$12,500 SOON? MASSIVE ETHEREUM & CHAINLINK NEWS! [Bullish!] grayscale investments chainlinkBITCOIN NEW 2020 PRICE RECORD!

kids chainlink sole chore rain boot oakley chainlink replacement lenses grayscale investments chainlink BITCOIN NEW 2020 PRICE RECORD! $12,500 SOON? MASSIVE ETHEREUM & CHAINLINK NEWS! [Bullish!]
grayscale investments chainlink chainlink art crypto BITCOIN NEW 2020 PRICE RECORD! $12,500 SOON? MASSIVE ETHEREUM & CHAINLINK NEWS! [Bullish!]
today in crypto bitcoin has set a new 2020 record with the highest daily close of the year bucking all of the fears around the election and proving to everyone that the bitcoin honey badger will not be contained i also have some big chain link news about the unstoppable domination of chain link and ethereum 2.0 could be happening any day now as it appears that the deposit contract may have appeared over on github my name is lark and this is where you subscribe for all of the hottest and all of the latest happening out here in the wild atlanta crypto so lets take a look at the markets first bitcoin has been breaking out as the election results are rolling in in fact today we have had the first daily close for a candle above 14 000 since january 2018 that is a big deal bitcoin on election day all that fun all that fear all that uncertainty crushing a new record daily high close for 2020 and you know for almost three years now bitcoin basically handling election day like a champ bitcoin dominance has also broken out crushing that area of resistance around 64 putting alt coins on notice once again big time proving that during these times of uncertainty people flee to bitcoin our safe harbor in the stormy seas of the markets by the way considering that all of the election madness will be over soon i want to share this chart with you because no matter who wins its important to remember the market is going to pump inflation will come stimulus will come both parties are the parties of stimulus and the parties of inflation and the parties of wall street so the markets are going to be just fine guys its a basically a guarantee there is a possibility that short term bitcoin could be putting in a double top here meaning that we could still see that pull back to twelve thousand five hundred dollars for bitcoin remember if this does happen that would be a healthy correction to see nothing wrong with that bitcoin obviously it has the potential to just honey badger us some blast hire and i do feel like twenty thousand dollars is getting tantalizingly close we could still see it happen in 2020 but again a correction is possible and if it happens its just fine a big thank you to blockfi for sponsoring todays episode now block fight has actually extended their just insane sign up promotion so you now have until november 7th to get up to 275 dollars in free bitcoin when making a new account using the link down below in the description and of course then making your first deposit you gotta make the deposit guys to get the bonus and while 275 dollars is the top reward you can actually deposit as little as just 25 bucks worth of crypto and still get a 25 bonus paid out and then in addition to the bonus youre still gonna earn six percent on your bitcoin 5.25 on your ethereum 5 on paxos gold up to 9.3 on dollar stable coins and 5 on litecoin this is a really great time to try out the service if youve kind of been on the fence about trying out block fight now is a great time to hop in because not only you get that great rate of return but youre going to get a huge bonus as well again theres a link in the description where you can get signed up now lets jump into the news so a bitcoin wallet containing 69 370 bitcoin worth 950 million dollars lets just round it up to a billion a billion bucks for the bitcoin it has just moved its bitcoin now this bitcoin has not moved since april 2015. at that time bitcoin is worth only around 200 bucks apiece this wallet is the fourth biggest bitcoin wallet in existence this is a super mega whale were talking about here its not satoshi its not an exchange just one seriously seriously locked and loaded bitcoiner holy cow now moving around this bitcoin uh from one address to another in of itself you know its kind of not that big of a story its not the news where we see big accounts moving bitcoin from time to time but this story i think is big because this particular address is not just any address this has been the target of hackers for a long time with rumors circulating around the dark web that an encrypted wallet file was being sold to the highest bidder that just need to have the encryption broken to get access to the bitcoin maybe just maybe someone finally hacked into this wallet but i do not think that is the most likely scenario here i think that two things happened number one this bitcoiner wanted to upgrade to the new address format because they were still using the old address format because it hasnt been touched in a while and number two we must assume that they knew hackers were after their bitcoin that would make me pretty damn paranoid man i would i would move my billion dollars of the bitcoin in that situation also can we just take a moment here to appreciate how just like nerve wracking sending a billion dollar transaction must be i mean i get paranoid moving like one bitcoin from point a to point b like a billion dollars of bitcoin thats crazy crazy stuff man next up in the news ive got some chain link news for you so chain link was integrated by 29 projects in october alone which is basically more integrations in one month than any other one oracle provider has in total all up chain link is now being used by 315 different cryptocurrency projects this is the lincolning total chain link domination much like ethereum is leagues ahead of any other smart contract competitor chain chain link has at this time cornered the data oracle marketplace and there is no sign of this stopping any time soon yes yes competitors will take their portion of the market share well see band and dia and others get their little chunks of the pie but chain link its like the google of oracles oh sure some people use bing some people use gandex some people use duckduckgo for their searches but they are totally overshadowed by googles dominance thats chain link whats happening here also i want to share this with you the winners of the chain link hackathon built a dap that allows for peer-to-peer car rentals by using chain link the dap can remotely unlock a tesla track the teslas mileage and monitor the teslas battery so thats just a pretty cool use case i want to share with you as well and the final story for today is some possibly possibly massive ethereum news so the deposit contract for eth 2.0 was apparently posted over on github however there is one big caveat to this story is that the lead developers for ethereum are yet to officially confirm that this is the legitimate deployment now its from a legitimate ethereum developers account its just there has been no official announcement yet so lets just be clear here do not under any circumstances try to deposit ethereum to this contract or try to use this contract yet wait for official announcements but assuming that this is indeed the legit contract then its a big damn deal because you see the deposit contract its the first step towards getting the beacon chain in its genesis block out so allow stakers to deposit 32 each in order to be able to initiate the process of the phase zero launch for e 2.0 you need to have enough ethereum stake for that to happen so at least 16 384 validators will be needed that equates to over half a million aetherium needs to be staked before they can launch eth 2.0 look east 2.0 is coming i expect the eth 2.0 fomo it will lead the altcoin rally at the end of the year this is going to happen soon a lot of people think itll be pushed higher as well by the fact that institutions now have easier access to ethereum you see grayscale it does get a lot of attention because they have around 2.6 percent of all the bitcoin which is massive dollar value and dollar value that you know definitely overshadows ethereum but greyscale also currently has 2.13 of all ethereum and more will come with their new sec reporting status in fact they added another 75 000 ethereum to their balance sheet just yesterday this serves as a reminder that even though short-term bitcoin continues to suck all the air out of the room dominance is going up all that fun stuff that ethereum and the rest of the altcoins theyre still going to make big big moves its just a matter of time before we see this cycle swinging back around in favor of the altcoins itll come back it always does all coins will have their time again anyway your question for today are you excited for this election to finally be coming to an end its almost over feels like u.s election cycles just go on forever and ever and ever but its almost over by the end of the day we should know who the next president of the u.s will be anyway thanks for watching todays video long live the blockchain and peace out till next time you Bitcoin sets a new 2020 price high! 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