chainlink tiwtterChainlink link crypto have we bottomed?

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chainlink tiwtter chainlink 是什么 Chainlink link crypto have we bottomed?
welcome back to crypto worldwide this is all coin eric today were gonna go over chain link were gonna try to find out if this chain link has finally bottomed out or not were definitely gonna get into the charts and go thoroughly through them so also my experience here is ive been in crypto since 2017. ive seen it go up ive seen it go down ive seen it go sideways and you could fall asleep thats how bad it got at some point besides that before that we i was a futures trader i mean a runner basically i used to run orders into the trading pit i started at that point and then i went into the trading pit that is me right in there with a circle around me actually trading in the futures pit so that way you know who youre dealing with and what you may want to listen to me over some other people so without any more delay lets jump in okay what we got here is the chain link usd tethered sharp before we get into that i want to thank mr joseph and james for joining my patreon group thanks for joining and well have a special video for you guys a little later after this one is published so lets take a look at what we got going on here plus if you want to trade chain link we have a link in description below for kucoin and for patreon group so lets start with the the chart we got right here right now presently chain link is traded at six dollars and 31 cents thats before we get to that lets go and check the scotastic rsi over here we are about we are basically in the black zone and its basically theyre touching each other were having a slight up move but it doesnt look too healthy it looks kind of weak at the moment so im not going to pay attention too much of that until we break into this purple zone lets go to the rsi down over here we are continuously falling if you notice over here right this spot right there our latest new rsi remember this is a weekly charts more substantial than other charts it gives you better information it is lower thats typically a downward momentum still available lets go to the main chart here weekly chart usd tether very important okay we are now at six dollars and 32 cents okay so whats we have right here in the center blue line is a my support line of six dollars and 25 cents if you notice it right over here we have tested this thing here we spiked through it once one time two three four were on the fifth week of testing that line so and were holding and thats thats pretty good so thats actually pretty decent for the moment our upper white line is our resistance at seven dollars and 37 cents if you take a look its a very substantial line right over here we have one two three four different touches over here for actually five that helps more touches and more bodies of candles touching makes it more legitimate so we got all those plus coming back over here we got three or four more five more so that is a very heavy resistant line thats for sure now basically what im looking at over here is if we were to fail the and 6.25 cents remember its important if we close under 6.25 this is a weekly candle we have until sunday for this candle to fully print if were under there and we print a full candle wick everything under 625 do not be surprised if we fall all the way down to 4.95 that could be very realistic last thing i want to go over here on the youtube channel is this lets go look at our date sharp basically what were doing is were expanding that last red candle if you take a look at it right now it is a ugly looking downward momentum looking type of candle we are presently sitting on our support line at the very moment remember this is very important this gold line this is the 200-day moving average remember we are in a bear market so dont pay attention too much to the moon boys because they can get you in big trouble so be very cautious entering and exiting and have a strategy on what youre gonna do if you uh hopefully that was helpful and uh if you do like my videos please like subscribe hit the bell button for notification share with a friend leave a comment below and well see you on the next one Chainlink news today chainlink price perdictionSOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Patreon: KuCoin My Merch shop Twitter: I AM NOT A FINACIAL ADVISOR. 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