chainlink rsi chartChainlink Bullish Divergence on LINK / BTC Chart

chainlink nft ico chainlink chainlink rsi chart Chainlink Bullish Divergence on LINK / BTC Chart
chainlink rsi chart chainlink node as a service Chainlink Bullish Divergence on LINK / BTC Chart
all right today were looking at Chain Link versus the US dollar and also Chain Link versus Bitcoin if you like the video what you see follow us on Twitter telegram patreon dont forget to give the video a thumbs up lets get right to it daily chart uh for linkusd to start us off with uh looking at above where wheres our resistance its its a clear Line in the Sand and its pink one uh the the 200-day EMA thats right here uh Weve weve time weve tried a couple times before weve tried it recently and were knocking on the door yet again uh were trying to sort out our moving averages least to greatest we got some work to do uh so the first big hurdle 750 right uh that thats right on 750 right now so for today thats goal number one get above 750 and hold it as support its been a long time since weve been able to close above that 200 day EMA how long Im glad you asked lets go all the way back to the good old Heyday of January 2022 right over a year now for the mathematicians out in the audience were looking back in there right weve tried it a couple times right weve no no luck so that would be a huge win for the Bulls of chain link if we can get above the 200 flip it back to support I think we might see some greener pastures ahead so thats uh step number one now step number two is that the final hurdle for the Bulls uh I wish right no uh were looking at a little bit bigger of a level here uh we got to come all the way up to around I would say around ten dollars uh flip this uh 950 to 10 is going to be your um your your big bulls come out uh once this is overtaken right so first hurdle the 200-day EMA second hurdle and biggest hurdle is going to be um between 9 50 to 10. that resistance on which weve tried three times in the bear market and not been able to do it so now we know on the daily chart what to be looking for now how about for link Bitcoin uh for you know increasing your Bitcoin right you want want some altcoins that increase over time against Bitcoin right not many of I would say not many there are many but not a lot that put in massive gains against Bitcoin so has linked done that well not as of lately right its been in a downtrend for the better part of a couple years here but you know the first part of its life right absolutely not many coins gained you know thousands of percent against Bitcoin for the first you know couple two or three years uh of its life so Link in a cool down so when can we pick back up again well thats what were looking at right so uh were under all of our moving averages so not the time just yet for link BTC now when would that time be and could it be coming soon yes so why why would I say that well so far weve put in a higher low so uh were trying to reverse this trend however we are still in a downtrend after this uh you know uh you know little Trend here right this little uptrend now were in this downtrend so to you know in this we need to put in a higher low from here and then maybe in the macro scale right this would be the bigger uptrend right maybe this is just you know playing in the sand so uh and also another promising you know Prospect is that looking at our indicators here if you look at your mfi which is your money flow index uh calculates volume in here as well were starting to get some bigger divergences so Divergence bullish Divergence and in fact so Divergence here right price going down right just for illustrative purposes looking at that and what is your mfi doing right mfi is great for Divergence right uh so if you do it around the same time periods right mfi going up price going down right link BTC bleeding but you know that is likely going to change and somewhat relatively soon on the daily chart it could still take weeks to play out right so it divergences to play out it can take weeks we also have confirming Divergence bullish Divergence on the official transform down below that is also trending up with mfi this is likely going to see a turnaround in the not so distant future now could it be March April May sure that can take some time to play out so Im not saying in the next four seconds you need to go trading all your Bitcoin for link but once we see these lines in the sand start to break and you start to see this rise again right lets go back and look at our chart minus little yellow specks that are randomly drawn uh lets apparently I collect a couple times there we go so for for this to you know really start to play out were gonna need some time right look so heres May right you want to see these these these highs taken out so step one you know 3200 satoshis right there uh step two right theres theres a big one right here this is probably going to be when when things start to move again this kind of Zone it would also we would also be above you know the 200 right and just like on you know against Fiat right this is what were looking at something like this so uh once we clear all this then changing your Bitcoin over to chain link or to increase your Bitcoin right holding chain link here and then you know offloading once we have a you know another Peak right but you know so far in the in the bigger picture right maybe were trying to build back up again and you know were getting those uh signals and those early warnings out of the bullish Divergence on the mfi so uh could take some time but you know likely not not real soon but maybe uh you know relatively soon and the grand scheme of things going into the next Bull cycle we really need to take out you know the these Peaks to get to get super bullish for link against Bitcoin again and were just not there yet so patience right thats what were looking for so hopefully you liked it uh link Bitcoin not too many people cover that so Im happy to do it um looking at you know well just check on every now and again right links on summer mode right now when you gotta give up 750 were back to the Fiat you know the regular chart here so right you have your lines right were looking at this one and this one right we got some time patience right altcoins still not all coins time yet right where if you look at you know the the total altcoin market cap right here total two uh or you know or totals the rate right total three doesnt include ethereum or Bitcoin so uh Some people prefer that I think now is a probably appropriate time to start covering that mostly Ive just been covering you know the old coin Market including ethereum but you know ethereums so big now that it does make sense uh to kind of uh you know just kind of eliminate that one as well so total three all coins minus ethereum and Bitcoin so 380 billion dollar market cap right when will all season happen very likely somewhere above this this this uh kind of a resistance point right a lot of consolidation before the bear market for all coins uh I think well pick back up again you know in a big fashion uh you know 450 to 500 billion and we just have some more time right old coin season likely um months away just to be blatantly honest there not done doesnt mean that you know some arent gonna you know 2x or 3x in the meantime but as a whole youll see the the massive booms Above This level so uh hopefully you learned something in the video today if you did let me know what do you want to see next what all coins do you want to see covered Im happy to do those as well if you get enough requests for them uh lets do a quart of the day uh for the Friday do exactly what you would would do if you felt the most secure so I love that quote its a good one if you think about it hard enough um car of the day Aston Martin Vantage lets get a bigger one there we go that is probably the best bang for your buck Aston Martin youre gonna get brand new about 150k still a lot but for a brand new Aston Martin I think thats um about as good as deal youre gonna get and I just so happen to have the exact one right there in the case so this is this is what was the case Ive been asked like whats the difference well these are the peons like 50 Down Under fifty dollars and under and these are bull market cars right these are a little bit more a lot more expensive so keep those in cases lighted secured sealed I got a couple kind of limited editions one couple hundred dollars down there but these are these are Big in the case right even the ones over here not so much but I have some on my desk that are also way up but um yeah those are football markets right were not even close we just got to stick to the to the Costco brand until then until the ball cycle that we can you know increase this again all right Ill stop rambling have a great Friday uh let me know what you want to see next or what you learned if you learned anything today I didnt learn anything Chase uh you wasted my time Today we look at Chainlink Price Updates. 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