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today in the crypto space we see that bitcoin finally broke out of that fifty thousand dollar level and currently trying to test the fifty one thousand two hundred dollar mark up approximately four percent for the day and ethereum currently holding steady at three thousand five hundred dollars or so and the rest of the altcoin market pretty mixed overall some read some green but there are some good gainers for example internet computers dogecoin shiba inu is still climbing and theta network some great projects some good meme coins that are currently tearing it up however guys in todays video i have one coin that i want to share with you guys because it looks really interesting the charts are looking quite bullish and the fundamentals are bullish and i believe the charts need some of our attention so you know what lets look at the news lets analyze the charts and lets strategize to capitalize welcome to the channel my name is mike and lets get right into it so guys the price action today is looking really interesting of course bitcoin is leading the market we see that bitcoin is currently tracking to the upside above the 51 000 mark overall so good if we do back test at that at this point uh maybe back test the 50 000 level it is looking really bullish overall a little back test is totally fine and in yesterdays video we did discuss that we needed to produce a higher high on the rsi to invalidate that bearish divergence and so far so good guys if that does happen where we create a higher high on the rsi i believe that we were going to be trekking to the upside for good so if you missed out my previous video on bitcoin yesterday the quick bitcoin update make sure you check that out because i believe theres some great technical analysis in there that can give you a plan going forward but we can see the rest of the crypto space is pretty doing doing pretty good however bitcoin is leading the market bitcoin its dominance is up and overall when that happens we see that bitcoin takes the lead awkwards are doing okay there are some good coins doing fairly well however we have uh coins like uh solana going sideways finance kind of still going sideways xrp is getting a little bit of positive action overall dogecoin the mean coins today guys dogecoin and um sheba is doing very good like obviously guys this is very risky these coins are very risky dogecoin is slowly getting some really good fundamental traction i believe overall uh the the overall marketing behind dogecoin and the fact that it left such a mark as the first meme coin i dont think its going away any moment now and i believe that shiba could be the ethereum to dogecoin like uh theory means to bitcoin type of thing so these two coins right now are kind of plain off each other and definitely rallying so thats good for one reason it shows us that the overall market is waking up we see that the retail market is waking up and when retail market wakes up we get fomo tons of it so fomo is definitely in place starting off with dogecoin and and usually when um the mean coins rally we eventually see the rest of the crypto space rally going forward we you know there are many coins tara luna looks like its coming down to lower levels avalanche guys we had this plan set in place nice and early hopefully guys you follow the strategy buying the dips we see that we are currently retracing and honestly by selling the tops and buying the bottoms is how you do it guys trying to stay one step ahead of the market so you can maximize those portfolios now at the end of the day there are some great coins a great coins well what is bitcoin cash up to bitcoin cash going to look looks it looks like its breaking out as we speak but sheba a lot of people are talking about shiva all over social media all over of different uh chats on youtube videos and so on doing very well so i believe that a lot of individuals are waking up in the in the retail sector and overall were gonna see that a lot of those gains a lot of that interest is gonna you know slowly flow into um all coins but primarily the large caps then the small cap gems but were still waiting for ethereum ethereum still needs to wake up a little bit more still going sideways bitcoins taking the lead eventually big ethereum and then large caps and then low cap and gems are gonna slowly pick up but today guys in todays video i have one coin that i think needs our attention and you know on the channel i start i like looking for opportunities nice and early scaling into coins when they look like theyre getting ready for a nice recovery and thats how we do it guys buy nice and low and sell high and if you appreciate that strategy subscribe and click that bell button guys so that you can get notifications every time i release a new video youll definitely get an update a notification letting you know that i released an update regarding a new potential coin that could be rallying to the upside and thats what i do guys each and every day i go through the market looking for great opportunities for you guys so that we can definitely grow our portfolios thats the way we grow our portfolios thats the way we maximize our gains and overall if you appreciate that strategy make sure you slap that like button because you know as a new channel the support is so greatly appreciated but of course i want to focus on a little bit of speculative uh coins diverse portfolios are great having a little bit of bitcoin a little bit of ethereum a little bit of all coins and some um a few few speculative assets are not bad at the end of the day those are the ones that are going to give you really really good gains especially ones that are getting a little bit bullish fundamentally a little bit of um attention within the market within social media and so on and that coin that i want to cover with you guys is called alchemy pay alchemy pay and my opinion is um something thats going to be waking up ever so soon were going to see a little bit of momentum in this coin and weve already seen some of this momentum in other parts of the world other parts of the world have adopted this coin um a lot faster than i would say north america as a whole although canada seems to have some retailers that are adopting this right now as a payment system lets get into what this coin is all about we can see that theres a max supply which is good its not unlimited we can see that there is um some circulating supply which is only about a third of its max supply so i believe its tokenomics is going to be releasing uh some of the supply little by little which is good we want to kind of not flood the market too quick um and we see that the market cap its a low cap it is a very low cap with uh not that much volume explained by its low cap meaning its not a very popular coin as of yet and thats when you want to get in especially with speculative assets you want to get in nice and early before it explodes before we get that price action and we can see that its only six and a half cents trading at six and a half cents right now and its down overall its been coming down quite a bit recently since it got listed on coinbase now if we come down well get into the price action so soon make sure that you watch to the very end so that we you can get my whole strategy on how im going to scale into alchemy pay alchemy pays looking good from a ta perspective so make sure you stay tuned now of course a lot of you want to know about where to get this coin i like that its on coinbase gate is you know pretty good theres a lot of variety on gate its its its one of the bigger exchanges but not the biggest one some of the biggest of course coinbase finance kucoin these are pretty big and kate you know what i like about gate it has a variety it has a lot of variety of coins that you cant get in other places so if um if youre interested this is these two are the exchanges that do have them um have alchemy pay coins available so um overall what is it now of course theres a lot of information here why dont we just get into the website the website offers a lot more visuals it looks a lot more appealing lets check it out its not bad uh 65 countries and regions 300 fiat in crypto payment channels its basically cross-platform lots of different uh coins available here for exchanging meaning making payments and fiat as well which means that were bridging were bridging the crypto with the fiat system allowing people to pay in in any which way they feel comfortable in which is really good because as we adopt crypto as crypto becomes more uh adopted um getting a little bit of exposure through a system like this kind of leads more individuals to gain trust into the in the crypto payment system so i believe thats really good overall for the crypto community we can see that many countries different gateway payments and so on i think the asians are really adopting uh alchemy a lot more a lot quicker although canada right now does have one of their big retail retailers i believe um i think its a shoe store um is a big chain of shoe stores in canada is taking on this um this project in the sense that its allowing payments through alchemy pay so little by little i guess we gain exposure you know it doesnt happen all at once but at the end of the day we get that exposure we pick up momentum we see some good fundamentals and then overall we see good price action so and we can see that you know homeboy this is another exchange we got gate that i just spoke about i uh shopify um partnership so you can make payments on shopify so theres some good finance is one of their partners very good overall as an ecosystem to have such a main players in in on their in their camp essentially this i think this was the retailer that the canadian retailer although um its a shoe store or something thats really really big in in canada so basically this is the most important part in my opinion accept payments through they offer various very various ways apps pos which is um basically the terminals that you see um at stores web and card apparently they do have a card um option where you can pay through credit cards and so on and i guess thats where majority of us make our payments especially online payments so i guess having this as an option is definitely um a bonus how can we pay visa awesome we we can use they essentially have their own credit card so if we scroll forward uh accepting payments worldwide get paid in local currency this is where we kind of see the the bridge between fiat and um crypto because at the end of the day someone can pay you in crypto and then at the end of the day you can switch it right over to local currency right on the app and right on the like an exchange right so and earn earn rewards and alchemy coin thats the token that they offer uh beyond competitive transaction fees our payment protocol rewards you and your customers with the tokens every time they do a transaction so this is where a little bit of the tokenomics comes into play the more the the network works the more you make transactions on the network the more you can build yourself a portfolio of these tokens and at the end of the day these are some of the uh places where you can get them really good overall and this weekend actually down the app you can its theres availa an app ready to go theres a working product its not like its still in development apple store and google play really good really bullish overall and i think a lot of individuals are looking at this project as an up-and-coming payment system a lot of individuals are also saying that this is maybe a competitor to xrp i dont really see exactly but um it could be very possible as a banking service as a term as a way of payment um thats definitely possible so its time to keep our ears and eyes open on this project because i believe that its ready to do some things guys and if you have any coins that you want me to cover on the channel leave them in the comment section below and ill get right onto it guys i like getting into these coins nice and early and covering some speculative coins at the end of the day is not a bad idea i like having the large caps the blue chips and so on but once in a while i do like finding some of these uh gems because the gains can be massive massive lets get right into the pre into the charts the charts are going to tell us a little bit more should we be scaling in this is when it got listed on coinbase and we know we get a lot of pump and dump action after things get listed or coins get listed on major exchanges however what i like about this is that the price action is holding up we are not falling back to previous lows theres not much more data here however here on the huboy chart we see that theres a little bit more price action telling us what what the history is like about this coin and every time it gets listed on exchanges we see that we get spikes in price action oh boy listed it spike and came back down and then we get we start to pick up momentum and then we get a little bit of uh actually a quite a huge spike to the upside when we it got listed on coinbase now the question is how low can we go from here i highly doubt that were going to fall lower than we are right now it looks like we have retraced quite a bit actually by the way its looking it we retraced below the previous low so that means were creating lower lows at the end of the day though i dont think that we are coming down lower im starting to see rounded bottoms and for me thats an indicator that we have found our bottom lets kind of zoom in a little bit and see what is happening now that its listed on a major exchange were going to see some good volume were going to see some good exposure and were going to see the retail market really start paying attention to this coin and thats when we want to start scaling and i believe that were going to start plateauing here and perhaps get a breakout now what im seeing is that we are looking for a breakout as we speak um and the reason being is we kind of see that we had a downwards some downwards momentum of course we retraced down however we did get a breakout out of this um top or this uh resistance and now were back testing were back testing and hopefully we can produce a higher low which would lead me to believe that were getting a breakout at this in this area so right now is not a bad time to scale in just a little bit and see what happens this is very speculative and what i mean by this is that even if you put in lets say 100 bucks and you bought a little bit of this coin if you could easily double triple quadruple your money without much risk because youre only putting in a small portion of money so at the end of the day this is not financial advice but i do put my money where my mouth is and im buying the dip right here lets get some fibonacci retracement levels lets see what exactly what is happening with this price action now if we go as low as here i dont really like this idea to take a fibonacci from here because at the end we know what this spike is about its just fomo or listing pressure as soon as you get listed on an exchange this is what we see so lets just look at it just to entertain the idea we fell below uh the golden pocket 618 which is statistically speaking an ideal place for a reversal we didnt touch the 786 retracement which is good and were holding up right here however what about if we just look at this previous this previous low which is right here at approximately 6.3 cents and we can see that we fell below it so the retracement is quite deep to the point that its a one-to-one ratio we came back to previous lows and we could currently be creating a double bottom and for me thats a really strong indicator to start getting in it is the best place to get a risk to reward ratio that is nice and low the other day if we fall below here guys i definitely would consider you know holding off until we see how low we go because theres nothing holding it at this point so this is an area of interest for me lets just kind of put in a trend line to see exactly what im saying sorry guys uh trend line right here it this would be my final bottom if we break below i would just wait and see where we catch a bottom at the end of the day we have no price action looking left or supply and demand on the vpvr suggesting that were going to stop any higher than approximately 0.009 not below a penny so at the end of the day thats another area of interest an absolute bearish price target would be down here which i dont believe that this is happening many people are talking about alchemy pay many youtubers twitter its picking up in popularity so this is when you want to buy the room or sell the news type of thing right now theres a lot of rumors that this is going to start picking up so you want to consider scaling in now we can see that the um the emas are kind of like looking okay in the sense that okay we did after we retracement we did come down we got across but it looks like were kind of going sideways now so that we can see this cross bullish again and get that bullish stance and this is the daily chart guys so its very macro overall but i like that this price action is happening lets get into the four hours just quickly i like whats happening here this sideways action this high or low scenario leads me to believe that were looking for a breakout if we come back up here and touch this um a 7.3 cent mark again guys i believe that were going to break out and were going to get some good positive volume positive momentum to the upside so thats my strategy overall uh buying at this level if we do come down buy a little bit more here and wait for a recovery um what else can i tell you guys what about my bullish price targets once we do breakout where do we take profits what do we expect overall should we be considering holding for a long time again guys were talking about sense here were talking about a new project were talking very speculative so i like taking half on the double i like taking my initial investment out as soon as possible and letting the rest ride because you never know what could happen i did that with shiba shibainu the shiba coin and so far so good and a lot of the times when you get into speculative assets you dont want to go all in you just want to gain some exposure but reduce your risk as much as possible so lets look at an extension level from swing high to swing low if we would use this leg you can see that our price target could be all the way up here at 28 28 cents or so and definitely golden pocket extension level right but we got rejected we got rejected here at the golden pocket 618 which happens quite a bit and were coming down to lower levels now the way this looks is a lot different than this be recovery this looks like sideways accumulation this almost looks like a dead cat bounce we rallied to the upside we came back down we picked up a little bit more bullish bids to see if we can get another leg up and we did however were back down and coming down nice and slowly gradually and at the end of the day now were looking like to accumulate some bullishness overall we see that the price action did not fall to previous lows and so far so good so accumulation time this is what this means accumulation time now what about considering this swing high to this swing low and theres so much confluence doing this guys if you look at the confluence at this golden pocket extension level it is exactly at previous highs so that tells you that this is not a bad place to start taking some profits and take some profits here at the golden pocket extension level this extension level based on this dip so taking profits along the way guys scaling in and scaling out both ways is really really important because you reduce your risk and you preserve your capital that way making sure that you take some profits and you can walk away with profits a lot of people lose all their gains um before they know it they turn around the price action dumped and then they lose especially with speculative assets riskier assets its important that you you keep your gains guys so that you can buy the dips with them so overall im looking at this as an opportunity we could get another leg up theres no reason why we couldnt go to previous highs it happens all the time and and assets like this our gains are huge what would that mean guys lets look at our potential gains if we would get a recovery here or a nice pump to the upside back to previous highs its about 200 percent if we went to this previous site its about 100 so you could even double your money right here at approximately 13 cents 13 and a half cents or so take your initial investment and let the rest ride and see where it goes risk-free at that point thats my take thats what im doing on alchemy pay ach is looking bullish from both a fundamental and a ta perspective guys thats all i have for you today thank you for stopping by if you havent please subscribe and click that bell button so you dont miss any videos any up-and-coming videos because i try to release a video each and every day on bitcoin ethereum and more importantly buy the dip opportunities such as alchemy where we can get into them nice and cheap and sell nice and high and if you appreciate that strategy make sure you slap that like button you know the algorithm loves it and as a new channel the support is greatly appreciated take care guys have a good one and dont forget by the div you ALCHEMY PAY UPDATE: Should you buy ACH now? FOMO or Wait?!If you have any coins you want me to cover leave them in the comment section below. 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