the hype are a one-to-one ratio for chainings price as we go ahead because theyre branching out in many different industries theyre partnering different people across the world which is good to see as well and theyre being adopted and look at the technology and the white paper and the road map and it starts all to come together yes therell be corrections along the way but i think a long term projection for chainings price would be that it can go to 50 and potentially even 100 by the end of this year going into next year as well if we see that crazy bull market with bitcoin going to crazy all-time heights so thats their last as well and you know ill be picking up some more along the way if they are gonna be corrections along the way twenty dollars would be a place where i pick up fifteen dollars a bit more ten dollars as well and this is that seven dollars and thirty cents i see that as the floor for training in the immediate short term so if we saw that there ill be picking up a lot more chaining at that price if we were to go to those regions but again as i said on paper bullish for the time being which is good to see so those are my thoughts on training and what its doing and where its going and my price predictions for it as well but id love to know from you guys what do you think about train inc where do you think it can go and again feel free to debate me and feel free to disagree with me in the comments below and ill be happy to respond to some of the comments down below as well so thats it 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