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Hello guys Welcome back to the bbz channel on my channel, today I start the series every day, I will continuously update the analysis of each Android for you guys. First of all today I started with a Thai choir that is familiar to everyone, thats Training , why did I choose to move my legs up first, Im also everyones support. Now, I will analyze for everyone who is holding and intending to hold on their backs, need to know the entry point and the buy point and the next Beep chart method of True Linh in 2023 will be. Ok live stream first Ill look at it, you can see that we had one two three four five six seven seven consecutive kanji we were wrong to rotate from 9 dollars 7 to 7. 5 dollars 4 5 dollars 3 and it is walking in a candle one candle mother one is the 5th kanji You see It is walking in the fifth cave candle and clean yourself see the shape level its already weve had a drop close to and nearly 700 days is quite a long time Although I appreciate all that Trainings technology is quite negative at the moment, Ill review it next If the frame is dead, we are no longer in a previous operation, a spin top candle continues to be a concern for the sellers are also quite composed I think or this next week will be back to the source after the beginning of 7 then feel back when you dont love anyone 12 it slows down email 12 and goes down I think next year it might be the beginning of January right in the beginning of January, it will This card below goes because we think its here for you to see if it s Linhs view, it has increased the buying power, but we dont see it, we cant buy it, just go now. price without one is not an ideal for investors They are waiting waiting for all other prices to be lower then that will be the value for this even below the wing area of ​​ the resistance bracket with 4 dollars i mean its you when the trailer its been gone for so long, I think the force when you throw it out is quite strong, maybe if its my best view, it will go down and touch a dry same 4 bucks slow here that will go down this go to this then touch the bottom then go back into the box and start going back up the top gate and very out up in the direction going with me will be like this Because we dont have any momentum to increase prices at the moment the economic situation is very bad in bed Right now we also there is no good setup to increase the price, lets see this area is also quite boring with tourist volume and also this year, a lot of went away from home in the area not too small I think its still the most beautiful time, the best eraser point is the area from $4 to $4, at the current price, I think its okay or you can wait for Break out to ask about the shallow area. this box model waits for it to drop, you can hit it or the trend of future friends, and when the bomb is grainy, you can wait until the area 4 to 44, just tear it up is a good time now 4G small supply will be up at the same price Lan spends the night filming in the drinking area the best is still to get to 6 dong 8 6 degrees 768 which means its the most beautiful, then it starts again here If so, I will update for the case in case but the possibility of going up to the zone and taking over 6 is possible It is possible that it is possible to leave the zone 96 But if Bitcoin has a recovery then starts to go wrong, why do we ask to fall down first? I think Chic Linh currently has nothing more to say , to summarize, Thats mine for now, Ill drop it at and buy at $4 to $4.4 Looks like its still open. Connecting you guys can cut the cake in 3D, but according to me, I will still sew. Because on the back is an origon with great potential, but that need for my father to think I will be in next year will be very high. big and so the chain is a lot of words on the Chanel, the summary will be my dear. Can you learn more about the technologies, what is the direction of Linhs son, and whether he invests or not. Ok, so today is the end if you guys have any problems, I have any comments about this dong, its really about my analysis, please comment below Ok then you can like and share give me thanks Goodbye Đồng Chainlink sẽ là đồng coin mở đầu chuỗi Series Mỗi ngày Một coin, nơi phân tích kĩ thuật, đánh giá các đồng altcoin cho các bạn có cái nhìn tổng quan về coin/token của mình đang và sắp đầu tư. 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