Why Im So Bullish! As Crypto Grows Chainlink Grows With It!!! can i stake chainlinkChainlink LINK On Its Way To $100+ !

formlab 2 chainlink zeus chainlink can i stake chainlink Chainlink LINK On Its Way To $100+ ! Why Im So Bullish! As Crypto Grows Chainlink Grows With It!!!
can i stake chainlink driveway gate chainlink Chainlink LINK On Its Way To $100+ ! Why Im So Bullish! As Crypto Grows Chainlink Grows With It!!!
hey guys all in crypto here and welcome back ladies and gentlemen for another youtube video i hope youve all had an amazing tuesday and a fantastic start to your weeks today were going to be diving into a project that i am exceptionally bullish on and that is chain link i think chain link has such a value proposition and those reasons why i believe that and why im so bullish are going to become very apparent as we go through this video chaining played a key component in d5 the kind of d5 explosion that we saw in ethereum theyre now moving cross-chain and i believe theyre going to play a fundamental role in the d5 spaces across the crypto ecosystem so were going to talk about a number of things in this video we are of course going to look at what chain link is right at the start just for people who are new to the project and dont really understand the value proposition and why chain link is is so bullish why it is embedded itself in the crypto space so that when crypto grows the demand for chain link will go with it thats the real value proposition that were looking at im going to talk about some of the partnerships you know chain link has mainly been on ethereum um ive been in chaining since 2019 early 2019 i think it was one of tika tawaris picks i think thats what originally switched me on to it and essentially you know its done very very well but i still hold all my chaining because i believe there is far far more to come from link than weve currently seen im going to talk about why i believe your next stop for chain link once its you know gone past these all-time highs which is coming im going to show you while that is in the charts is around about 100 and i think its going to go above and beyond there but certainly the next step in this next kind of impulsive wave to the upside um which is what chaining does guys it has these kind of big moves to the upside and then these kind of cooling off periods its just rinse and repeat were going to look at the charts and really show you why that is and look at our logarithmic scale and the kind of linear scale to show you um what we believe setting up and if it is indeed setting up and plays out and comes to fruition you know youre going to be very happy with your link so really where i want to start taking a look at where training is today uh its currently set at 31.79 it has a markup of 14.5 billion dollars and like i said as d5 evolves as the crypto space grows chain link is going to evolve and grow with that its embedded itself within the very fabrics of crypto so what is chaining for those who are new to the channel well channing is an oracle um platform and essentially what it is its a data center it allows blockchains to onboard off-chain data so real-world data that isnt already embedded on the chain so for example um the weather in a certain country or um you know whats the price of a ferrari in a dealership you could onboard any kind of information with a real-time price feed into or a real-time data feed into these blockchains and blockchains inherently cant do that so it opens up this huge world of possibility its why we saw d5 really explode on ethereum um and thats why im so bullish because as it moves to all the chains as we see the d5 spaces which really not even started many of them and some of them are just getting started on other other platforms its mainly ethereum where d5 exists you are going to see chain links demand just continue to go up and i think this is correlated very heavily with the price so chainings something were exceptionally bullish on um go over to the chain website um which is the official training website and theyll kind of explain it in a little bit more detail but thats what it is its essentially a data system you know secure connect smart contracts with off-chain data and services so it allows a level of reliability on these smart contracts that its come from a decentralized trusted um full proof if you will source so that you know its secure and uh reliable essentially and this is its given a lot of smart contracts credibility its huge chain link its very very under looked um i think you are going to move up to 100 next were going to talk about why that is in this video we actually its going to go beyond that significantly into the future but certainly next in this next impulsive move before we see any kind of a retracement um i think youre probably going to see or any kind of a retracement of significant magnitude youre going to see that 100 or around about 100 were going to show you that so you know like i said the value proposition is that as as the space grows chainings going to grow uh with it um due to it being needed its a fundamental part of the d5 space the fundamental part of many cryptos out there and this is going to continue and it is the dominant oracle quickly with it being on ethereum its essentially the most dominant article on ethereum its monopolized the oracle space i was investing in a number of other oracles after getting into chain light like band protocol for one and they just never really gained traction due to this behemoth that chain link is and this could be a trend that we also see carry out on other blockchains so lets dive into the the price the charts guys and then well talk about some of the partnerships and this is just another reason why were so bullish um essentially im going to tell you right away what i think is playing out this structure here is playing out on a bigger scale over here its very apparent guys im going to show you that on a number of um when you one thing that i do one thing that ive been very accurate on so far is looking at charts on a macro scale short term we might not get every single call right i mean whats going to happen in the next week um but long term weve been spot on and you can go back and watch the previous videos that weve made on cheney that weve made on the crypto space as a whole and weve got the direction absolutely accurate and thats not a hard thing to do in a bull market that is granted but weve been here for five years and ultimately we understand whats going on with crypto theres something far far bigger than just an investment proposition theres a real technological revolution taking place i mean many of the cryptos that you guys are probably in are going to be a part of that and people need to realize that um so essentially this is whats happening for your link computers going to be a little bit slow guys so youre just going to have to bear with me youre just rinsing and repeating ladies and gentlemen lets get that spot on can you see the sort of structure is very very similar you know you come up you top you come down you sell off before then embark in can you see this the structure is very similar this is just played out what youre going through currently is just played out on a smaller scale previously and this is how chain likes to move it has these kind of big run-ups this was of course march 2020 so you can kind of ignore that one but it has these big run-ups it sells off and it comes back um with a vengeance you know thats what this is whats playing out here ladies and gentlemen its very very apparent lets get rid of that because its been a bit slow you know you what youre essentially doing is youre coming up youre having this blow off top youre coming down youre making a kind of bottom coming up falling and coming back and this is what youre doing today you come up block top come down and youre off guys this is whats setting up and were going to show you that in a logarithmic scale as well and where this potentially could lead to um you know if we take the percentages of of this kind of move here that was 495 percent um you know if we just do 490 very quickly were gonna need a little bit more retail on the chart guys were getting even more retail on the chart you know you can see you get into that 76 dollar range i think its actually going to go above and beyond that i think given the fact that this was on a much smaller scale the way youre setting it up now is is significantly um bigger and i think thats ultimately going to lead to the move to the upside and i think cryptos really going to take off towards the end of this year you know november december i think itll be exceptionally bullish months in a kind of a kindred with 2017 and prior to that 2013. and this is what were predicting we think that this is just playing out its rinse and repeat and theres this is evident all over the crypto space and they follow these kind of patterns that they previously laid out for themselves um you know you can put elliott wave theory into these but this is what chain links doing what i want to do is quickly switch it to a logarithmic scale guys to show you why i believe youre looking at this um essentially youre looking at this kind of um you know 90 to 100 price for chain link um so if we draw this kind of channel here that i believe youre in for link you can see that you have these points of resistance and these points of support within this um within this kind of uh channel and essentially you know we overlaid this bar pattern here im going to do that again very quickly to kind of show you where we believe this is going can you see how similar these are guys can you see the similarity in these of course this run-up was significantly more steep this one took a little bit more time so the better thing to potentially do ladies and gents is take it from here because of course the run-ups are different can you see how similar these are guys can you see this and this is where youre looking at getting to up here guys right around that 105 dollar mark you know and this is going to really tie in with what we think is coming for chain link youll notice that this kind of channel is also getting tighter and this is due to market cap essentially youre not going to have the kind of volatility as the market cap gets bigger you know youll tend to find that the kind of moves to the up and down side will tend to um become less volatile this is just due to market gap due to it becoming more recognized and bigger and established but this is what were looking at for changing and i hope you can see that whats played out here um this move here essentially youve gone through here and this is whats setting up and youre setting up to the upside um things look really really good for change ladies and gentlemen this is what were expecting this is just on a charting point of view when you throw the fundamentals in there as well and just how much demand is cooped up for or unrealized 4chan link you know the space has got a long way to go as a whole if you look at d5 the people actually use d5 its very niche you know its only really massively on ethereum you are starting to see it on solana elrond and a few other projects card i know they know there we know their smart contracts went live on the 12th of september and were yet to see that kind of defy um explosion but its coming you know chaining are partnered with cardona and that brings me on to my next uh point about chain income why im so bullish because they are partnered with everybody cardano partners with chaining for oracle services um i actually do believe and i i am in a number of oracles on cardano uh such as charlie 3. um but i actually think that chain links more than likely going to be the dominant oracle were going to see a repeat of what happened with ethereum um you know were chaining dominated on other spaces and thats because they theyve got skin in the game you know theyre trusted theyre credible um you know or theyre credible i should say um and thats why i think you know theyre going to have that kind of clout behind them in regards to other chains and implementing themselves whereas new fresh oracles that arent quite worked out yet that are just getting started its almost a no-brainer for some of these projects that being said we do hold some of the oracles on on cardano these guys are literally partnered with everybody i mean if we just scroll down their twitter guys you can see partnership partnership terror theyre now partnered with i think theyre part of the avalanche as well um you can see look at all these partnerships theyre partnered with polygon these guys are partnered with literally everybody ladies and gentlemen um and the reason being is is because chain link is needed you know and as the space grows as d5 grows youre going to see chain links price go with it and thats thats the real value proposition that youre looking at here and its a huge one um you know you can see that if you look chaining hackathon youve got solana these guys are literally partnered with everybody um i cant stress that enough and i cant stress how bullish i actually am on uh this project and we have been in it for a long time like i say we got in early 2019 um and you know were we havent sold a single chain link due to the fact that we think its going to continue to perform exceptionally well this is what were looking at ladies and gents youre looking at this you know and youre on that youre on that journey lets get rid of this for a second and switch it back to a normal chart get rid of these lines can you see what happened here you come up you come down youve sold off and then this is where you start the journey and youve done that today youre on there now got you sold off and now youre starting your journey to the upside this is going to be i think you know once you take this level out here youre really going to see that adoption curve but if you focus on this area over here and this area over here this essentially is where you are guys um and this is whats coming you know youve got this big upside to come and this remember played out this over here played it hes playing out over here but on a larger scale so bear that in mind you know were exceptionally bullish on chain link and i think you guys should be too fundamentals are there um partnerships are there teams there ideas and and kind of road maps there the the white paper 4chan link very easy read by the way guys if you want to read it um and theyre kind of evolving what theyre doing now with these kind of hyper um or hydro i cant remember um something whatever means cross chain um hybrid smart contracts thats it um so thats really all i have for you in this video guys im gonna leave you on that note i just thought id make a quick training video its been a while since weve covered it um but ultimately i think this projects gonna do very well and i think its got staying power in the crypto space um it really does um and weve gone over the reasons why thats all i have for you guys im gonna love and leave you on that note if you enjoyed the content likes was appreciated as a comment hit that subscribe button make sure you turn that notification bell off youre not following me or on if youre not following me on twitter head over to at real all in crypto remember for those of you who hold cardano we do have a state pool the ticker is all in im going to love to leave you on that note guys hopefully ill see you all in the next youtube video thank you very much for watching guys Hey Guys Today We Thought we would do a long awaited Chainlink LINK update!! 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