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hey whats up chain link coin hold understand the chaining condition is very very critical now and i am going to show you something very special now about channeling my friend in this time to what we will need to do to be safe from loss and get a good profit now 100 this time the condition of chain link is very practical now mine is zero point seventy four percent you can see here my friend channeling where uh dumps down in last one hour and last one day you can see here also in last seven days all change occurring completely negative thats mean to from last to seven days my friend this coin is terms down but after check out my friends the current condition now towards going and getting up in upcoming days there is a possibilities the channeling price will pumps up and increase now or not remember so i hope my friends after watching this video you will better understand too in upcoming days the price will pumps up or dumps down but kindly keep watch the video and ignore mapping all dumps and pumps my friend you just watch this video and understand all right guys as you can see my friends everyone will moving in this circulation to after a dumb they will uh pumps and after our pumps they will dump so therefore first of all understand this market and now seven as you can see here the price is totally pumping up but suddenly they will dumps down you can see here from this point absolutely this is the very big mistake of a holder because they are starting selling remember to win a whole static setting then the volume is decreasing and when volume is decreasing then the market cap is increasing so when do when the when the market gap is decreasing to 100 the price is also decreasing so therefore my advice my opinion is for all my viewers my subscriber to dont start exchanging in those days i hope this is the end of year and i hope they will give you a very good profit now so dont miss this chance and please take a risk and get a hundred percent profit i hope to in upcoming days the channeling price will more and more increase and give you a very very good profit so therefore dont miss this chance and please take a risk this is a very very good time for all my viewers my subscriber to take a risk and get a very good profit otherwise there is also possibilities to you are very badly lost so please be safe from lost now all right guys thanks for watching kindly like video and dont forget to subscribe this channel love is take care chainlink price prediction,link price prediction,chainlink price prediction 2021,chainlink news,chainlink price,link price,abs tech,chainlink coin bureau,chainlink coinbase,chainlink news today,chainlink news price prediction,chainlink latest news,chainlink latest news today,chainlink crypto latest news,chainlink analysis,chainlink analysis today,chainlink analiz,chainlink,chain link prediction today,chainlink explained,chainlink 2021,crypto,crypto news