DUMP BEFORE A MEGA PUMP IS IMMINENT!! Chainlink Technical Price Analysis chainlink infoCHAINLINK HOLDERS BEWARE!!!

oakley chainlink polarized chainlink gate with lock opening chainlink info CHAINLINK HOLDERS BEWARE!!! DUMP BEFORE A MEGA PUMP IS IMMINENT!! Chainlink Technical Price Analysis
chainlink info how to make chainlink fenses private CHAINLINK HOLDERS BEWARE!!! DUMP BEFORE A MEGA PUMP IS IMMINENT!! Chainlink Technical Price Analysis
whats up guys and welcome back to another video so in todays video guys its going to be all about chain link yes were going to be talking about chain link up over a hundred percent in just 10 days chain link actually recently topped out at just over 14 yes thats the same chain link that was only four dollars just weeks ago were going to be talking about that in todays video were going to be talking about a few indicators that could be a pointing to chain link going further up to 20 and b how a potential pullback is on the cards like we saw back here before exploding even higher so that is coming up in todays video were going to be taking a look at how some of the bears are actually screaming to sell chain link right now were then going to be talking about chain links close to 100 x returns since its ico were then going to be taking a look at a 20 million dollar chain link short that was liquidated were going to be talking about how its safe and potentially a good idea to actually be holding your chain link and finally were going to take a look at the full list of chain links um partners i might slide some bitcoin analysis in there as well but for now that is it included in todays video as always guys sit back relax and get ready for the video alright guys welcome back to another video thank you for joining me once again and thank you so much for the likes on yesterdays video it really does help out the channel and it literally takes just one second so if youre watching my content definitely scroll down subscribe and tick that notification bell so you get notified when i post my next video and as always guys drop your comments down below right now if you want to enter to win the legend nano s or the equivalent in bitcoin therell be another one given away in tomorrows video so drop your comments down below right now guys lets take a look at chain link lets take a look at what is going on with this chart because it is absolutely parabolic if we take from the mid of june up to now chain link is up over 250 percent which is something that is absolutely ridiculous um right now if you go on to the hourly chart we can see the massive um the massive pump that chain link had and look at this hourly candle here thats when one hourly candle went all the way from 11.70 all the way up to around 13.60 around two dollars um in just one hourly candle so chain link definitely is on a tear before we do get into the analysis i want you to let me know down below guys are you holding chain link yes or no itll be very interesting to see i personally am holding it i dont have a huge bag of chain link um i have a little bit um which i bought at around four dollars give or take so lets take a look at what is going on first of all lets go back to the daily chart and i want to point out two key areas of potential uh support first of all we have this area up here at around 10 us dollars now this is a very psychological level we came up to ten ten dollars we had a little bit of resistance we can see here and then we finally broke through it to the upside reaching upwards of fourteen dollars the second level is right here five dollars once we initially broke this five dollar level right here we can see we broke this five dollar level we saw an absolute tear in price again back here in march of this year we had a struggle uh a struggling time to break this a five dollar level finally we broke it and we exploded again we had a little bit of a struggle to break this 10 mark right here we broke it and then we absolutely exploded um this could be the case again coming up to the 15 price level which is up here we could struggle to break it we could come up test it reject and then absolutely blow through it that is something that i think could potentially be happening one thing i did want to bring up though is some potential areas that we are going to see chain link having a pullback of course this is not financial advice but if youre buying chain link at these levels at 12 13 just keep in mind that it can be a little bit risky to do this and when youre buying after somethings freshly pumped well a lot of the times you can in fact get wrecked so rather than doing that rather than foam owing in and buying chain link at these very high prices just take your time watch this video and maybe do a little bit of your own research to try and gather an educated guess or an educated opinion as what could be coming for chain-link first of all we are going to go ahead and pull up the fibonacci and see what is going on with chain link so were going to take the swing low around about here around about 1.35 yes chain link was a dollar just a few months ago and take it up to the swing high which is around about here this now brings us some very key areas we have the 0.236 right here and that is currently at around 10.70 and we have the 0.382 right here which is currently around about nine dollars we can see in this area we had a little bit of uh price action right here sideways action and again for this level here about eleven dollars at the point two three six theres not really been much price action as we just shot straight through it one thing i do think chain link could potentially be doing is falling somewhere in between this range right here right here and right here my pretty much estimate is around the 10 level it could be 11 it could be 9 but honestly its not really i dont want you to take this as financial advice but when something pumps this hard most likely it will have some form of correction if it is going to go higher yes um this happened exactly here and again here it happened here we had some a small consolidation and then we continued to the upside lets take a look at what kind of price targets we could potentially be expecting for chain link and lets take a look at um how that could be happening so first of all i want to go ahead and copy um exactly what went on right here during this pullback so first of all we had a pullback we reached a peak on the 16th of july at about 8.80 we then had a pullback down here to around six dollars this pullback was around about 30 percent give or take and from wick to wake so if you go ahead and copy this from right here and we can see we have right here lets copy this to about here and lets move this around about here so that perfectly we can see would in fact line up with around this 10 level of course its cryptocurrency no market behaves exactly like it did before but in my opinion chain link may be having some form of a pullback and guys i could be completely wrong here chain link could literally after me posting this video shoot up to twenty dollars it is perfectly possible for that to happen but realistically if were looking at this some form of a pullback has to come whether it be now at twelve dollars or we go up to fifteen dollars um fifteen dollars right here and this happens so again we can expect potentially a maybe a five to ten percent pullback at least potentially if we do go down to a 20 pullback um we could be seeing chain link down here at 10 honestly as far as i go i wouldnt buy in a chain link right now its currently around 12.60 and thats a little bit hard to be buying him at some point there will be some form of a pullback again whether its now from 12 to 10 or whether its um from 15 to 11 or something like that there will be some form of a pullback so just keep that in mind when you are in fact um looking at the price and again this price target right here takes chain link up to around about 18 us dollars which i dont think is impossible in the next few weeks or months um honestly short-term target or medium-term target is around this 20 level up here i do think its perfectly possible for channeling to reach this price um if we do go ahead and lets get this off the chart right now so now guys lets go ahead and take a look at the starch rsi and see what is going on over there so when i pull up the starch rsi something very very interesting comes into play we need to keep in mind this peak right here we had this peak at around 8.90 and this peak coincides with this right here after we had this this pullback look at where the starch rsi went it also pulled back obviously but we went from a heavily overbought position to a heavily oversold position right now guys we are currently in the same region which we were back here when chain link was reaching new all-time highs at around nine dollars we had a pullback and then we continued higher this could potentially be happening and right now we are in a very very overbought position we could potentially seeing be seeing a pullback to chain link into an oversold position and a game this would mean the price of chain link would come down to around give or take the 11 10 9.50 level um potentially again this is something thats very very interesting um and i think it should be taken into account lets go ahead now and have a look at the macd so taking a look at the macd again we can see here um as we reach this 8.99 level the macd was absolutely very very bullish it then flipped a switch turned bearish for the pullback of around 20 then the switch was flipped again before we see these massive gains right here from chain link going all the way up to 14 on the on the macd right now honestly it doesnt look like theres any sign of slowing down this is mostly because um on the next daily chart the daily candle right here theres not really been too much price action um however just keep an eye on this um macd potentially flipping or potentially slowing down and then flipping to the bearish side so thats definitely something to keep in mind when were looking at this dutch rsi and the macd so thats pretty much that for the chain link analysis again i do think we could potentially be having some form of a pullback on chain link i want you to let me know your thoughts down below and before we do get any further i wanted to let you know that if you are in fact interested in trading chain link femix offers trading with chain link a for zero fees if you do have a premium account and b up to 100 x leverage if you did want to trade with leverage of course i do not recommend trading chain link with 100 x leverage yes it would have been very profitable here but its almost impossible to time the market even from the most experienced trader so chain link is available to trade on themex with leverage if you were interested and if you use a 0.2 bitcoin deposit youll actually get 120 free bonus by using my link down below and second of all i do actually have a sale on my bitcoin blueprint i have a bitcoin blueprint beginner course an advanced course and a leveraged course if you were in fact interested in educating yourself in the correct way when it comes to trading an investment in your own education and an investment in yourself historically has been one of the best returning investments ever um as the pretty much the gains are exponential i do currently have a sale going on right now and this is only for the month of august so definitely dont miss out on this sale i only have around two sales per year that will also be linked down below as well lets take a look at this article right now guys chain link screams sell despite new highs and this is very interesting article so definitely stick around for it chain links recent upswing turns heads especially considering that many traders thought link was already overbought the number of link related mentions on different social media networks surged dramatically the numbers suggest the market has entered fomo around chain link and looking at this chart i would very much agree that this is kind of a fomo uh kind of looking chart um going down here it says the analyst maintains that when the crowd pays increased attention to a crypto in line with pumping prices the movement is usually followed by a steep correction now i do want to put this out there this article is fairly bearish and i want to say im not bearish on chain link whatsoever im very bullish on chain link but i want to be realistic to say that there could be a pullback coming once the increased crowd attention subsides which usually happens in a matter of hours or days a short term price correction or consolidation is often likely the outcome and again we can see right here coin appears on the emerging trends list after that we usually have a pullback of around seven to ten percent give or take sell signals across the board the td sequential indicator supports the thesis that chain link is bound for a steep correction sell signals in the form of green nine candlesticks on the links one week one day and twelve hour charts although the bearish formation has yet to be formed on the daily chart the near-term future does not look good for the bulls again this is talking about in the near term and not the long term chain link has still chainlink still has a stiff price support the global in out of the money uh giom model review reveals that there is a crucial supply wall underneath this token that could be that could hold falling prices at bay based on this chain link metric uh roughly 27 000 addresses have previously purchased chain link a nearly 30 million link between 7.6 and 9.70 again this 9070 would support my thesis of around a 10 um pullback to chain link not a pullback of 10 dollars but ill pull back to around this 10 again it could be 11 it could be 9.50 just something in that area it goes on to say the giom um cohorts show that the next considerable support barrier between is between 3.70 and four dollars here over 26 000 addresses are holding roughly 15.50 15.5 million link again im not too sure were going to be seeing the 3.70 or the 4 levels honestly and that is something a little bit optimistic of course it could happen the bearish this is very interesting here guys the bearish diversions between prices and the network growth can be considered an extremely bearish signal network growth is one of the most accurate price foreshadows the increase in user adoption over the over time can help observers understand the health and well-being of any given cryptocurrency generally a rising network growth leads to a rising price of any project over time in most cases on the flip side the declining network growth for a long enough stretch can usually indicate a future slumping price with the lack of newly created addresses constantly inflowing the coin or token and we can see here right the price is in green and that has been absolutely going on a tear and over here we have the network growth which overall is uh trending downwards uh so we could potentially have a little bit of a bearish divergence given the bearish signal previously mentioned and the rate at which chain is net worth growth is declining investors must stay cautious if sell orders begin to pile up link would most likely be bound for a wide uh ryan a wild ride to the downside now this is an interesting article yes its extremely bearish um however i think its good to have kind of two sides of the coin and take a look at two different arguments um right now chain link closes uh inches closer to 100 x returns since the ico let me know down below if you got in during the ico going back in time to september 2017 during chain links ico we found the price per link on offer the crowd sale was only 11 cent doing the math and using the new all-time high value of 1077 however chain link is now way over this 10.77 is and it actually peaked at 14 so basically its had way over 100 x return and we can see right here for sale ico price 11 cent uh which is absolutely ridiculous um again a 20 million decentralized chain link short was just liquidated on aid and this brings me to talk about something that i think is very important when it comes to trading and holding a lot of you guys might not know this but three commas actually offers offers something called a smart cover and this allows you to sell and then repurchase your coins at a better price and its basically kind of a way to short a spot market if that makes sense to some of you what a smart cover basically allows you to do on three covers three commas is it allows you to sell coins and then rebuy them again you set a condition and then plan when you want to repurchase the coins there are at least two possible users uses for the smart cover trade like a traditional short when you have a negative trade or hold dropping hold a dropping in value coin sell the coins and then buy them lower therefore making a profit in the difference of prices the second option repurchase the coins after a profitable sale you have had a long trade in a long-term trade in a positive but you think there will be a short time price bounce or and a drop or you want to sell your coins and then buy it lower set an order to sell the coins near the bounce point and then repurchase again this is something that you can do lets say you bought chain link at four or five dollars now currently its up at 12 even before this pump happened or even now you could go ahead and make yourself a free commerce account using my link down below in the description to get yourself a nice discount on the annual fees um and you could actually set it for example to um right now you could have your chain link right here pretend the price is here you could set it to uh if it drops below uh for example 12.50 which is right here you can set it to buy back at this price and if it doesnt reach this price right here you can set it to buy back in at the same price you bought you sold it in the first place so technically theres no real loss to doing this and it simply covers your long-term hold on chain link the only disadvantage of this is you do have to put your chain link position on an exchange which depending on what size it is that could be somewhat risky and i wanted to finally round off this video about chain link with a full list of chain links partnerships so chain link is actually one of the few altcoins actually has a massive list of partnerships and before we go into the partnerships lets just take a look and a reminder of what chain link does um chain link is a decentralized oracle provider it connects external data in a decentralized manner to blockchain networks so that two can work together to realize new products and if we take a look at their list of partnerships we have credits oracle dapps google cloud matic go chain reserve harmony iost ocean protocol uh we have someone sdk one chain hydrogen bzx we have web three theres just so many partnerships that chain link in fact has going for it and i think this is one of the main things that propelled chain link from that around two dollars to that five dollars level and in fact broke out of that five dollar level and saw these massive prices that we are having right now so that is pretty much it for todays video guys again do not forget to miss out or dont dont 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