The Reveal Is Tomorrow!!! Link Staking & ??? does chainlink have stakingChainlink Has BIG SECRETS!

chainlink roadmap 2023 chainlink partners 2021 does chainlink have staking Chainlink Has BIG SECRETS! The Reveal Is Tomorrow!!! Link Staking & ???
does chainlink have staking chainlink fees Chainlink Has BIG SECRETS! The Reveal Is Tomorrow!!! Link Staking & ???
Chainlink…it’s the darling of DeFi. It’s the middleware protocol that is essential to DeFi applications and their security. And having some LINK tokens is going to be essential to a healthy crypto portfolio…especially with the BIG news and releases coming this week and into the end of the year. So are you ready to go pheeww-weee? Well you don’t really have a choice, because Link Stinks and it’s time for Chico Crypto!! I’ve known for a long time…that Chainlink was going to become an essential part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The first time I made a video on Chainlink all the way back in September of 2017….back when I had no production value and I drank beers while talking about crypto Well 5 years later, I’m still talking about Chainlink & I’m still drinking brew…yup it’s time for crypto & a cold one, a little nostalgia for you all… Now back to Chainlink. There is good reason I’m still talking about it. Chainlink is about to fulfill its ultimate destiny of becoming the de-facto oracle standard in crypto and beyond. Right now, the decentralized network of Chainlink oracles secure over 20 billion dollars in assets & that is with a market cap of under 4 billion. A 20 billion dollar DeFi ecosystem depends on Chainlink and it’s data feeds which are worth only 4 billion? Me thinks the balance of the scales are off, and Chainlink is severely undervalued. …. Especially with what is coming….Chainlink staking and Chainlink CCIP, cross chain interoperability protocol…which could be announced at their big event for the year, Chainlink smartcon, which begins…duh duh duh…..tomorrow!! So let’s first begin with Chainlink Staking & why I think an announcement of its release is coming at Smartcon… Sergey Nazarov, the founder has said multiple times that Chainlink staking is coming this year and October begins the last quarter of this year…so Smartcon would be the perfect time to announce it. Sergey first said it was coming in 2022, on the first day of the year, January 1st 2022. Let’s listen in now… Yup, Sergey said 2022 was the year of staking…which was then reiterated later in the year when Decrypt had the opportunity to get an interview. The article states “In an exclusive interview with Decrypt, Chainlink Co-founder Sergey Nazarov shared what’s coming next. Most notable for DeFi degens: staking is coming, something Chainlink had not confirmed elsewhere beyond a mention in its January 1 roadmap video. Chainlink will launch staking this year, allowing LINK holders to secure the network by locking up some of their LINK into the protocol, and earning rewards.” Finally there was this blog post put out by Chainlink in June of this year…”Chainlink Staking: Exploring the Long-Term Goals, Roadmap, and Initial Implementation” and in the blog it says “The following blog post highlights the long-term goals underpinning Chainlink staking, the initial implementation planned for the second half of 2022” So if Chainlink is going to stick to their word..they release better come this next final quarter and the perfect time to announce something would be at Smartcon… And there are hints that this may be the case….Do you know who Ari Juels is? Well he is a cryptography allstar, working with the IC3, and Cornell on groundbreaking blockchain and cryptographic technology. Today he is also Chainlink Lab’s chief scientist and has been a critical person of interest in the design of how Chainlink staking will work. Now Ari, he isn’t very active on social media…one of his last tweets, was all the way back in Novemer of 2017….he didn’t tweet for years, nearly 5 to be exact. But now that the Smartcon is coming…Ari has been on a tweet rampage beginning in early September… And these tweets are very cryptic. The first thing he tweeted was this September 13th…and then on September 15th, he tweeted an explanation. Ari said “The Oracle of Delphi was critical infrastructure in ancient Greece—pivotal in the major political decisions and historical events of the time. This coin in a Berlin museum depicts one founding myth, a clever surveying trick by Zeus to site the Oracle at the center of the world.”...then September 21st he tweets this and 2 days later tweets an explanation saying “Silver coin in a Berlin museum from the ancient Greek colony of Kroton. The Pythian tripod was an emblem of the city, whose founding relied upon a prophecy from Apollo at the Oracle at Delphi. When founding a new colony, the Greeks considered it imperative to consult an oracle.” Now, I wish I could decipher what this means exactly, but it has to be hints of something coming. Both tweets referenced oracles…Ari hasn’t tweeted in four years and now right before their SmartCon event he drops these extremely cryptic tweets…. Now lets just go to the agenda for Chainlink’s smartcon…as we can see tomorrow the 28th…Ari Juels is presenting, and his presentation is on FSS Fair Sequencing Services, which includes a demo of how it will work for dapps. Now back in June of last year, Ari gave a presentation on FSS…and this is what he said regarding FSS and staking. Let’s listen in… Ari just said staking is an essential feature for Fair Sequencing Services….if they are going to be demoing FSS, it has to mean staking will be on the way!!! So there is a big possibility of major staking news coming this week…but that isn’t the only thing Chainlink could be dropping. We gotta talk about Chainlink’s CCIP, cross-chain interoperability protocol. Now Chainlink CCIP is massive, as it allows any input from another blockchain or the outside world, to work with any blockchain…resulting in any output. Thus, Using CCIP, a smart contract on blockchain A can seamlessly interact with a smart contract on blockchain B, all within a single unified application aka we will have fully decentralized cross chain smart contracts. And Chainlink CCIP, is actually being demoed as well at smartcon. In 2 days, on September 29th, Synthetix is giving the presentation “Beam me up! Teleportation with Synthetix and CCIP”...which is massive for Synthetix as it will allow instant liquidity movements between multiple chains, without inherent risks of bridge architectures. Now, DB, Daniel Beal, a core contributor for Synthetix posted this in their Discord just last week about their teleporters which use CCIP. He said “it’s realistic to believe we have the testnet up around mid-October, with shadow mainnet validation of Legacymarket migration. Mainnet and initial collateral migration delivered December ish… If Synthetix is going to have their teleporters which use CCIP in testnet by Mid October…only a couple weeks away…Chainlink will have to have the testnet for CCIP up as well. I have a feeling we are going to get CCIP announcements, as well as the testnet for it going live at SmartCon… So as always, with every Chainlink video…I have to end it with this. My own bit of Chainlink Meme Magic…. Cheers stinky magick bois. I’ll see you next time! Chainlink has some BIG secrets that will be revealed beginning tomorrow!! At Chainlink’s SmartCon conference we predict Chainlink Staking will be announced & they will launch the testnet for CCIP Chainlink’s Cross-chain Interoperability Protocol. These are the two most anticipated features for Chainlink & will help unlock trillions of dollars in value!! Subscribe to The Chico Channel-- My Favorite DEX is Here Time Stamps 00:00 Intro: Chainlink becoming the global Oracle Standard 01:32 Chainlink massively undervalued 02:29 Wen Chainlink Staking? 07:06 Wen Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol? 09:13 Chainlink Meme Magic Watch These Videos Again Bitcoin Is Gold 2.0 & Attacked for the Next 20 Years!? gCB3usGbKsk&t=1s Incoming Airdrop!! The Biggest One EVER!!? PGLWg6uw59U Energy Web Will Save Bitcoin From Regulators!! 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