chainlink whitepaper 2Chainlink 2.0 Brings a new roadmap and Staking $LINK

i only have 200k chainlink copypasta what is chainlink coin used for chainlink whitepaper 2 Chainlink 2.0 Brings a new roadmap and Staking $LINK
chainlink whitepaper 2 chainlink die-cut Chainlink 2.0 Brings a new roadmap and Staking $LINK
chain links latest news and developments link marines rejoice after chain link 2.0 brings a new road map and staking well be covering this inside this coin telegraph article as well as going to their official changing twitter and also going to their official website to look at this road map that has all the chain link people pumped up and if you make it to the end of the video well do some price predictions and technical analysis to see how this new news has helped the price increase but first welcome back money bags rico here bringing you financial awareness to a crypto space that is changing on the hour every hour lets go ahead and dive right in we got passive income opportunities are one of the biggest draws in cryptocurrency ecosystem because it gives investors an easy opportunity to grow their portfolio size regardless of the day-to-day price action and that is the the the nitty-gritty of d5 right decentralized finance the latest token to get bumped in the price the latest token to get a bump in its price after announcing the upcoming implementations of staking is chain link aka link the decentralized oracle network that provides important off-chain information needed for the proper functioning of smart contracts chain link is not going over ive been trading chain links since the very beginning at a dollar and something so its crazy to see this one not stop i actually i really think that chain links is going to be a true contender the ability to stake link has been sold after has been sought after capability for several years now because chain link has has consistently been the largest oracle project in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem so thats huge especially for everybody to be watching this and been waiting for this so for the community to have this now this is huge imagine stacking up link back to back i remember trading link on binance when it was a dollar something um all the way up to you know nine bucks or something like that and now were gonna look at their tweet right here that i want you guys to come over here like and retweet this i like to come over to this tweet and see what the um people are saying so we got an overview of chain-link staking as the next evolution in the economics of link and long-term crypto economic security so this is this is huge shout out to chainlink god.e and now lets go over this map but were going to gloss over we got chain link staking exploring the long-term goals road maps and initial implementations were going to look increase the um crypto economic security and user assurance of chain link services enable community participation in chain link networks generation or generate sustainable rewards from real long-term use right so these are all good things that are going to be implemented along this road map empower node operators to access higher value jobs by staking this is huge so we have a little graph right here but were going to keep moving down because i want to look at this road map and how it continues to grow this is that version 2 where were at and now we have some things have been implemented expanding more services and lost protections are some things have been added to this so this is huge for everybody that rocks with link aka chain link now if you made it to this part of the video make sure you guys are subscribed make sure you guys smash the like button make sure the bell notification is lit up like that you guys do not miss out on any daily content regarding chain link or any of your other favorite crypto assets right but right now were going to see this i want you guys to go look up this pattern is called the white caulk pattern i believe that chain link is going to be pushing especially with some bullish news like this regardless of the markets i think this news is going to be pretty bullish for chain link where we could see a push from you know this on base this support that we made at 6 35 now were at 8 59 i dont think were going to be slowing down anytime soon i could see chain link definitely testing this 18 why do i say that because ive seen the way this um chain link moves in the past weve seen how much it racked up to all the way up to the all-time high of 52 i believe that it will definitely go test that in the short term right now what were having is a white cough pattern this pattern that happens time and time again it doesnt matter what you name the the token what the name if its bitcoin chain link aetherium whatever it might be these white call patterns even on regular stocks etfs these patterns this white call pattern happens a lot the other ones called the dead cat bounce that ive also you know continuously see over and over but after a white cloth pattern we usually break out because we never really made a support after you know what a prior resistance always becomes a later on support so we see that resistance one second we see that resistance a long time ago right uh right here where we tapped where the price was you know had tapped or whatnot and you know even right here a little bit kind of tap but then we just broke out we took off we technically never made a support on that level and thats something that the white cop does well party and have a good time but one way or another well always find our way im not supporting saying okay well this is that new zero for chain link from now on 6 35 were not going were not going to go under 6 35 but were definitely going to go up and test this 8 18 36 and after that of course well well keep everybody up to date with these new ranges as they progress of course being you know the 28 dollar range then we see one at the 39 and then testing the all-time highs right above 50 dollars all right so if you guys made it to this part of the video i appreciate it you guys like i said smash the like button make sure you subscribe make sure the bell notifications lit up and continue to come back and experience a bunch of money with me until next time you guys know what it is 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