chainlink eksiBitcoin News Today Technical Analysis - Bitcoin BTC Coin Latest Price Prediction, Analysis Now!

chainlink centralized chainlink limited supply chainlink eksi Bitcoin News Today Technical Analysis - Bitcoin BTC Coin Latest Price Prediction, Analysis Now!
chainlink eksi will chainlink go back down Bitcoin News Today Technical Analysis - Bitcoin BTC Coin Latest Price Prediction, Analysis Now!
welcome to Cryptonic Events your go to source  for the latest updates insights and analysis   on the world of cryptocurrencies whether youre a  seasoned investor or just starting out our channel   is here to provide you with valuable information  and perspectives on the most exciting developments   in the crypto space from Bitcoin and ethereum to  emerging altcoins and defy projects well cover   it all within death reviews expert interviews and  market analysis we believe that cryptocurrencies   are the future of finance and were committed to  bringing you the most reliable and informative   content to help you navigate this exciting  and rapidly evolving landscape so if youre   looking to stay ahead of the curve and gain a  better understanding of the crypto World make   sure to subscribe to our Channel and hit the  notification Bell to never miss a new video   thank you for tuning in and we look forward to  exploring the world of cryptocurrencies together   lets get started disclaimer the opinion  expressed here is not investment advice   it is provided for informational purposes only  it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of   Cryptonic Events every investment and all trading  involves risk so you should always perform your   own research prior to making decisions we do not  recommend investing money you cannot afford to   lose price prediction bitcoin price today is 28  419 dollars with a 24-hour trading volume of 58.48   billion dollars market cap of 549.25 billion  dollars and market dominance of 46.28 percent   the BTC price increased 4.22 in the last 24 hours  bitcoin price forecast based on technical analysis   Based on data from March 30th 2023 at 344 the  general bitcoin price prediction sentiment is   bullish with 26 technical analysis indicators  signaling bullish signals and force signaling   bearish signals BTC price prediction was last  updated on March 30 2023 at 3 44. Bitcoin key   price levels based on todays classical Pivot  Point P1 with the value of twenty eight thousand   and seventy dollars Bitcoin has support levels  of twenty seven thousand five hundred and fifty   four dollars twenty six thousand seven hundred  and thirty seven dollars and the strongest at   twenty six thousand two hundred and twenty dollars  similarly Bitcoin resistance levels are at twenty   eight thousand eight hundred and eighty seven  dollars twenty nine thousand four hundred and   three dollars and thirty thousand two hundred and  twenty dollars Bitcoin reached its highest price   on November 10 2021 when it was trading at its  all-time high of 68 770 while bitcoins lowest   price was recorded on July 17 2010 when it was  trading at its all-time low of dollars 0.05000.   the lowest price since its ADH was fifteen  thousand five hundred and ninety nine dollars   cycle low the highest BTC price since the last  cycle low was 28 707 cycle High the Bitcoin   price prediction sentiment is currently bullish  while fear and greed index is showing 60 greed   bitcoins current circulating Supply is  19.33 mbtc out of Max supply of 21.001 BTC   the current yearly Supply inflation rate is 1.73  meaning 328 913 BTC were created in the last year   in terms of market cap Bitcoin is currently ranked  number one in the proof of work coin sector and   ranked number one in the layer 1 sector Bitcoin is  currently trading above the 200-day simple moving   average SMA the 200-day SMA has been signaling  by for the last 75 days since January 13 2023   the price of Bitcoin is currently above the 50-day  SMA and this indicator has been signaling by for   the last 17 days since March 13 2023 the most  recent death cross in the Bitcoin Market happened   440 days ago on January 13 2022 meanwhile a golden  cross last occurred on February 6 2023 which was   51 days ago based on our technical indicators  bitcoins 200-day SMA will rise in the next month   and will hit 21 948 by April 28 2023 bitcoins  short-term 50-day SMA is estimated to hit twenty   seven thousand seven hundred and twelve dollars  by April 28 2023 the relative strength index RSI   momentum oscillator is a popular indicator that  signals whether a cryptocurrency is oversold below   30 or overbought above 70. currently the RSI value  is at 59.19 which indicates that the BTC Market is   in a neutral position according to our current  bitcoin price prediction the value of Bitcoin   is predicted to drop by minus 2.41 and reach 27  733 by April 4 2023 according to our technical   indicators the current sentiment is bullish while  the fear and greed index is showing 60 greed   Bitcoin recorded 15 30 50 green days with  10.99 price volatility over the last 30 days   based on our Bitcoin forecast its  now a good time to buy Bitcoin   comparing Bitcoin against other important  technological innovations and Trends is one way   of predicting where the Bitcoin price could head  over the long term the table above shows what the   Bitcoin price would be by end of year 2024 2025  and 2026 if its growth trajectory followed the   growth of the internet or large tech companies  like Google and Facebook in their growth phase   in the best case scenario BTC price prediction for  year 2026 is 564 973 if it follows Facebook growth   in case Bitcoin would follow internet growth the  prediction for 2026 would be sixty four thousand   eight hundred and eleven dollars news coin Center  says restrict act could be used to ban Bitcoin   though it primarily targets companies like  Tick Tock the Bills language is much too   broad according to the crypto advocacy group  a bipartisan group of senators introduced a   bill earlier this month that seeks to bolster the  federal governments powers in fighting perceived   foreign technology threats and summoned the  digital assets industry are warning it could   possibly spell disaster for crypto the bill  entitled The restrict act which stands for   restricting the emergence of security threats that  risk information and Communications technology   has garnered the support of 21 lawmakers whove  co-sponsored the bill as well as the White House   which has urged Congress to act quickly to send it  to the presidents desk in the name of protecting   Americas national security the Bill calls on the  Secretary of Commerce to identify deter disrupt   prevent prohibit and mitigate transactions  involving information and Communications   technology products in which any foreign adversary  has any interest by establishing new procedures   its introduction preceded a congressional hearing  on Tick Tock last week where officials grilled   the social media application CEO with questions  about the firms ties to China but the Bills   language is so broad that it could be used to  prevent Americans from conducting cryptocurrency   transactions or engaging with networks like  Bitcoin entirely according to a blog post   from the cryptocurrency advocacy group coin Center  although the primary targets of this legislation   are companies like Tick Tock the language of the  bill could potentially be used to block or disrupt   cryptocurrency transactions and in extreme cases  block Americans access to open source tools or   protocols like Bitcoin it states the advocacy  groups primary issue with the restrict Act is   that it would create a regime within the Secretary  of Commerce that would effectively run parallel   to the U.S treasury Departments office of  foreign assets control ofac coin Centers   director of research Peter Van valkenberg told  decrypt its going to be harder to challenge the   designations made by the Secretary of Commerce  under the restrict act if it was to pass into   law because of the limitations on peoples  ability to bring challenges van valkenberg said   the Bills language is expansive in terms of the  technology it would apply to including mobile   networks cloud-based or distributed computing and  data storage payment applications and e-commerce   technology such as online marketplaces or  internet-enabled payment technology its one thing   to say that the National Security complex should  be able to ban specific examples of technology   when they are directly owned and controlled by  a foreign adversary van valkenberg said but its   another thing to say that you can just identify  a whole class of Technologies irrespective of   their foreign ownership and then claim that some  foreign adversary has an interest in them thank   you for watching todays video on Cryptonic Events  we hope you found it informative and engaging   if you have any questions or comments feel free  to leave them in the comments section below   we always appreciate your feedback and well do  our best to respond to as many comments as we can   dont forget to subscribe to our Channel and hit  the notification Bell to stay up to date on our   latest content and if you enjoyed todays video  please give it a 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