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good morning good morning good morning my name is Sean Dexter I welcome you to the manga girl for daily analysis of video holy crap and I thought yes that it was exciting these 24 hours have been insane Bitcoin has literally dumped 50% and then pumped 50% all within a 24 hour to 48 period this is insane I hope you guys are absorbing all of this like I said this is a learning opportunity at the very least of a lifetime you are not going to see something like this again for decades alright these are gonna be war stories that you tell your kids some days holy crap bitcoins are moving on over to the upside I am long we have a lot to talk about lets get started theres so much to talk about so much to talk about and man first I do want to start off with saying that I hope everybodys safe out there I hope everybody is trading safely I know everybody in the mango is definitely trading safely we are doing the stress free way and honestly I am so proud of everyone everyone in the mango grove everyone in the mango seed I think we are likely the only community that has normally come out of this unscathed but we are making some serious profits out of this move okay theres a bunch of you who caught a major major profits on the way down and then as a bunch of us who managed to catch a major win this morning on this 50% move to the upside and not just on Bitcoin okay there guys in the man community in mango seed that caught moves across several coins actually let me go ahead and pull up on the telegram chart over here and man yes Bitcoin do it do it for me okay hold up okay so okay yeah its right yeah I wanted to show you this guy Tommy Tommy this is shot out just for you man I am so proud of you I am so freaking proud of you Im only gonna talk about one of Tommys wins and this one right he caught xtz at $1 and he sold around $2 in and out very quick sauce opportunity and pounced on it and then deed big big big props to him too man this guy I know how much of a hard worker years he works hard and props to him too man 50% in way way way a quick move only and thats the thing right when you are trading with the stress-free mindset when you are trading patiently you are not scrambling to get out of your bad dreams you have the presence of mind to spot the opportunity and pounce on it and here I caught a really good opportunity no really good trade - so this is a little misleading by the way as you can see I caught three thousand seven hundred thousand six hundred and another position - these are two futures contracts I essentially got on positions on three futures contracts on the June the March as well on the Septembers on debit kept it does have the September contracts by the way for those of you who are wondering since bit max apparently has does not have the Septembers open yet okay going back to what I say this is a bit misleading because these were actually 3,700 3,600 on the futures which were trading at a discount right thats what I was able to catch these prices now they are trading at I think only $100 discount at the time youre trading at a four hundred dollar discount okay so all those all those arm yes its misleading but I got those profits I got those buyers are not talking about this yesterday in yeses video I said guys check out the data bit futures because it times like this at times like this the liquidity disappears and you can catch some really really good buys and I caught them again again right and wasnt that hard at all nine wasnt like when youre trying when youre trying to clear the perpetual I would not have been able to get these positions on the perpetual so I think betters didnt even come down come down that low on there but I know they came that would really no on pit mix but Im not sure about there but I dont think so at least and think up around 3,600 but yeah um back on or what everybody did so well and everybody was so happy and thats why I am so happy because when everybody around you is doing well - everything does everything is just that much better everything is that much better you dont want to be doing and alone guys you want everybody around you to be happy - and how did we do it by doing it the mangle way by not being formal artists by not chasing price you think it did not arm it did not hurt to just watch price go down this entire time and may not have a part in that all we cuz I wanted to shorten 8,500 figures do you remember and my patience this time did not pay off on the way down at least right it did not pay off but look at how the market rewarded me man I actually managed to catch it oh Jesus guys fifty percent man already like if you go to the weekly now by the way you will see that the move from the bottom and this is only considering this is considering that you bought three thousand eight hundred we bought three thousand six hundred thousand seven hundred right this is all three fifty two percent its more than the move towards the downside which was actually a fifty percent so if this actually goes all the way back up I dont think its gonna go back up and we lets go ahead and actually talk about theres so much to talk about today so what is Bitcoin gonna do is week Im gonna go to go arm up its become gonna go down what are we going to see let me say one thing first this is ugly this is ugly as hell and this changes a lot for a while now weve been talking about this law over here at around 6400 we said that if one of two things happen either we close a candle underneath these kind of doses here six thousand eight hundred five or we even wick on anytime so if we close a daily or a weekly I think we said daily or 12-hour actually so lets say daily for now daily underneath 6800 then we are likely gonna see it tests off the weekly 5300 level the recently 5300 by the way because we first mentioned it over here when we were still sitting in December and the weekly or 200 moving average was sitting at around five thousand three hundred I do believe at the time right so thats why we were targeting that if we had broke in those levels but we dint we did not close a candle underneath there and we did not take out the Sewickley low at 6,300 6,400 what do we do we break we broke that for a four day ascending triangle to the upside retest it yeah gollu to ten thousand three hundred but here yeah thats when we did and thats when it got ugly we whipped underneath and we closed a handle a daily underneath to clearly and boom now did I expect us to go all the way down to fifteen three thousand no way no way and this is where things get very very interesting lets go ahead and turn on the Ichimoku right by the way this was our big sign so Im feeling really a little bad I shall just take in the trade but I was being a in hindsight its easy to say right yeah so to stick in the trade but anyways I missed this move right we lost the keys you lost at engine and whats the next day after that the two on the moving average thats is this is one of our plays in the book and uh this is also lined up in the fact that once you took out the six thousand four ninety seven week we went and tested that one moving average but again this is where things get interesting and people are asking me Shawn is this capitulation is this the bottom it may be it may be I do not want to say yes but there are signs and the reason Im saying that is because not only did we polarize through this major 200 moving average but we came down and we took out this major level over here okay this major let me go ahead and delete everything off the shot ask you to move drawings okay so we took out this major level over here which was basically the retest for this ascending time let me block or no to the upside for thousand of four which is around four thousand one hundred dollars and we took all these levels over here two guys basically lets mark out this and lets mark out these guys over here okay so these are major levels that we just went right through so a lot of people who play well likely playing those levels trying to buy over there and all of them all of them got pulverized guys pulverized we wait pass all of that and now theyre defending it this is looking like a major major bounce major capitulation and we do have volume to kinda kind of hint towards that - we can go ahead and check on G - to Ashley H FG darks coinbase yeah dad is good volume lets go ahead and check the BitFenix next you have this good volume but even after all of this guys even after all of this I had - holy crap I do want to talk about this - in in a bit but even after all of this I would say that hey I do want to give this time to see whether or not we actually defend this on the weekly we are on Friday today so we have only a couple of days before we close so far its looking really really good I am sitting long I am not intending on holding on to that long if we close underneath this weekly over here in fact Ive been trading aggressively throughout this route today which is why I have my camera off by the way because Ive been staying at the screen all goddamn day today Ive not traded this actively this aggressively throughout the day for a very long time theres just been far too much opportunity to ignore and yeah Ive been trading in and out in and out just just to kind of like you know before they give me give me some buffer in case we do see some sell-off and now Im feeling a little good about how things are going were sitting here you hate in profits and things are looking good even on the low timeframes yeah but going back to what I was saying I dont wait to see how this weekly closes if we do actually close about this to weekly to on a moving average thats gonna be the first good sign that hey you know what maybe maybe this is actually a major major no failing that if this is not a low okay okay first lets say we close under the underneath this level over here yeah five thousand five hundred ish which is basically the weekly 200 moving average lets say we do not defend it lets say we close underneath it then I do think were gonna come and retest these guys over here okay this is sending triangle I do think that we come there spend some time grinding and then the bull cases for us to put in a high high high high or low on the weekly wait for all of that to pan out similar to what we did over here and then go on over to the upside okay so basically consolidation over here start putting in trends on the daily on the two day three day and then go on over to the upside that is the book is if we do not close underneath the 200 moving average the bad case is that this is not too low this is not um the last of what we have seen and then we come down law and test these levels instead and we tested around 3,200 3,100 put in a high-low compared to these guys over here but honestly if we actually if this is not the low guys I think theyre coming out of 2000 you guys may not like hearing that but if this is not the low I think theyre coming out 2000 and you guys have to prepare for all of that okay mentally now start preparing for if this then that thats how we do the mango thats how were gonna continue doing it okay thats what has kept us safe throughout all of those guys we have not been moonboys yes we always shoot for crazy crazy moves which is why even though here even though I had so much conviction on this major weekly level which by the way lined up in the top of the cloud - we didnt talk about during the time but hey here it is um even though had so much conviction on this level here I only took partial profits right why because we can always always hope hope for a major move towards the downside like this like this crazy sort of sorry major move to go towards the upside in this situation right like what we saw were your guys you guys always wonder why do i why does Shawn always leave some some in its because of this now I wasnt shot this time around but if I was shot I would have left APIs only to catch hope for a position like this cuz these are life-changing moves guys this could be life-changing if Id actually caught the shot over here and I aim for partial profit over here my position have been big enough that if we actually came over here it would have been a massive move which is why I never ever take out my entire position unless it is planned if it has a trend trade I always keep some on right because that is a definition of a trend trade you stay in while the trend is your friend and if youre taking this as a trend trade hey this was a very quick trend and now we are bouncing so yeah we talked about the situation if Bitcoin closes the weekly underneath the 200 moving average we said that we have two scenarios where we come down and we grind against these levels over the 4,000 3,000 level the next scenario is that this is not the law over here and we actually come down to the 3,000 level in which case I think we just spill on over to the 2,000 right quick recap over there whoops let me go back on to the weekly and yeah so the next situation is what happens if you actually start closing or here well does this actually form a base if we start closing weeklies above that level that is actually a good sign but we still have a lot of work to do major levels of course is six thousand eight hundred six thousand eight hundred six thousand nine hundred and then we do have a level lets go on or to the touch you can just go go on to a daily but we cant use the weekly we have a leveled right over there lets go market quickly so coming in at around six thousand one hundred that we can but its slightly harder so there so those who that was over here okay so we have a major level coming up right overhead currently sitting around three hundred dollars above current rise 6150 if we can actually close dailies above that then Id be looking towards six thousand 836 okay but but thats all dependent on whether or not the coin closes the weekly over this 200 weekly moving average at currently its looking like we are when you see a wick like this guys it doesnt look like okay I even after this by the way I do not want to say that you know what this is the lordís capsulation okay its a way dangerous very dangerous saying that and this is another reason another reason why I do not like calling lows and hour tops and bottoms it you just get into the wrong mindset and you there are two things that could go wrong one you miss out on opportunities thinking that this is the law and you need you take out all of your trade in a trend trade and you miss out an a massive move right we just talked about that the second thing that could happen is that you are thinking here you know what this is the law and Im going Im gonna go along here and you go heavily long now I went long over here right but guys let me make something very very clear the position size that I have over here is not the same position size that I took over here and and the positions I had to come here not in close in fact the position size over here was the biggest position size I ever took because my confidence over here was a lot lot higher right and over here when I took that position at 3,700 I did not have the same confidence and Im proud of not having that same confidence and because I didnt have the same confidence I kept my position size lower than what I would over here those only around 70 to 72 percent of the position size that I had over here and Im happy with that because thats good habits for the long-term because all it takes guys is for the one time for me to be wrong about this one time for me to either time the top wrong or time the bottom wrong and the volatility wiped me out you guys always wondering like what is Shawn talking about in terms of volatility slippage Fred bla bla bla hes always going on about it you guys saw all of it now you guys saw how much price was bouncing in seconds you guys saw the difference between the bid and the ask on the order books when you guys are trying to get out and get into your position you guys saw how this correct easily within seconds dropped all the way down to three thousand two thousand maybe two thousand nine hundred and holy that can fit in hot ok so yeah two reasons why I do not like kokorin tops and bottoms one you get out of trades and you miss opportunity to you get into trades or position and you get direct alright okay so going back to actual technical analysis I was rambling way too much again apologies for that but these these these are times the market where I think I should be pressing pressing the pedal on this because it is so freaking important to keep everybody in this community safe all right yes guys dream about big wins dream about big wins but do it safely do it safely always and again like I always hope for more profits but fear losses theres more to that phrase that meets the eyes guys the key word theres more profits so when youre already in profits you keep hoping for more and more and more thats completely fine but over here that I wasnt in profits when I started taking the trades right I just took the trade so after fewer losses so it keeps me cautious Im assessing the entire situation Im assessing that here Im taking a counter trending move this could go against me very very quickly very very badly over here I was feeling a little bit more confident about it a lot more confident why cuz I was going with the trend again not a topic for another time lets go ahead and talk about technical analysis major levels to the upside 6150 ish after that we have six thousand nine hundred okay we can we cant see that we have no yeah thats it thats it we can pretty much mark all these levels keep it simple keep it the mango way so thats the weekly guys I usually do suggest playing the weekly and if you do want to play the lower timeframes yeah theres opportunity Ive actually been playing the lower timeframes pretty much all day today just to kind of milk more out of these would these world head moves I actually did lose a trade right before taking this video and it turns out I was wrong about being wrong I think I just wasnt patient and doesnt wanted to get a video done for the day so essentially I took a trade out of this breakout right over here um I got in somewhere around here and the price move down on me and I was just like okay you know what I was hoping for contra nation all the way up to 6000 won and 62 I did not get that and I wanted to stop the video and yeah price came down and now price that shoot up as soon as I started the video again to around 6,000 I got another trade though so like this right you do take small losses every now and then guys but those losses should be so small that they dont even matter that you just take them think about the long run like again again in the risk management model right we discussed this we discussed the difference between true risk and the risk everybody thinks they are taking right people focus on risk for trade and Im again shoutout was shocked Ashoka actually messaged me today any alluded to that concept and yeah Im really proud of people actually you know beginning to sob and begin to internalize these ideas it takes some time to actually start practicing in them without even thinking about it but I really like that you guys using the concepts that we talked about okay so again its not the risk portrayed its the risks the risk that you take across all your trades and everything okay all the risk Association associated with your trade slippage spread counterparty risk everything that we talked about in that module its that is your old risk thats what I talk about when it comes to risk management even you like like like we talked about in the module your ma today by the way by the way you know how the module I talked about how Im your mouse could go out and that is actually a risk in itself today my freaking keyboard went out my keyboard randomly stopped working while I was in a middle of that wallet Ill move I was I was actually panicking a little bit Im like thats pretty funny its so fun that Im okay um yeah Im just really excited to guys lets go ahead and talk about some technical analysis we talked about the major levels on the weekly lets go ahead and look at the monthly now the monthly is very important we put up the Ichimoku the monthly kind of dictated to us that hey you know what lets be safe over here at ten thousand three hundred right this key zone over here turned out to be very very key after all the key zone is the king goon so we got rejected on the cajon that was a false big sign then we lost the ten SME on the monthly as well arm is it showing over here its not showing over here is it so yeah we lost two 10s me as well and that was the next big sign held the tank in but what okay you guys remember why I got on my weekly trade even though we had the weekly pounds on ceases to go back go watch the past couple of weeks of videos its gonna look like oh my god Sean is calling all of it so well is this guy is this guy it cheese no Im not a genius I just use such basic basic concepts right you guys saw what we did over here we took a trade out of this 8400 evil we got this bouncy since Rick we got this bounce the trade was going our way but why do we get out of this trade because we saw we saw this wake over here this week at eight thousand four hundred twenty get taken out Im like you know what the market is allowing me to get out and profit I will take it I could be but I could be getting bear trapped and here Im gonna be part of the baby we talked about that in Thai and how a week right Im gonna be part of the bear trap wont have heard of a bear trap so be it so be it but look at how that paid off because I did not get stuck in that trade I was a able to profit out of this big win instead right a 50% win so yeah such simple concepts that we talk about on a daily basis and all it takes is sticking to those rules and in time you will be rewarded for it now did I know this entire move was gonna take place no right all I did was follow my rules and I got protected I got saved I did not have to deal with any any position management while this dump was happening and it was happening way too fast right and because of that guys I had the clear-headedness the clear stress-free mind to be able to take a trade over here now would have been the perfect perfect trade if I actually caught the short to the downside but he does this move to the downside lets say I caught her at around 8,500 on the phone okay fifty percent right well yes freaking what this week over here is 50 percent anyways okay almost 50 percent in fact we caught around 3,600 right three thousand seven and three thousand six hundred I bet that is lets go thats around 50 percent yep fifty-two percent so yes I didnt catch smooth to the downside and you guys are probably thinking well you could have caught butch on maybe you could have maybe you could have I know I could have I wouldnt have been able to catch both moves the way I traded at the Rayleighs its something I struggle with Im not sure its something I want to work on its just my style usually when Im on one side of the trade it I do not pick the other side of the trade I like to start fresh okay unless it is plan unless its like a range trade and I actually plan sing the hey you know what youre gonna go up here and then Im gonna take profits here and then short you and then come down then yes but in a trend trade youre not planning for the trend to ever end and over here there is nobody could have planned this nobody okay nobody could have planned this coming so if this happened in that morning and Im sitting in profits out of been like holy crap yes maybe out of taking more profits off this level or out of this major move over here but would have been ready to take the other side of the trade no not me at least I know my limitations as a trader and thats something that I know I would not have been able to do I would not have been able to long on the other side at the Rayleighs Id need to have taken the entire profits out set out out of the tree its sit away from the charts sit on the sidelines and then come back thats how thats how I I trade other way this maybe you guys could have done that I know Im not good enough for that happens is not good enough of that so yeah going back on on all to the monthly we lost the tenkan lost her 10 SME lost the 21 to now so unless we close a monthly about 7,300 is it possible maybe maybe I Im interested to see where the 55 is this is the 200 is another 55 this is the 200 EMA we put on the 55 changed the color purple is good or change to orange okay so the orange over here is the 55 and what do you know okay so were living about 55 too so if we close the monthly at least about the 55 thats gonna be a good look if you guys do remember if you guys do remember let me turn off the horizontals again oops what am i doing okay there you go Shawn okay so if you guys do remember right over here right over here okay when we close this candle this candle on Feb 2019 or the 55 all this orange line over here that was our sign that was when the mango Channel actually started these were the first couple of videos I did where I said hey guys if he closed over the 55 we hadnt done yet but it was around Feb where our Feb 14th I think it was Valentines Day I believe Ill say okay if he closed about here then thats gonna be a first big sign that were likely gonna go to 13,000 14,000 what he you know few months later we actually did that now as a trader I was a lot more Im just I was more risk not whats you whats the opposite word for risk of course I was willing to take a lot more risk here that I am willing to take over here in terms of my the the position the risk percent okay my position size is a lot higher now but my risk percent is a lot lower compared to over here so I caught a massive win over here do I have the same kind of guts anymore no I dont think so I dont think so a lot has changed for me in terms of overall finances so you got to adjust your risk according to your overall finances guys always always kick which is why I never give you guys any advice because I dont know your personal finance situation okay so yeah Im green 55 really good sign if you actually manage to close above this then holy crap holy crap like I dont want to think about it its gonna be ridiculous if it closed about the 21 EMA about 7,200 but no first first things first lets lets try to close the weekly above five thousand four hundred and then we want to see the monthly defend five thousand three hundred so they are there we are seeing some confluent over there - I do like that okay I do want to talk about something else I was looking at we dont have it over here lets go on to xpt do I have drawn here nope I dont have drawn here either so essentially we do have a descending trendline that I was eyeing ever since we put this high over here on the monthly I dont think I talked about it not on video at the very least so we do have something like this but on the downside we had nothing okay nothing that I could actually work off we just had these guys over here and we could have drawn a horizontal I guess but there was nothing over here to work it but now with this way with this way as long this is this is the low for the month um we do have something that we could work off okay we can use these candle closes use this wake over here and just extend this to see where does this go and go somewhere around again dont do this guys dont do this nope we dont really have anything can we do something this I guess we could do this and what do you know that does line up with that four thousand eight on the level huh okay so perhaps if you doing something like this but again why am i taking the calendar closes over here and taking a wicks over here thats not right I shouldnt be doing that okay shouldnt be doing that I need to say consistent on both sides so perhaps this but then that my theory started with this so I have to put some time into this guys if you guys know whats going on over here if you guys have put some time to this let me know I knowledge go ahead and to link we have link USD over here on the daily and my or my link surprisingly enough hasnt been all that surprising yes this massive move towards the downside has shocked a lot of people and I do believe link actually got down to around five cents or one cent or something on Finance and some of you probably got filthy rich out of that congratulations but link has pretty much done every single thing that we said over the past couple of days right and this is what I mean my link is such a beautiful chart to trade because you know its major major major moves to the downside its trading beautifully so first things was Krisha in the video prior to the one I did yesterday she said hey we are likely going to come down to two dollars and ten cents so nonchalantly right like like it doesnt matter at all I was like holy kosher youre gonna scare a lot of people and what do you know what the very next day we came down to that $2 a 10 cent mark right right over here and then the SCs video I said hey guys if he closed underneath this level oh here then Id be looking for a link to come we had this horizontal right do you guys remember this thin line over here we said were gonna likely gonna do a pit stop over here okay likely gonna do a pit stop or youre at a dollar ninety but I dont think link is gonna stop all that I do think that the major level that we should be looking at is a dollar fifty right were looking at these guys here and what do you know guys what do you know like to be honest you could have you could have really used just like how we mark these guys pit stop you can remark these geysers but stop - and we essentially caught this week over here if you wanted to play it that way but going back to our saying these guys were the major levels that youre looking at and thats where we worked off yes we came down a little bit lower but if you did want to play link as a major range trade Jesus man it it nailed it perfectly right it did not give you surprises the way Bitcoin did because let me tell you a lot of people are looking at behind 7,200 buying five thousand eight hundred and I was looking to buy seven thousand two hundred and I had a lot of luck oh my way guys pecans just moved way too fast for me to even put on my fricking open up dead bit and get into the position like I was talking about in the video prior to this one right I was talk about how I just got back home I open the shot Bitcoin sitting in 7,200 I pan on over the link Im looking at link come on all do Bitcoin and because all is sitting at 6,900 holy crap so Allah I get lucky too man sometimes and out of probably taking a loss there on that trade I got lucky there Jesus think about it thats its pretty you you tend not to really appreciate those moments because they just go but Im pretty sure you guys have had lots of lucky moments that youre not fully appreciating Im pretty sure Ive tried tried for a trade over there and then there are times when my risk management comes into play and that also saves me right but just following your rules and you got to combine your luck along with your risk management to stay in this game man and sometimes luck does not go your way like lets say about 7,000 to under and dumped on him et that wouldve been bad luck but theyre gonna be time so you get lucky like I think today was an extremely lucky day for a lot of people guys we caught 50 percent moves on Bitcoin there guys in the seed program theyve got 50 percent plus moves on chain-link lets go back onto chain-link and what are they using this link right here what are they using using basic concepts that we learn in the C program right we spend like what four four and a half hours on the support and resistance wont you four and half hours guys people underestimate SNR the underestimate how how much there is to it actually really marking it really knowing what levels matter and what dont they can be life changing millionaires are made just playing simple horizontals okay sis playing simple horizontals and it just but these concepts are so easy once you really put the time into it okay and theyve come to you naturally so yeah going back to what you were talking about link Im doing it illegally bouncing like but coined it but is it is it out of the water just yet lets go ahead and see whether 200 moving averages Im really interested in seeing okay so were living about the tone moving average coming and testing the HMO cool inside the horizontals over here well how this is your this is really strong if you can actually close above this level over here that would be that would be really strong but-but-but-but cloud is red that sticking one separate time can only get too excited just yet but um this is a really strong bounce we have a bear stick across I would want to see link living above the cloud again okay above the green level above the green cloud over here guys $3.50 theres a long time before we can do that a long time okay first thing that we want to do is start putting in a four hour uptrend we may we may do that if you do something like this now come down like this okay something something like that something so essentially we need to set in this set this as a lower high then we wont put in a high low then a higher high come down put in a high low something like that alright so yeah Im just a little tired right now so bear with me bear with me guys link looking really good on the I want to say really good theres nothing good about this guys dont get me wrong the bounce is really good the bounce is really good and the fact that weve weve retaken the for the two daily 200 moving average thats what is really good the recovery is potentially good now lets go on over to weekly to see what may possibly happen the charts looking really ugly okay so what we need now what link needs to do know what link needs to do is close the week at least about two dollars and fifty cents Id actually be looking at this zone over here between two thousand fifty cents and two dollars and sixty cents Kay thats what the week needs to close over okay by actually living right above that lets go ahead and mark it out - amok this zone out right over you adjust it slightly okay so this one is gonna be really important you can go ahead and delete all of this now thats important we dont need this we dont need this you can keep that just to see though you have to chart a little bit okay so this is the this blue box is gonna be a major zone but to be honest if you closed about two thousand ninety five cents thats gonna be the big win for link okay mm 95 cents thats what were looking for if we close down between the zone I think were gonna come back and test somewhere around here around two thousand thirty cents likely actually all we dont do two thousand twenty cents on the weekly okay likely gonna see your weight at the Whaleys down there so yeah if close about here next step two thousand ninety five cents if you close about two thousand ninety five cents that is the best case and then after that were looking again around to three thousand fifty cents 2055 if you close underneath the blue box then were looking at three dollars twenty two around three dollars and 21 cents three twenty eight to three 21 cents k so yeah thats link USD case we looked at the weekly we look at the daily and before we looked at that already look at the 1-hour I guess the lower timeframes I do think that this is um look at this as a rising channel right rising into this major resistance over here so it does look like link wont officially test these levels you know we all it has tested this level so yeah maybe another push to was the upside test this horizontal arm officially over here but this was the major test right over here that matter two thousand eighty eight cents on the lower timeframe we start closing multiple for our candles over here guys at least one off one for our candle here Ive been looking for a test to at least two two dollars and ninety three cents but thats gonna be the major test for link and if you close above that it was about that next then I think were going to be testing somewhere around here around three thousand thirty six cents okay so if we close about two thousand ninety cents then three thousand thirty six cents this is what the lower timeframes are telling you but odd actually just be safe and look at the high timeframes yup so that is link that is Bitcoin and lets go ahead and take a look at link PTC actually link DC I am womp are more concerned with the weekly timeframe and lets see did we actually comment close over okay okay so this actually looking really good so lets start with actually hiding the manga ribbon and we look at these horizontals as you guys can see this major ascending triangle towards that we block on to the upside and met this major ascending move that gave us a 110 percent move them youre looking for all the way since the middle of Jan we got that move right but guess what we come and tested the ascending triangle for the second time now and we bounced strong above everything about our blue box as well that is ridiculous holy crap that is ridiculous so that is another 32 percent move on link link giving wins after wins after wins but if you go ahead and turn on your manhood ribbon youre seeing that we are closing about the tank in closing well it has something called an official test of the weekly 21 EMA and bouncing link is looking so strong on the Bitcoin pairing holy crap um actually a lot of coins at least on - are looking very strong on the big campaign at a theme especially by the way I miss I missed such a good trade opportunity on the theme by a dollar dollar 40 cents all 44 cents yes dont fall 44 cents that ones going to freaking haunt me for a very long time I put a bid at around eighty one dollars and they came Vic town to 81 v 44 or something something around there on their butt futures yet again and damn that one would have been a nice on the catch that one would have been so nice and that ones I cant look at anything charged right now because I want so painful so yeah I guess you cant catch them all right Im enjoying my profits and yeah I am visually a lot of you made some really really good profits on link again congratulations to all of you in the mango C program and go clove mango community all of you in the YouTube comments that are killing it I am so proud of all of you in the Milo community guys everybody doing at the mango way the stress-free way the risk management way risk first profits second the mango way I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will see you guys in the next one Learn to trade the Mango Way! 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