Is It Still A Good Time To Buy ChainLink?? how long does it take to send chainlinkChainlink LINK Bullish February???

analog chainlink anorak is chainlink on webull how long does it take to send chainlink Chainlink LINK Bullish February??? Is It Still A Good Time To Buy ChainLink??
how long does it take to send chainlink req and chainlink Chainlink LINK Bullish February??? Is It Still A Good Time To Buy ChainLink??
hey everyone codex here so today what were gonna do is take a look at chain link and well be discussing the recent uptrend weve been experiencing well also dive deep into what we should expect in the next month from link as there is a lot of division between opinions so if you guys like the content make sure to like this video subscribe to the channel if you havent already and as always make sure to join the telegram channel so if you recall our last link video posted about three weeks ago before this move even happened I say that the likelihood of experiencing an uptrend where the price heads to 7 US Dollars before coming back to the support is very high now in the last 29 days link has pulled out a remarkable performance as it went up 33 going above the level we had in mind and just this week it managed to flip the seven dollar resistance and Trend even higher and so right now I want to go over this recent move and discuss if I still think wed reach race town or if this mini rally will in fact continue so this level right here which by the way turned into our support is very important because its a high volume node and we can see that if we open up the vpvr indicator right here we can see that we have a horizontal Spike within proximity of our current price meaning that this current area is of high interest which implies that there is typically a lot of activity happening around it meaning that there is volatility and there is a significant amount of buy orders below where we are now just to be clear this doesnt mean that we can go below 7 US dollars or anything like it but rather than the odds of a bounce if we were to go back to seven bucks are significantly higher than the odds of slipping below it now switching up a little bit if we take a look at the Phoenix ascending indicator on The Daily time frame we can see that the blue lsma Android LSI are still above 50 and you always say that the moment the red and blue line strength above the mid yellow line with have increased odds of an expansion app and the longer they stay up high the higher the price will go and you can see just I mean how after the blue lsma Android RSI trended up high in here going above the mid yellow line three weeks ago the momentum switched completely and an uptrend began just afterwards currently both lines are still above 50 and they arent curving down yet which means that the upward pressure on this time frame is still significant meaning that this move might not be over just yet however on larger time frames such as the weekly the story is completely different we can see right here that the blue lsma Android RSI arent above 50 yet in other words they arent at the optimal level for us to expect this uptrend to continue for several months what does this mean for us well this simply means that the odds of seeing another move similar to this one for rent Sims are high meaning that this is most likely another relief rally Inc contrast to what many might think look this doesnt mean that you shouldnt buy or enter the market I never said that I for example bought Matic and Im confident I said multiple times last year that we should take advantage of relief phases and its what gives you an edge over the rest in Bear markets I also still believe that we will see many relief phases in the first half of this year so if you missed out on this one its not a big problem however I just dont think that its time to go full permabool sell the kids and the house and go on and again I dont think churning permeable now is rational another thing I want to go over now very fast is the number of Queen quickly candles weve just recorded I know it might not seem important and I know it might seem insignificant on the surface but I want to discuss it right now weve had four weekly green candles and raw and throughout Links history whenever we experience four to five weekly green candles and raw of course we end up ridge racing and not just retracing by the way we end up wiping out a big portion of the entire move up its safe to say that we barely see four or five weekly green candles in row two I mean it happens around once or twice a year the last time we witnessed that was in July of 2022 and look how brutal the correction was I mean about 60 percent of the entire Trend got cleared out by a single candle we go back in time to 2021 two years ago and we see the exact same thing unfolding twice here we got five weekly green candles followed up by a massive correction and even in here five green candles in a row followed up by a 15 move to the downside Im not saying all weve got is another green candle before the entire move up gets wiped out but there is a high chance we start seeing signs of exhaustion in about a week so that was about it everyone for today thanks for sticking by till the end the this was my opinion about the market and Link specifically also if you want to store your coins safely in Cold Storage make sure to check out decent they are offering a discount on their biometric wallet or you can also get the ethereum card wallets Ill leave a link down below if youre interested of course have a nice day and Ill see you another video bye bye Signup, trade and Win $1000 on MEXC ➔ Patreon ➔ Telegram ➔ Email ➔ Twitter ➔ Get a $50 Discount on your Hardware wallet ➔ Hello Everyone Im codex I do Crypto price analysis on YouTube If you Find my videos Interesting I welcome you to the Team, If you dont I still welcome you. 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