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chainlink utility chainlink overboard chainlink projection Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
chainlink projection associated press chainlink Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
foreign video about link chain link um yeah weve been just moving sideways really again yeah like many other coins as well um here I have to be very honest with you I wouldnt be surprised if it does reset this circle wave too I wanted to say you know Im leaning towards break up to the upside and I do as long as were holding 6.19 but um yeah price action at the moment again like many other coins not two you know it doesnt give us too much confidence even though you could argue that we maybe have a bit of an an inverse Head and Shoulders there um a bit of an ugly one but youve got your left shoulder here yeah and then youve got your heads and the right shoulder and the breakouts could take us and lets just take the conventional Head and Shoulders Target you know I didnt want to do that that would take us if we get a breakout yeah possibly to around 860 in the first instance but um they are not too reliable these patterns yeah these um these um you know head and shoulders and verse Head and Shoulders but you know they it can work and um what we just need to be aware of is that the price is trying to push against this resistance weve got a bit of a descending trend line here which can act as resistance we are also just below FIP resistance if you can see that this is the Fibonacci resistance range going all the way up to 788 um thats sort of related to the bearish count theres a bearish wave count which would send us down eventually into the maybe three dollar region um but Im not leaning towards that one at the moment Im actually leaning towards the one to the upside um because it just makes sense that it would follow other coins and for most coins Im leaning towards um breakout scenarios at least as long as certain conditions are fulfilled and on the link chart that condition would be six star to hold 619 so it is certainly possible that were following the orange car at the moment Im focusing on that one mainly but we need to be very open also to yeah possibly a bearish case here with link because link could easily follow the White Wave count to the downside and if it loses 619 because it has been moving in the same range for nearly a year okay so I I can I can always just repeat that its just sideways movement um try to break out here a few times and the upper range is 950 the lower range boundary is 530 in my opinion you know its not exactly that price so it is a bit of a range but um thats sort of the broader range in which were moving but Im focused on the upside as I can make a case for five waves up off the low possible three wave move down and again there are different possibilities now um but they all still relate to the 619 level so whatevers Happening Here in the short term as long as 619 is holding theres a decent likelihood of a breakout to the upside so we had for example here wave one to the upside a wave down overshooting B wave and then um here C wave down um or it would rather be a wxy pattern to be honest so thats possible with Wave 2 being finished here Im currently counting it like that because were holding support um or that um all of this was a one two and another one two setup thats possible as well but then we should really escalate higher now or all of this a wave one as a diagonal and this is the Wave 2 or even were going to reset it a bit lower so as you can see there are many corrective wave structures that are possible and available and they can always get more complex and as I often say dont waste too much brain power on trying to identify the most perfect and pristine uh Subway structure for a correction its often pointless because just watch an hour later and it will have moved up a bit invalidated it but it could still be a correction so it just moves from a simple correction into a more complex one sometimes um and that it easily is doing that I mean it could very easily be that of this wave of this Wave 2 yeah we had an a wave down maybe or yeah an a wave this is a b wave triangle and we would come down and see so it leaves options open important is just to understand that as long as were holding 619 we can focus on higher um ideally in the third wave and the third wave Target would be now dont get all hyped up because first of all we need the breakout above the resistance line but the target would be around 965 so it should push us in this third wave above the dotted line above the range boundary so thats going to be very interesting um but I cannot rule out is that link is going to move sideways for another couple of months or so yeah because its been doing that for a year so until we really see breakout here um its just going to continue that so um sideways is also a direction and as long as were below resistance and above support of course a very likely one right um but yeah break out here first of all the descending trend line and then the 788 level would be a breakout point to the downside is 619 that could send us down to 530 and below that the three dollar 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