*Can it Continue???* chainlink coins in circulationChainlink LINK RANKS HIGHER!

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chainlink coins in circulation chainlink grant Chainlink LINK RANKS HIGHER! *Can it Continue???*
welcome back to the channel everybody my names artie with coin castle and this is bitcoin today a show where we talk about everything cryptocurrency to keep you guys up to date and informed on all things happening in the crypto industry in todays video cryptocurrencies have no way to comply with the anti-encryption laws from the us and bitcoin volatility metrics are just like november 2018. could we see the same results and a huge step for chain link as its market cap has rallied so much its gone beyond litecoin and binance coin were also going to get into a brief technical analysis on bitcoin chain link and cardano we also take a quick look at all cryptocurrencies to find out the current prices today good morning everybody it is wednesday july 15th thank you so much for joining me every single day and if youre new here and you like what you see in this video consider subscribing down below and taking the notification bell to get notified every time we upload a new one and as always the show is sponsored by the coin castle cryptocurrency exchange so if youre looking for a place to buy sell and trade cryptocurrencies consider checking out coin castle in the link in the description below as you can see we are in the green all across the board today bitcoin currently sitting at nine thousand two hundred and forty seven dollars up point seven percent from yesterday small gain ethereum up 0.9 percent at 239 eos up 1.29 percent at 2.55 cents xrp up 1.6 at 0.98863 and the two big movers of today are chain link and cardano chain link sitting up 15.35 percent at eight dollars and eleven cents cardano eight and a half percent at point one three one six five zero now looking at the 24 hour volume of these cryptocurrencies bitcoin 16.7 billion ethereum 6.7 billion xrp 1.1 billion cardano 412 million and chain link had a huge day at 1.1 billion and a little bit of a spoiler for the last article for today chain link right here just surpassed litecoin and binance coin sitting at the number eight spot on coin market cap now if you guys have been watching my technical analysis sections of my videos over the last week youve been hearing me talking about the narrowing wedge of bitcoin the last time i talked about it we were sitting right about here and i said that there was going to be a spike down to the lower part of this channel which we had for just a brief moment here lets zoom in a little bit so you can see this and here we have this crazy one-hour candlestick opening up here dropping all the way down to 9100 and then spiking back up to 926 i think that this was the last signal that we needed to actually get to the end of this wedge and finally have a breakout now usually in a wedge at the end of it theres a 60 chance of a breakout upwards and a 40 chance downwards lets hope that all goes well in the crypto world and things start to go in the upwards direction we could all use a break from the stagnation of trading sideways now it should be no surprise to you that cardano had over an 8 day in the last 24 hours when i originally covered it we were sitting here at about 11 cents and then the next day it spiked another 15 subsequently dropping back down as a correction hitting that resistance level again dropping back down over the course of the last two days and coming back up to retest this level again its gotten rejected but if you guys remember me talking about resistance level they actually get weaker the more times it gets hit so if it comes back down and hits it again we might see a small breakthrough when that happens it should retest the level coming back down and find it as support bouncing back up we might actually see an offset m here having it hit the support twice before we see another rally upwards this is my prediction for cardano as i am a big fan of it and i really hope it does well in the future plus i have some money invested in it so yay money now chain link over 15 gains in the last 24 hours but theres a huge significance to this move when i talked about it a few days ago chain link hit this massive resistance level it wicked all the way above it and then came back down immediately this level right here was the previous highest high we came back up to test this resistance level one more time and we actually broke through it like i just discussed when we were talking about cardano weve broken through were retesting it again and currently were pushing above the line what were looking for here before we get a big breakout is actually it re-testing it one more time and if it holds it as support we should see a huge upwards climb after fingers crossed if it breaks above this level theres actually nothing holding it back now listen to this looking at coin gecko the highest high of chain link ever was eight dollars and 25 cents so lets move this level up to 8.25 you can see here thats the resistance if chain link can actually break above that level theres nothing stopping it to have a humongous rally because if you think about bitcoin and that 10 000 psychological level theres a lot of sellers at 10 000 pushing the price back down when it gets to that level if chain link manages to get past this level theres no psychological threshold so who knows if it could rally fifty percent a hundred percent three hundred percent i mean we should see a huge breakout in chain link especially with its new jump to the seventh position on coin market cap i think you can make some money on this one not a financial advisor make your own investments at your own risk entertainment purposes only and on to the news this first article is titled cryptocurrencies have no way to comply with the us anti-encryption bills multiple bills that threaten encryption are moving through the u.s senate and could pose a threat to technology that protects users privacy at least thats what the industry pros say these bills include the lawful access to encrypted data and the eliminating abusive and rampant neglect of interactive technologies wow what a stupid acronym earn it while the laed was only recently introduced to the senate the earn it act has been in the works for months and has been amended a number of times im gonna link this article down below i want you guys to read it for yourself because its monotonous and its senate and its government talk and its all policies and regulations but think about this theyre saying that cryptocurrencies might be at risk how can something be at risk if its fully decentralized i mean yes the exchanges are centralized but you can get cryptocurrencies with an internet connection like you can have a crypto wallet you can make an agreement with somebody else and you can just transact without anybody knowing who you are its just a long code saying i give this to this person cryptocurrencies threaten central governments way of life central governments track the money and they tax the money the government is a business their employees are taxpayers thats why countries love large populations because when they have large populations they have large tax income if everybody moves to cryptocurrencies theres no way for the government to track them causing their income and revenue to decrease this is a huge threat to the governments because every government has outstanding debts to other countries because they borrowed money if their tax revenue decreases their ability to repay those debts is compromised i like crypto i move all my money across from my us accounts to my european accounts all in cryptocurrency transactions are immediate i dont have to worry about these ridiculous fees i dont have to wait a week for my money its just the way i like doing transactions i get to keep my money where it is my pocket next article for the day is titled bitcoin volatility metrics are like november 2018 all over again bitcoins ongoing low volatility range plate is reminiscent of the price action observed ahead of a sudden 40 price crash in the second half of november 2018. this time however the price squeeze may end up with a bullish move the leading cryptocurrency by market value has spent the better part of the last three months trading in a range between 9 000 and 10 000. while sellers pushed prices below 9000 on a few occasions they failed to establish a foothold as a result the bollinger bandwidth price volatility gauge has declined to .04 the lowest level since november 12 2018. bollinger bands are placed two standard deviations above and below the 20-day moving average meanwhile the bollinger bands is calculated by dividing the spread between the volatility bands in the 20-day moving average i mean if you if you really look at it historically bollinger bands price action literally bounces between the two its like the game of pong but who knows this article is simply speculation the price could drop back down like it did in november 2018 or the price could rally up to 10 500 but i dont see it going above that if it does hit that 10 500 level its definitely gonna have a huge sell-off because theres a lot of sell orders in that range from 10 000 to 10 500. always look for those zones for cash out sell wait for the price to drop dramatically get back in because itll climb up there again and on to the last article of the day which is my favorite because chain link has actually ranked number seven on coin market cap today chain link overtook litecoin and binance coin as the eighth biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization data from coin market cap shows links market cap surged to 2.86 billion as the price rallied nine percent to eight dollars and seventeen cents this brought the market cap above bnb and ltc whose market capitalization sits between 2.84 billion and 2.83 billion although link price did not break its previous all-time high of 8 dollars and 22 cents it surged 14 in the last 24 hours and at the time of writing the altcoin trades at 8 and 17 cents today link has been one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2020 and 2019 having rallied 2 536 since its launch in september 2017 at 14 cents links impressive rally is potentially connected to the growth of decentralized finance industry as chain link oracles help support various networks and investors can also earn interest by staking their coins at a number of d5 platforms link is also one of the highest yielding coins on popular lending protocol and this could also be boosting demand for the altcoin like i mentioned in my technical analysis if the price can actually break through that come back retest it and use it as support and bounce up theres nothing stopping it so chain link right now keep a close eye on it because this might have some huge potential to gain in the future also thank you for all of the comments on all of the alt coins that you guys want to see in these videos i appreciate every single one of those comments you have no idea how much it means to me and also thank you to everyone who responded to the live event whether you wanted it or didnt want it and what time zone we are going to be doing a live event next week i dont know the exact times yet i still need to look through all the comments to see what works best for everyone so we can hit the most amount of people thank you so much for joining me today dont forget to leave a like on your way out subscribe if you havent already and we will see you back here tomorrow Chainlink has outranked Litecoin and Binance Coin in market capitalization in the past 24 hours. Taking the Number 8 position in the list of top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. How much longer will it continue and is it possible for Chainlink to rank in the Top 5? TOP CRYPTOCURRENCY PRICES July 15th 2020 The current price of Bitcoin is at $9,245 up 0.60% The current price of Ethereum is at $239.84 up 0.75% The current price of EOS is at $2.55 up 0.90% The current price of XRP is at $0.198689 up 0.98% The current price of ADA is at $0.131623 up 7.01% The current price of LINK is at $8.08 up 12.97% Reference Articles: Cryptocurrencies Have ‘No Way’ to Comply With US Anti-Encryption Bills Bitcoin Volatility Metrics Are Like November 2018 All Over Again Chainlink LINK Rallies as Market Cap Surpasses Litecoin and Binance Coin Follow me on Instagram @ Artyfromcoincasso Sign up for a free account on the CoinCasso Cryptocurrency exchange CoinCasso is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is breaking the mould of traditional platforms. 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