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andy beasts bows in this video look at this bitcoin is now forming a potential diamond pattern whatever you want i will show you exactly what it means for bitcoin price and bullish or is it a sign or bearish as seen on the chart a breakout here is just imminent and it should happen sooner than August 11 which means we will see a big big breakthrough in two days literally and friends look at this yesterday we got 4000 likes again and the trick is that there are youtubers who have 200000 views but they still cant get 4000 likes which means you guys the most amazing audience of youtube thank you so much for supporting my channel so much from the bottom of my heart thank you guys and look at this chain link going finally vertical and also we will look at the air schedule being in a healthy trend i will show you what i think will happen soon on the air if this sounds interesting to you you should not write this video hello guys welcome to the bath my name is carl and as always i prepared this bitcoin video for you we can see here that bitcoin is still in this ascending triangle and as you can see bitcoin is just must break out of it before it ends and we have the end of this triangle around August 23rd so by the end of August we see a big breakthrough anyway now I want to show you why this breakthrough can happen much, much faster and here we are on 4 hourly timeframe and what we are seeing here now is a potential diamond or diamond pattern, whatever you want and I know that many people are very skeptical about this pattern because they look a little strange and I want to show you all this website is Balkovsky yes patterns are Balkovsky ice rink this is undoubtedly the most famous pattern in the world and he is talking about these patterns diamonds so lets take a quick look here we have the classic diamond pattern here we see first upward movements then this sideways movement forming a diamond and they are usually called daimon top and diamond then i.e. diamond top and diamond bottom because they usually work out as reversal patterns but before you think that this is a very bearish sign, I want to draw your attention to the fact that they also work up as well as under like an ongoing formation and lets just say it so its a little more likely that we are reversing after this pattern than that we are continuing to move lets first take a look at the characteristics of these factors firstly the trend should be uptrend into this pattern look here we can see that the trend is up i.e. everything converges here the shape should look like a diamond but sometimes, but usually a little stretched and to the side, well, here we see it, yes, that is, like a diamond, but not horizontal, but slightly stretched to the side, this also converges, usually they are more horizontal, but sometimes we see these, but the slope of which he says he has in view of the fact that, in principle, it usually lies and does not stand, so in general, here, too, everything converges the next trend line, too, everything converges here, and then the price touches each trend line and do not worry if sometimes shadows go beyond these lines, the same as we here we see most often sometimes we see here these shadows that go beyond the boundaries of the patorna but the body of each candle is inside the pattern itself and how bukowski says along the way how gookovsky says on this site that we should not worry too much about these shadows and it is very important in general, that the trend of volumes usually decreases in 50 nine percent of cases and here we turn on the volumes, we see that yes here it is also very, very clear that the volume is declining now and so the breakout usually happens down from this pattern in 57 percent of cases so how did you understand this not very bearish potter so lets just say this is a more or less neutral pattern 57 percent clarity that it will break down and 43 percent that it will go up this is not like many other bearish patterns that have a seventy percent chance of breaking down here only a 57 percent chance so lets dont forget about it and its possible that it will break still up because the trend is still up and we will see a lot of former signals now so maybe even up to 50 percent that will break up or 55 dont think only about these numbers and trade only based on on this statistic its just an average statistic based on a hundred of such patterns that have been in the past it doesnt mean that this is the exact statistic that should work out this time but there is one thing in these formations in the form of diamonds and diamonds that I found and I think it is very very the key and this is this thing here is something that I have not seen anywhere online so far but I myself noticed that in every diamond we always see a very large movement in the middle of this pattern and it doesn’t matter if it’s a big dump or a big pump but in I have seen it so many times in each diamond pattern and it is very strange that I have not seen anything about it written anywhere in books and online, but my opinion is that each diamond pattern has in the middle of its movement such a very strong either up or down that actually breaks this diamond into two parts, we have this part entering it and leaving it, and this big price movement in the center, it kind of separates it, ok lets get back to the bearish target, if we still break down from this diamond, then we should the idea to go back to where we started the movement, that is, lets take a look at the chart and we can see that we started moving from about the level of 9,709,600 so, accordingly, lets put a line, I think somewhere here if we break through the bearish scenario, then perhaps the target will be real 9,609 700 and we will see a price dump against the dollar by about 17 percent and this will be an indicator there that bitcoin will go below the 10500 level that I spoke about so often and close the gap but I still think that the 10500 level even for a bearish scenario is much more conservative the best target is a very important level so if we break down from this diamond then I still advise you to set the nearest target at 10500 and before we talk more about this I want to say of course that if you return back to this ascending triangle and if we now go down a short-term movement, then I think it is very very reasonable and expedient to observe this quality support line here 1 target from which we can bounce because we have already bounced off it so many times and it is logical to assume that we will bounce off it again, so basically we have an ascending triangle here and we have this diamond here it can be a bit confusing hitting the east when you see formations in conflict with each other but here you each have to decide for yourself so if we go down like I said watch out with this rising support, if we break through it, then this is of course a bearish scenario and my opinion is that then we will really go to test the level of 10500 at least okay now lets look at the usual scenario of the same diamond if we break up lets look again at this website if we make our way up, then they work out the principle in the same way as the chef flags and the bullish pennant, and actually we measure the 1 ap trend here and put it further, also lets measure it on the chart, lets say about 9 600, we put this line here and in this case we will expect a hole at the level of 12900 and it will be about a ten percent pump which will of course be a very very bullish scenario and guys I really want to know your opinion what do you think we had a diamond or is it an ascending triangle what is more important for us what pattern is now attracts more of your attention if im being honest with you i think more the ascending triangle is important now and what i want to draw your attention to is that we have a very good resistance line here local and a very good support line and everyone who watches my videos regularly will know what i said here wire from the fractal you can watch the video from the day before yesterday if you want to know more about it but basically what happened here here it basically is happening now like an accelerated pattern of the same accumulation movement so its possible we will see a fractal here and this is an ascending triangle this is exactly that very similar thing and my opinion is that for trading now you need to pay more attention to this ascending triangle and if you see and look closely to spend bitcoins is it altcoin and you can do it on my favorite exchanges babbit 7xl deodex and get these bonuses just click on the links in the description carry the required amount of bitcoins and get these big bonuses this is only for experienced traders ok lets take a look at ethereum because in previous videos who knows i talked about the fact that ether is in this uplink and we can see a bounce here from the lower border and in fact we saw a rebound, which is generally a bullish sign for the ether and this can serve as an indicator that the ether is now ready for a new throw up to test this resistance level again and as I already told you this will be a movement of about 13 percent of the ether to bitcoin very very important of course because we can now get a good track on the air and as I said we have to watch because we have good settlement of support but if we break this key support it will of course be a very bearish sign for the air but in general i am very bullish on ethereum because now there is a lot of hype around qatif i ether is of course very closely connected with define so the more hype defo and decentralized finance gets the more demand for ether of course so ether looks very good in the middle of the timeline and in in the short term as we see pure authors lets take a look at another ether token this chain link because the chain link is just totally vertical to pizza right now and everyone is talking about the chain link right now and let me show you because its very very exciting whats going on right now. Lenca channing is now in a very very stable uptrend and we are seeing a parabolic rounding and like i told you guys when you see such a stable trap you better go long entry than try to short it because medvedev will always be liquidated in an up move as you can see so if you want to look for an altcoin to spend look for an uptrend or look for a downtrend if you want to short and play with the trend because as I have told you so many times the trend is your friend and now we see the chain link continues this uptrend and of course, the question that many people are interested in is when will the rally stop, of course, we will see sometime a large local top and a turn into a more serious correction, and I would gladly tell you guys, but I can’t, it’s very difficult, it’s unrealistic to predict and you know where to predict the bottom and where the top is in such a trend is not my forte so i cant tell you where this rare goes where it becomes the only thing i can tell you with certainty is that this is an upward movement and you can try to wang but be sure to use a stop loss if we we will see a rollback, then just watch the previous resistance level, now we see that the previous resistance was here at this level, it can turn over the support level for an hour if the trend continues the same way, we see the previous resistance level has already worked out as a support is also a very important level, and in general I think yes that the tea part just feels awesome lets take a look at the ring against the dollar link many people want to see the dollar too and we see here this small serving wedge and we made our way up from it or even if it would be a pennant it doesnt matter we continued moving up if we measure like this, we see that curling has even rewritten the goal and continues to move very very quickly looking at the coin market as we see that the dominance of bitcoin again began to roll back a little to the level of 60 percent this is an indicator that the altcoin again feels good against bitcoin ether has grown a little chain link has grown very well by 25 percent shh 12 percent vicha and almost nine percent cosmos 15 percent in general as you can see a lot of altcoin and it feels good and as I told you many times before that sixty percent bitcoin dominance is very - it is very important the level you need to watch and on the graph of dominance of the cue ball we see that there was a lot of support at this level and so far it seems like we are holding but if we break through this level we will see a huge alt season and guys if you want to join to my team at the competition is bombing then see the link in the pinned comment or in the description of this video now my team but at number 6 due to the number of participants in the previous competition we had 900 participants so lets try to get at least 800 participants or something like that I yes we can do it and Im basically sure that our team has a huge chance to win this competition and expressing a huge thank you and respect to babbitt for supporting me and for this collaboration that we have with them and remember the guys if you want join then you will get a 20% discount on all commissions until the end of August even if you come to the competition or not you will still receive this link and you can use it just join the team you do not even have to trade actively to get this discount and maybe some prizes if we win so this is a good bonus for you and as I said we have a big chance to win if we win for the winning team will be allocated 105 bitcoins which will be divided among all team members which means that each of us will receive at least 03 bitcoin if we win so here is a chance and I think we have it big enough to win lets support each other and now we have a great opportunity to make some money if we are interested in this with you test your strength in trading if you dont want to participate in this knight and team competition you can use this tab solo participation in and out of children and compete roughly speaking to yourself if you want to do this this is a separate competition no matter which one you choose you will still get these discounts and extra bonuses also you can join both of them at the same time so here again we have gitis team competition and from solo kids and also guys if you still havent seen my lesson barbie stock exchange review be sure to click here now and see you tomorrow Перевод и озвучка: Присоединяйтесь к моей команде на Bybit: БИТКОИН СЕГОДНЯ: В этом видео обсудим новости рынка и сделаем анализ цены биткоина. 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