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foreign video about link chain link um yeah we broke above resistance here yesterday um Im personally quite happy with that as I indicated in yesterdays video I did set up my grid bot um and uh that was just about on time I think Im extremely pleased with that I did not I did not buy um link down here when it actually hit our support everybody anybody who did amazing trade um I recommended already in the last few videos to move up your stop loss at least to break even but its now even further in profit and um what else can I mention so we broke above resistance this was quite relevant resistance and you can see it was so relevant uh why why was it relevant because we touched that ceiling here a few times here as well you know um and here and it was support before now we broke above it and had a strong Spike and that Spike and volume is a death with polka dot as well indicates that we are now in a third wave okay I cannot rule out other options but this is at the moment what we reasonably have to go with and I already indicated yesterday to you what the target would be for the third wave and actually in the videos before that um and were talking here about wave one to the upside wave two to the downside and the ideal Target would then be the 1.618 extension at 990. now this is sort of what I would want to see at the very least here for this third wave um for a link at the very least normally it could even go up to around about 10 74 10.75 yeah so Im counting this move up as a wave one and we adhere the yellow a b c and we would then rally in a third wave I can still not rule out a more bearish option but this is not relevant at the moment yet we still have the bearish option on the chart here I would then have to reset the Wave 2 here to be honest um this is the bearish count yeah let me actually take out those Subways we dont need them anymore take some of those boxes out um but the bearish count is of course still very much possible yeah um however I would have to move the Wave 2 to here what is the bearish count the bearish count is that we came down in a wave one this was an A B and were now in a c wave to the upside in a wave two yeah and um could still ready a bit higher yeah but this would completely be invalidated above 9.50 but this doesnt matter so much you know the bearish count I would still like to see another loafer link absolutely because I dont like the structure and uh Ive you know Ive got enough experience to tell me that if I dont trust the structure it always leaves a bad taste but does it matter no because we dont uh were not biased yeah um and I highlight it to you and thats the for good reason you know if I was biased I would not have given you this trend reversal possible long trade area that I communicated so anybody who used it is now massively in profit and I give you that because there is always typically a bullish and a bearish count or sometimes we have two bullish counts you know here we had a bullish and the bearish one but as I explained in previous videos not only in the link videos if you have a valid trade setup even if its only the alternative count or a second count a second scenario but there is low risk High reward by all means if you want to trade it trade it and its actually what you should do because you dont trade the count you dont trade the primary count you trade the count or you trade the pivot Points yeah you trade the count thats currently being put into Advantage by the market where risk is low reward is high so this one worked out um Im very happy that I set up the grid board yesterday made the channel members aware on Discord telegram as well about my settings and of course we are all happy probably now about uh some decent profits and I will adjust the range accordingly if we leave it okay thats my update about link I hope you like the update if you did please hit the like button leave a comment and subscribe and if you really like the content please check out the channel membership thanks a lot for watching bye thank you Trade on Bybit:Receive an up to $30,000 bonus see terms on Bybit Chainlink LINK Price News Today - Technical Analysis Update! 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