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today were going to talk about an ornary chain link fence pole now first thing you want to try is the 2x4 method next thing you want to try is the carjack method lets reject this post up next thing you can try is the pickup method in our case weve got an ordinary situation here if you look this is concrete all through here all through here all through here and that no telling how deep that is so we have really no choice but to cut out the posts use a metal grinder always use safety glasses and i recommend long sleeves because those sparks are going to fly up on your uh on your arm be aware of the direction of the grinder so the arrow here the spark the cutting direction is this way so the sparks are going to go that way be on the other side of it now its likely your grinding wheel will start coming down and you wont be able to without replacing it cleanly slice across but all you need to do is compromise the strength of this and then you dont need the long wheel length anymore we can just start pushing this we can start pushing this out and then with the remainder we can get it more evenly done the whole reason for me to widen this out to get rid of these posts is because my truck wouldnt even fit back here without pulling in the mirrors and then we only had a couple inches on either side so it was just taking too long to get in out of this uh this initial gate without without these posts ive got several extra feet here but i dont want the tires to to hit the uh the metal thats thats still kind of sharp from when i pulled out the post so im going to take this im going to replace the the wheel with a sanding wheel on this metal grinder and were just going to sand down the remaining part of the post so its a smoother surface not going to scuff up the tires Several ways to remove a chain link fence pole, for an ornery pole, cutting it out may be the best option SOUTHEAST,