how high can chainlink go redditBIG NEWS: Chainlink LINK & Vechain VET Bullish Price Analysis

chainlink infographic crossfit chainlink facebook how high can chainlink go reddit BIG NEWS: Chainlink LINK & Vechain VET Bullish Price Analysis
how high can chainlink go reddit chainlink hashtag BIG NEWS: Chainlink LINK & Vechain VET Bullish Price Analysis
hello everyone on crypto nodes in todays video were going to be taking a look at the latest big news to do with chain link and v chain were also going to be taking a look at price analysis 2. so if you guys like anything i bring to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more lets even get this video over 400 likes and also want to know down below do you own either of these cryptocurrencies with that lets jump straight into the video so were going to start off talking about chaining there will be time stamps in this video if you do want to check out v chain first but were going to start off with chaining and this article says why theres more to chainings growth than what meets the eye after a collective collapse a week ago the digital asset industry recovered somewhat before falling once again however it would seem that chaining missed the memo in the first place in fact ambc crypto had recently reported about links inability to pull forward without the assistance of strong on-chain fundamentals while its long-term credentials remain golden during the aforementioned phase of corrections links active addresses and receiving addresses fell to monthly lows however recent data might be suggesting a shift chainings brief rise above 30 saw significant address activity over the past 72 hours link has been on topsy turvy journey on the charts while the old coin did briefly touch 30 it soon fell back to the rest of the crypto market reading too however what must be noted here is that when link was climbing so was its on-chain activity an observation that backed the notion that link hikes are usually always supported by strong on-chain fundamentals and if i show you this chart here as you can see we had a massive spike up here and this says links largest one hour address activity spike of all-time high so just something to take note of and it says down here in fact sentiment data showed that training registered its highest single hour level of address activity over the last seven months around 26 700 addresses were active during the one hour window a finding indicative of high on-chain activity in the past certain crypto assets such as bitcoin sv bitcoin cash etc have depended on the correlation with bitcoin more than anything else for price appreciation chaining is redefining its interest and mostly basing its growth on market engagement citigroup suggests link may gain upper hand against bitcoin citigroups recent report bestowed major props to bitcoin identifying its intrinsic value and interest while suggesting that the asset could become the currency of choice for the international trade in the same report however city also drew a comparison between link and btc the concluding sections of the report highlighted that cheyne was recently recognized by the world economic forum as one of the top 100 most promising technologies of 2020. training kids expanded beyond expectations gaining adoption onto other blockchains such as polkadot as well the report added it is thus already possible to envision a commerce linked or infrastructure linked coin that may eventually eclipse bitcoin innovation in the chain based ecosystem is continuing to a pace and todays offering may yet give way to a new invention that garners more attention and assets than bitcoin so overall even though training hasnt been going as crazy as many people would hope its still done a tremendous amount of gains within the past year remember this time last year it was less than two dollars cryptocurrencies like training are one of my most talked about coins on this channel and for very good reason there is still a tremendous amount of growth to come in this crypto space imagine where training will be this time next year i want to know down below what was the cheapest price you ever bought chaining i just want to show you guys a few more updates to do with chaining before we take a look at our price analysis and here is one of them in february training announced 33 integrations the link ecosystem now includes 181 default projects 80 blockchains 37 data providers 31 projects using training vrf 22 gaming projects 11 payment protocols everything will be powered by chaining this is something that we cover quite a lot on this channel is how fast chaining is growing every single month chain is getting dozens and dozens of integrations so it is becoming one of the fastest growing projects on the planet this is more big news for training holders if you are getting impatient waiting for staking which is coming soon we now have a different alternative investors in the top crypto asset chain inc can now earn interest on their holdings crypto lending platform blockfy is now offering interest payments to investors who deposit chaining currently blockflight offers interest on bitcoin ethereum and stablecoins according to ceo and co-founder zach prince 35 million dollars worth of interest payments were distributed to investors in february alone its happening chaining marines starting march 2nd you can earn 5.5 percent apy in crypto on your link with blockfy and if i show you this tweet here as you can see this is them officially announcing it now even though blockfight is centralized again i think this is very good temporarily until staking for chain link comes out that is one of the best returns around so if you are holding training it is definitely something to consider because it is free money over time to finish off this part of the video to do a training were now going to take a look at price analysis and ill show you this chart here as you can see chaining ended up topping around the levels of 36 and since then we have been in a downward trend which majority of the market has as well bitcoin ended up falling to the levels of 45 000 which sort of twenty to thirty percent correction in majority of all coins since then we have ended up bottoming around the levels of twenty three dollars and we are now looking for a big move i personally think that majority of these old coins are ready to explode but we are waiting on the move of bitcoin bitcoin is successfully hovered around the levels of forty five thousand dollars and now all we have to do is push back above the levels of fifty five thousand dollars and then we will see the all coins explode if you are wondering when is a good time to buy training i am personally buying my chaining when i see more than one red candle purely because that is a sign of a bearish trend and that is the best possible time to buy if you are investing in training for the long term then i personally think these prices almost do not matter because crypto is going to take over the world but i want to know down below is chaining your number one holding were now going to take a look at the latest updates to do a v chain so lets jump straight into this article and this one says one of the largest aluminium companies worldwide will pilot v chain hydro will use the nvgl product based on v change offer reliable data to its customers the first phase will involve a collaboration with vestra while the platform will be rolled out to all customers sometime in 2021. hydro and dnvgo have announced the partnership to leverage the vechain-based solution tag trace trust this service developed by dmv gl will be implemented by hydro to enable its customers to verify the validity reliability and authenticity of product data with an environmental profile hydro is one of the largest aluminium companies worldwide headquarters in oslo the norwegian company is operating in more than 50 countries the norwegian state controls 34.3 of the company together with the norwegian pension fund with a 6.5 stake hydros yearly revenues are an estimated to be around 12.6 billion and it says down here reaching contributes to a sustainable business model initially the v chain 4 blockchain based product will be integrated into a pilot on hydro and other hydro platforms that way the furniture manufacturer vestra will be able to test the solution and provide its customers with reliable information about the environmental impacts of its entire product supply chain the head of sustainability for hydro had this to say about the corporation the aim of the pilot is to test the platform that supports manufacturers and brands to back the sustainability claims with verified data this will allow them to trace the metal from the factory gates until it reaches the customers the integration with tag trace trust arises from an increase in demand for eco-friendly products operations and standards oriented towards sustainability as such the partners believe it has become crucial to allow consumers to have access to quality data that allows them to verify on their own where and how the product has been produced in that way consumers can make informed purchasing choices and determine which of the products follow a sustainable model so overall this is really big news for v-chain they have been pretty quiet in the news recently but that does not mean anything is happening they are still working very hard behind closed doors and there is still very big things to come like d5 but i want to know down below when did you first discover v-chain this is the last thought recall i want to show you before we finish off todays video with a price analysis and this one says v-chain ceo sunny lou explains blockchain and central system using the power of love using the power of love sunny lou the co-founder and ceo of vechain has explained how blockchain and central systems work this explanation could simply make someone without technical knowledge understand the basic meaning of blockchain and its advantage over the central system and sunny lou said this put yourself in a certain scenario you want to say i love you to some girl but you only say i love you to the girl alone without any witness so thats actually a central system because once you want to deny what you said nobody can endorse that so if you want to say i love you to a girl with your friend as a witness this is called a central system with a backup so if you want to lie about that like deny what you said you also need to convince your friend to lie with you or lie for you so thats a central system with a backup so if you want to say i love you to a girl with random and multiple witnesses you dont know them but they are still listening to you thats blockchain so if you want to deny what you said all the random people will prove what you said and you cannot deny that so thats how the blockchain works so overall that is a very interesting way of explaining it i dont think i have ever heard that way of explaining it before but again this is the crypto space to finish off todays video we are going to be taking a look at curriculum price analysis to do a v chain and if i show you this chart here as you can see very similar to chain link and the rest of the market we ended up peaking at a certain point where v chain broke his all-time high to six cents then the market ended up having a correction phase as you can see here vechin ended up bottoming around the levels of 3.6 cents and now we are back on another move over the past few days the market has been in a very volatile state one minute the market is down 10 percent the next minute the market is up 10 percent so overall this market is very volatile and that is why its famous but again if you are in crypto for the long term these prices are the best time to buy because when it is not doing this it will be in a bull run v-chain is one of those cryptocurrencies that i think is incredibly undervalued and has a lot of potential there is still so much more growth to come in this crypto space and i think v-chain is going to be a big performer ladies and gentlemen we have here the official crypto notes patreon if you are looking to make money this old season stay reassured and updated then this could be the place for you we currently have the gold membership which is access to my discord group where ill provide my top coin calls every month potential coin breakouts and coins you should look into we also have the diamond membership where if you need any help managing your portfolio or a second opinion i will help you to the best of my ability if you are interested and want to make money this all season then im going to leave a link in the description and in the pin comment section down below now ladies and gentlemen that is absolutely everything ive got for you in todays video if you have enjoyed anything ive brought to you dont forget to smash that like button hit the subscribe button or share the video for more lets see if we can hit that 400 like target and i also want to know your thoughts and opinions down below with that ive been crypto nobes thank you for watching hopefully youll see in my next video peace Portfolio Management / VIP Coin Calls : Follow me on twitter! 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