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hey guys Uncle Ray welcome to another episode of the crypto bellwether Im here to tell you in my opinion that chain link has reached the level that theres no stopping it its reached the point of no return I believe no ifm butts about it with the adoption thats going on with chain link it is definitely a top 10 protocol period and it cant be stopped the bullish news just keeps stacking up every single day and we just got some really good news from coinbase linked to their new project base and Im going to share that information with you and then at the end well take a look at the chart but guys I cant be more bullish on chain link and Im going to tell you why lets get into it now if youve never been to chain link guys just go to their website chain dot link and just surf around and look at their use cases and just look at their ecosystem if that doesnt impress you I dont know what will it has solidified itself as a go-to needed protocol in web 3 and its tied into everything from data and Ai and Banking and D5 the interoperability use case is off the charts nothing can beat it it may compare to it and it may compete with it but it nothing can beat chain links interoperability right now and I say that with love to my Quant followers but Im telling you chain link cant be beat now for the guys that havent been following chain link a couple of months back they announced its probably been four or five months they announced that chain link has a Eco system growth program called scale now check this out guys this is really cool of what scale is and this isnt the most bullish news that Im going to share with you Im backtracking just a little bit but check this out scale stands for sustainable sustainable chain link access for layer one and two enablement so basically its a group of other protocols that have gotten together to back and support the growth of chain link because it is so needed the interoperability use cases have so much demand guys you got the competitors are indirectly competitors but you have other blockchains wanting to spend their money to back the ecosystem of chain link which we know sits on ethereum whether you like that or not now right after that coinbase cloud teamed up with chain link labs for nft floor pricing feeds guys that was extremely bullish but no one talked about it now heres the current news that is extremely bullish now before I tell you that I also want to add that arbitrum has joined scale I believe it was scale but no matter what Arboretum has partnered up to support chain Links ecosystem in the same way now heres the most positive news of what Ive shared with you coinbase now you know has just launched their new uh protocol their new Layer Two called base I wish it had a token but what theyve done theyve partnered with chain link and their data feeds are live on the test net now check this out heres the very good part base is covering the operating cost of Chain Link services to empower the developers to drive their ecosystem growth and support network sustainability so think about that guys they didnt give a price amount but if you want to build on top of say ethereum using chain link and creating different protocol calls and different projects for the interoperability with all those use cases you got Avalanche Moonbeam and arbitrum and coinbase all those entities supporting chain link Im telling you chain link cant be stopped its a top 10 project no matter what in my opinion now heres the good news its its getting beat down just like everything else right now if you look at this chart its trading around somewhere between six dollars and seven dollars and it looks like because if you go back to all of last year it pretty much the low was lets see it didnt break five dollars so that is over a year in this bear Market that it didnt go under five dollars so now lets just say you can start dollar cost averaging in at about 650. guys I think thats a smart move I have a bag of Link but Im definitely going to add to my bag and start dollar cost averaging in now the only thing in my opinion that will make chain link go below five dollars if something breaks in the you know in our in the American economy or the global economy that affects stocks and everything else which I personally think is going to happen but Im not sure if Im gonna wait around and hope and and wait for that to happen I think for me Im in a dollar cost average in and have some money on the side if something does break and somehow link goes under five dollars you know I would love it to go to two or three dollars even a dollar the lower the better because heres the way I think not Financial advice if something breaks in the economy thats not going to change anything to do with link yes it may crash the chart and the price but link is still link and it has a heck of the future and I have no doubt again not Financial advice that its going to take out its old High of 52 dollars and I think its going to be changing gears and in the next Bull Run it could 2x from our 3x or even higher from its all-time high in my opinion so right now I believe its a given now theres still risk and nothings guaranteed but its a given its probably going to be somewhere around a 10x in the next full run and it should be just getting started either way when I weigh out the risk reward chain link guys take a look at it now there is so much going on right now guys Im telling you it may look crazy but stay with crypto blockchain web 3 stay focused guys dont get out of it stack more cash maybe the dollar cost average into your best projects but Im telling you big things are going to happen and a lot of it is probably going to be extremely ugly but I dont want you to panic and hopefully youve created a good portfolio that you have conviction in with projects like link that if something breaks or you know xrp loses the court case we get some really horrible bad news from regulation or Finance crashes something crazy because it could happen youll know which projects to run and start stacking and load the boat and it for me one of them one of many its going to be chain link all right guys hopefully that helped you out if you havent subscribed please do so let me know your thoughts in the comments section and either way hit that like button and come back be part of this community take care ChainLink LINK Cryptocurrency has exciting news with its partnership with COINBASES new layer2 BASE. Arbitrum. ChainLink is the dominant Blockchain Oracle for Hybrid Smart Contracts and interoperability crypto to buy. Is Chainlink the best ISO20022 Crypto to buy? Chainlink has a NFT feed and LINK has a smart contract feed on the coinbase test net. The LINK ecosystem news is a big announcement. This is big NFT crypto news for link and BASE. Chainlink is the leader and the best Banking token to buy. If you compare LINK vs XRP there is no contest Chainlink has the SWIFT partnership and only Quant Network QNT is in its league. The XRP Army would disagree, however, even if Ripple XRP wins the SEC court case it will still not have the adoption of LINK. Is ChainLink a good investment? How high can ChainLink go, watch to get the CHAINLINK price prediction for 2023. chainlinknewstoday quantnetwork coinbase xrparmy ripplelawsuit xrparmy cryptobellwether cryptonewstoday