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aeternity vs chainlink byzantine chain link Aeternity AE - обзор криптовалюты, новости, анализ. Криптовалюта для начинающих
Hello everyone, in this issue I will review the cryptocurrency and eternity at the beginning of the video I want to say that I am not a professional trader, only an amateur and cryptocurrency is my hobby, this cryptocurrency is at position 86 in the horse market rating and has a capitalization of 38 million 529 thousand at the moment they are already two hundred and ninety-six million coins for us and the total number I have stated that can be lured is three hundred and forty-two million coins began trading in June 2017 then it cost 85 cents now it costs 12 cents, that is, it sank a little, we see there is a certain volume for this cryptocurrency and they are interested in and and they trade it throughout this year, this is, in principle, its minimum cost, and how, in principle, all the cryptocurrencies on the market and the Internet were a little dried up, it turned out to be, among other things, and it is traded on such exchanges ak m x se hot bid to [ __ ] cupcake here and but us they are interested in the daily volume on penalties 77 thousand dollars is not so big it is presented on many troubles but on some exchanges more than a million just comes up to one and a half million daily volume on and cupcakes 228 thousand daily volume and eternity is a break block with a full set of contracts on the platform implemented decentralized oracles so that a decentralized application can use real world data on January 5, it is written that the deadline for the star fleet application, as I understand it, should launch their application on February 20 info along with moms sleigh along with bitcoin city general events about toy and throne a will be held blockchain economy 2020 will be a conference and on March 6 it will not participate in the conference with other cryptocurrencies such as the cell south general event again, the monarch is equal to the root with taylor and a teaser on past events on December 20 there were questions and answers there was a meeting on December 19 by a bear that they go to conferences they tell about me it’s cool contests are also cool hard fork was also cool in general they try to work with the coin and work very hard with their potential investors and go to their official website at the end where there is over the disk in Spanish in Russian, as I understand it in Chinese and Korean rather in all languages ​​ are presented where you can read in more detail about these cryptocurrencies roadmap where they were where they are now and what will happen in the future on this I will complete my review subscribe to the channel comment on the video until new releases friends bye bye Криптовалюта Аетернити обзор и новости. Криптовалюта и заработок для начинающих