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hey everyone welcome back to friday crypto my name is chase today is friday happy friday um were going to look at bitcoin on several different time charts were going to look at you know the dxy um maybe other couple other alts well kind of do a overview for friday going into the weekend what to be watching for so if you liked the video today give us thumbs up follow us on twitter telegram and patreon if you want more so looking at the monthly chart to start us off with what do we have here well so far were holding resistance on the 50-month moving average the 50-month moving average let that think in there uh yeah thats over four years uh of a moving average so were below that historically we havent been below that a whole lot but it just came into fruition back in the last bear market uh what else do we see on this chart right weve talked about it before right the eight month ema crossing the 21 historically uh the past two times dont happen this is only the third time but the past two times uh that it has done this the bottom has been in so will the third time be you know follow suit or will this time be different right we dont know no point trying to predict the future but its interesting to note uh nonetheless so lets zoom in a little bit to the weekly and see if we got anything else so we are now uh below our key 200 week simple moving average the sma here right the 200. historically thats also been a good spot to uh at least accumulate right last bear market that was the bottom even uh the pandemic drop even though the the black swan event right that was still a pretty good average to be buying at and i think uh you know years from now hell look back at this just like we look back at this and you know realize that that was probably a smart area to accumulate right its just hard to do that in the moment because you feel like youre gonna you drop another few hundred another few thousand right where where everyone loves to try to time the exact bottom which usually doesnt work out so well um but you know accumulating anywhere around 20k for bitcoin or you know in 10 years from now right if you believe bitcoins going to 100k 200k uh or more right in the next 10 years then you know do yourself a favor and at least start the dca something uh sometime soon right uh dont fumble it away dont think that we have to go down here right that whether or not thats the odds or not thats irrelevant im here to try to help you not miss you know you know if we have something like that again if we have something like that again uh right we dont know but uh do dont dont fumble this opportunity away right bull markets make you money bear markets make you rich this is that uh point right so um having said that uh this weekly close is pretty important and it seems uh like its a bigger task ahead um by by the second here we have two days ten hours till this weekly candle closes right sunday uh in the us uh sunday evening we have two days ten hours as a recording right here if we close back under this 200 which is right around 23k right now if we close our 23k the odds go way up that the bottom might not be in right the odds would shift more bearish because what we talked about a couple videos now that you know you dont want to give away key moving averages right after overcoming them uh in a big way so um you know last time we made this big move up to you know 48k and we were short-lived right and now look at this big move right we we fell down another 200 we overtook the 8 ema right first time in a long time and so far were giving it right back now if we can come up and somehow rally over the next two and a half days to you know 23 1 and we close up here were still okay we can still continue this up trend we could still go you know up to the 21 which is you know just shy of 28k now uh on the daily right lets zoom in right on the daily chart right we could still kind of zoom up and hit you know go to 26k or even this zone up here uh if if these are big ifs uh if we close above 23k if we do not close above 23k on sunday evening the weekly close we are in bigger trouble than most are anticipating uh that would likely extend the bear market uh much longer than we all would want and it would likely also start to signal that the bottom may not be in just yet and this time would actually be different so keep that in mind uh on sunday close if we are below 23k um the the caution flag should be in high visibility okay so uh how about the the daily right we did the daily um how about why are we stopped here right uh well look at these two levels right look at this initial low right thats that closed at 21 261. whats our low look at our low 21 264 right you think thats coincidence no right and if you have trouble seeing that uh put on the line chart right easy look at this like even this peak back here right same levels right that top 21 189 21 2 one two twenty one two right so this is our next big level if we close under that if we start going you know under that and we close uh today right if we close today and nine and a half hours uh ten hours or so um if we close under here right that would also signify more downside however if we bounce we still got a chance here because that would signify either a double bottom um and not making a lower low on the bigger the bigger chart right so you we could still kind of continue this uptrend but thats really not in the odds on the daily uh chart because of you know what we talked about in several videos uh yesterday and you know we put stuff all over twitter all day saying that if we break this key you know line that you know were in bigger trouble than uh most anticipate because it would have been our third consecutive day closing outside of that line right um the the rise after the fall right those are bearish patterns and then this is where we are right so uh we want to hold this level 21 2 ish uh and were still okay on the daily to at least get a bounce but you know if if we get a bounce and reject anywhere before putting an ri then you know were likely going to be bad news bears right maybe we rally up to you know um maybe this level right here see this point maybe we come back up to here over the next couple days and then and then you know send it send it down lower right um watch for that right if we bounce here uh you got to be looking for the next resistance level and thatd be that kind of pivotal level we we just lost 23k somewhere 22.5 to 23 will likely be the resistance point you could probably imagine um a world where you know the ama is somewhere right in that level as well uh when we uh get up there so watch the 8 ema for bounces to short again if youre into day trading a little bit swing trades those are be the levels to be watching for um and then use your line charts for support and resistance becomes very easy much less subjective much more accurate levels to be drawing on the daily chart like that so uh lets see if we bounce here or start closing underneath that candle lose that low and that would really really just nail nail the coffin put the nail in the coffin for uh you know this this pattern rolling over and a down new downtrend uh starting in a bigger way um all right so thats thats that uh what else do we got um how about i did want to show you uh lets see here let me see if i can find it here we go the adx and di but i want to not do link yet uh want to show you on bitcoin here so adx and the i um right bears are in charge on the hourly and look how strong they are anything above 25 is considered very strong uh 40 is you know getting schwarzenegger like and then you know obviously this high um the strongest man alive uh so hourly uh bears are bigly out uh how about four hour still very bigly out but you know the adx is still kind of fumbling around how about the daily right bearish right now cross bearish uh for the first time since you know late july here uh we crossed bullish in late july were now crossed these usually do not fumble around uh that quickly right even here right this was you know a few weeks apart right so keep that in mind the bears have crossed pretty big but if you see this adx curling up all right its going to get more bearish uh how about the weekly catching the trend here right the hourly the four hour the daily the weekly the bears are all in charge right you should be leaning bearish bias because not because what im saying or anybody else is saying the charts are telling you that the indicators are telling you that um bearish is the bias right now on every time frame that weve looked at keep that in mind okay so want to reiterate that point um so you know longing uh when youre under all the moving averages generally not a great idea youre only thinking about you know shorting into resistance levels so if you get a bounce you know maybe this level maybe this level the aema thats your level too short again and you just put your stop loss right above youll do fantastic if you just follow those rules short at resistance buy it support youre going to do very well in trading if youre disciplined enough to use your stop losses correctly all right so thats enough for that tidbit how about the dxy im sure most of you have uh you know heard by now that the dxy is doing a damn thing and were getting ready to take out this top i mean theres nothing really stopping it we better hope for a double top right um but man i dont i really dont see it yet right look at these moving averages theres no sun this is power move right here uh so launching off this closes the weekly today and guess what if we close here uh its our highest weekly close in 20 years you know youre making that up chase no no no no 20 years right we can go back the chart has to damn load right were looking at 2002 here right this is the hot this would be the highest let that sink in the highest weekly close on 20 plus years right if it goes just a little bit higher than that right so the number to watch on that is 100 108 right we close at 108 today right the weekly closes today and the dxy goes monday through friday um it its its good night crypto for a little bit i think i think um we better lean much more bearish if this closes at 108 or higher um because the dxy is still in a powerhouse bullish market because its holding the 21 its holding the eight right those are those are bullish things this is what you want to see when we start our next bull run out of bitcoin right you want to see the moving averages spread apart you want to see them holding the the upper most uh moving averages and then you know bouncing off off key levels here this is textbook bull market power right thats thats it uh so watch watch that close today 108 and good night for a while why it was going to get much more boring than it has been in crypto if if we start to explode further on the dxy so there you go um bitcoin dominance is is really falling um now its not so important that you know we track bitcoin dominance that much but what is important is these lows right um and once you get these bounces right once you get super low here once you start getting these bounces and these turnarounds right bitcoins either dropping you know really fast or rising really fast so um bitcoins probably going to be your best place to be um on these initial bounces you know if we fall a lot bitcoin usually falls a little bit less than alts if we rise a lot bitcoin usually uh rises a little bit quicker or yeah quicker than alt so just keep that in mind watch that once we get that turn turnaround i dont know when were going to get that because this is looking pretty bad maybe were looking at a you know fresh lows uh not seen um in a long time out of bitcoin dominance so we will see whats going on with that um ethereum just watch your lows right were holding resistance at the 21 ema on the weekly right i would i would look for um either a bounce right off the e and let me zoom in here so you dont have to get your you know magnifying glasses out here um looking at the weekly right were holding so far right at the the ema eight if we break under that theres your next target right there uh 1260 um roughly right uh thatll change a little bit but the 200 weak sma is the next one to be watching uh that would also be a higher low on the weekly so that would be good out of ethereum if it could somehow bounce either here obviously if youre a bull you want the ema 8 to be holding if you want a better chance to buy ethereum um right there probably a pretty good idea to at least start the dca back in the market um so that is that on uh on the weekly how about the daily right we have this you know this rising wedge pattern here thats breaking down just like bitcoin did um so just be watching out on the daily we dont have a whole lot left uh 1660 1650 if we close under that today um yeah look out below a little bit 12 that 1260 number uh how about our boy mr chain link real quick if youre still here uh starting to really roll over here uh were losing this low that closed at 7 17 7 18 so if we close under that today then you know look at these next lows probably going back to here maybe even here right lets zoom out to the weekly see if we get anything more bigly right theres our eight ema uh currently about 760 or so um and look for you know a bottom right this is chain links try to form this bottom here so were probably going to be revisiting somewhere in here uh between the low sixes and you could even uh you know draw this as a zone if you want you got a couple wicks in here so you know 620 to 520 more accumulation zone if we break under that then you know watch out so just uh look at look at that resistance right on the 21 ema plumbing down now so just you know accumulation if you believe in link which hopefully still do my lights not on not on its on purpose just because i feel like the video quality is better what do you think i cant get the if i turn that on it just gets it gets nutty like it throws the camera off so if anyone out there has got any suggestions im all for it but i cant get the balance i can make the sign look good uh but then you know everything the video looks way worse um if i if i have it off right i feel like the video looks pretty good um but maybe youd rather just see the sign i just zoom in on the sign and just have that on and just hear the sign talking that would be funny um so thats thats chain link in a nutshell just on the weekly um on the daily right just just watch your weve broken under all the moving averages so when you do that and you have no more support levels you got to look to the last low um and then also switch to a little bit more bearish mindset right stop looking to be buying until you get back to major supports and that you know on the dailies kind of right around that six dollar area right right in these lows so um if youre you know wanting to accumulate i think link um buying a link for six five to six dollars uh and you know a handful of years youre gonna be you know well rewarded so um i think link will still have it today but um you know its its had a rough year so i think were all well aware of that um but uh thats kind of our friday summary if you want any other alts you know list them but you know follow bitcoin bitcoins kind of the whatever bitcoin does you know everything else teams to follow right bitcoin moves the market the market doesnt move bitcoin so um you know if youre if youre trying to day trade or swing trade youre having difficulties start with bitcoin right much easier levels right because like i just said like whatever bitcoin does the rest the markets going to do so all these other coins could have their levels but if bitcoins gonna decide to randomly dump guess what your levels mean and your alts uh uh bitcoin is much easier to trade its less volatile uh you know get your footing there if youre successful in bitcoin right you can make more money down the line in alts but just throwing my two cents out on that so uh lets see 17 minutes in lets see if we can keep it under here 20. uh id rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck great quote um if youre struggling with that maybe youre more of the diamond person so this uh meaning right the shed rather have someone that cares about her then you know have money a lot of a lot of people have met that have a lot of money and are not happy or work too much you know terrible family life but this is this correlates to that right there right uh rose is right you have to have someone who cares about you to buy you roses roses dont last forever diamonds you got it hopefully you got it all right car of the day uh my favorite car in world history all time if every car was you know you could pick one car no price right this would be it for me right i have my levels right i have my you know under a million um you know one to a couple million and then you know uh any price anything goes this is it the pagani tinkway roadster its a little bit older right but its still uh it doesnt look like it right amazing i just this is my favorite car of all time and this this spec would do me just fine i love yellow on supercars hypercars old cars carbon fiber uh theres the air scoop look at the glass it wraps around the glass is curved like a six foot rounded curved glass its cheap sounds cheap to replace um im sure the mirror is about 10 grand to replace look at the mirrors just coming off here amazing just uh just pure art uh rolling art go with that look at the scoops to you know cool off the back right sick thats air scoop amazing hey we got a rear view theres the back uh just just rocket fuel exhaust here uh pretty amazing for you know being 20 years old still my number one car all right thats it thats it for this one have a great weekend watch those weekly closes watch the day watch the weekly close on dxy today um let me know in the comments below last video man my videos i get 95 spam bots and i get five percent you know comments from real people that you know generally watch my videos and so if i miss your comment or i dont comment its not because uh you know i am not looking i read through all the comments but sometimes they get through those or theyre in between those 47 spambot messages uh about you know whatever going or whatever they should follow uh so i i if i dont respond to you or i dont hit your like button or whatever its not because im ignoring you its because i just genuinely didnt see it so im trying to go through all those and you know add those to the list for um you know to bam those spam bots but um it takes some time so i appreciate you watching this long if you have i appreciate you watching all my videos if you do um you know subscribe and like if you havent already im sure you have if youre watching this far so um i will see you on the next one and have a great weekend Bitcoin Weekly Summary - BTC / ETH / DXY / Chainlink! 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