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in napoleon hills book think and grow rich theres a very powerful story three feet from gold in my book big miracles the 11 spiritual rules for ultimate success i specifically speak about not quitting before the miracle occurs i believe that we are at a point in cryptocurrency in blockchain that 2021 is a beyond pivotal year it is a catapult to moving into a whole new world if we put aside the negatives the bearish technical analysis the fud coming out from media narrative the fear that comes up psychologically for humans if we just begin to focus again on the positives that is happening the people who are working within this space diligently day in day out who are shifting the cryptocurrency market from speculation to reality were going to be looking at this in this video were going to be looking at the development of the ecosystems and for me why i am more bullish than ever despite what we see happening on the external right now im joanna garzilli this is crypto angel network thank you for subscribing to the channel lighting up that bell to get my notifications why why subscribe because you are focused on expanding your crypto awareness and you have a desire to connect with other like-minded people who care about the development of blockchain and who are interested in a digital future that can work in a positive way so that we can evolve here physically in this space on earth its not just about moving into something else and only going to a virtual world i think again its the idea of an expansion of of how our environment is to make it better to create more opportunities for people to make us more connected if we focus on those positive things im going to go ahead and share my screen here so that we can get into polka dots i wanted to talk with you today about the polka dot ecosystem and a couple of things that i found i think are really really interesting and um hang on a second let me just bear with me a second here while i go through some just technical stuff okay so how did i come across this well i do so much research every day i recently had done a certification from ivan on tech which is on polka dot that was polka dot 101 at the sort of more simple level but i think that right now with the markets down not investment advice here there could not be a better time to get into some of these cryptocurrencies because when things pump again that if youre looking to get into the space then maybe you will kick yourself later on when you go gosh have i just gone and then now i do not think from a day trading perspective right now for polka dot or the other tokens that are within that ecosystem but from the idea of huddling and just letting it be and enjoying having that particular token in your portfolio would be a positive so i just want to start off here with when we go to coin market cap we can see that the top poco dot ecosystem tokens by market capitalization and also im going to be speaking just briefly as well about cardano too and looking at the two side by side as of right now you know on the 24 hour we can see that polka dot is down 4.9 and the seven days negative seven uh point zero seven percent that the market cap right now is 14 billion six hundred yeah 14 billion 686 million and then within that ecosystem we got chain link gosh i remember and when things were really really bullish chain link was over 30 dollars and right now its 18.57 i remember when kusama was well over 400 is now i think it went up to 600 dollars at one point its now 204 weve got ontology right now that are 71 cents uh ox at 69 cents and then anchor at 0.07 i was in some anchor that was i think it had a high at one point not so long ago of 21 cents so when the market does come back again not investment advice here but is this unrealistic to expect a project like anchor to triple within this next year i would think so its just that people dived in my feeling the more and more i look at blockchain people dived in because the market was pumping like crazy and we still have were at that tipping point of going from speculation into manifestation and theres a lot of good things that are that are happening so let me just come over here a sec and um i am going to go over here i wanted to just take a moment to look at a comparison and i just also want to stress as well that when people talk about cardano polka dot or ethereum killers i dont think its about killing ethereum because polka dots and cardano are uh were born out of sort of i like to think of them as offspring from ethereum as we will see both founders of ethereum went on to go and create polka dot and cardano ecosystems and this is important to take this into consideration that what i see and what im noticing from my perspective and you let me know in the comments if you feel the same or otherwise that its not about having just a competition there in terms of which token is going to be better which ecosystem or innovation within the space is going to live or die it is about what i see is i think that people who are super creative who are inventors they get restless they want to see things move quicker they want to see results and so these creations come not from a negative standpoint and not in a negative context about ethereum but really looking at how can things be lifted up how can things evolve so lets just go and i wanted to here just go over the um comparisons between polka dot and cardano and this is coming from all coin bars lets just take a minute to acknowledge the journalist here this is by martin billusik so thank you martin and i i love these comparisons and this really this just this makes me feel really really positive so right now we have the ranking for polka dot as number nine cardano is number five the total market cap for polka dot is 19 billion for cardano quite a bit bigger 46.5 billion the price of polka dot well its down from this was on june 21st right now its actually 15.40 and well take a very very very brief look at the chart afterwards um and im going to show you why i just believe that we are very much in just a period of consolidation and that it is critical to ignore the fod that is out there so polka dot was 21 cardano 146 i think cardano this past weekend was around one uh what was it around 150 160 tps up to 1 500 tps per parachain limited to around 100 para chains it is theoretically possible to achieve whats i see uh one two three 150 000 tps and for cardano 250 to a thousand the plan is to achieve 2 million tps in the future that is a lofty goal so these are things that i think that one of the things is maybe cardona i think that im wondering if certain things it seems to me again you let me know your thoughts in the comments from what you know for the crypto angel network community it seems like polka dot is further along in terms of manifestation with projects within blockchain and cardano has loftier goals and is yet to theyre just not as far along in their development but i could be totally wrong with that maybe this thing you know that i dont know here the sticking rewards for polka dot are 13.21 here and they are 7.26 for cardano um lets see interoperabil interoperable yes right exactly so i mean i think that answers what i just said there but um in terms of polka dot is further along there for those of you who are newer to crypto interoperability means that is going to work with other ecosystems that you can create bridges between different applications and that my understanding is that polka dot and cardinal are both layer 2 solutions built on top of ethereum which is leo layer 1 and so for cardano no its in development current adoption there are more than 400 projects building on subtrade uh polka dot project started in 2016 and for cardano theres no information about projects that are building on cardano so yes it seems that definitely that polka dot is further along here the team for polka dot weve got 60 plus developers across 15 countries uh where uh and a thousand validators for proof of stake and then here for cardano 300 plus employees and 2 000 active nodes so you know a bigger scheme of things two to three years from now i would imagine that both of these ecosystems are have manifested a lot of the road maps that they have and uh are moving very well now something else that i wanted to show you here that i found absolutely fascinating that this is part of the um oh let me go over here this is part of the um so this is part of the polka dot ecosystem and its called a subspace network and so subspace its not from my research its not a specific token but it is being built on top of this is being built on top of um of of polka dot from within that ecosystem a free and fair blockchain for all subspaces and next generation blockchain allows anyone to participate in consensus without having to buy special hardware burn electricity or purchase a coin and their mission is to re-decentralize crypto this is something im seeing a lot at the moment of where um you know people saying wow polygon is really helping ethereum work more efficiently and then i see other people within the space say well you know there is quite a level of centralization that is happening and so this is something that uh the value system of it it seems that as we move ahead within blockchain there is going to be people are going to fall into the its okay to be centralized and you know have a form an aspect of decentralized decentralization and then others will really just want to be fully decentralized its like the the sort of like the idea thats popping into my head right now is if one were to go skiing and i would look at something like maybe xrp would be like skiing on a red piste and um doing say something like here subspace would be going off piste and um yeah theres these different levels to where sort of one fits within the rails and so what is right what is wrong i think that everyone shares a common goal of moving towards having finance is being digitized and so we are going to have projects that within blockchain uh different ends of the spectrum whether it be weve got to only do it fully decentralized or uh its okay to have a high level of centralization to be able to create mass adoption but i thought this was very very interesting here cryptocurrency has become increasingly centralized mining farms staking pools and trust exchanges dominate the industry our goal is to build the most decentralized blockchain on the planet and make crypto exciting again in the beginning anyone could mine bitcoin satoshi nakamotos famously introduced consensus based on proofs of work under the mantra one cpu um thats a computer processing unit to one vote allowing anyone to mine using their home computer unfortunately these this quickly gave way to one asic one vote which is application specific into integrated circuit um to one vote today a handful of asic farms rules the network while burning massive amounts of electricity every day this is not decentralized or environmentally sustainable proof of state just helps the rich get richer so this is this idea of plutocracy in an effort to provide a sustainable alternative proof of state blockchains employ a system of virtual mining based on ones wealth under the adage one coin one vote unfortunately this does not hold true to nakamotos original vision for blockchain and instead reflects a permissioned and plutocratic alternative in practice staking is highly centralized and only serves to make the rich even richer proof of capacity is our last hope so this is the first time i came across this term what is instead needed is a system based on an underlying resource thats already widely distributed blockchains based on proof of capacity achieved this by replacing compute intensive mining with storage intensive farming under the maxim one disk one vote unfortunately all existing designs lack incentive compatibility due to the mechanism design challenge known as the farmers dilemma so subspace is going to be the first proof of capacity blockchain that resolves the farmers dilemma and i thought this is interesting as well because theres a number of different projects tokens that had these liquidity pools and rug pulling um and so i felt like this vision was very novel and positive for blockchain at large and for decentralized finance in a proven capacity blockchain farmers must decide whether to allocate scarce storage resources towards either maintaining the chain state and let me just say with this i think now where were seeing that um you know when theres an endless amount of tokens for my understanding for d5 to be successful it is important to have a certain level of scarcity that can then address one can i would understand organically adapt to inflation deflation and to be able to always create a fairness within the economics of our supply and um demand chain and history of maximizing the amount of space they pledge towards consensus right so finding agreement rational farmers will always choose the latter at becoming better light clients while at worst encouraging pooled farming under a few trusted operators so this is um you know one of the things i wonder with projects for example like safe mars or a safe moon or gosh im just trying to think i mean theres so many of them where there is this um youre this one pool and and were saying that its centralized im decentralized but i think theres a difference between privacy sort of anonymity and then having a consensus between different nodes within the network and that is an important distinction to make within blockchain and to have that um that is going to be critical moving forward for the blockchain community and blockchain to evolve in a positive way at large so that for mass adoption to occur people need to be able to trust if i go and invest in some capacity if i want to be part of one of these liquidity pools if i want to go and stake can i trust this particular network so theyre focused here on proofs of history sub uh subspace farmers store provable unique replicas of the blockchain itself ensuring the history is always available decoupled execution to prevent farmers from having to perform redundant computation a separate class of executor nodes compute state transitions and then stateless farming since executors maintain the state farmers no longer need to and many now pledge all of these available space to consensus so this is subspace is also the first network that fully resolves the blockchain tri-lemma right scaling security and decentralization since subspace already resolves these issues in order to circumvent the pharmaceutical is indeed able to scale that we can compromise it so weve got vertical scaling um horizontal scaling and fast finality and then we can see here built with the best technology evm if ethereum virtual machine come back compatible um library peer to peer parity substrate so this comes off of the um my understanding of the from within the polka dot ecosystem and then pure rust and so we got cross chain exchange distributed storage provides cheap permanent decentralized app storage while still making the data available to a global execution layer and then composable side chains so um here subspace began several years ago as an idea for a layer two network suitable for building decentralized applications at scale along the way we learned the fundamental problem in the crypto space lies in designing a fair and sustainable layer one that remains secure and decentralized while inspired by many other projects we ultimately feel that all existing proposed solutions werent inadequate we spent the last few years doing the hard work of researching and designing a novel protocol from scratch that lives up to these ideals and it is being built by subspace labs and i think whats really important and why i imagine this is a project to watch out for keep this on your radar do your due diligence look for stories on this and i will bring you updates as well but it has support from the u.s national science foundation they are based out of palo alto they also have support from consensus social finance and one boat capital um yeah theyve i mean theyve had quite a few million invested into them into their development and they are growing and they are also hiring people right now as well so and you can sign up for project updates on them here and i i just got for i i got very excited when i saw this i thought this was very very positive and then here you can see is that ive been reading through their white paper that i think is fascinating and this is the ceo of sausage labs jeremiah wagstaff here very very interesting so you let me know your thoughts on the comments there and um and then the last thing i wanted to do here is um just hop over to look at where are things right now and um i got all these dots here okay lets see so this is where this is on the one day chart and um you can see here overall for for polka dots that after we hit these um gosh hang on let me just try and get rid of this after we hit these highs here im gonna just zoom out a little bit hang on let me just switch here to hourly hang on a sec im going to just clear this cancel im trying to get rid of these otherwise well just ignore them hang on lets see if i can just delete this otherwise ill just deal with it no i cant get rid of it right now okay just stick with me with this a sec um so when looking here at polka dot it just this just is a period of consolidation i just i will be very very surprised if um you can see here when was this this was back on the gosh that would have been a bargain to buy in there on june the 22nd it came down to and this was again because of the um these recent crashes because of all the market manipulation thats been happening it went down to 13.38 but since then again were going sideways there is a period of consolidation but if we just come back to where um polka dots all time high was hang on a sec 48 almost close to 50 dollars was that all-time high and so if we were to go and say if i was going to say sort of a um a price prediction i would imagine that once things go bullish again when the market starts to move and people are past this you know people arent skittish anymore theyre not um scared that things will polka dot will i mean where will this be at end of 2022 ill be very surprised if its not over a hundred dollars um maybe even moving towards 200 i mean i think longer term polka dot has the potential to definitely to be a 250 dollar 300 dollar token and if we got to think of as well of polka dot and cardano because they are um doing something similar to ethereum and where ethereum now is at around 2300 we know we had that all-time high of around close to 400. why could polka dot or cardano not eventually become five figure tokens but the way that i look at this that this is yeah i when i first came into the space i was doing a whole load of i was doing some day trading some swing trading i was jumping around a little bit and and now my focus is to uh its a longer term is to be in it for the longer term i was listening to something from who i like very much elio elio trades who is the founder of super farm specializing in nfts and gaming and i like how he said when he came into the space he came in at in 2017 and then went through the crash of 2018 which like i said the beginning of this video i went through a similar experience but i didnt stick with it he studied every day he immersed himself he really took action whereas i just went and was like an ostrich and stuck my head in the sand but what he said was because he kept studying because he was focused on learning more which is again this concept of crypto angel network right is to expand our crypto and blockchain awareness that now that has really paid off for him in a positive way because he would be able to look at the fundamentals of certain projects and see wow this is great and then stick with it and thats how i feel im looking at really i just just sticking with this and being within the space so i feel that um if youre new to crypto and you havent yet gone into the space and and people are talking about bear market there couldnt be a better time to be able to die you know to dive in and maybe just go small to get comfortable with holding some tokens i think at first it was very very uncomfortable for me now im used to it i just dont even i i dont even worry about it with whatever this sort of like where people sell the options on the friday and the market crashes i dont care because the tokens i have i just look at it im gonna im just gonna stick with it im gonna hold what i have there in terms of uh bitcoin and ethereum just hold them for at least three years im not gonna sell them unless i had to sell them im just going to stick with it and then do some dollar cost averaging in as well but i do think once the market starts to move again polka dot cardano are very exciting and then again just to go back to subspace that subspace is just a one and a great example of many projects that have brilliant people that are being funded and that when we start to see that shift from speculation into an actual realization the market is going to move again because of this because here again if we just look at polka dot and its doing very much the same thing this is across markets this isnt just within um layer two solutions we see it happening with if you look at um you know if you look at the the charts overall you will see that they are moving a lot in a a very you know a similar um a similar pattern you see this is across the market can you see here how they are moving in a very similar way i mean dogecoin moves pretty a little bit different but you see look if you look at xrp you can see polka dots moving very similarly uni swap here um slightly differently but what i am noticing more and more is that the market as a whole is is moving more in sync instead of being very different per token you let me know in the comments what you think what do you feel about that the way the markets moving but my last point being that i just when i hear people talk about this were in a three-year bear market i just do not see how that is possible and i could be totally totally wrong but each day when i am researching and studying blockchain i just i just feel that it just takes time for people sort of to to catch up and to be okay to be able to trust this and this is something new for people who have been in the space for 10 years its not new its been evolving fast rapidly but for someone that has never seen this stuff that is um just listening to say to um mainstream media news stories and looking more of a surface level not looking at the fundamentals they would not understand how much innovation is happening at lightning speed and that i i still believe that uh towards the end of this year things will really start to move again and if we zoom out and look at a bigger picture 2025 2030 you know the top 100 tokens that are there i would say the majority of them maybe two or three of them are going to be projects that wont work out but the majority of those top hundred will have grown in the long run despite the ups and downs you know the the pumps the corrections will have gone up at least 20 30 percent and i think thats on the conservative side you let me know what you think and i look forward to seeing you in the next video if you havent already subscribed to crypto new network please go ahead and do so share the video like and comment and i will see you in the next video lots of love polkadot cardano blockchainBlockchain is booming and I believe it’s just a matter of time before the market begins to move upward again to new ATHs. 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