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and it reminds me of kind of the early days of the beginning of the defy run when i say early days im not talking about years ago im talking about really days ago a couple of months ago and it feels like a decade or two ago uh because so much has happened but hello to everyone thank you so much for joining in uh chain link always stayed bullish but of course not consistently right i had a little pullback thats okay and what were going to be talking about is the strength of chain link what it means for the larger defy and oracle segments of the altcoin space and of course what i believe as a strong signal here that we could be in oracle season and of course the oracle season has grown developed blossomed and expanded since we first started covering it several months ago and thats really good to be honest because the more competition there are it means that theres going to be more opportunities in the market and while it is great that chain link is kind of the ethereum of this space chain link really presents so many opportunities and has been so generous over the last few years but it also opens up the opportunity for the pepsis as i like to say now i made this comparison back when i first started talking about band at about you know two dollars or something and band eventually went to 15 pulling a really nice growth there but the same argument is that especially with oracles oracles are all about data validating data and having trust in that data that comes from off chain to bring it on chain and essentially validate some very very significant financial applications and their functions within smart contracts the data can range from you know price information to certain events the outcome events if were talking about you know prediction markets and so having very accurate data is critical and in the decentralized world you would imagine that having more than one oracle is also a significantly important thing for making sure that data is essentially valid having consensus across multiple oracles or many oracles potentially dozens of oracles might actually be the way that this entire ecosystem functions in the future now while any one project could potentially produce multiple oracles the reality is that a truly decentralized ecosystem should be taking in information from a wide variety of sources and for that reason having multiple successful and strong oracle ecosystems in the blockchain world i believe is a strong foundation and uh a framework for a successful oracle category and so with that in mind having multiple oracles to me is a given just because chain link works doesnt mean we need to throw out everything else right its not uh its not that simple and to me it really opens up the doors for second third fourth and fifth movers in the space to end up taking market share and thats a tremendously generous opportunity for the people in this community now full disclaimer and disclosure the altcoin market is extremely risky hard to play you need to be paying full attention to it as it moves extremely fast you can go from zero to 100 and back to zero very quickly and so if youre not willing to essentially pay attention to it full time and manage your tokens and your investments full time then i humbly ask you to seek for less risky opportunities in the space so with that said i do want to move on to the fact that i am quite bullish and have been optimistic that this dip would have been some of the best opportunities that this market has given us in years now of course if you had the foresight to buy into d5 projects while everything was dead and dying at the end of 2019 and go heavy into coins like ave and synthetics uh compound maker obviously compound actually their token wasnt even out but if you were able to bet on d5 with the chain links and the d5 majors that were obviously suffering throughout the end of 2019 well you would have been rewarded tremendously but this pullback that we had this kind of market collapse at the end of august has presented yet another opportunity right the risk is that we dont go back up that we dont form newer highs that this d5 bull run was just a flash in the pan however ive pulled up the 2016 comparisons and remember on the four-year cycle that is cryptocurrencies as dictated by bitcoin well the reality is that we have to have some correlation to the previous cycle and if we look at the previous cycles we see that there was a mini altcoin renaissance in 2016 very very similar eerily similar in the timing to the 2016 d5 altcoin run and the pullback the kind of collapse or settling of that along with the growth of bitcoin pushing towards its old all-time high well all of these things happened in 2016. and so while the past is by no means an indication of what will guarantee to happen in the future it provides us some kind of framework to analyze thats where we get the plan b stock to flow ratio thats where we get the difficulty bans the compression and expansion of those bands thats where we get um pretty much all of the logarithmic predictions for bitcoins price and the growth of the crypto industry is from analysis of past price uh uh performance so with that in mind the reality is that im looking for the potential for this next year or so to be incredibly bullish for the alts that have been trending now will all alts eventually rock it like they did in 2018 well that could happen but i certainly think that the way to build repeatable sex success not financial advice but the way to build repeatable success is to understand which metrics and which projects are most exciting to the community one of the things beyond just doing fundamental analysis on projects to find out which teams and products i think will go to market and have success is to understand what you know really the x factor or the hype in the community is going to be supporting and we know for a fact that those narratives are pretty clearly defined around oracles d5 interoperability pretty much anything on ethereum that seems like its going to fit the bill as far as you know d5 yield farming and these other things and understanding which of those categories are the high risk plays the more short term flash in the pan pump and dump kind of coins and understanding that if youre in these high risk plays that if you are doing very well and youre up significantly that you want to take profits whereas if youre in more long term plays like oracles like link projects like ethereum bitcoin polka dot right you understand that those short-term pumps might just be the precursor to something much more long and sustainable so with that in mind i wanted to go in and discuss what i think of as some of the most exciting opportunities seeing chain link pump today and over the last few days breaking its trend and starting to look bullish and strong well if this is the signal for a new oracle season well then there are some pretty obvious opportunities that should do well in its wake as we saw the first time around when oracle season first peaked its head back in july and august so that said 736 people in the house go ahead guys and smash that like button if you guys are excited for this episode and of course remember that each and every comment on this video is entered to win a free ledger nos but that giveaway is for subscribers only so if youre not subscribed hit that bell notification make sure you subscribe and put the notifications to all so that way youre made aware whenever i put out new content with this market heating up again its time for coins list low cap gems and we all know that these small coins can tend to move pretty quickly so if you want to be the first ones to know about it put that bell on and make sure you set the notifications to all thats the way to be the first one you can go in my telegram groups in my twitter groups or not twitter groups but you can follow pretty much anyone who i talk to and they know that i do not reveal the coins that im gonna cover until they go live here on youtube i think thats the fairest way to do it theres not really a 100 easy fair way to cover coins but i want to make it as fair as i can and i want my youtube audience to be really the first people to know about when i think somethings valuable and that way theres not like some kind of vip or exclusive kind of access to information i believe in a fair distribution of information so thats why i do things this way and if you agree with that if you like that if you support that then go ahead and give me a sub and make sure you put that bell on with that said lets dive in and start looking at some charts looking at some altcoins because things are starting to get really really exciting here and could we yep all right tech is my friend once again here we are in the chain link chart guys and its a beautiful thing to see chain link up another you know over five percent six percent here if we just look here at the last 90 days you know or even the last 180 days we see you know an amazing growth here where we see it bubbling up actually lets go to a whole year yeah so we see these these runs that chain link has done and it goes up you know parabolically 10x here it comes back down goes up parabolically here back up to that prior high barely eclipses it but gets over it then we get the uh this is the crash from the early covid uh pandemic news and i hope that me saying that word doesnt flag this broadcast its so weird here on youtube guys you have no idea what a weird minefield it is navigating these demonetizations and the censorship here uh its a crazy crazy world were in however we get this huge flash crash here that comes with the market flash crashing because the beginning of the pandemic and who knows maybe link would have just continued this this stride up if not for that its hard to really predict because we know stimulus was extremely helpful and generous to the this whole ecosystem but then we get a push back down but it really rapidly within the space of about a month or two gets back up to its high and then we get parabolic price discovery and we see this amazing movement here where link just starts jumping from about three and a half bucks all the way up to at its peak almost 20 bucks thats crazy right to have a a project in the billions of dollars in market cap doing a 7x i mean youre not seeing this kind of price action on coins since like ethereum you did see stuff like that with neo with bitcoin but you know chain link has now entered into a very unique category and if you know whats going on here its all about data access to data and authenticity of data coming into smart contracts chain link really pioneering this this model if you will but regardless its really exciting to see chain links growth and development here and seeing it then come off this parabolic move well it looks a lot like the last times it came off this parabolic move and then started to build strength again we can see the cupping pattern already starting to form here um and then this move after it broke the downtrend starts to seem like links building strength once again and as link builds strength we need to keep in mind the other coins that have been so so generous as part of this oracle narrative remember what i said if youre really a believer that oracles are going to essentially provide access to authentic and reliable data well the crypto community is not known for relying on just one source of data one source of mining power one source of governance its all about decentralization and im not saying that link can achieve you know data decentralization within itself but come on guys we know that theres going to be a demand for multiple oracle solutions even if theres nested oracle solutions within those for that reason i believe the market will value the pepsis as im calling them in this case pepsi of the bank of the oracle category is banned and banned here has 134 million market cap whereas chain link has a 5 billion dollar market cap so were looking at almost a 30 x here for uh band to get to where chain link is and im not saying it ever will i dont think itll ever catch up to our eclipse chain link but maybe if chain link ends up expanding to you know the tens of billions maybe theres a narrative here where band can get to a billion dollars or you know one to two billion i dont know but what i like to see here is first movers and second movers in the market remember we identified certain trends going back to the core uh trends going back to the oracle trends weve seen that identifying the second mover third mover especially in cryptocurrency is a super powerful uh template a super powerful framework to evaluate the market because weve seen that giving direct hard values to uh cryptocurrencies is extremely extremely hard and so having a way to um having a way to in some way value these cryptocurrencies is mostly a game of relatives so youre saying okay well i think the market could be this for this category and theres already a coin thats done this much growth so this one in this category with this narrative in this cycle well maybe it could catch up or approximate that value and thats just the reality is that pricing and value in cryptocurrencies is extremely hard and were all expecting parabolic growth upwards so putting you know what could be seen as exorbitantly high price points on certain assets is just accepted more readily in crypto which is why you get these parabolic movements it seems like sometimes things just cant quit in their path up we know that thats not true but in reality seeing this banned at 134 there is a narrative for it making a move to catch up to the almost 30 x gains that it would have to do to catch up to chain link then we have another favor of the channel dia which we covered here at a 5 million market cap its now at a 35 million market cap part of that is because they released a lot more coins so thats not really the most positive however theyre only here at a dollar 30 um and this peaked up at about three bucks but look at this thing as chain links making its move boom right on schedule we get another very very uh well-liked oracle right after it had its you know parabolic run-up after we covered it it peaked out at about four bucks a little over four bucks 430 wow uh and then we bottomed out here at about a dollar back where we first found it and now were going up again um and so if we do go up again here we can see how generous cryptocurrency can be with the pullbacks essentially allowing for you to get yet another ride on the same generous project especially ones that are fundamentally sound and in trending narratives and have you know the hype around them like these oracles do the oracles are arguably the tip of the spirit with d5 projects as you know theres just significantly less of them theyre needed by all d5 projects and yet theyre even bigger than d5 in many ways theres comparisons between chain link and ethereum for being sort of the originators of their categories however this is what i see as a really nice signal that hey maybe were turning the ship around here with the diaz looking at band you know its 134 million dia well it would have to do about a four a four x to catch up to where band is so 400 percent to catch up to something that would need to 30x to catch up to the pro the category leader are these numbers guaranteed to play out of course not not at all but seeing these growth points seeing the expansion of the category and the potential for something like this to grow and catch up to one of its not even first movers in the category but a second mover thats extremely bullish and exciting and you see the market responding to that today um and so as were looking we also have dos right dos is another uh in my opinion you know lower down i i actually heard some fud with das i havent checked tremendously up on the fud with dos i dont know whether or not its valid but i said before that this is one of the higher risk ones and we can see that in the market cap as well uh they have an under 10 million market cap at one point we covered this at about 2 million market cap very early on and you know i explained that it was high risk high reward and wouldnt you know it the market sort of validated that it shot up to literally almost 40 cents here lets look at that market cap view so you can really get a sense of this um it shot up to 50 million market cap from 2 million market cap thats a 25x that might be the one of the biggest gainers that we talked about here on the channel over the last few uh over the last few months but you can see now its come way all the way back down to earth almost sitting you know it was sitting at about a four million dollar market cap now its about eight uh it dipped down to six here so if this goes onward and upward again i mean how generous is it to give you two potential you know rocket rides is it guaranteed to happen absolutely not absolutely not theres no such thing as a guarantee when youre multiplying money like that however the opportunity there for a new oracle season is tremendous we see that in dos we see that india we see that in band and probably one of my favorites if not my favorite on this list is teller and thats because teller is significantly more decentralized than the other oracle solutions thats also been a negative in that their system is slower to function which sort of has bottlenecked their resources however they recently released a teller v2 and actually a tether a teller v 2.5 uh very quickly thereafter and you can see that theyre sitting at a market cap of 43 million which is still 67 down you can think of this as an easy 3x back to its highs um and remember i was talking about teller being in my opinion oversold as it was dipping all the way down here into the 13 category i first started really talking about teller um at about a while back but i said that hey this sell-off added around 30 bucks is looking juicy and then i kept saying as it was dipping it was getting even juicier seeing it turn around and now you know all the all the oracles kind of pivoting at once it seems to be that theres a trend here we can see it breaking through this prior high forming a newer high higher highs and higher lows right thats how you identify a trend and so if this is the new trend well it to me would be extremely generous right if weve seen this kind of generosity where teller went from here teller went from what was this five bucks up to 75 maybe its not going to be that generous but it came down 15. so if it even goes back to prior highs right youre looking at from its low here that was like a 7x right or a 5x rather uh really really generous really really really generous and then the kind of wild card bet here which ive been talking about which is octophi and so the biggest thing here is that this is an anonymous team which i dont like they seem to think its necessary i dont i would love to see them dox themselves and take responsibility who cares if theyre going to turn it over to the community um but you know i kind of said that this was kind of a mimi play i dont know how to iden you know i dont think this is as much of a fundamental play as much as a hype play where i could see them sort of riding the oracle hype train uh the team is passionate theyre passionate but you know they did pop all the way up here to about 20 bucks we covered it right here at about six bucks uh it did over a 3x um and so you know some some very generous movements there um and then its come back down not quite down to where we originally covered i guess it did come all the way back down and so is it going to go back up run it back remember oracles uh or i guess uh octo was not around when all these other oracles were peaking so this all happened in september whereas all these other oracles were peaking in august so it kind of wasnt playing in sync with the other oracles so this is a huge opportunity because at a 3 million market cap its extremely low i think its the lowest of any of them yep lets see what dos is dos is 8 million so in order uh from lowest to highest we have uh octo then we have sorry we have octo dos dia teller band and chain link and thats the sort of uh scale you get from what you could see as the riskiest all the way up to the sort of most solid projects in the oracle space now i still believe theres probably a lot of gains to be had in chain link itself this is the king and you can never underestimate really what something like the coca-cola of the category if you will can accomplish um but if oracle season is to take off in full flight this is where im going to be directing my attention i encourage you guys to do your own research again i can do my research i can use my spidey senses but im just one guy in the end and you always have to do your own research and learn to analyze make your own decisions and i encourage you guys to do so so thats how im viewing this whole oracle season phenomenon if it is to repeat how generous it is and this was really one of the first you know bullets or shots fired of the d5 movement and so seeing chain link sort of start to get bullish again start to really break its trend and turn onwards and upwards obviously if it makes new highs that would be super super bullish for the space but its important to be focusing on these things before you get full confirmation because once something is too obvious you miss the opportunity its always the way it is with crypto and the fact is that theres a lot of degenerate gamblers in this industry that are willing to sort of put their coins uh into a a hunch before things are fully proven so thats just kind of the way the industry works uh but regardless chain link band teller dia you know of all these teller is a real sweet spot to me um but then you also have dia das and octo all very good i have a lot of band already um chain link obviously ive been having my linky my linky links for quite a while regardless thats how im viewing the oracle season im curious what you guys think ill hop into some q a for a second um and then well talk about another project thats actually implementing oracles as well um in a very different way but i think it could potentially benefit from this uh these are such high-risk coins um okay i dont understand the actual value of an individual coin you create value life being an oracle at what price im not sure i understand this question um does anyone have any questions about oracle season any thoughts on easy i like easy had a huge pump yesterday thoughts on anarchy i actually invested in anarchy um i know that they have some stuff coming up i dont know if theyre released yet i need to check back in but i invested in anarchy i think its cool just like you know i think it could catch some of this nft hype wave um again doesnt solve the big issues with nfts at all but i think its a cool project um i also just im a sucker for cyberpunk stuff so uh thats kind of their their aesthetic um mantra dao no im not to talk about mantra dao today but i you know i think that there could be a resurgence of the polka dot ecosystem for sure still bullish on akro yup polka d5 i think thatll make a huge comeback crypto lark says he thinks one trb will equal one eath i personally think that that could easily happen tr uh teller is just a really really good project really really good am i longing on link yeah i mean well i just have like huddles i have like link huddles i literally have my linkies and i just sit on them i dont touch them i dont trade them um albert thoughts elio yeah i actually bought into the albert uh sale so i think that they have a good product uh but well see uh well see how they roll it out but ill definitely be covering it im excited for albert and ocean oh ocean is so solid you know ocean rsr link oracles in general i think theyre going to do really really really really well um its das the asian narrative yeah i dont know if i would call it that but can das hit 50 cents didnt it already hit 50 cents um im not sure if it hit 50 cents i think 40 cents was where it peeped out yeah so 38 could it yeah sure anything could happen in a bull run the prices get crazy thats just kind of how it works um nest protocol uh seems all right but im gonna actually introduce what i think of as a potentially more interesting protocol than that right now not to compare and contrast as theyre very different but yeah ocean rsr chain link theyre all very fundamentally strong projects and i love when fundamentally strong projects pump it gives me life gives me hope when you see just uniswap casino coins pumping and nothing else kind of kind of kills my vibe because it doesnt validate the good things in the market it kind of is like incentivizing bad behavior elliot i guess you have seen it i see teller pumping since 10 days but you have seen the daily trailing volume comparison with other oracles thanks for your work um yeah i havent compared the volume um but i have been looking at the price its been pumping for sure and like i said ive been bullish on the coins that i started covering in september i love those projects and september was a bad month for d5 and all coins but it doesnt change the underlying fundamentals and thats whats powerful about when you have fa analysis as your primary lens when youre looking at things from just a short term sort of flash in the pan type hype train things like a lot of these uniswap casino coins as im calling them the d-gen plays um and a lot of these yield farming plays are essentially theyre set up quite a bit like ponzis and thats why they pump and dump because after the yield has been extracted uh its hard to get them to pump again and so uh i like to look at things yeah unilend im really excited for um i have a a big bag of uniland im very excited for what they have going on and like i said i did that video on unisteak im very excited for what uni steak is doing as well um im holding both of those projects and talking with the teams uh they have some they each have exciting things coming up and so as those exciting things come up im gonna be pushing them and and covering them um but yeah when i cover a coin i usually im pretty committed im usually pretty committed because i its not that i fall in love with them its just if theres a good coin that still hasnt gotten love from the market i see that as an opportunity im not going to be right all the time but im going to be right enough of the times that it really really works out and thats been my strategy is oftentimes when things look really bleak i start investing just like ive been telling you guys sort of not financial advice but ive been looking at these dips is really juicy for the last you know few weeks as a lot of people have been doubting potentially the future of the altcoin market saying d5 is dead all this stuff ive been you know getting my deeper and deeper bags uh yeah the core proposal of erc95s are cool uh but again in and of itself isnt going to pump the price of core its an interesting interesting project but i dont think that makes core necessarily an oracle just yet um a coracle but uh but yeah itll be interesting to see where that goes i definitely have my eyes on core but seeing its lack of price performance even after their sort of innovative touch just shows you that these tokenomics projects as i call them these tokenomics projects that are just strictly tokenomics they have a tough road they have a tough road we see you know if you zoom out on coors chart we see this huge pump up we see a huge pump and now were seeing it kind of struggle right um does this could it go up to higher and higher highs i certainly hope for the core community it does im not fudding or whatever i just when things are just strictly around tokenomics and kind of yield and whatever it doesnt sit well with me because i believe products are the things that actually create long-term sustainability and so when i see products thats what i like to see as of yet i dont see core as a product i see it as a tokenomics sort of model and that thatll bring me ill talk about another tokenomics coin that is actually pretty interesting uh in just a little bit here um but we have a comment about nintendo and atari farming live today with retrofarm um interesting ill need to look into that thank you for the super chat rob moore title on polka dot i havent looked into the title guys uh falcon swap update as i know theyre very very close to pushing their main net so when they do ill be happy to talk about it but im not going to cover it before then uh ave yes of course ave always always ave thoughts on second layer scaling matic uh i like matic i have a good relationship with their team ive been following their tech considering it for my own project uh but you know second layers face a ux problem of getting people over the second layer you know and in the end nothing will accomplish the goals of you know essentially making things easy for products to be usable and have tons of liquidity tons of accessibility like being on ethereum mainnet its just thats where everybody in the world wants to be thats where all the investors are thats where all the users are and even the highest fees and and congestion in the world didnt stop that and so yeah where where are the problems with dia i didnt say there are problems with dia is it a com the graph is it a competitor to parsic im actually not sure thanks for the super chat uh the graph um yeah i dont know maybe just graph unigraph i dont know if this is what youre talking about i dont want to just talk about some some terrible coin here uh but yeah people are want to talk about parsik guys i did an interview with the team yesterday and the point of this interview was really to help them because ive been talking with them throughout this whole incident and the point was to try to help them explain to the community what the heck happened uh with this flash crash and their hack and all this stuff now i personally think that that video says it all i encourage you guys to go see it um but ive also been you know theyre telling me about stuff thats coming up and its super exciting and it validates everything that ive believed about this project from day one and youll just have to wait until they put that news public its not my choice to release that news but im super excited about what they have uh coming down the pipe as i think they really really are getting recognized for the quality of their technology and team and so you know parsic is not quite a competitor to these oracles right now uh it could in the future start adding more um you know middleware technology as they sort of originally communicated to me but i think theyre really finding a niche right now with their on-chain data uh wysiwyg uh sort of complex workflows theres a lot to love here with prq and so theyre going to do some tokenomics updates product updates and huge partnership updates in the near future keep your eyes peeled im very excited what parsik has going on again uh dia parsic uh both gems that i put up on the channel and have done incredibly well and im extremely extremely happy with that um lets see here so now i wanted to talk about hathor network and hathor network is not an oracle but you can see here that they have um they have some oracle functionalities built in built-in atomic swaps um and yeah okay and so they also have an easier and safer implementation of smart contracts which connects real-world data oracles so this is a non-ethereum network this is a completely unique and individual blockchain hathor network um but they are coming out with a really interesting project and its been really really hard to trade this thing because its on just like the worst exchanges and was previously only available on otc through their discord which is like even i dont like doing that kind of stuff um but theyre on this q trade ive never been on q trade they only have 21 000 worth of volume they pretty much are waiting on a real listing here um but this is a fundamentally pretty strong pla project uh that is a super scalable easy to use blockchain super mobile friendly uh they famously had a 14 year old create their own coin on a mobile wallet within like five minutes um so theres a lot of usability things super scalable and all that the biggest opportunity the biggest issue here is that getting people again off of ethereum is really really hard and thats going to be their big you know obstacle but um as far as full adoption youre going to have to work hard to convince me that this is going to get fully adopted however i could see this thing getting some some serious hype over the next few months and you know hype tends to lead to some serious you know upward volatility now that said i bring them up because theyre using a built-in oracle kind of like polka dot is doing as well they also have built-in atomic swaps and super low or non-existent fees uh so i just wanted to put this guys uh on your on your uh radar which is half our network because i think that theres really something here theyre using a hybrid dag and blockchain technology as you can see here they have the dag off to the sides as well as the blockchain in the middle and so thats how theyre sort of structuring it if you guys dont know what dag is its essentially a different type of distributed ledger where they keep the security but it allows for more uh scalability flexibility the most famous dag projects are you know iota and theres other dag projects several other ones as well but this technology is very interesting i could see you know it seems like theyve been working on it for several years and it seems like theyve delivered some interesting tech again weve seen a lot of ethereum killers i would call this an ethereum killer as well but theyre also talking about extended erc uh token capacities and theyre talking about you know in my opinion i dont know whether this is them trying to interoperate with ethereum um but im gonna be doing some more deep dives into hathor in the coming days i was impressed with what i saw and ive picked up my own bag of it so uh its very very annoying to get their hands on but that to me is another opportunity because i could see this thing getting much more popular once it hits a more mainstream exchange like look at this trash cue trade come on 21 000 in volume like im not even clicking on this link so uh its one of those interesting opportunities that i think the market will uh start to recognize once its on a better exchange so this is something i wanted to put on your on your radar uh and something that ive just gotten my own bag of so very interesting stuff and then just looking at you know coins that weve been talking about you know over the last few months you know you can see teller octo and dia all clocking uh gains similar gains right so this is proof to me that theres an oracle movement thats you know these coins are all literally within spinning distance of their percentage gains and and differences over the last few days and then we see chain link you know obviously it had a little better of the day before but i think that theres some validity to this argument that oracle season is upon us and thats an extremely generous time to be accumulating these assets uh moving on were going to talk about tokenomics projects and i just want to say before i get to this next project i am not in any way hold on i got a 10 super chat bye dao um so you know uh by dao im gonna wait and see i wanna see them deliver their product a little more but i will look on it pink summer i know youve been uh super chatting me about this for a while so ill definitely check in uh on bai dao in the future but i need to look into it more there were some things that i didnt like about uh when i looked into it last but i will check back in on it and i dont want to fud or anything i just want to give you some time to do some research thanks again for the super chat pink summer please look into kovals tokenomics circuits of value now i did look at this they were using nfts to represent baskets of assets it kind of like popped onto the scene during the nft hype im a little weary of it as its like a five-year-old six-year-old project or something crazy like that um but its definitely something im going to check out so thanks for that steven uh nagel um pink summer again by now already training on poloniex who elbank and uniswap thanks again for the super chat pink summer um so before i go into this next project this is something that was buzzing around the the d-gen scene if you will this is just the reality is that its a very d-gen coin um and i think that any project that is sort of exclusively based on its tokenomics is essentially your gambling because its not based upon a product usage that can be consistent and grow users over time its based upon hype supply and demand factors its purely a speculation game in my opinion that makes it quite degenerative and gambling because youre essentially just gambling on the way others will view it uh in the end a lot of altcoins suffer from this but i just want to segment when youre talking about higher risk plays like this but nonetheless the reason why i bring it up is because youre seeing in this project the fusing of tokenomics and just straight up games like this tokenomics is like a game and if you guys are the you know top your class aaa students youll know that were talking about priya or priya i dont know how its pronounced um but you can see here its down 25 this has been probably the most highly requested coin uh from my uh my my telegram group uh which has gotten quite degen centric uh over the last few months um but regardless we have this coin and you can see it popped up to about 70 bucks i think it was really cheap at the beginning and now its really dumping down here to about 30 bucks uh thats a brutal drop right and this is why i call them degen coins and why theyre so so risky because they pump like mad but then they absolutely go down like a led zeppelin or a lead balloon so let me go ahead and make sure that my face isnt blocking this uh because these tokenomics are just crazy im actually gonna kill my webcam for a second because theres just too much on screen um to see and the way they set up this this website is just pretty hard to read if you have my webcam up so here we have the tokenomics of priya and this the reason why im bringing this up again guys im not saying to buy it dont buy it dont invest in it i dont care i i personally dont have any but i want to cover it because its just conceptually interesting right its conceptually interesting its something thats worth discussing right im not telling you to buy it im just telling you its interesting to discuss right two different topics so essentially the way this works is you have this burn and you have these cycles that theyve created where it starts at a hundred thousand tokens and it works its way all the way down to uh whats its minimum ten thousand tokens so it starts at a hundred thousand works its way down to ten thousand um and it does it in these cycles um and it has all these like little logarithmic cycles and three cycles i dont really know what the value of showing all these cycles are but you can just see here that its supposed to go down all the way down to 10 000 and then its gonna pump all the way back up to a hundred thousand and its gonna start inflating the supply and then it goes back and its got all these crazy rules uh theres one point two percent of one point two five percent of every transaction burned point eight five percent of every transaction goes to an airdrop 0.5 goes to the owner but whats really interesting here is theres an inactive burn system in place so if you dont do any trades or interact with the ecosystem for 30 days i believe 35 days then 25 of your tokens can get burned just like that you lose by being inactive and if your inactivity lasts for 60 days then the burn rate increases to 100 so you lose all of your tokens if you dont trade for 60 days this is part of the reason why im not really a fan because its like almost taking it a little too far this whole gamification thing um but theyre saying that they have uh you know minimum amount of uh per trade transfer of 0.25 of the balance of the airdrop wallet wallet uh they have all these rules where theyre essentially trying to create this gamified system that requires people to constantly move their funds and not remain stagnant it dis-incentivizes whales and it constantly is burning and penalizing and putting things in an airdrop wallet to be honest there are so many rules here that i would recommend if you are interested in this project spending a very long time researching it i personally researched it i was amused by it but i kind of steered away from it because it didnt fit with it just seemed so experiment experimental that i didnt know how to even touch it right its like plutonium this thing but its interesting and so i thought id bring it up to you guys because this is the quintessential direction of the degenerate market that is cryptocurrency which is essentially completely gamifying completely gamifying the simple act of tokenomics and i can see stuff like this continuing to develop you know you saw stuff like this with aggressive staking and unstaking penalties aggressive you know long-term staking benefits and gamification of that theres a whole bunch of projects that do that then we got the aggressive uh sort of deflationary stuff with locked tokens like you see with core then we saw a whole bunch of clones of that now were seeing stuff like with vox uh which was another interesting tokenomics model and now its evolving to this prior thing which is again creating uh this is almost like a game a token game and theres theres probably metas and best approaches for this so i just thought id show this to you guys because this is kind of the state of the uni-swap casino land which is looking at these absolute mind-boggling kind of tokenomics stuff which you know it takes on more of like almost like a video game with money um which i think is cool but again extremely risky and you know just like you can lose in video games you can super lose with this so just understand that uh this is kind of a new direction that im seeing emerge in the uniswap ecosystem and something that i thought was interesting enough to bring up here again im not saying to buy it i dont own it i think that its extremely risky and it most likely most likely will dump like crazy either now or at some point in the future um but it could also go on quite a run i dont know i really dont know how to evaluate this but people have been requesting my opinion on it and thats my opinion on it is that this thing is just absolute absolutely wild but i thought it was interesting enough to talk about um dont really want to cover these articles not interesting enough um i did an interview on all coin daily guys if you guys are fans of altcoin daily please check it out theyre super awesome obviously you guys probably already know about it uh but i did this whole interview and it was it was amazing just to talk about all of the the market with them theyre great interviewers and i ramble a lot so if you like seeing me ramble youll love this obviously i retweeted it um you can find it on my twitter uh tdot me or twitter.comeliotrades and the link for that is not in the description because oh yeah it is in the description is in the description um so uh you can just go ahead and check that out there if you guys arent following me on twitter by the way its a great way to connect with me im talking about coins i think way before they end up being discussed here on this channel because its so much easier to tweet about things when im interested in them um also join my telegram groups if you really want to get that base level of chat were talking about all these crazy coins way before they end up on the channel priya is revolutionary yeah thats one approach to it i think its i think its interesting i think its experimental i dont think its revolutionary yet um loved your interview with all coin daily thank you pink summer um i love dash dash it up dash it up i dont hold any dash i dont hold any monero um im i think the privacy coin ever since ive been in crypto ive been hearing privacy coins are the next big niche privacy coins the next big niche i personally think if theres going to be any regulatory action it would probably come to privacy coins first im also just not convinced that people care that much about privacy so i dont own i dont own or invest in privacy but i could be wrong who knows uh talk about rvx bro um maybe i will maybe i will in the future i like the project elliot i was thinking about getting into alt once btc reaches all-time high well the biggest problem is uh oh youre talking about it 20 000. yeah youd imagine that that would be a bit risky too because probably btc at all-time high its going to go one of two ways its either going to dump like crazy or the whole world is going to pile into btc and its going to go like crazy and so alts might actually that might be a terrible time to get into alts im not sure um well have to see right uh diversity is key diversify own bitcoin analysts thats the easiest way um but im definitely not turning my back on alts because if we saw what happened throughout 2017 as bitcoin entered into price discovery uh well if its anything like that alt will absolutely rock it i think youre seeing alt perform really well on the back of bitcoin and thats really really exciting to me it validates this theory what are some of the hot smaller coins of the 2017 bull run how much did they go up 100 million market cap 500 more id be curious to analysis their price yeah thats a great question lucas so lets go back and check out some of the hottest coins of 2017 which was of course ethereum we had uh neo was really hot we had xrp uh was really hot uh we had uh eos was really hot obviously they wont be able to chart it because that was their ico we had uh what were the other super hot ones i mean tron look at tron as well exploded uh and what youll see will probably shock you i dont think that this is necessarily you know its almost too easy to show these charts because yeah look at the ethereum chart throughout 2017 as bitcoin as bitcoin broke up remember bitcoin broke to new highs at the end of february in 2017 and what we see is ethereum goes from about 10 bucks to by the time were in june ethereums at 400 bucks so a 40x right out of ethereum in the first half of 2017. and then we get another huge blow off top and it ends up making its way up to you know 14 1500 at its peak right yeah 14 almost 1500 right and so from 10 bucks in the beginning of 2017 ethereum made its way up to 1500. now is that a fair comparison is there any altcoin quite like ethereum probably not so dont want to like tie your altcoin hopes to ethereum well lets look at lets look at neo right neo is another good example lets rewind here at the beginning of 2017. lets look at how it performed while bitcoin was in price discovery mode and obviously throughout the beginning of 2017 it was you know had far more modest gains we saw here we have january and its at about you know 12 cents right and it kind of sl slightly gains right it really just holds on and then as bitcoin explodes right here at the end of february we see very modest price action but it does move does move almost 100 percent up very you cant even see it on this chart because it goes so parabolic after um but if youre seeing it at 10 cents remember that neo peaked neo peaked at about 200 bucks 10 cents to 200 dollars i know take your time the math is confusing theres a lot of zeros there so what are alts what are the destination what are the destiny of alts of the good olds the trending so of course xrp lets do xrp its a fun one too um here we have so we have xrp right and these were already big coins but still even better we have them at you know xrp just call it a penny because the math is just going to get hard call xrp at a penny and then as were entering 2017 then by mid 2017 xrp is at 40 cents 40x right even though its really more like an 80x because it was at half a penny then once we get this parabolic blow off top who knows if well ever get this kind of parabolic blow off top in the alts again i personally think we will and that will happen when bitcoin really ends its run so when bitcoin really ends its run and this happened right after bitcoin pulled back off 20k and it was pretty obvious that the party was over and that it had gotten rejected off its parabolic movement well then alto point absolutely berserk a lot of that bitcoin money found its way into the alts the faster price reactive assets and so you saw you know ripple go up to four bucks which is another 10x from there so from one penny up to uh four dollars you have a 400 x right 400 x even though it was about half a penny call it a thousand x right 1000x from from xrp almost absolute insanity so do i think also do well if bitcoin does well history says yes history says yes um all right guys weve been going for almost 50 minutes here lets ask a few more answer a few more questions phantom good but again the uh yeah i know i posted the wrong link to twitter because i had some tech difficulties sorry for that again guys um steak i dont know if this is eunice steak or if steaks different but i like eunice steak im not sure about steak um yfi no comment no opinion octo releasing their own decks this year yup we talked about octo thoughts on the big chinese exchanges all getting busted is finance going to be getting i would say that any futures exchange is in danger and i got this news from the lawyers when i was trying to set up my own futures exchange earlier this year and we were told that theyre clearing out the field for an etf and so i would say that binance is very much so next if you will finance is next however i think theyve probably set their stuff up a little more decentralized a little more intelligent than bit max and ok x which would hopefully lead to them still processing withdrawals and stuff and giving the users time to get their funds out in the event that binance did come uh under scrutiny i couldnt imagine them not right hey elio do you have any thoughts on axio infinity uh i like all of these sort of you know nft games axes definitely more game than just nft uh compared to others but obviously i think their gameplay is pretty simplistic but i like what theyve done and theyve accomplished i think theyre on my good side for nfts but still have a lot of work to go on creating a gaming product that is mainstream all right everybody uh thank you so much for tuning in sorry for the tech difficulties at the beginning appreciate you rocking with me we have over a thousand viewers in here if you got value out of this if you got value out of the stream do me a favor and smash that like button its a free and easy way to support the channel and of course it really really helps the youtube algorithm show this content to more viewers if you guys arent already subscribed were doing daily crypto current currency content and altcoin content in specific and now that the markets heating up and were seeing the exact same breadcrumbs that led to the parabolic moves in july and august well im getting really excited to start covering some of the most undervalued opportunities in the space were already seeing my calls on teller and daya or not really dia but teller and for sure octo did really well were seeing the other um oracles perform really really well and so im ex im excited for what could be another phenomenal oracle season and along with that well see another slew of undervalued opportunities i believe in the defy market so if youve hung around through the crash of september and you havent been soured well then you passed in my opinion the first test is this the beginning of an unbridled alt season again i think itll go a little slower than last time but in my opinion the market is looking quite generous and of course if we get more stimulus that would be a huge green flag for this market for a significant period of time again im personally expecting fireworks in 2020 and so i remain internally optimistic that were at the beginning of a life-changing cycle here and if thats a value to you then i encourage you guys to subscribe and put that bell notification on so that way youre made aware when i put out new content again covering these undervalued opportunities in the market is really what i live for 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