chainlink bootcampChainlink Bootcamp in Portuguese - Day 2

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mercy is still off still saw it now it would be nice if you could disclose it At some point it is that platform that we are having a dispute there for clicks within the community So but that one there has a specific link for you so it is not cool like this, no, for me, you understand, if I were a place, Id disclose the generic and I prefer not to divulge it because its in English, so Im not talking about it, okay, thats it, good night. very good to see that I have regular students who were here yesterday are here again they are excellent students there I already saw a message there from someone who didnt attend yesterdays class I already play the video is from yesterday lets wait a few more minutes for everyone come in and Im already preparing here until yesterdays link for you ready there everything in order whos asking for todays YouTube link here very well And then well chat a little bit until the people arrive and well be like It was your day suffering in the heat here in Rio de Janeiro, you see, today it was 37 degrees, right Guys, I was wearing a sweatshirt last week, on the one hand, yes, but on the other hand, for about 5 baths today, just to cool off, very good around here. I have news for you about our classes And then the people who are asking from the discord channel in Portuguese not yet for the time being we are using telegram to clear up doubts I saw people asking questions answering I know that I dont I replied Im not answering because this week for me I have several classes happening in parallel so a lot of material to prepare So we have a team to help me with that, okay, we have the boys there who are giving support, they have all the people from the community So we have a lot of help there, very good, Jeff already put everything here in the chat, right, very good and yes, all the classes are recorded on YouTube So you can access it later if you get lost on the way, so can you You can stay on YouTube from one day to the next and set everything right there Okay, we spent five minutes I think Im going to start Do you want to share something today Jeff I do I just want to say that the people who are not able to access it on telegram send me a message send me a direct messenger on telegram Ill write my profile on telegram in case anyone has trouble finding me I ll solve this access Im going todays pet is already created there you can put your contact there too perfect me It should already be here in the chat but I put it there too shared Luck is the second day this journey Its going to be long and lets go Thats it guys so Im good I m going to share my screen I think that before I even have news for you that what happens we have a very large number of participants I m very happy with that but at the same time the progress of the class is slower than I imagined so yesterday I didnt teach everything I wanted to teach I stayed away to tell the truth so today i was talking to jeff and i decided that this way i can still give you more classes next week ill still be here in brazil i ll still be available so well have two more classes so we have classes this week monday thursday friday -Friday Im going to invite you to an in-person event there for those from São Paulo for those who can come to São Paulo so the lenz event in a little while Ill tell you more about it and next week Monday and Tuesday there are two more classes And then I hope I teach you everything I need, okay, so we got two more classes. if I start talking about thing today we still have a lot of people who need more Base so Im going to create two more basic Smart accounts for you because I really want to pass on more concepts to you and then yes You will be ready for tomorrow we start from tink ok So these are the news so Im going to share my screen with you then let the chat open again here in some corner very good so here until I m remembering for those who dont know me my name is Solange Guedes anyone knows me like the sun i am developeractive that means i teach people to use TIM products link mainly the developers and here we are doing a course from scratch to train new developers and about the practical part yesterday we had the pad do day 16 Remembering that this is a collaborative file everyone can write everyone can delete I hope you dont delete everything I already made a copy of yesterdays ok guys but preferably Lets be careful with it and this is todays foot then today is the 17th here so I hope you enter this Pet let me share it here in our chat too or its already here very good And here you will see that at the foot of Todays YouTube the YouTube link from yesterdays class the telegram as we already mentioned Jeffs telegram if you have a problem that you are not able to enter the community send a direct message to Jeff and the link of the TIM community link on telegram also has discord there is also twitter media and TIM link of thechinon is here too remembering that the medium and you have already seen that it is for you to enter here put your name the city most of us even know that it is from Brazil, right, but there are some people from outside thats why Im asking you to put the country here too. I just found someone from Portugal here at faithful. Its confirmed that Im going to Porto Ok, I dont know if youre all there from Portugal. You know, in March, the event happens in Porto, so the event takes place there in Porto, in Portugal. to give a workshop to achieve that it will also be a sponsor so get ready there and this information is first rate for you very well sorry for that Im already trying to create a new line here now its ready we already have a lot of stuff here I put some asterisks so put your name above them not below that at the bottom Im going to start writing my part here perfect who needs it ask the people are already sharing again excellent Probably Javier is Jeff they already shared it on YouTube as well remembering This is the pet and two more minutes so while the people are writing just to recap what we did yesterday is Yesterday we want our first smartconds with the name we wanted to put on it so there with our name right then I gave you an Interface for a smartphone that I created and that you published the Smart account of yours you registered on my smartphone I mean you basically registered in the bootcamp smartconds and with that registration I I can later, for example, list everyones name so that was the idea, even yesterday I showed you that I had published the Smart Account wrong when we were doing the query part I was seeing the indexes in a wrong way I even published a new one live And then at the end you were accessing the Smart contra again and I can even get the data here for you so that we can access it together ok and yes people are asking if the remix erases the data when it closes browser Im going to tell you two things first you can see here that he didnt delete My contracts ok but if I come to the published contracts part Im no longer connected to metamesc and really My contacts are no longer here so I have to see the yesterdays material for me to know the addresses of everything is fine and we will already see this in the new contracts so for example first thing has what we have to do I think its worth starting there then from scratch this, right, from connecting the wallet, this question here is a little advanced so I wont answer it now, okay, when the time comes, probably when Im talking about automation, Ill create an nft with you and then so we can talk about what type of nft is and were going to use automation to create something with nft that were going to create okay its not going to be very good now so Ill just put things from yesterday to make sure that we are on the same page, mainly the requirements part, right, that we have to have there to start the course. we re using remix And then we had the ethers of the gang and we enabled it already so thats it here, so first our Wallet were using metamed that were using remix I already see April remix there for you guys we need ethers on the network that we are using And then I sent it to you so to organize it better, I gave you a list of sites where you can try to get the gang ethers and in the remix we enabled autocompayo in Solid ok then see you here these were our prerequisites after that so in the deploids part which is what we are going to do exactly now we are going to connect the remix with our Wallet it is on the right network so I came here in the corner here I am in a cams that yes Im in the gang but I have here to unlock half an hour before yesterday for today I left it blocked and Now yes Im in Gael over there in the test network and I have a gang ether Im curious that it wasnt supposed to do all that and even for you to see what Im doing right now Im taking advantage of it and were going to do some things today with an asterisk and as we said its the block explorer right we can see whats happening on the network so its as if it were a company an institution that has a network node and that makes a copy of a network node for a Centralized database of the ether scan itself indexes to facilitate our research so Im coming here now its not exactly having Scan I want to see what happened to my wallet so here I see that its my wallet but Im not messing with my NET right so it has to be in the gang so here was what I was doing yesterday and I have a straight one here that I think I had less very cool this so let me put the correct one for you So this one Me too Net This one is Thats it so all of this were ready now Ive looked right Im in the gang Let me come back here on remix so where do I go now one two three four fifth icon here Deploy and trans Actions that way I can connect my development environment with my wallet ready yesterday it asked for authorization after I already authorized it yesterday I didnt need to authorize it again today we can see down here that it is already connected So thats all connected Lets create our first Smart account today and our first Smart account it will have some differences compared to yesterday so now I go to Fire and I Im going to create a contract called and Im going to tell you what will be in our concrete so here I go in the remix according to the button there I Explorer down here until pain that Space I have a believer and I created the register good next step that I what I have to do with you is to show you the contract So wait a minute, Im just writing a file on the side to make my life easier with you. now Régis have a dot just where is my file here it is so you will copy whatever is between the beginning and the end you dont need to copy the beginning the end just have it there in the middle so I also have to copy I selected and now I Im going to paste it in the remix and while youre doing it again its just letting me know that I need to be sure of what Im doing this anyway so we created a new file called register and I copied and pasted the code for you according to the file button Explore this little button here with a blank page and youre going to create the régister all right and its here so Ill explain to you whats in this file and whats the difference between yesterday and today so yesterday we created a file where I had a Constructor So I had an initializer in my smart contest today I dont have it but today I have a function to change the information I have inside notice that the start the same thing first line set the compiler version Im using next line the word contract I am defining the contract with the name régister it also has a private variable called info So it means that this variable can only be accessed within my smart contact But now it can we can see what is happening with this variable otherwise it is the 7 info function every time I send it I call the function just right and I send information to be saved in the variable I can monitor these transactions and then know the history of everything that has already happened in my contract there is an audit of it for example and at the same time knowing what the information is the last recorded information I still have a function called kitten info no get name now it is the get info which is to show the information that I saved in the variable ok So ok this is our contract, its still very simple. Were going to do two contracts today. This is the first and the second. decoin Action very good and lets go now the contract is selected register I can do the Deploy Remembering that now I dont have any parameters so I clicked on Deploy then the remix he passed to our time of Prometa mask and Wallace is waiting for me to confirm this transaction and even interesting yesterday is talking a little bit about gas, right? to publish this smartpoint, I confess that when Im on the testenet, I dont look at it, but when you do that, the Net also pays attention to the Gas that you give by spending it, and suddenly sometimes you get a moment from the network that is very expensive and you spend more to published that sometimes the value you had inside so you have to be careful yes its good on the net test its ok and probably Jesse or Javier has a way that you put everyone in the multi see if you can and we also have to be careful afterwards to disable the staff I think being able to write on the screen I dont know this little line here is definitely not mine So thats it I made Decolar there Here it is So we go there to the deploid part and I have the address of my contract I m going to copy it just like we copied it yesterday and Im going to ask you to put your name and Régiss address here so we can see whos publishing whats going on below where I am I put it here and you are going to put your name down here and the address of your Smartphone very good Oh how cool people how many people want Smart contacts and I know that for many many they created their first Smart account yesterday, right? to do a search to see who created it yesterday and the people who are asking who has that pragma error could be two things, its Eduardo for example one of them check if hes not complaining about space Or not Here normally there shouldnt be a problem but that could be a problem something else Go to the fourth icon which is the solidite with the paneler and make sure that you clicked on the top panel and if those two things dont work, refresh your page there and dont forget to connect again, its cool, very good, people saying that there were already people who interacted. what happens with the régister remember that here on the left side I have a little arrow that I can click and expand to see the details and now its really cool guys I wanted to say something to you that I didnt ask you to think about yesterday Why is there a little button that is orange and there is a little button that is blue? they change nothing in the TIM block, it just presents information that is already saved in the blockchain, okay, and even a curiosity for you when we use a little button like that Blue, no, it s not making a transaction, its not a transaction that goes to the entire block, okay? its a query made on the node youre connected to. Antônio Carlos said that, okay, and the little orange button, hes changing some information in the lock that we talk about changing the state, changing whats happening on the blockchain, changing some information on the blockchain network, we spend to do that, I pay for gas to do that and at that moment he actually sends a transaction to Rede Inteira and thats what we said is the network broadcast some validator will take this transaction and include it in a block And then Érico even put another item here too that were going to see tomorrows class that were going to tomorrow were going to create a token and work with data children its inflammation price information is from TIM link and Érico already talked about the issue of the red button yes when the we send it when we will receive it when the function is time it can receive it is a red button Tomorrow we will see a little red button ok So thats it in our case now first Im going to click on the button and theres nothing yet in my contract I I did nt save anything but now Im going to save my first information the first information I want to save is Im going to click on the 7 info button So now Im sending a transaction to the network I m going to confirm the station that we wait a little bit remember that Im waiting for this one bottom part here the transaction is pending we are waiting for the transaction to be included in the block some validator has my transaction including a block here so after my transaction has completed if I come now to get info I have the information and take a bootcamp Ok, because Dani is saying that the orange button is not showing for her Dani check if you have the right contract selected if you have the contract from yesterday for example the contract from yesterday it didnt have an orange button so it would work ok So thats it, you have to see if you are in the Régis contract very well and if you will have to interact with my contract now for example I want to I already saved seven information so now I want to write and take a bootcamp you will have me and my one drives my computer crazy Im sending another transaction to the network to change the information I have there I clicked on the site again Im going to confirm Im waiting again for the transaction to be confirmed on the network note taking a little longer now it can happen no problem none Then it complicates this and Im already going to do the aters part So now that its confirmed if I come here in the new kitten food Im going to see that its there and take a botecamp go pencil very good so yesterday there was a person kinda I already showed one little bit of interest for you, there were people asking me more about ether Scan So today Im going to show you this so what am I going to do? deploide Im clicking on it and I want to see this transaction on the Explorer blog, that is, its not here and this transaction shows me that I created this contract so each contract has an address the same as we have an address in our wallet but the difference is that the the way we interact, right, because our wallet we authorize transactions and the contract, you can call the functions of the contract But if, for example, you send ethers to a contract and it has not been prepared, it will give an error, it may not receive you can accept the ethers but then you cant get them out so you have to be careful with that ok so Im going to click on my contract because I want to see my transaction and Im going to share it with you here ok cool guys How many contracts there? you can see mine for example yours ok and good I have here what I can see here its not that three transactions have already happened The first is the creation of the contract itself 9 minutes later 3 minutes later I made the first set info with the information that I put there and then I made another little sect because I exchanged information if for example I click on the transaction of the first one I can see the transaction and mainly I go on that click that you So here are the parameters everything I sent If I ask Im going to ask now to do the Decode which is to put this information in a way that I can see it right here I see that the parameter called traceinfo, right, its a string and that I had information and there was a Botequim inside I want to see the other one transaction now I m opening the other transaction here on the side the same thing And if I ask for the Decode we also see that I changed the information that was there so I can follow all the transactions then one by one and have an Audit of what happened with my smart code, the next thing I want to do with you is that when we have a contract, I may not have Scan to verify the source code of my contract, that is to say, I will publish the source code here, this is something that its a big paradigm shift in relation to even traditional programming, its important that you publish the code of your contracts and with that people can see what your contract does and at the same time you make your contract more vulnerable like if he has something wrong it is easier for someone to discover and exploit this vulnerability and steal a lot of things if that is the case on the other hand your contract being published you are even showing good faith on your part and if your contract is good there wont be any problems and people will use your contract with more confidence in whats going on ok and for us to publish it youll find it now Ill put this ether Scan check here So youll find it there youll click on verify and publich let me copy it first. you for us to start from scratch Remember that you have the address of your contract open ether escangalli Put your contract address here And then you will see your contract in ether Scan is another thing you can do to get there in your contact it is not Teles Campo You go to metamesk and find the contract transaction and ask to see the transaction in the Explorer block So this is the transaction and here I can see the address of my contract if I click on it I arrive again on the screen of my contract And then Im going to call against you this afternoon and then Im going to click on verify and publish Thats it so what I have here now I have the address of my contract type of compiler is a single file version of compiler were using eight 17 thats it Ill accept the terms of use continue and now I have to paste the source code from my smartphone so Ill go there in the remix remember that we have his code against selecting all Ctrl to I paste Ok and for those who asked me about the license which is Pablo here so the license is your statement because you are putting a public code right So people can use your code they cant what are you saying to people in In relation to this, then Im saying that this one Im using is a license that is the idea that this open code among people can use my code as long as they say its the same license that continues the same thing that is the type of licensing ok so i copied and pasted the source code here this contract it doesnt have any arguments i dont have to do anything im not using any library i just have to say i m not a robot this is usually the hardest part for me ok guys and that was easy and now yes im going to click on verify we have to wait a little bit and already my contract i hope its verified ah there Keep working very good once again for Eduardo to find the publiche ok i came here in contract so Im in my contract it s not to be Scan careful you have to be in the gang Hey guys find the address of your contract in the gang down here there are some tabs the third Tab is against you And then let me come back here not usually It will take a while Ill leave it here for a little while, okay, look, he even complained about my checkbox. Hes crazy today. It might be done, maybe not. together this is a part that you want to look at there is no problem but it is interesting to know how you do it there Felipe asked me if he put a code that has nothing to do with the published contract yes the verification will fail I will even show you that and because this here, you see this here, this is the byte code of my contract. I dont understand anything here. I dont expect any of you to understand. If I dont request it I can find the bite code here I m going to copy it and Im going to paste it here just out of curiosity for you. all those codes on the bottom part he has this top part are the same codes they have here look like this 060 80 you can see that its the same thing so the virtual machine of etilium she understands this here she doesnt understand the language enough so when we are publishing the smartphone, what is published is this here When I am checking it, I am sending the solite language and it is compiling again thats why I say what everything is and it has to arrive at the same code range. Its taking a long time, people, I dont know if this happens several times when Im giving a workshop because were in 100 people trying to do this at the same time, sometimes I cant stand it, okay, so lets leave it standing there because in a little while it happens and its not the first time I stop things on the network I, as the people said, in a little while, well come back here to see what happened but generally my workshops are excellent for testing the services because thats it, 50 100 200 people doing it at the same time OK, so its normal for this to happen So lets leave it for later and now Im going to do another interesting thing to answer this question here from the person who writes in blue that each contract only runs in the Creators wallet. first when we published this contract it was published on a network that means that if I know the address of your contract and its interface which is Bi or if I have the contracts source code I can interact with your contract I just dont I even managed to change your contract ok but that just wont happen if we have some access control in our smartconds that the second part of todays class ok so what am I going to do now to show that this doesnt its true so that the contract has been published on the net anyone can access it Im going to get someones contract and touch someone elses contact let me get someone here Im going to get Felipe theres a Filipe I dont dare from God but Im going to use your contract now. with an existing contract I use the button Im going to put it next to etiares so I pasted Felipes smart contest address Im going to click on the etiagres button so down here youll see that I now have two copies we talk about two instances The first is mine the second is Felipes I m going to expand his contract now Im going to see what he wrote there and Im going to hope he writes something good ah he wrote the test very good Im going to get his contract and Im going to write it just passed by here so Im messing up his contract Im writing whatever I want in there Im sending a transaction to the network to do this confirming well lets wait for this transaction And taking the opportunity I can answer Éricos question meanwhile when I use tieres or I have the persons source code or I have an interface that has the function declaration without the source code so for example yesterday you interacted with my smartphone and I gave you an interface I didnt give you the source code ok today we its interacting with the others contracts because we have the source code thats the same for everyone, okay? So thats it, let me see if Ive already changed it. and we have to reflect on this, imagine, and until I see someone talking about sensitive data, right, thats one of the things I wanted to talk to you about. I wanted an extremely vulnerable contract. Anyone who knows the address of my contract and who knows what he has what functions he has the declaration of functions he can change the contract he can change the information this is a very big vulnerability this in the past things like this already have some racks there some problems that happened in Smart exactly for that due to the lack of access control in Smart Context And thats whats happening here now so this is a very vulnerable contract while Im talking to you Ill even take a look if anyone decided to change mine because its possible Lucas moved it man Look how cool I didnt even tell anyone to change mine but theyve already been there and they also changed mine and its part of it people its public I put a function anyone can change thats what happens ok and thats exactly what Fernando is asking me if the contract is sometimes the main contract, right, the basis of some protocol of something some application that was published from a set of smartphones if this contract has a vulnerability of this type Yes they are hacking the protocol we can talk about an interesting thing about this type of thing for example the part had a Wallace multi signed that was hacked in a way that changed the owner of Smart and then no one else could access the Funds So this was one of the biggest hacks in history so I dont have the details here now later more going forward I can give you a lecture just about that, remembering that today our focus is still a basic class for beginners so I wont go that far now, okay, thats not it, this is the first Smart account that I wanted to show for you a very fun Smart content that I can put information on the blockchain that I can change but that anyone can change I usually joke that this one is written in the stars right that I can put my information for us on the blockchain as if it had in the Stars and but now what I want to do with you is to pass on to you a better contract than this one, a contract with access control and then we get into the topic of how do you create a more secure contract with access control ok let me see down here I m going to be calm todays foot Im very happy with it now youre going to create a contract called let me get it here from the side people I have my Access assistant and what will be in the register Im copying here just a minute this is the record just bring it to portuguese also gives you more steps so here is our contract I dont think anyone has deleted anything yet Im going to copy the name Im going to create mine too so Ill come back here for my second File Explorer icon on the little white button on the blank sheet and Im going to create the register Access I ll copy the code that I put for you and Youve already seen that its much more complex And then Im going to pass on several things to you that we here it is, its very good while you are in this process of copying and pasting Ill explain whats in our contract good now instead of me having information I have a network of information or a list ok its also a string but its not a single string its like on average it has a little box as information I have a lot of little boxes one next to the other each one has its own information and each one has a number that is the index of that box an important thing to What you know is that this box starts at zero, okay, so the first box doesnt have the number 1, the first box has a zero index, thats another thing, we saw that yesterday already in our contract with our name, Im also defining who owns it of my contract which is who is publishing who is sending the transaction to publish the contract and I will use this exactly to control the access ok another access control that I have in this contract is a White that is a list of addresses authorized to touch the my contract and here I am also showing you another type of data so the lane is a type of data this list is another type of data that we call key value so for each key I have a unique value in case I am saying that for each address I have a Boolean value true or false yes or no something like that 01 So thats it for each address yes or not true or false ok then Remembering that my man is public my White is also public I have it again the Constructor, we already learned what the Constructor is, which is a function that is only called when Im creating the Smart Control and we usually use the Constructor to initialize variables that Im initializing in the case of ouner as being the wallet that is sending the transaction and it gives one more way Im putting this wallet in my White list that Im saying that this wallet has a real one that is it is authorized in the white, its very good, Pedros error again it looks like something out of space in Pedro take a look at this because mine doesnt have any errors here or its again that thing that autocompaio is not selected both continuing here here now I have another other information from solidit to pass on to you what is the event So events they are not information that is recorded directly in the blockchain But they are information that we usually use to monitor the blockchain so it stays you can see in the transaction but not necessarily it will be recorded within the structure itself bloquinho and I can create a webs to monitor the event on my smartphone as long as I know what event it is in this case I have an event that calls it a time when I change information for example it has an event called transfer so we can do it look at a token look at a wallet and monitor all the transfers that happen from that wallet coming back here to my event what information do i pass on to him what is the old information what is the new information okay also i have a humidifier here yesterday we it didnt work as a modifier So my modifier is a humidifier modifier it is a definition that I add to the functions and what I put in my modifier will be added to the function So I actually have two modifiers one is a leonder the other it is only White list the modifier That is to say, it is a requirement that the person sending the transaction has to be the same address as the one or right in the contract that is already recorded if it is not I have to write where and let me just save Ismael because he s telling me that someone took the contract here they havent come back so its continuing here the other modifier I have is the only whitelist so Im going to check if the person sending the transaction has a true value of true in the whitelist if it doesnt have it Ill let you know you will see that after repair I have a dash underscore here that means that it will check condition if condition is true and continues the code that has to continue whatever it is and Guilherme is asking if to update information he would need to know in Ancient no Guilherme this here the event does not mean that you need to know the opposite here he is literally warning the world that look the information was changed the old one was this the new one is the other one ok it doesnt mean that i need to know theres something else Celta saying that in the other Constructor I was in yesterdays contract, right in the name contract in Construtora we were passing a parameter that was the name that we wanted to keep in the contract today, no, I didnt define any parameter so I dont have anything in Constructor and Michel also asking the difference between ryquare and an Infiel if normal, basically ricoy he spent it spends a little less gas ok And it gets cleaner right in terms of structure but he needs to do a test again to see how it is ok so thats it I just introduced you to the concept of the modifier it will present information but in this case it presents information from a specific place in the list so it is from a specific index I have to say that I want to know information from position 2 from my list, for example, so it will only return the information that is in position 2, right now it is for you to update information, so I already have information saved in some position of the list. I want to update information that is in position number 3 and the new information is this I m not asking for the old one Im just asking for the new one and here you can see in the set info that I put only White list That means that only the addresses that are in my list that we created, you can update information so Remember that I said that I add only White list it will check the condition if the condition is true it will execute what really has to happen in the function which in this case are two things number emit the event remembers that event that we created it will emit here the infoend event saying what is the old information What is the new information and then Im changing the information I m saying that in that position in that index I save the new information ok very good Lucas is also commenting here that about what he helps he makes your code cleaner, right I like that a lot he also reverses the transaction So it really helps to spend less gas this is very good so notice now that in addition to the assets as I told you right now its to change a position in our list so I can add new information to the list I have to use and here Im going to pass it I dont have to pass position Im going to pass only the information I want to add and the information will be added at the end of the list whenever I have the post add the information at the end then add a new space a new box at the end of your list its the same way only those who are on my list authorized to put new information on mine list And then coming back here is not info notice that Im not using infoente event Because Im just adding after I add the information I even pass it to the user What is the position of the list that this information is there so the index is the size So imagine that if my list has 10 positions my index goes from 0 to 9 so the last position is the total minus one So it would be the name then I now have the listenfo This is new for you too because now I will not present an information I want to present the entire list with all the information I have so the odd one it returns the list of information related to the management of your smartphonet Only those who can add members to the list or remove members are the owner of the contract ok so here I have it the adminber if Im going to put it So its not a member what is the address I want to authorize to add new information or change information in my contract and only the owner can do that in the same way its interesting for you to know that if I I dont have it as true the default The Voice is false so if you didnt make an adminber saying that that address is true It will always be false now if you at some point said it is true for you to remove it from the list you say it is false Thats it and theres even someone still having a problem with the contracts, right in the compilation of the contract just to recap, come here in the room and I ate that mine has this blue green, right? Eu Sou Livre guarantees that you have the top with the father or selected if you If you dont have your contract it doesnt compile and then you cant Deploy ok if you really already have autocompaio selected and it didnt work update the remix refresh the remix you can even do one against F5 so that it clears the cache and then it goes back to normal ok there I have another interesting memory question not so much the adminber as the delitman the payment for the address I dont have to say that Im passing a memory parameter ok Edinho was I have it because of the type of data the type does not need to say that it is memory the string type when it is passed as a parameter you have to say that it is memory ok So thats it I already explained to you everything that is in our contract So we have these are the functions contract access management the list is the function that shows what is there now for me to change the information I have 7 info to change a position is for info to add new information at the end of the list Remembering that only those who have it in white are authorized to do that, yeah, that means that this function doesnt change anything on the blockchain, it doesnt change the state of the blockchain, it simply consults information thats inside and even tell you something about it, understand the blockchain as an album of photographs I have a photograph here there is a photograph with my left hand raised if I want to be here this is a state of the network If I want to leave this photograph and go to the photograph now I have my right hand raised This means that I I am changing the state of the network for me to do this I have to send a transaction to the network saying that I lowered this hand I raised the other hand so this would be a transaction that changes the state of the network So we have the network with a photograph that has this raised hand is a state of the network and after this transaction I have a network with another photograph which is the new state of the network that the other hand raised is so think of the network as a set of photos which is the set of states these states they are changed through transactions that are sent on the blockchain ok there Pablo is asking me if I can parameterize the index to start with one I already did that ok Sometimes what I do in the Constructor I create information here with zero blank and then the next time the information the next person who puts information on the list starts with ok It depends a lot on the logic of what you want in your contract its feasible very good everything ready its time for me to publish our smartphone same scheme we dont have any parameters here, I just have to be there on the fifth icon afterwards and click on the Play button. So now Im sending a transaction to the network. name and your register Access address let me recapitulate here I wonder if were doing even the Remix Its with a lot of people using it at the same time people it doesnt usually handle 200 people easy mine confirmed now copying the address passing it to you its interesting like that Rafael is talking about the gang, right, thats what happened with the test networks, the test networks, they kind of migrate over time, because they are created according to the phase of the ethereal, he thinks that the ethereal is constantly evolving there is still a lot that will happen in etéreo so the big one was created in two to three years already thinking about removing 2.0 in the merge and so when the other test networks were deactivated a little while after merj that we still used hops have used the covam they were deactivated only the gang was left And now its [ __ ] that people are starting to use the onion so overloaded people so this kind of thing can happen ok Fúlvio yesterdays content is on YouTube and its on the link at the beginning of Todays request ok So if anyone missed yesterdays class You can see at todays foot I already put the link from yesterday ok And then Marco is asking if he can test in Mumbai that Pollys test network yes Marco you we can also have it mainly because we are doing it now you can test it on any test network ok Its just that when I start using TIM things I need a network that I know has all TIM products link published and active isnt that cool we already have a lot of people here with a published contact Congratulations guys Im very happy to see you there publishing your contracts here live with me and well Im going to use my contract now, right because I havent used it yet so lets see how it works so Im here I came back here I have a new contact on my list Im going to expand and lets go List info theres something nothing Im going to add my first information Paulo Fernando is saying that now he already managed to validate the contract in what interesting someone tried to make a this new contact of mine dont look how crazy this ff28 I think its my other contract lets see ff2 thats right hes still kinda crazy see because for example this one is from info is not from that old contract and I think someone validated my contract actually no hes saying he has a similar one but he accepted ok go call my contract you see how interesting you dont have to be yourself to validate yours contract Okay, I just learned this from you guys too Let me come back here to see so my transaction is confirmed if I go to lixinfo now its there urgently I cant believe I did that and I didnt ah Thats great I loved having done that because now I Im going to update information guys I wrote it wrong what am I going to do what position is the I took a Burger it is at index zero in the first box so I come now in the seventh I say I want to update the information of and I will update it to etirium bootcamp well its there its already updated lets see how my lixinfo is now and take a botecamp now I want to add a second piece of information so it will be in the second box of the code I want to add information theres a link to another transaction for the network and Im adding it here so lets wait a little bit that we already have this confirmed its there very well, dont let me see that I have it now if I come to the dump I have it I took a bootcamp a comma because then its in the second little house it had it in me so kitten da position zero now for example I wish someone could change my contract and I want to change someones contract lets see if someone will let them so how are we going to do this we go down here now some people we will put your name and then your wallet address so heres mine I usually put mine as a reference But if the person doesnt allow it anymore, very good Dani Ill get your address and Ill authorize you to work with the my contract is fine So how do I do that I got Danis address I come here now in the add member so adding Dani here very good confirming so as soon as the transaction is confirmed Dani will be able to add or change or do something in my smartphone Confirmed here Dani now Dani I dont know if shes in Rio if shes in BH she s in some cities in Brazil So shes in BH so Dani from BH is going to change my contract Then Anderson is asking me If he can add people to my contract, Anderson cant because remember that I believe a leonner modifier can only be created by the person who created it and that belongs to the member So only the creator of the contract, which in this case is me, can add other people, so each one of you controls yours and John is asking me if he can add several wallets at once not the way I did it is one address at a time o because you notice that here the address is not a list he is asking for a single address ok and if If you want to add it and what happens if you add it several times, remember that in the end its not adding anything, right? the first time its there now Im going to show Dani how she changes my contract And then for everyone who wants to change the others contract, if you want to say here who authorizes who there or if someone authorizes me Ill touch the de So, Dani, you need the address of my contract, which is up here in a corner here. So, youre going to copy the address of my contract there with Régis, it will have to be opened, you paste the address here in and then you click the button adiares a new copy of the register access will appear down here that you will be able to work with, okay, the father and Real let me work with him so lets go, I got his contract Ill put it here just to know what Im doing, okay, and I dont even I managed to get his full name I put it here so Ill go there in the remix Ill add the real contract address I hope hes giving me his contract address not his wallet lets see if it was his wallet it wont work Ill take him out from here so what Im going to do Im going to register its in position 3 which is index 2 so Im coming now on the seventh I want to work on index 2 the real contract and Im going to put the Sol here lets confirm Then Dani is asking me now because she has access Shes asking if she can add another member to my contract no Dani you cant I did nt create this glitch and Ill explain why remember who can add another member is just the owner authorization I gave Dani its just to change the information So she can add information and she can change it but she cant touch my access control ok and its already confirmed here let me see if I managed to change the real contract here sol perfect and Dani told me that she did too changed mine lets see mine very good she added new information in my contract then Marcelo is asking which one can insert information Marcelo Only if you authorize the persons wallet change your contract So you have to authorize using the de mender thats it let me see if theres anything else here to say to you here in the middle there Bruno is asking why Edinho Fundão exactly then Edinho It was hes remembering changing the State so he will waste gas I have what to pay to make a change in the blockchain the kitty I m just consulting him I said he doesnt even consult the whole network ok he consults your node youre connected to in case I dont do metamerski and Eduardo is asking I love this question Eduardo if the contract that we published if it can be changed through a front-end yes it can in this course that we have in this one I didnt say anything with front-end with you but I have some more advanced courses that we change through Frontier I can show you something good in the future and Dani said that she changed something let me see what she changed she didnt remove anything yet you wont see that shes changing it let me see if you have any questions cool Lucas put an implementation for those who want to include a list of members I think its worth it until we go here to see it, look, its not for mimberes, it has, for example, it probably has a list And then when you have a list, thats right there you will need to say that it is a memory parameter and then it is putting it from the list it will look from the first index of your list to the last one which is the for concept which is a loop concept ok it will search all the items in that list for each item on the list he will add to his authorization list, right, so he will say that the guy is now authorized very good Lucas thats Guilherme was asking that so Lucas put it here how do we do it very well so what that I wanted to share with you today, even Im a little calmer about the material we wanted to do so Ill take the opportunity to pass on some information to you okay number one Jeff do you want to share the links again just a minute because I think which could be good for the people then Ill come back to tell the people things So let Jeff share the links with you and then while Jefferson is doing that I already want to invite you Ill go I need to get the link of the event here whats going to happen friday in São Paulo So friday in addition and what is it in addition people friday you will understand better ok but I can say that in addition it has a new protocol where you can create names So go be the name you want point lenses and that name it can be associated with a social network and you can create content you can do some really cool things so besides it is an international protocol of the same creators of the bird that people were talking about here sign and beyond Come this Friday to Brazil to do a stage here with us to explain what they do together with the people from flic too so it will be a very cool stage to happen in São Paulo in Vila Madalena I will share with you the link of this metal So whoever wants to go feel free Ill be there and its going to be a pleasure to meet everyone whos from São Paulo there live on Friday ok ok ok there I just shared it in the chat back with the guys all the links and I can also share the screen to show the QR Codes here if anyone has difficulty I can share thats all I wanted you to do great this is our Bible with some documents with some articles its extremely important so I I suggest that everyone put this website in your favorites because much of what you learned here you will find references on this page to continue unfolding this learning So its really worth our disagreement remains off momentarily we have a problem with the caput in Portuguese but its already its being resolved and as soon as its OK, you can be sure that Ill share it here as soon as possible our Twitter Even we already have expectations for the new editions of the Twitter Space that Dani and Luiz have been coordinating so I suggest that everyone follow everyone follow and I want to see these guys there again also on Twitter Space in the next edition our telegram which is where the main communication portal is at the moment since we have discord off some people had difficulty and talked to me I believe Ive already given access to everyone who was away, if someone is missing please send me a message and this is our medium page where there are some official articles translated into Portuguese, its also super worth it, were participating and its so any questions with the orders great dont forget and for those who dont know what a poap is people because there are certainly very young people who dont know about pop so we have a lot of people who are crazy about collecting poas so I I really like the concept of pop so pop means Prof off it is answered then it is proof that you interacted with someone that you had somewhere and for you to have access to pop you have to have a code so thats what until the last class we will share with you a code where you will be able to issue your poap it is an nft it is a type of nft ok you already have your wallet created so the moment you have your poap you will use your wallet and send the pop to your wallet okay then Ill share my screen again a little bit for you even to make the invitations there that I had so let me just come back here a little bit I even ended up on my Twitch and a tip for you normally what s happening next events and past past events where we end up putting the information is on Twitch its on Twitter So if you follow me I recommend there that things happen a lot ends up happening here and Im here even on Twitch I came to where I shared exactly that the lens event which is Naders event which is now Red there in relation to lens developers so they, together with aflique, are going to organize this event here in São Paulo heres the registration link Ill leave the registration link for you on Twitch itself and I hope to see all the people from São Paulo so on friday january 20th were going to meet then here at the Lins event ok Heres to you sign up right in Vila Madalena a super cool place there another thing I wanted to pass on to you today probably for tomorrow or tomorrow or Thursday Im going to invite some people to our class who are the people of etire um samba because this Laser event it its being organized by etire um samba and I would like to tell you first what this organization says that it exists, right? with that and we have several contributors that we all created together Hi I wanted a samba Jeff himself has been part of here a samba too since the beginning and the objective is to really promote education around the same things that I do with TIM link from the the moment I have support from take a samba then take a samba it will already have other people who dont know TIM link So it will help us to promote TIM link bars in the same way as TIM that does something for us you can have the support of take a samba and also make more people know and take a samba and we create a network effect so that everyone grows together the ethnicity a samba he is starting exactly with the idea of ​​ organizing events and to facilitate the entry of new protocols in Brazil, so we organized the lens event. for us, its already a very experienced team that is doing this kind of thing and even some of you know that last year I organized I had a rio I organized I had a São Paulo all of this with haitium Brazil which was an organization that I I founded it together with Connor and at the end of the year I ended up separating people with different values ​​ there and thats why even the people who were already talking about I took a samba they invited me there to be part of to lead with them and we Its creating and I wanted a samba together Okay so Im very proud of whats happening we dont samba and I wanted to invite you to read it and I dont know where I ended up here is for you to read our Manifesto from here a samba here its his Twitch but mainly here is the Childs Manifesto for you to understand what his objectives are and in the same way we talk a lot about the issue of you following Twitter so Twitter defined a samba will also help you ok And then you go understand better what samba is, ok? speaking internally here for us to have both languages ​​ Im saying that the cavier who is the other one as a nitmenerger who is here supporting us hes from Argentina and he speaks Spanish I think hes already understanding me very well and so for now its ok in English but I would like to invite you to take a look at this handbook because it is very well written it was written by someone else she must be a TIM vocalist. At a more basic level, you can go deeper into each of these items in the handbook. You can see that its a really cool partnership with TIM link. see how we are with questions and even good Ah and another thing I want to recap so for the people who came in late I said at the beginning of the class that we will have two more classes is that I had two options guys or I would try to do the classes lasting three hours, 3 and a half hours and I think I would kill everyone and it would be very exhausting or I would take more classes Because as we have a very large number of people I am not able to pass on the content that I would like in just two hours so Im increasing the number of classes people were going to have classes on monday and tuesday too so get ready until thursday we have some material on friday lets all go to mitar for those who are in São Paulo who are not there people later for you and on Monday and Tuesday we have more classes Ill be here with you we will have six classes now very good and thats it let me see if you have any more questions for me to answer Im coming back here to the chat to look I cant see something else Antônio Carlos asking if theres a way to connect to github in the remix it s easy when you create a contract or in fact that workspace you can connect to github okay I think thats it for today I put all the links in the our Pet ok so you have everything there there pretty I think its good for today Ill stop So a little bit before and tomorrow well let me prepare you for tomorrow ok what are we going to do Tomorrow were going to create a little huh RC 21 Toquinho normal and after creating the token we will use the TIM link data feeds to trade our token so our token will have a price in dollars and then we will send it to a contract and these ether will be converted into dollars and we will buy our token with this thats the objective of tomorrows class to learn how to use who were going to start with the dates and were also going to create a Token now you value him thats another story Thats it guys so see you tomorrow good night everyone Thanks guys see you tomorrow Ill see you guys good night thanks for everything there Fernando try to change my contract there later I put you on the web Thanks good night Bootcamps&Workshops,