chainlink crypto buyChainlink LINK set to explode in May! Why I bought chainlink

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chainlink crypto buy chainlink pepe Chainlink LINK set to explode in May! Why I bought chainlink
so i just bought into chain link and im going to explain what my thought process is in buying chain link and go into like what chain link is uh and why i think that you should be uh looking into it of course im not a financial advisor im very im very new in crypto space im a noob okay my name is aaron im on a journey to one bitcoin okay that is my goal right now and if you want to follow along with me in my journey go ahead and hit the subscribe button and if you like this video and youre feeling generous today um i would ask you to uh hit the like button a lot of people dont hit that like button and if you feel generous about once a month just go ahead and donate that to me that would be fantastic so let me um let me paint for you a story here when i bought this house um i bought i bought i had money i had 20 down and i had it in my ally savings account its an online uh bank account and they said hey you have to send me the money okay so i send you the money no problem i said it was a friday i sent that money on a friday and it did not and then we started so i was like okay bet were good i signed all the contracts the the people the realtors helped me sign all the contracts or whatever and then we started moving all this stuff into the house and exciting its super exciting and then what happened was they said hey we havent received the money yet it was about three oclock in the day im like uh i sent you the money dude why arent you taking i call im on the phone for hours with ally im on the phone like hey send them that money and theyre like sorry we close at four you know maybe theyll come on monday im like monday what am i gonna do and so these guys come in and they kick me out of my house me my wife my baby our family they kicked us all out of the house i couldnt move in and we were homeless for two days until that following monday when the check cleared i guess the transaction cleared and then they they were said okay you could lets resign everything and you could get it back in the house they almost had me move all my stuff out of the house and back in they took a big risk and i had to sign a liability anyway that right there is was a big problem for me that was a big problem for me and that whole situation can be solved by smart contracts and chain link is what i believe the future of of these huge financial transactions and so heres what chain link is um chain link is uh connect your smart contract to the outside world i suppose before we get started i have to describe what a smart contract is now again im a noob so im not going to be using technical jargon right i have a little kindergarten brain with a little lizard brain in here okay so i have to use just simple words and big pictures and stuff like that okay so basically a smart contract is a if this then that protocol protocol meaning just like a piece of code that just make something happen okay so if if i pay this person then it executes uh lets say like a a deed to a property if something happens here if someone scores a goal it calculates the um odds and then now this is the new odds for gambling like its a if if someone put inputs this data then this thing happens thats what a smart contract is it basically takes data stores it on a blockchain saves it all um so that a lot of people that like a whole bunch of ledgers or a lot of people have a copy of it so its very secure and then it executes another thing because of whatever just happened okay so its very binary in this situation now uh some real world use cases here i have for um for this is one voting uh in this last united states election there was a lot of discrepancy in was the vote manipulated was it not manipulated okay how whats the process its always manipulated whats the percentage you got mail in voting blah blah blah okay im not trying to get um you know all political on here but im saying if we use something like chain link or smart contracts and we voted and all that data was stored on blockchain and we would know the results instantly we would have there would be no doubt of security like biden or trump thats it and then it would just automatically be stored there is no form of manipulation in that point and so we would have a clear decisive winner and they wouldnt have thrown you know the united states and probably the world into some kind of chaos i think thats the first real world use of blockchain of sorry of smart contracts that chain link could answer was like you know the answer of a voting a better voting strategy were using these techniques of voting for like these is massively old outdated and i think its i think its just healthy both both sides should want this both sides should want a clear and decisive you know trustworthy system and i believe blockchain is the solution to that the second thing is healthcare healthcare is a way that we could utilize something like chain link or smart contracts um in order to store information like you know very sensitive private information and then deliver that very quickly to people so like during this whole crazy plague pandemic thing uh we are we could have stored this information and then moved that information very very quickly to researchers to developers to scientists to um you know drug makers or medicine guys i dont know what theyre called lizard brain right kindergarten brain so and it could all have been like very secure very safe um and you know not manipulatable right so that thats one way it could also help in health care with like the supply chain keeping track of the drugs making sure that no ones you know kind of stealing pocketing some drugs or whatever um theres so many theres like theres so many real world use cases of it right now and i think thats a thats especially for a smart contract the third thing is supply chain management currently uh in if you any if you have any kind of supply it has to go through multiple channels of approval to get it from manufacture to my hands to end consumer and so you gotta like okay where am i sourcing the material is this material good how much was it for okay did we get that taken care of okay whos creating this thing whos putting the logo on what are the final you know quality improvements where its going to where is it going to be distributed what uh what uh distribution center and then what a retail store okay and all the way how much money did we make you could track all of that with a smart contract um with a smart contract protocol is basically what youre saying and so you have all that data very secure very fast very reliable in that sense so the the fourth thing is financial services and this is goes back to the the story that i told in the beginning with my house if you if you buy a house like you have to go through all these different brokers and a realtor and you gotta clear it with your bank it takes a four days to clear this thing and you know we dont work on weekends and if you put the thing in late like you know like all you have to do is initiate a smart contract and thats thats really all you have to do and and you know if this if i get paid this amount of money you get cleared for that so i think its very very useful i think some of the things that it eliminates it eliminates brokers it eliminates middlemen it admit eliminates manipulation um it acts as a backup like its because its stored on a blockchain its not its backed up from even your uh your computer so someone could delete it or whatever the files could be messed up its safe and encrypted so like these peoples identities and or you know sensitive information can be stored safely uh very little chance very very very little chance of it being hacked uh additionally uh it provides speed and it eliminates friction slow friction times you know i mean it provides a lot of speed um and some there are some limitations of it first its difficult to change right uh its just its a protocol i mean like its its very you know matrix computations and stuff like that second and third these are kind of the same thing there there are loopholes that are provided uh but you know sometimes when you make a deal there are like vague conditions upon that deal that it it must be very binary for you know a computer to like kind of or a computation or protocol to like say okay if this then that um but sometimes theyre like vague protocols for for example uh i used to deal a lot of marketing in like the wholesaling real estate industry and a lot of that you can buy a house on terms meaning its not just money but you could you could change the money up for like you could split the money up in different ways uh you know different payments uh you could exchange a car for a part of the house or you know you could do a service for a favor or whatever you know i mean like theres a lot of like vague terms that could still be used in a deal and thats where brokers and third party middlemen could come in so there are some limitations to this now all this to say this is what smart contracts is im only explaining going to great detail because you and i were noobs at this crypto game okay so that thats kind of the real world use cases the what it eliminates and the limitations now we have to talk about chain link and heres why chain link is because uh one i believe that the market cycle of of uh the crypto market cycle is going into the alt coins so im investing in chain link now because im just super excited about it if if im on chain link if im on here uh its ranked number 11 uh with market cap if i go into coin gecko its pretty awesome because its like one of the um one of the things that are uh you know trending in search its one of these trending search uh things uh coins what am i talking about if i go into coin market cap and i look up link um its again like number 28 number 30. so im im looking at it its a its a secure i mean like its not these micro cap coins that im used to covering because it has like a lot of backing it has a established its i mean its old in the crypto world uh its established and you know im just im just very excited about this thing its got a lot of partners here so you know i dont know many of these guys im brand new to crypto and stuff like that but um yeah i mean this is this is describing smart contracts tamper proof seamless connection to api uh proven tested time tested solutions transparent oracle computation oracle just basically that whole computation of this if this then that um and so maybe itd be easy to just read this its an industry standard oracle network chain link greatly expands the capabilities of smart contracts by enabling them to access real-world data and off-chain computation while maintaining the security and reliability guarantees inherent to inherent to blockchain technology so basically people have to go into the blockchain and alter it and this one basically um chain link is like the middleman in between that which is very very useful um uh you know to all that and so uh this is um some it also offers some grants on to develop people who are developing stuff on the platform so theyre theyre doing a lot of news theyre doing a lot to bring people on board onto the whole chain link network so yeah i mean i i love it im im all in lets see where can i find i saw that one there it is haha so contact your smart contract to pro so like weather data sports data shipping data this is all stuff that i mentioned earlier commodities thats the supply chain and stuff like that so heres basically im liking this thing so we take this real world data right here so like lets say its weather or say its a sporting event or something and then chain and then you type it in and then chain link network then delivers it to the blockchain now remember a blockchain is just a whole bunch of uh people with these little notebooks and everyone has a copy of what just happened so its safe and secure and no one that no one can change that and then it then does it you know whole if this then that computation and then the real world events happen now i understand that what im saying here what im describing here is very um very basic and id like to keep it basic for myself to understand and for someone else if you cant describe it to a to a six-year-old then you you dont know what youre talking about in my opinion so in the comments section im i already hear it all these people are you dont know what youre talking about its more advanced and all this stuff it is i understand that but for for the real world use case for me to make my decision on how to um invest in this thing that is what i want to know and so because of that ill show you um thats my thats my wife so because of that i want to show you how much i bought i bought uh .04 worth of b and b uh sorry of um btc into this and so i own 56 chain link which is uh i own 50 56 link uh its 50 about 50 bucks right now i bought it at like 47 bucks um and so yeah i mean this is what this is what were doing here let me pull up the chart and well wrap up this way this is so you could see how it was just kind of steady growing this is all the way back into 2018 like this is this is old timer stuff and then it just started popping off right here in december late december boom january and in the last three months its just starting to go up and i bought it like right at this little dip here 47 and now its starting to shoot off again its now 51 i believe thats an all-time high um which which im very excited about so i think its going to do well i think its gonna perform well on may 7th again im not your financial advisor im brand new to this game i merely observe package it all up put it on a silver platter feed it to you little chunks heres a little link heres a little link if its something that youre interested in go ahead and give me a like button if youre feeling generous today i mean i certainly dont im not entitled to this but i just love making these videos for you guys anyway thanks so much for talking and i will see you on the moon Chainlink cryptocurrency is going to the moon. 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