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Good afternoon, how are you? Welcome to a new back open webinar and welcome to this program that we are going to be carrying out today, Tuesday, June 15, where we are going to learn more about changing from work to the technical for those who do not know me my name is cristóbal pereira I am the academic director of the blog train academy chile ceo of dantec also part good solution to each broadcast part of latam text and well this space is created and organized so that we can know more in different areas regarding what is happening in the ecosystem of block time and crypto assets and business aspects programming aspects investment aspects and legal aspects are part of the pillars of which we as a block academy in academy chile in the development and training of talents blogs we are basing ourselves on so we are already welcome to our community those who are being part of this live broadcast as it tells us here and it goes to our manager program we have today we are going to explain what it is which is because it was time and after many requests from our community we are going to add the pops we also salute villanueva who is also part of the blogging team at academy instructor of the academy we salute diego grillo also former student Pablo welcome here nice to see you excellent twitter with good content to liquid and thank you very much also for having teporaca eba greetings god see also nice to have you joel el garmendia ricardo nice nice ignacio vitales and the verse more pablo good afternoon to sergio martínez also marcos gonzález Good morning, everyone who is connected, we want to thank you and give you a warm welcome to the back open webinar and of course we hope you enjoy this content that we have today about this program before starting, as always, a small presentation to learn more about what which is our academy to share a little about what we are carrying out for that good academy blogs in academic chile has a very very important purpose to build together this new internet of value and trust and through education we strongly believe in that in providing the bases of the knowledge tool and everything we do day by day and that we share day by day is part of what will be this construction of this 90 m of value and trust is not built from one day to another is a process that is carried out and we are all part of it from programmers from business developers from users from simply having a krypton wallet and telling another person that under you which one I help you with which one I transfer you learn buy program review deepen visualize it is part of what we do on a day-to-day basis and here what we are sharing with this type of webinar with the programs we do with the courses and sow seeds that we know will be for the next five or ten years they are going to be able to grow and we are going to really have an internet of value and trust and we are going to see how it is being built day by day and education for that is fundamental it is key it is key and that is why we created this academy this academy that has an academic philosophy where the courses are always taught, our academic training program is based on learning by doing technical bases, technical tools, but always applied to what matters, after all, why we can technically know everything, but if we dont know how to apply it, the truth is that it The technical remains, the books remain, and the academic and obviously we want the use cases to be explained, so that is part of what we are also carrying out, as I told you, there are four of our specializations, investments that have to see everything that is management of your own portfolio or for third parties call it trading basic advanced or intermediate trading -define decentralized finance decentralized finance management and everything that allows you to also do this new business ecosystem if you are interested in developing use cases understand the operation of technology from a non-technical point of view in business specialization for you programming all those who want to learn to program in different networks ask for the conflict in the act and not all more illegal programming courses tea which is a special program that We created very recently for all lawyers who have to learn and know more about this technology and everything that is going to be developed for us. We have more than 20 courses available specifically, if Im not mistaken, there are 23 courses available. We are the academy specialized in active text blogs with the largest academic offer currently in Spanish or Spanish-speaking so we are very proud of that and we hope to continue increasing our academic base and have more courses available of course to all of you all our courses in on demand format which video format You can find in the classroom, dot blog, it has points here that in our virtual classroom where these 23 courses are available to be taken at any time at any time from $19, even our free course also has free courses, so you can only enter. If you enroll in any of the courses, that is why our enrollment has access to some benefits, one of them being the most important access to our album where we share, discuss, analyze, we have our Saturdays, we do not go towards the word, but reviews of projects in diff and it is very interesting. what is done Saturday to Saturday in our album and well and little by little it will go and connecting with the community there you can consult, put your expense what you want with the mere fact of registering our virtual classroom in which you can enroll in some other courses, even the free ones I also want you to share the courses of our first June 3 July our live courses we have this coming Monday we start with the introductory course to the management of crypto assets that was carried out by me. This is a course that focuses on delivering the bases knowledge of asset management and I manage the writing of assets far beyond saying I have an account in an extensive and I have my cryptocurrency or I remove an asset, yes, yes, I have now, I dont have other things, but the truth is that much more beyond that is to learn to use a water you give them to learn to use transactions is to learn to check when is the best time to be able to make transfers what are the commissions that I must pay if you want to use bitcoin and Syrians or other networks which are the best to make transfers of 330 exchange there are many things in asset management that you should know, you should learn to give more security, greater confidence to this management and of course you can get more revenue from your portfolio of active success so from this Monday 21 all the links To be able to review more information, you can find them in the description of this video, so below is the description of the four programs that we have live starting next Monday the 21st, then on Tuesday the 21st we start with the second version of the advanced trading course with crypto Now with our instructor, Aníbal Carrillo, there are 12 hours where we are going to learn about our trading plan, going deeper into very interesting strategies, we had a very good first version at the beginning of the year with very good reviews and well, this is part of our area. of investments, so we also invite you to review this krypton-based dina course, and we also have in our second version of the smart contract programming course with sun and you with sebastián pérez in total, if Im not mistaken, there are 16 hours of the course where Focused on programmers and the programmer if you want to learn the sun and you this course for you will be very very very vague with respect to scioli you this course for you will end up learning to work in a language or in functions that you request a little more advanced learn to use external libraries such as open zeppelin and start using oracles as styling in fact within the course we have an exclusive section on sailing that what I love to know today and you end up creating an application in one of connecting with open zeppelin with sailing one user interface and with that you have your certification to develop soliti and that is going to be important for what we are going to see today also that has to do with the labor aspects in this ecosystem so also because of the eyes that course is available there link and finally the astronomy course network architecture blogs in which part already on July 6 is the second version also in a course on business aspects to learn it is not technical it is for non-technical profiles but who want to learn to understand the operation of the networks the consensus algorithms public networks permissioned networks the second layers are the laws two how to create use cases analyze use cases etc. it is a very very good course we had the first version it is also a couple of months ago with very good reviews and danielle is as a professional based in the usa of new york who has already conducted quite a few use cases in industries such as traceability agriculture financial services so he is very good in the course also all our graduates call themselves students of paid courses that is to say that they have paid for some courses they have access to 20 percent discounts or consider that if you never take a paid course with us, take it as an investment but then you also have benefits that include access to this 20% discount on any other course you have or want to develop or carry out so be careful with that because it is super good too and if you want to pay with independent cryptocurrencies that student does not when you have a 10% discount really if you are a student you have 20 percent discounts the discounts are not cumulative but we also accept that you coins obviously as a payment method just invite you to finally listen to the podcast the blog without samina so a conversation I have weeks weeks with a different referent I am doing a vic bitcoin microcycle today I spoke with guillermo torrealba this week next week with gurpegui day we are talking about concepts with good respect to reserve currency value el salvador tap root mining we are going to be talking a lot about that yes subscribe spotify to proposals google podcast ancor and you will thank you very much that everything in Spanish for being my partner in this space where you can find different notes is a web portal specialized in blog technology they have keaton is in order that the internet geopolitics and many more have their account on twitter be registered is also their community registered is community the link to their web page can also be found in the description of This program, as I already told you, we have for today the first the first program that has to have a web and that has or phases attend protocol is an attendance test for those who want to have their good we have on the twitter account a blog has academic chile block academy cl he is how to get your website but at the end of this webinar the same when we put the qr code that you are going to have to scan to get your post I will not care the step by step is what they have to do it now so the people have to pay attention to the end so if they want to separate until the end and they will have their post also as a gift block acai michelle on twitter facebook instagram blogs in academic if they are linkedin and youtube any questions or queries client at blog china cae punto read our web page blogs reina academy punto cl without further ado we are going to share with marc and matías so we are going to invite you to join this transmission and learn a little more about sainz link we welcome matías and marc how are you Cristóbal a pleasure we really wanted to be here we know what seems very interesting to me so its a pleasure to talk as my partner matías says the truth is that its a pleasure to be with We really wanted your community and whenever it is to support the Hispanic Latin American community it is a tremendous pride for us. Well, many thanks to Mattia, many thanks to Marc, especially to Marketta and staying up all night from Spain and also on Wednesday, but I do it with love for you. excellent good if you see that suddenly my video is a little stuck I apologize for the audio I hope it is heard well but the video may dry a little stuck there the computer is failing a bit but hey we welcome you to everything They are attending live this this webinar remember this webinar the idea obviously that it be interactive we are going to have a small presentation by marc regarding changing to learn more about what jane does and after the presentation we are going to meet matías The aspects may be called labor but the ecosystem is the end of what it means to work in a network to use a decentralized company as styling the challenges and opportunities that also exist because they want to grow gigantically to 500 people globally so lets go There will be opportunities for everyone, so let s be attentive to what Matías is going to share with us, and well, before we leave, well, so that he can present himself, we also share the networks who each one is and their roles, but it is always good to know the person behind it, true. market I invite you to tell us a little more about how good when you discover the blog team and your role within de chai ling, perfect well, look, I discovered through a colleague in 2017 what bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are, obviously I am hooked the tremendous rise some run of 2017 and in 2018 I am also aware of what the bear market is, that is, which is perfect so then well it happened to me that I say stop I have to start researching the fundamentals of the projects not so much to look at The price of the coins is because it does not take me anywhere and in 2018 I discovered sailing through twitter and the truth is that I was hooked, I was thinking I applied to be ato kate, that is, as an ambassador of chile link in February 2020 and then at the level of working hard for free with modules already at the beginning and working very hard and doing a lot of me taps at the end because it was heavy because thats how it is they wanted to open what the Hispanic community is chilling in principle there was no intention because They are very focused on what is the US and especially the Chinese Asian part on this Asian but well in the end with when with Matías and pressing very Tuesday they listen to me 6 perfect well not really this good now I am community manager for the Hispanic area and very happy to be able to spread the word about the [ __ ] project around the Spanish-speaking community and in this case, block academy chile excellent marc and believe me there are super important topics to mention because in fact it reminded me of a post that romy put that She is a well-known criteria and she also accompanies the community on twitter script or crypto girl who interviewed a couple of people getting to know a little about their level of employment and how they get to the world of active blogs in Egypt and many of them came like this Just like you contributing loving community organizing half until little by little it is realized that in the Spanish-speaking ecosystem there are many communities there are many to be able to develop and therefore many people from parties and in different projects opened positions and I think that is a point super important that I wanted to highlight only because many come to this world today because the truth is that this is so new that perhaps the positions do not exist and that as it develops they are created and one realizes that they exist these positions and it is creating these professional profiles that perhaps did not exist before so well I think there are opportunities for anyone who really wants to participate educated and well this is space to be able to do it and well matías in your case how do you know I have blogs Well, how do you get to this link? promising but at the same time in the media they valued them less studied in all the fundamentals and each time I studied and understood a little more what this treatise is about, getting more and more excited. I had already been working for many years and had founded my own independent construction company that helped in the growth and they contacted me from changing proposing the idea of ​​ making a very large growth in a very short time because as are the times in the world and the truth is that I could not say no I can not say no because honestly As surely some transfer in different areas that I said in 10 years I want to look back and know that I contributed at least a grain of sand to decentralize a part and it would also improve the idea I began to read of course the white paper cheers read yes lets go to review the teaching wallpaper that was extended in keeping with the oracles, understood the importance of how these two worlds had to communicate so that we could grow, gave him the real world, so to speak, and the blogging world and well, honestly, he cant tell me no and on Sunday I was inside and the truth is that I was very happy because it is a space where there is a lot of work where you have to do a lot and you have to work with other times lets say after hours so to speak but it seems to me because personally I am working in a blog that is totally different because there is a mixture of passion as you enjoy the subjects I understand that this lens that is the truth that excites me so a little if it was the first tour well thank you very much to matías and marc for giving us this insights with respect to well how they arrive and what is it that they also get to blogs about how they get to shilling their also respective roles within this tremendous company and well leave the guests then to witness the presentation that we are going to take to see of part of the brand regarding this link remember you can leave your questions in the chat this passion this transmission in parallel on youtube facebook and our twitter account also any of those spaces is being done to us you can write us your query in the chat so Thats it, were going to see it obviously at the end of the presentation, the conversation later with Matías to answer those questions, so feel free to ask, we have at the end of the webinar and well, the invitation is also that if you think this webinar is good, leave us your like and subscribe Go to the channel so as not to miss any of the webinars that are being carried out, like every Tuesday, on the YouTube channel of the blog, it has to be broadcast, so when you want to, Marc, when you want to, share it, it spreads my screen for a second, here I have it, we will also do this We will do this, come on, okay, it looks good, at least I already have it here, its about the sector, well, the main idea is to explain a little above what the project is without a link, because if you want to delve into the project, its good that you follow the tutorials or even obviously we are going to do promotion so that you sign up for one of the blog courses china cadivi chile but hey lets go a little bit about what this link is before entering chilling we have to know exactly what smart contracts are obviously many people already You will know what they are, but hey, lets remember it because that way well see why we need ching. Smart contracts are programs that run on an ok block change and have the ability to run according to a series of parameters that are obviously already programmed. Smart contracts cannot be modified, with which they are immutable and transparent and safe and of course, whoever wants what we do with smart contacts, we charge what the haul would be from intermediaries, that is, for example, the purchase and sale of a property, well, we are going to what is the notary then also know that the first intelligent contacts left sites of the inner brush and of course where the chai ling exit enters here this what is called the problem of the oracle what is this the problem that is to say the intelligent contracts do not They can connect to external data outside of the block change, with which they cannot access price data to interfaces that can provide us with this data from real life or from payment systems or any type of resource with which we need a oracle to act as a bridge between the smart contracts and the data from the real world, okay, that is, this is the famous problem of the oracle, if the job was performed by a staff, basically it is first to listen to the requests it has from the smart contracts, then it will extract this information that you have been asked for different interfaces with which you can provide this type of data in a validated and reliable way, then obviously complete each of the apps and you will establish a type of format or any type of information in your format, we will give you the necessary format to be able to validate and process it again if any mathematical operation has to be done and then re-transmit this information within the smart contract of course there are several types of oracles we have centralized oracles basically we are based on a single node a single oracle that the The problem has a centralized oracle because it is vulnerable to attacks, for example, there may be an attack that prevents this oracle from giving information that is reliable because it can obviously be modified that smart contract automatically ceases to be reliable and good at last And after all, because the data that we have provided is erroneous, with which there is a feeling that it is a network of decentralized oracles, we say that it is open source, which makes it much easier to audit our code, we can access external adapters which are useful for us. to provide this data from the real world we are talking about the more decentralized oracles network of focused oracles we obviously have, the greater the decentralization and the greater the possibility that there will not be any type of problem the data is signed there is an account a service agreement with what which there will be a penalty in case of offering any erroneous data or there will be a payment for the service of obtaining this data then there is a reputation system obviously each node if it answers in the appropriate time depends on the face when it updates its prices is obviously and the reputation is increasing and it is on the reputation page where and we have the certification services so that the data we have provided is really reliable services that chilling currently offers are the price feeds as everyone knows in the exchanges It is decentralized, which provide an extensive collection of data, whether it is about tokens, make yum, contrary to dollars, find bitcoin, and then, of course, being a network of decentralized oracles, we ensure billions of steves there are and we prevent looting like the ones that have happened. There have been recently, very recently, we also have vf services and they generate verifiable randomness, of course, it is cryptographically supported or in Chinese, it uses, for example, the nfc, the known, soccer tokens, the games are digital assets that are considered unique, but for really to certify that they are unique we need the vp efe we ​​ also have the reserve test that allows on-demand audits of the reserves of the organized assets for example I want to know how many tokens it has determined with this reserve test I know positively how many bitcoins it has so they cant tell me say hey I dont have a thousand bitcoins and they really only have 500 in their stock then external adapters that connect to any app and out of the bag for example something an insurance project that needs to know any value of a portual 100 either the amount of rain that there has been per square meter the value of the wind at this time later already in the version of the chin link the white paper the chai ling 2.0 and we are already talking about hybrid smart contracts is a term that clearly agglutinates everything that is the code or enchainé with the systems that control and are controlled by that code is found we include the whole set lets say now shortly until the beta version we will always travel the equipment that is already the self issues maintenance automation of certain functions that they perform for example well The lids of the decentralized applications then make the work of developers much easier so that they do not have to manually carry out any type of action on their exchange or on their application. decentralized oracles to order the stay of user transactions and that, for example, the miners cannot put one transaction above another depending on the amount of money that there are rate deficits at that time and well here is my presentation It is very good we are giving second we are going up now to matías and listen to me I accept but but it cannot be excellent I think that super clin aro the functioning the importance of chai ling obviously for the entire ecosystem blogs in decentralized web 3 and of course I also think that That introduction is quite interesting to be able to click and of course also to the questions that the community may be sharing with us before of course going over the questions as in accordance with what we have been talking about. I would now be interested in being able to talk with Matías about this challenge that it means having to work in the talent area of ​​ channing and well and that they tell us a little more than what they are seeing because of this much growth and what are the demands for professional profiles that are currently required in the infield well yes to measure and of course more as the use of oracles grows and their abilities are better and more practical obviously we are going to need more people it is another for specifically in bioengineering and that is why cristian exists if this work in The engineering area in particular obviously we are profiles at the singing level that I expose looking for technical and non-technical profiles but I specialize in everything that is engineering because I still ball and also what I am passionate about seems to be done in academies or on paper Fundamental because I think it can be a great bridge for many people who are wanting to get interested and who want to start sitting down in the crypto world who have technical knowledge, lets say they have worked as developers for years but are not so exposed to it. solid and tivo or web 3 or all the technology that surrounds that and it is very important for me that it begins to understand what it is important to acquire that knowledge beyond what you are doing before on the one hand I think that if we will focus only on ourselves In particular, they are people who have worked in blogs in. It would be a serious mistake because, well, what is new, lets say you wont find a person with, lets say, ten years of experience in blogs, James, with five years of experience, its complex, so there are times when you believes that being a company that in the word of blogging is going to be looking for people who have had that experience, that is a misconception, that is, I think that there is something very important to take into account and it is exactly that and internalize with the concepts from the blog you have to understand why it is important for the world and internalize yourself with consolidate, although it is not exclusion of or barbanza, it is important that you know yourself and that you have tried at least to make a smart against but now if it is not exclusive it is one more day there was particularly with our team, what we take into account is also people who have participated in the theses, beyond reaching their destination if you take your side of the qualification the fact that they have participated we pay attention in fact there are many candidates that we are considering today who participated in the forum that more than they are involved in the impulse community I shout for me the most important thing is that they know lets say they are not forced by the wild paper law it seems to me that if you are interested in working in Chile it is important that you read it and it is important that you know the basics of what we do but if you dont have time to read the wallpaper there are many viruses marc in fact they do many reviews of the wine paper with different personalities from the blogging world and I think that sometimes I find stamps I find a lot of enthusiasm but several months that they simply know that we are a company and that many times it is like it is missing a turn or I honestly believe that if you are interested in working with us or with any other protocol, well, you have another company that is related to blogging it is important that you white paper the fundamentals feel them also if that is going to be a place where you drink to feel how are you going to really believe in what makes us lucky that the main people who are working for the know what they are doing and they are excited about the project we are since almost all of us know chai ling we will have interact at some point we come like the paper and and maybe from NASA where it is counting and that is very important later based on the types of profiles thats good it can be like any tec glass company lets say from people who are closer to color so the languages ​​ that we generally use are gowland glass if we have been working with issues for a while and time to save we may also be interested in resarch area, which is obviously the ones in charge of continuing to search for functionalities and in what way can inning dams when the back- end and front-end part also, of course, lets always say that and that it comes with a knowledge of solis and that it goes to help much more, but it will not be an exclusive condition either. We have met people who did not have, lets say, advanced knowledge in the sun and empire, however, they had read our white paper or had read it in some other way, and we anyway We sit down to talk and see what we can do together because it seems to me that we also have to allow a lot of people to get into the ecosystem and give them the opportunity to start working many times for certain areas as well. We open up junior positions so that enthusiastic young people can also have your first blogging experience so I think the most important thing is to be enthusiastic to know the fundamentals to know where you are applying and have the ability to learn later obviously we have lets say certain technical evaluations since many times there are doors that are more close to and because they are fundamental and that we need a very strong technical base but but lets not say the opportunity each and it seems to me that again the academies like blocks in academy played a fundamental role because they give you perhaps those tools to be able to take Lets see several courses and be quickly inserted into the world of work. I apologize that I had to change my device because the other one got stuck and there it lost a few minutes of its benefit, but clearly, as you could hear from Matías, I think that there are quite interesting opportunities there. for everyone and that last thing from junior profiles, a matter of graduates, to, of course, also people who are doing programming, but also what has to do with support teams, true marketing, and community leaders, that is, take everything out within this ecosystem and everything that is being developed within the academy and all the companies that are developing around active blogs without success need profiles of this type, I think that in this sense it is super important to visualize the opportunity that there is for everyone about all the opportunities that exist in latin america one of the issues that interests me the most about joining changing is that there is interest and market is also doing an incredible job at a level and for america that there is great interest from the region that always there were lets say in other industries but it seems to me that blogging is giving us a lot to talk about there are many interesting American destination projects a lot of entrepreneurial people too and I also think that what happened to El Salvador opens the doors of bitkom it will definitely be a gateway bring other solutions that block the state to corporations, so I think it is also important to point out and for this reason I wanted to participate in this webinar that there is an interest on the part of changing vial and on the part of our entire team to change the percentage, lets say Im going to to clarify these first solos by working completely remotely and it is because it is not because of the mobile and it is because of a cultural issue of also decentralizing the way of working and keeping it that way, having said that and going back a little bit to what I was saying, lets say my objective and the objective of My team is to change the percentage of Latin American women working for Ching engineering, which today is not as high as I would like and with it, with the amount of talent we have here in Latin America, so I think we are going back to El Salvador. el salvador the first step i think none of us expected it was going to be the first step for that to continue adding functionalities that blogging brings to life luciana so it seems to me that it will start if you are a programmer or if you are not a programmer and you want inspiring systems it seems to me that if you want to work with lets say with the future directly it seems to me that starting to expose yourself to going out and already the foundations of illusion is very important I would like to add that it seems that the blogging world is going very fast but we are really still very early and many, many engineers are needed, he revealed, but advocate community managers, many, because really, for example, there are a zillion thousand projects worldwide and with the fact that the issue of block change is global and the projects you want at a global level sooner or later also need Its part of Latin American Hispano-American with which I ask you to train a lot to do with that phrase stage there are many courses of the ebro china each kit because they really supply at the ideal point of point because then now we are obviously talking from blogs jane but then all the banks will need experts in blogs in all the agencies they need experts in blogging the government will need experts in blogs change to collect the fees that is, there really is an incredible job boom here that I believe that in 2025 it will already be sometimes bad with which you are still in a good position and even which I encourage you to train yourselves and waste your time to inform you why it is worth it for you then the money is here the money will arrive no do not worry and I share it grows because we We only visualize the same thing, whether part of our academic and training work is based on not generating professional profiles that are required in the medium term, that is, today there is obviously labor demand, especially on the programming side and little by little it has I have been looking at other profiles in more business support areas, commercial marketing, sales, community, etc., but in any case, he visualized and that was what I shared at the beginning when I make the presentation of the academy, it is to think about the next 5 or 10 years, how they are going to go Requiring these professional profiles, these specialists, the technology specialists, programmers, you went from blogs to developers or we went out to add to the concept of blogs, it is also not managing the power to create setbacks, maybe from applications to be able to connect, I mean, I think that we are all starting off, we are as marc says in these initial bases the labor demand was I think what matías started is super important to visualize a global company like sterling the growth that they are carrying out you commented matías but but at the project level at the talent level how is it Sailing is more or less distributed globally within what can be seen by eye but there is a country with a larger number of teams in Europe or North America or Asia It is quite quite quite distributed It is quite distributed We have a good percentage of course of north america asia lets say there is a country manager directly doing everything from zinc to the giant what is happening there europe also lets say it is quite distributed i would not say maybe the higher percentage of north america but but it is not quite distributed and i also like that it is like that because you It also gives the opportunity to work with different cultures, different points of view, lets say its very interesting because it also enriches your way of thinking. challenge because that s how lets say working in a way also seems like a benefit its a responsibility its also a responsibility you may have to be connected you have to be, lets say, with the team and that question of not being able to maybe cut a minute and have a coffee in the cook in chat lets say many times so you have to do double work to continue connecting with the people who work in our team but hey we also at the changing level that we are organizing or if it has a moment it will happen where we all want to sit down and be able Getting to know each other will finally load but, well, at the same time, lets say working from anywhere in the world is something incredible, lets say we honestly dont pay attention to where youre from when when when when you apply, it doesnt matter where youre from, we dont focus directly on the technical downturn you have, its done Wherever, in fact, we have from Africa also working for integration teams, so it seems to me that those particular ones where I, as an Argentine, as well as being an Argentine from Latin America, know the projects that are taking place in the region, so there is particularly an interest of mine from to add a lot more people from the regional by pulling engineering because it seems to me that it is a great opportunity that there is also great potential if what I would like to add is that of course the blog in the block change ecosystem works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. week 365 days a year, which of course, for example, in the case of chilling, if there is a problem at 5 in the morning, now, Americans, we have to have the Oceania Australia team prepared to solve this problem, with which it has been Being at a remote level and with regard to Latin America, the truth is that there are very good projects with which, that is, sometimes we think that it is not all of the Cheyne blog, it is a matter of Americans and Chinese and such, no, no, Latin America is the quality of the projects that exist is brutal and the truth is that we have to believe that we are very good because we are, with which from here on I encourage you to promote all good startups, the issue of networking because the truth is that we will come out go ahead very much reinforced we are going to leave in a few minutes with the questions we are asking in the chat remember that you can leave your questions after two more minutes with the questions before remembering a couple of things stir that we have the players that we are going to have available at the end of the hour the last question that I am going to share later is the qr code and how the process is done so be attentive to that and also remember if you find interesting what we have been talking about today this space that we have every Tuesday In our academy, let us join you and in the video and subscribe to the channel so that you dont miss any more Tuesdays the pacos on the web and those of us who have different topics to talk about to analyze to share to finish this last question of mine and then Ill pass the questions from the public in relation to the fact that perhaps it contemplates for both as much talent as for what is strictly such success what is being developed but more or less they see at a global level certain the projects that are being carried out by sailing have some difference Call it regional, for example, in the case of Asia, more projects of your organization, in the case of Europe, more projects of I dont know, to give a sure example, if in the case of North America, more projects regarding another particular topic, it looks something like this or the It is true that this is very cross-cutting and both in doing and in North America the organization project and these are really developing on a large scale at a global level, particularly look at me there is something that has great potential that Marc commented on in the presentation and it is that now with the white paper 2.7 of the new functionalities that the oracles bring, lets say 60 percent of, for example, the contributions in Argentina are I do what is known historically and here the field lets say and in Latin America in general but Im going to talk From what I know of Argentina, there is a very strong presence in the countryside. What happens now with the oracles, you will be able to have a web of bivens so that you can insure any loss that you have with or with a rain, a drought or with anything that does not So it seems to me that it depends on the function because it depends on the region, but without a doubt it seems to me that it is coming back, what it does is cover, it begins to cover the needs that have different reactions around the world, I believe at the level of Latin America. I emphasize this again there is a very, very great possibility that those of being able to connect to those of being able to connect farmers with the world block with the world - define and to bring the solutions a farmer who is in the middle has passed of the field but I do recommend its curves it varies in variants depending on the area of ​​ the continent now your case is called brand well the truth is that of course the final projects are currently scattered throughout the world for example bird is of Finnish origin for its French I mean, we have a thousand examples of, for example, that the other one remains, I dont know if its synthetic, youre not Australian, its really failure projects, theyre all over the world, and its true that for whatever reason, Chinese projects are more silent, not much is known either. These people are working, they are working and then they present you with the whole project, but well, the truth is, there are very good projects around the world, with which we will be delighted to work with everyone, which, after all, is what interests us, excellent. Thank you very much to Matías and more for these questions and we are going to ask some questions from the public that left us in the first one that based on the presentation that Marco did not do, he comments the anses, according to Marc, he comments that he would need to program a brain code smartphone to obtain the weather and obtain my contract and ratchet decided the above as an example if not or what you have to do is develop your smart contract with solid and you and make a request to a ching ling oracle to collect this data and return them to your smart contract so that you can execute the parameters you need because you have to make a request to the oracle next question it was not clear to me what the village is used for the bosses are tokens or not expendable that their characteristic is that They are only public, of course, the unap luchen is deterministic, with which this intelligent contract is replicated, it is replicated at the entrance to the decentralized database, with which it cannot obtain a random number because obviously it would not be the same in each of the network of the network nodes with which this smart contract is from an application sends a request for randomness to the sailing generates a randomness through this function and sends the tests to a vf contract which verifies that this randomness has really occurred and that there is not, for example, an nfc that is not the same, okay, and then it returns the smart contract of the application, it receives this basically verified randomness, that is, there is much more information about it and with an example, perhaps you will understand it better, but well, basically it is Thats because of the determinism of the crochets, dont worry, were going to have a webinar too 2.0 points the most technical link also in a couple more weeks just a warm-up to understand more I think theres a lot of interest in learning more about determines so Dont worry, we are going to enter a next webinar to learn more about these technical aspects, ask José Serpa, is there a point of decentralization in 6 link servers or something like that? Well, in theory, everything is a network, a decentralized network, but well, and then we are talking about what In version 2.0 we will talk about a network of decentralized networks with which each oracle receives, for example, the prices. If we are talking about mask and price beats, it receives prices from different sources, with which and apart from this oracle, we have a whole network with which the decentralization in chilling is important which I understand that they would not have been for the server maybe like that but of course there are different servers with which it is a decentralized network it is explained very clearly also to operate it is not accessible for cool guy that many requirements to comply is very complex it is very complex it is not impossible but it is very complex because the level of reliability required by changing its nodes is brutal even now at an internal level some Olympics have been held in which among the possible nodes that want to access maine net and really from the beginning 14 will only access maine all the others will continue to operate while they are doing tests with which it is not easy to operate one of cheney past because obviously we cannot afford the luxury of a node operated by anyone who does not have the knowledge of an error because currently it is not obviously allowed that there is an error because that is why the other oracles are there but not being gay no he does not see it that way he does not want a failure with which unfortunately obviously if you are interested you can operate it but but hey it will take your time or your hours and well I encourage you but obviously it is not something that I mount there amazon web services no this is much more complex thing that on the one hand you say well is that of course I would like to operate a node but on the other side you think well think that they are securing billions of dollars in defy which please let the oracles work well which is there the story is not true because well fine when I think this link to an important point for all the developments they are doing I think I dont know if all or 99% of the application are being built on, importantly what they have some degree of connection to walter and there may be some kind of problem or failure clearly that it affects many other applications in chain effect that can be obviously important it is very curious because there are some of the projects in defy that did not use two test nodes center the decentralized oracles of chai ling in this case and had a centralized oracle have been hacked They have lost billions and automatically the next day they have contacted us, that is, it is literally as is, with which well, well, before going through this hacking of billions, it is not necessary, you already speak directly with chai ling lo We count perfect and hey, you or your product will be fantastic, that is, we dont need to make inventions, perfect, lets go with the last questions that Jose also asks us if it is only compatible with tyrius virtual machines or if it can also be developed with other blogs, for example, loading that they are not very good share with not in charge not that not yet our house we are working on ex day in bing has been anses martín that in polygon like this in polygon what was before matic and good and he is serious and then later also good a few more days the engineers would speak to us better on this topic but hey there is a man who transfers the tokens that you use emeterio to use them in another in another block change and apart from that we work in many more nearby but but it is in which I have told you perfect and here they ask us other more or less very similar signs but I am going to propose this law that is a little 236 taking with first what shiming competitors there are and after having those competitors what are the advantages that in the end you come working on this other competitors that the company currently has, well, the truth is that the advantage that our project has is that it was the first, it was the pioneer, and being the pioneer, you have many more advantages. maybe four or five months ago we could talk about the fact that there was talk of a competitor currently they are the possible competitors in my humble point of view they have vanished because that is the reality no it is not that I am here come on chai ling come on it is reality not with which is the fact of being first dt in a policy of brutal growth and we are really signing up very good people and some brutal engineers with which at the same time I dont know the others have to pedal a lot obviously in the world blogs in I think that competitiveness is very good because it helps you to make an effort much more but I say I am gay and those at the top are going to make many revolutions with which you are welcome in the competition but well you have to fight a lot it is true I am going to say the last one Two questions here and we are going to close so as not to go overboard with the time that we had established. I have each good aimés to see if I understand correctly or I asked if a company has important data, how do they connect to this environment, for example, have financial information data, we would talk about this In the version of the way paper 2.0 on decentralized identity, but well, this is already a more complex issue, of course, because we are trying to obtain certain values, obviously, with that they are whatever, as I would tell you, that they are not visible or that they are absolutely protected with which in a course a next block course in near my chile we will explain the problem we are going to do we are going to do a more technical wayer 2.0 there is little in tarma detailed so anyway we are going to address that and finally pablo sabat It was a question in general which one or naturalized hat of wills face king against the money that moves the contract that it uses to achieve by those depends on the service agreement that you have with that intelligent contract of course we are talking about a contract of billions of euros Perhaps it will ask you for collateral of several thousand lynn tokens. Instead, if it is a contract that is not, it may not be that important, because it asks for less collateral, so it depends a lot on the service agreement between the smart contract or the application and the perfect oracle matías for those who are interested in applying to see the offer because I saw in 6 links to offer now there are many many turns what would be your recommendation as well as why one says good but finally I dont know if it will be something for all Latin Americans but many tell me no but why am I going to apply if you dont go flowers that dont stay because because the complete against an Asian against a European against the North Americans what are the Asturian genes than to give more confidence to people who are not watching and who want to apply to the job offers that has that link to say really listen this postulates it because at some point to be able to create that persistence to my best and if it is essential it is ocean never lose intentionality is to want to work with us and really want to work with us continue to contact us there are many networks today on our www page without dot com that is the day the easiest way so it is so to speak to apply is also linkedin lets say there are many options I would comment be creative be insistent if they are more technicians participate I accept they present projects to us, lets say we always check anyway and all the applications, that is, all the people who apply receive an answer from us in some way, both by themselves and they will not give an answer, the best way to lets say To make your work visible, there are many people who, for example, did not stay last year for different reasons, this year they returned with more prepared cars, they studied those who had studied, because we also received quite complete and technical feedback, so also not to be afraid and send yourself away, read of our white papers, as I said at the beginning, to understand the concepts and well, later it will depend on many, many things, but if you have the intentions, if you are sharing everything with me, all the posts that today and this is growing more and more, so I invited the community to be encouraged that if you are really interested in this project talk to me or talk to someone from the team to apply through the page to participate in the hackathon yes I would say I would say main there is a beach a question from Jose ask us if You have to have a very advanced level of English, the answer would be, English is important, above all, that they understand you because obviously there are meetings at a global level and well, obviously you have to make yourself understood and that they understand you because otherwise it is very, very difficult with which I think that an Englishman does not need to be a profession in English, he does not continue unless they can understand you and make yourself understood, obviously we have Chinese people with different accents, which sometimes you say because we do not all speak English, but it is very funny but good that are coming and obviously it is important it is very important in this aspect in any brooch project I think it is very important and here there is also a question maverick and I know I left the fourth half fourth half so they do not know the best in Chile coming out of the school before a university professional career there matías also mentioned the rings that are as a recent graduate who wants to follow something more like jose internships things like that it is also possible I did not currently consent at this moment in which we are not going in conditions of internships but I would recommend alluding to more see today that if you are about to leave high school you continue studying tweets good guys go without sun and start programming your first smart contacts if you can make a banfield film using our oracles I think if I were Leaving school at this time I would do that the Sunday mail will kiss the applicant particularly I think you have time and it seems to me that he is officiating and he brings out in the webinar that he speaks very well in voice so I continued along the path when together it is a bit of experience ideas that we have some junior port where sometimes we do nt ask for experience either position that you cant follow on twitter linkedin I would also like to add that almost all these projects require they have a program of ambassadors the advocate for example that is not paid but what It allows you to make many contacts within the team of 10 of that project and well, doing networking, you know of course, Im not a genius, but if I get involved with people who know a lot, in the end Ill know something with which the idea is to surround yourself with Very very good people to be able to learn and little by little to get into this with which and each project in block change has one of these programs and I tell them if you have to study for a whole year without leaving home come to blokhín academy courses and maybe do it do it the money will come, dont worry but above all you have to be patient and work very very hard and here is the other page that we are also sharing here this link community advocate and here well here a place to be command advocate and also here you can see all the information with responsibility, it is super important because note that he is already part of the chai ling team as he says that he is connecting within and doing your work internally through which he also adds points is 1 point Clearly yes, for example, by variable in the chilling advocate program, well obviously in the meetings that we hold weekly, you are in contact with several of the team and they always talk about very interesting things, with which, well, we are talking about ching ling, but in any of the different projects that there are surely need a Spanish-speaking advocate or sure very sure with which I want you here in Spanish-speaking you are yes yes also for my children tc work said sea and Seville in hundreds of Columbia Mexico if we are not expanding we now have a little in two argentinian alto keys they are being adopted in colombia we are looking for other advocates either in chile in mexico or uruguay paraguay that is all countries we are looking and late that is first we have focused a lot on asia The US part, but sooner or later, be it six months, one year, two years, the entire Latin American part will expand a lot, with which we will need other community managers in the different countries or other business development, that is, the recruiter is total because it has to grow as much as possible. that the Latin American zone has to expand with which they form, that is, I dont want to see them in a year without knowing the same thing, that is, they have to do their best to leave you with prices that if they went down, leave them this nonsense please come from above, weinberg everything Exactly and well, we have more than 50 people connected and that more than one is going to apply for the positions that we saw previously will apply for the advocate chile argentina mexico colombia venezuela brazil that is, there is a lot of protection in the region we are just starting the jobs that they are doing each and believe me that with what happened with el salvador that if something a little more isolated comes with a peak in that it is bringing the gaze to latin america it is attracting the gaze that we can do and little by little we are going to go as a region forming another talent remaining in the project and it will obviously bother these professional profiles and there as an academy we are supporting development the call is there the options are the opportunity to be I think that letting this opportunity pass is absolutely nothing as José says inspiring congratulations to you it is This is why they have set up training people, what they have done is impressive, so congratulations to all, they work like Cristóbal, impressive, thanks Miguel, years, sure, it is good, it is true that they look at the page the change point link in community in Pico advocate and there please fill out the request for this agreement miguel seen in the guide and there it is and the link and then as for me I get involved a lot I called for beige but well for example as a curiosity I have alejandro vera who says link at 25 dollars now it is a bargain we at the changing level are so focused on the project that we are absolutely forbidden to talk about the price of the mole because it really is a lot of utility which is with which it is absolutely prohibited no we are not interested if it is at 20 dollars for 1 per God, no, the truth is that we are very focused on the project, with which the price of the ticket matters 0 to us and we add the 20 that the value of 11 so many prices because it is the only way to know the value of something, lets say that the price represents the value of a technology in the long term so that is to say that we dont pay so much attention to prices even though many people sit down and read lets form lets understand each other because lets say so much that has behind such pressure anyway me too I fully agree with that I despise here as the words of Matías highlight it I despise more web thank you well there it says thank you Miguel and you know we reiterate to those who are interested it is muscular because here is the link here this is what the web page is for It is a lawsuit that they buy advocate and if you complete the form that will appear here on the screen and nothing, I think it will be super important, super interesting, what it is going to be able to do, hopefully here in focus on seeing, it takes 7 minutes, name and well a series of information and nothing I think that here only for the pipe to comment on this everything is filled out in English and for two plurally farc well the form is in English but well obviously you fill in your data well if everything looks interesting in English Obviously, although those of the Spanish-speaking Latin Americans, I take care of it directly, but well, Ill also do it Georges Simon Olsen, well, if you put it in English, better also, Google Google translate works very well, a very big greeting from Argentina, now we are good to thank you, well, but know here what next is the one by chai ling tremendous project by sebastián marlon grateful to you for the information greetings from venezuela miguel also without problems with english arturo me nasal or drops from peru well we already have an audience from a large part of the region so nothing I think that the good side and very grateful for the time they have dedicated to it has been a real pleasure. think that it is half past one here in spain and I am as if I were celebrating, which is wonderful, with which a greeting and a big hug to the entire community of proxy academic chile because it has been a real pleasure we are super happy to be with you and the truth is that we are very encouraged to do more talks of this type, even some of much more technical ones, it will no longer be so simple, with which, well, nothing Waiting for your call, Cristóbal, when you want to do it, we are in such a way. Believe me, there is a lot of interest, because in the iris control intelligent controls programming course, we have an exclusive section where we work with 6 link, and there is also a lot of interest there, so the technical part, believe me, It is going to consume a lot when we do it, so we are going to do a second technical webinar for the programmers, so pay attention to all that, for that, subscribe to the channel to be attentive when we have this transmission, it also sent, so Marc Matías, normally thankful for your Participation left us free and if they want to withdraw for us we are in the game process so we are going to take a few minutes so that obviously I will not have to be taking more of their time so nothing please Ill leave you there so they can fire Thank you very much Cristóbal, totally nice, greetings to the entire Latin American community, keep studying and lets keep going, excellent, I would take boys and girls, its a pleasure to be with you, and you re signing up right now to train in any blogging course at the academy, it will help you I recommend it to you, thank you very much, count the themes we are not seeing, thank you very much and nothing for the rest, guys, nothing to tell you that we are ready to make our post, remember to leave us a like, subscribe to our channel, I think it will be very useful for you and of course also all the courses we have in our academy can be found in the classroom dot blogs and dot kaká dot cl are all the courses on demand we have our next live courses doubt consult what they have everything is on our pages of our social networks block academy dot cl on facebook twitter instagram you can follow us there we are sharing all our courses that although they are leaving next week as I told you so if you have any questions, comment on them, we have our WhatsApp also available to answer any questions you have if you follow the links that are below will arrive our whatsapp the same so that and any doubt they also write academy wheel blogs a street of maidens we always answer all the vehicles arrive so the question you can ask is have them available lets go with the picture so I leave you invited to do the following process for those who are first Danish sorry we are going to share on this screen to share side we have the by then in a second and as a good man he cannot do two things at the same time so what looking is where I have here It is then how it works which can work is a group patented the protocol that is to say the proof of attendance this webinar this qr code is available for this period of time we are going to do the process for example I have downloaded the application why you can download it in google page web store and as you can see here I am going to enlarge this campaign those who already know word can continue scaling the code as you can see I have my website there I have my in the application later you can look for that map it is called what is the They can find it directly in the app store or google page, they download it and the only thing I know to ask is that they leave the public address of their wallet where they want to receive this post and once they do it directly, all their websites will appear there. What does it have available so what you have to do is read this qr code first this qr code you cant read almost all qr code web applications or even sometimes the same cameras for example the case of the iphone tele the qr code so Im going to read here Im going to read the qr code and its going to open a web page for me then favorite open and that web page is this that Im also sharing here below or noted website is the dge blogs here he can visit directly or read the qr code and it will open this page as you can see there is the pop back open webinar knowing training there it is and below you have your public address of the wallet where you want to receive your by that public address where you do not get it from your goal more There, that is to say, they go to their goal plus copy the public address their goal plus paste it in this address that is down here and with that only there I clicked here ken imputed it and thats it and well I wait in the process and it will seem assigned to us in your equals, remember this is only that it is available during these minutes that it is so that they can klein quad and I am ready if I am pending and that they claim and there it is pending law later it will seem like a type to me one day with that the practice was taken nothing works on xdrive an area that decided very quickly and I should now go to my application and there you are look here is my application and there is my d and from him very simple simple without problem that more doubts consult some He has had some problem claiming his poa first because we have a block in academy chile to see why we have in the tila toxin webinars so we wait and be careful that this just occurred to me but we are going to do an I dont know if contest we are going to do something about all those who have pruning for a certain number of weeks we are going to give a scholarship to those who are attending during the next four webinars call each Tuesday in a row and show your respective for the next four webinars in a row we are going to have one of every 100 we will raffle a scholarship 100% among those who have this these 4 because I am going to share now so they are also seeing me through the caem toxin chat and there is joel through the chat out share the link they also possibly have problems copying and pasting, click there, it will open a separate meta tab, plus you have to have activated the guides on how to see their respective ones, you can consult them directly in our twitter account, look for us as a msn block if they have already done the process and you did not support appears tell us through the twitter account and we will guide you so that it is available so you know he reiterated and it just occurred to me so this is live those who have the four consecutive this Tuesday and the next three more than those who show their four points have or are going to participate in a 100% scholarship for any of the courses that we have totally available to anyone who wants to take that by the way free by block without Chinese academy in this academy so well we end then this webinar we hope that everyone has taken advantage of participating in this, having claimed their power as well and well, very very very good what we have just done I think this thing about coapa is super interesting and well it is part of what we are developing in this community of professionals training talent I have no missiles at all I know that thank you very much everyone who has excellent miguel got his website without problems very well credit to the top after they send us here and jose revolution the future well maybe who knows josé 1st issued by the academy may be worth a lot of money in the future so you always have to have faith in that thanks to federico also part of the academy students of the intelligent cash programming course with sun and you thank you very much for having attended federico also thank you very much that you are part of this play excellently we hope that we have been able to have your little here miguel also says that he no longer got his own arturo mena no he says thank you very much god i am very well felix late night for all the rest and we are seeing each other on next tuesday next wainer remember that you are participating next tuesday in the webinar with the quad and so for the next four consecutive we are going to raffle a free scholarship in any course at the academy get ready lets go get ready at night we are not seeing all and well We hope that it has been an excellent program if we are not seeing then next Tuesday but it did not score open good that it is very good ¡Sean bienvenidos a un nuevo BacOpenWebinar​​! 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