Technical Analysis Update and Price Now! chainlink ceyptoChainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast!

chainlink merge the chainlink islands part 3 chainlink ceypto Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
chainlink ceypto chainlink stock code Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Price Forecast! Technical Analysis Update and Price Now!
foreign video about link so chain link faces a little bit of selling pressure today um in the market but basically nothing unusual because the entire Market is currently a little bit in sell-off mode ahead of the interest rate decision of the FED on Wednesday but link is holding quite well yeah if we compare it to some other coins its still sitting on support bear in mind that link has been in this range for a year now we still have the bearish wave count here which would send us down in a way five that is this triangle count a b c d e a triangle that developed over the course of a year nearly by the way quite a good example because sometimes I have questions about you know how long can triangles be there you go youve got one that actually can be a year long um and we would then sell off here like that but this is going to be only my primary scenario if we really break the bullish support level at six dollars below six dollars weve got 5 30 left that is the lower boundary line of this entire range below 530 we can rally down or crash down or come down into the three dollar region yeah between 290 and 350 is sort of the approximate Target based on what we can see at the moment but Im leaning towards the upside um but only as long as were holding the six dollar level I have a possible one two setup of the 29th of December low that we rallied in wave one we came down quite impulsively in an a wave this is a b wave and we come down now in a c wave again as long as were holding the six dollar level thats fine um we certainly should not drop in this particular scenario um below the six dollar level and sustain there a week down wouldnt be necessarily too much of a problem but ideally we are holding it and would then reverse and move to the upside in a third wave third wave Target should take us above the 950 level why do you think or why do I think the 950 level is so important well simply because the 950 level is the upper boundary line of that range in which link has been moving for over a year so as long as we get above that level it would not only show us that this move up is most likely a third wave but would also tell us that weve broken out of the range and I think if we really break above 950 it is go time because bear in mind this is a range in which link has been for over a year its quite a well-known range across crypto among crypto Traders and a break above that level there is also not much resistance left yeah if you see this structurally so it could send it up quite quickly sort of into the maybe well 15 to 18 dollar range but yeah at the moment we just need to be patient we need a sustained range break out this is quite quite important decision Point here if we hold this support box in Orange we have phenomenal reward to risk on the long side here but obviously thats the condition right it needs to hold the six dollar level bear in mind even below six dollars upside is still possible as long as its holding 5 30 but the imminent long setup reduces significantly in likelihood all right thats my update about a link I hope you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content then please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye Trade on Bybit:Receive an up to $30,000 bonus see terms on Bybit Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update! 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