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and at the same time this is i think the romantic corner of crypto so were all very passionate and enthused and fiery about you know doing things and making things happen i would say its funny weve gotten so many different responses too right even with our first launch which was a ticket to the auction it has a bunch of other benefits but we have people that bought in early and they saw the vision they saw the value they joined the community they started participating were talking about dowels were talking about art innovation and then all of a sudden it took off and uh all the tickets sold out and the secondary market blew up like 40 000 or something crazy and uh it was nuts and then in the next 24 hours you know we had all of these people these speculators coming in which completely shifted the entire conversation right we saw to your point like the different ways into this one item right which to us was a ticket it was a ticket to the community and to take it to the auction but it became the speculative device and brought in a completely different reality that we then had to navigate and manage uh while still staying true to our mission you know what i mean building this community about art innovation welcome to chain link live everybody my name is andy boyan from chain link labs and i am really excited to talk to a cursed share today uh in this q a um youre welcome to bring your questions as well if you have them throughout the ama drop them in the chat well be able to see them and respond but ive got john and monica here from recursive chair to talk about what the project is john just gave this great introduction about how this flood this overwhelming like enthusiasm and passion from the community emerged and theyve been dealing with that during this launch um and how amazing of a time this is um uh monica just said that were in the romantic corner of of crypto and i think thats so right on like were building it were doing it and so we want to hear exactly from you guys who are building this amazing project right now in the middle of this nft craze um youve been building this project for a while why dont you get a stardust tell us about the curse nft tell us about a cursed chair what you guys are aiming to do oh monicas internet has been uh off and on so she might pop in and out if so no big deal just everybody heads up all right john go ahead lead us off yeah so ill get started on uh our cursed shares so that is our company and a cursed share is a crypto art incubator community and innovation studio and what makes us unique in this space is that were really focused on the smart contract not simply as an indicator of ownership on the blockchain for art but as an entire canvas right that can be offered up to an artist uh to create new forms of storytelling and innovation and relationship to the artistic medium itself right its an innovation in digital art um that were so early that few platforms are really appreciating this and capturing this and so that is what our focus is as as an innovation hub community and uh studio ourselves cool and then monica ill hand it off to you to actually explain the curse nft um because she has a little bit more of a magical storytelling device there its a beautiful story and i think that is a grace uh i dont know how many of those uh have pervaded into space yet but i think its a its its an asset that um it is going to start popping up more this is a beautiful real life story uh crystal shot is a model and a new york fashion week in 2016 a backstage picture of her almost a candid uh somehow got sold and moved in such a way that it clambered up to the first position in the google search for face without her knowledge and without you know her being credited or paid for it and it has sat there like a fat cat for all these years doing its own thing living its own life and uh crystal has had no resource theres nothing to do about this situation until smart contract technology opened up an option and so were doing an nft of gorgeous gorgeous weve done a gorgeous nft uh a 4k 3d photograph of her this uh resplendent image which has five variations that respond to the changing price of ethereum and is everything her cursed image is not it is authorized it is responsive and it is gainful im trying to find this image of crystal shot so people can see because this backstory is really fascinating its this idea that uh um you know its about art and ownership of your own data and expressing something to the world whether through fashion or independently or whatever it happens to be and about controlling that yourself so crystal didnt have control like thats kind of the story here is there there you know in crypto you kind of have the option to opt in and opt out and thats one of the major differences between a lot of centralized services but she just didnt have control in that regard how did you guys find out about this story did you know her like how did this come to your attention so just a personal connection that our third co-founder had and uh weve been incredibly lucky beyond just the story crystal shot is also a producer on this project has been an amazing collaborator and uh right now is is doing the news circuit shes going to be featured on on her local news in california uh this friday so you know shes definitely been doing a lot of work all right well ive brought up um this tab this is from the accursed chair website so you guys can see but this is the photo right here and so this candid shot from backstage and when was that 2016 a long time ago gets taken and then crystal just loses control of this it gets put up in glamour magazine and its still like one of the top search results for face so shes like shes famous but nobody knows who she is and shes not benefiting from this at all right yeah you wouldnt want it to happen to you glamour is owned by conde nast right so its this like faceless nameless giant theres probably not even a person that has touched this post you know since its gone up but the algorithms and the automations that they have set up just keep surfacing it right they keep republishing the exact same post so the year keeps updating and they have their metadata set up on this photo so efficiently that it just keeps going back up right so at this point it gets tens of millions of views every month right and you look at that like over the course of the last five years you know thats hundreds of millions of views on this photo um her name isnt attached to it she gets no credit and its literally the most successful photo of her thats ever been taken right um but thats thats why the curse nft makes sense and and thats why were building something thatll exist out on the internet right obviously you know powered by chain link um we can in a decentralized manner ensure that this thing keeps updating that the art keeps changing until it reaches its final form when ethereum reaches uh 20 000 in usd value right and so this is our counter narrative and it exists beyond just you know the press were getting right now and the auction because the nft itself will live on in an indestructible form um to kind of break the curse and combat you know the uh the face that has been portrayed by condensed all right we do have crystal in the chat so hello crystal or someone who says theyre but it sounds like it is crystal she she said some things about uh knowing you guys so im glad to have you here and it looks like the community is um saying hello as well and i appreciate that you know i i think this idea the story of well well theres not a lot she can do so so crypto so smart contracts so blockchain this decentralization is a recourse and and you can do it yourself and a team gets together and says well we can build something we can make a statement and its like its a financial statement its an artistic statement its a its a data ownership statement its like a legal or contractual its like everything packed into one just like we were talking about earlier monica at the beginning like theres just so many things that come together its like this this perfect blend of opportunities really cool and thank you for being here as well crystal can you guys go over uh some of the specifics on the curse nft so as ethereum hits different usd based price levels it takes different forms what do those look like how many nfts are there like just give us some of the fundamentals on those yeah so ill give you a quick breakdown on that so at its core you will see a video right so youll always see a video playing a minute long video uh representing nft and there are five different states and this video is a very unique production right the 3d scan was done by protagon this is the 3d mastery team behind the avengers series and currently filming avatar 2. so we can say we literally have the best 3d scan in the world essential to this nft by the best 3d team in the world right no one else um literally has this level of production value and so its this 3d scan and then we had an amazing 3d artist um who uh is working with us in-house in each of these five frames is a minute long with a custom video and also a custom soundtrack um that was crafted uniquely for uh each video right im pulling up some of the other photos from your site just so people can see because the story matches this as well and crystal your hair here is so amazing i am so jealously fomo of how this looks anyways im sorry john keep going no no its great you mentioned that its its kind of like a accidental iconography right now weve become like the green hair company with our first project here the curse and so its just like everyone sees the green hair everywhere and its lovely right its its lovely in the behind the scenes photos its definitely in photos of crystal anyway because crystals lovely um but then also in the actual scan itself right and in the visuals that you see uh when you actually just go to our website the video plays and you can actually see the different faces so sorry um going back to your question on the technical specifications so the five different states um they change uh to the first state when uh ethereum is at a positive for one day right for a 24-hour period and then it changes to the second state when ethereum is at a positive for two days in a row the third state displays when ethereum is at a negative for one day in a row and uh then the fourth state displays when ethereum is a negative for two days in a row right so through those four states itll kind of shift until ethereum reaches again twenty thousand dollars worth of usd and then it reaches its final form right we consider that to be the breaking of the curse um and maybe monica can fill in a little bit more like what what that actually represents because she actually is a specialist and has a taxonomy of purses that she produced before we even started this project id love to hear did you catch that monika well she might be coming in and out uh oh okay well well see well see if we can get back to that one because thats a fun story um but this has redemptive value oh well shes back all right monica go ahead and start again lets see if we can catch that one of the i think that the most compelling thing about uh crystals curse is that it is profoundly unearned uh you know crimes against nature crimes against blood might merit a curse you know its a proportionate punishment but crystal did nothing she barely remembers having this picture taken and um so in this sense to lift curse is um i think its a very uh its almost a magical event that were doing here its almost a magical operation because we are reverting the irreversible that is wild thats incredibly daring and i think that once you put that out into the comments and people will see that you can do this you can technically you know uh thinking about the possibility space in a much deeper way and that is what um we want people to start considering if this is like this extreme a use case what other things can we do with dynamic nft is what other things do with this technology that have real world repercussions you know were in the middle of this nft craze on crypto twitter and sort of in the industry right now and you know jpegs and profile pictures are very popular and art is popular this generative art and and and thats thats fine its a thing but this is taking you know another step really dynamic nfts nfts that are changing based on data whatever it happens to be in this case the ethereum price actually im going to pull it up i have the website here with the video so ill have this running um seeing this uh weve got monica back as well all right here we go im just going to play this its just such an amazing visual to go through the stages right there yeah and this is just in uh 1080p right because this is just what we embedded in this site the actual nft is in 4k um and the audio on it is is pretty incredible so that can actually be seen on the the auction page you can see its current state you can hear the audio for the singular state but youll have to wait to see the different states you know as the as the price of ethereum changes um and capture the full you know 4k quality um but but i i do agree it looks pretty dope in 1080p as well its pretty pretty great um theres a question from newbie cryptdubi where can we learn how to do dynamic dynamic nfts cryptin the newbie cryptubi im going to ask our moderator tatiana if you can go out and look for theres chain-link tutorials on dnfts or or dynamic nfts that our jefferel team has put together and and basically i dont know exactly how it works im not the technical guy but the fundamental is you use a price feed and changing the changing values from that that feed or data feed or price feed whatever it happens to be you can do a weather feed you can do sports feed to change the nft so a lot of times like for sports example people get excited about the idea of collectible sports cards well you could update their stats if you had a sports data feed which chainlink does provide as well to that nft so so there are ways to do that and change those states and there are tutorials out there so im gonna ask tatiana to look for that and ill add that to the youtube description um as well uh after this uh right here as this is playing um uh so youre using the chain link usd feed here um what did you do um some thinking about why ethereum why the price of ethereum like why is that connected we have monica back as well why the price of ethereum to to se to trigger this i think its just an interesting choice yeah in this case um theres a couple different dynamics at play right theres kind of the spirit of the market right we looked at different platforms obviously its wonderful to have like very low gas fees you know etc of like later twos but really the gestalt of the community were tapping into and the uh kind of excitement and spirit is in the ethereum nft market right um so its the crypto punks right its this ethos of like radical community generation and what it means to be early here what it means to be participating in these phases right its the board apes yacht club its our own discord right its like thats why we saw the prices of the tickets go up again you know like 40 um thousand percent so fast you know its like in less than 24 hours because people want to be a part of uh these communities and so again this is all happening on ethereum right um the ethos the spirit the radicalness of where the nft movement is right now and how nfts are being valued and looked at um thats what we wanted to tap into and thats a part of the art itself right is the community were tapping into the spirit were tapping into um and thats at the core of of our kind of brand identity as well its like this is something that drives us as an entity so you know in ethereum theres been this cipher punk ethos for a long time open source you know build build the opt-out systems um in general and so and and thats actually feels like that when you take a step back like from this is a cool art piece it really is about reclaiming data ownership and and not just about like having your own data you know owning your own data or owning your own ip intellectual property and releasing that for sale but really a reclamation in in this project of reaching out and saying okay i lost it and now i can get it so i i totally see how it fits the uh you know general ethos of ethereum ecosystem and cipher cypherpunk uh sort of philosophy monica do you have thoughts about cypherpunk and ethereum as a a network and how this fits into curse i think john put it very well but one thing that i would like to add while we still have time and it was something that you brought up that propose a green hair i think that crystal shot is you know poised to become the first uh the first phase of crypto the first iconic it girl and in that sense we may have also done something we werent you know you cant plan this you cant fabricate it it happens and that is part of the magical operation at work here and its happening the it girl is happening on ethereum and ethereum is the blockchain scene for that so this is how we become a scene not just an ecosystem and i think thats gorgeous um working for chain link labs and being very involved in the chain link protocol uh im im very interested in network effects you build the infrastructure for the network if its there if you can if theres a good solid price feed then projects can build and they can use that price feed to create whatever it is if they want to create defy they want to create a new it girl in culture and who knows whether or not thats going to manifest but but those networks you create the rails you build them out and then what happens you guys didnt even know you werent even ready it sounded like for for the amount of excitement enthusiasm that this generated and came up um i i just think its a really uh exciting time and congratulations to you guys for launching this um john said hes been working you know crazy hours to try and bring in new talent to help his team out to scale this idea up as well um we are kind of coming close on time there are a few user questions so i do want to get to them let me um bring monica back crystal i will uh take off briefly um where is this great uh other question um oh im gonna save this one so i do see your questions if you have them theres one that im gonna um save uh were you guys into crypto before this project or did this kind of come you needed to think about data or ownership and art or where was your this in your journey yeah i had uh been involved in the nft space for about three years i was actually coming from leading product uh over at upland which at the time was the fastest growing game in the entire blockchain space um so i managed the feature strategy for that and kind of the community strategy live operations as well um that kind of taught me like the base layer of really developing an economy of value understanding within the nft space thats sustainable um but i worked on several other nft projects prior to that and then you know i wish i had been an early adopter nine years ago when i first started paying attention to bitcoin but its one of those things its like i was hyped on it but i didnt pull the trigger enough i used it you know to buy a couple things online but um i wasnt a holder like i should have been so you know shame on me and thatll never be the case again but uh yeah ive been a a fanboy of crypto and the values involved for maybe like nine ten years people talk about um bitcoin pizza day as a famous day but the fortunes won them lost on just bitcoin poker online people just throwing bitcoins away i i heard stories i was not in that area yeah really i uh monica uh how have you been introduced to this space i was introduced to the space by charlie and john i uh sort of started getting intimations a year and two months ago i didnt know what an nft was or very very vaguely and uh but ive caught up and uh im an art historian i come from a completely different background and i can see this moment from what it is this is the avant-garde this is the first original artistic movement of the 21st century and its great to be here i love it uh i i hearing people from different disciplines come into crypto and just sink their teeth in is so we we desperately need that if its just crypto people who are doing building crypto stuff well never grow so welcome to the art historians of the world absolutely like your perspective on this is is incredibly valuable so i want to thank you for being here and sharing your story that you came a year ago its okay to come a year ago its okay to come this month everybody starts somewhere and its a really good time to start uh in here as well um i want to ask you guys about your roadmap roadmap kind of whats coming next and but one of our audience members has a question um its about what kind of art an artist are you planning on working for like what what is coming next on on curse i know you guys are just like trying to get a handle on making sure the curse launched and everything goes well is this a platform is this a movement how are you thinking about this yeah so um i id like to comment on the platform and then maybe monica can talk about two upcoming artist collaborations that we had announced that were incredibly excited about and i think theyll really exemplify our path forward um but theres a couple things that are involved in our near-term future right so the first thing is that weve committed to building a platform that allows any artist to be able to create a dynamic nft similar to the curse right so thats kind of one of our fundamentals is creating new technology in the nft space in order to enable new forms of storytelling and different narrative possibilities well exemplify it with our own art our own artistic productions right like you know not not all of these entities are going to be like the curse right the the curses im sorry curse nft is an incredibly unique production with unique collaborators its a first in many ways is the first as you know use the chain link keeper technology um and and so its a very very unique production but well be making it a lot easier for any artist to set up their own dynamic nft that responds to different data feeds coming in from chain link so thats going to be the first version of our platform right and as we continue to build more of these custom smart contract productions uniquely with these innovative artists we will continue to create tools then for the art community to then build their own versions of those right so expanding whats possible uh within the canvas of smart contracts for artists and monica did you want to explain our art collaborations we have already announced two uh coming collaborations one is with the painter julian willian who has just closed a spectacular solo exhibition at matthew marks new york hes the youngest painter to have exhibited there hes you know hes a vundrakin and its amazing to have him on board hes deeply analog and hes going to go deeply digital now so this is going to be very interesting to watch and then we have uh the avalanches whom we all know and adore um they are you know the soundtrack to our lives in so many ways and were going to be exploring what can be done with sound in this particular format and also developing a documentary film with them uh which you know the entire community will be you know producing uh called the recording angel so this is going to be taking music to places it hasnt gone before and the avalanche is being the masters of sampling i would be prepared for very interesting things uh you guys are getting my creative juices flowing like theres so much creative potential the design space for this is its infinite its its what you could be as weird as you want in in digital space and combining that with analog space and real world excuse me real world data and peoples experiences and the passion that we see you know in the art community and the nft community is as artists are figuring out like okay this is its not just a way to make money but its a new avenue for expression uh in in a totally new medium uh we are i think youre right were on a really just exciting time um uh in in the entire space hey i want to thank you guys for coming on so much i really appreciate your time i had a wonderful conversation i barely stuck to my questions because we just kind of got going and and had a nice time and i thank you so much to the community as well yeah um thank you so much for having us on here andy and of course uh thank you chandling for you know being awesome supporters of our project our artistic vision and uh what were building moving forward you know you all have been really great on a number of uh different phases of this project and uh this is just uh another one so this ama has been a ton of fun weve been able to express some you know really fantastic ideas around where art innovation is going in the space and thats our goal as a company is to spread this and to get more people activating understanding whats possible with these new innovations in our technology and uh here we are i just appreciate a sense of possibility yeah i appreciate both of your time so much i come from a liberal arts sort of background and so to come into technology theres a lot of technology but to really dive in and think hard about art and creative space um its been an absolute pleasure so uh thank you lets stay in touch i want to follow up like next project launch however things go well meet up in person show me cool art galleries and digital art galleries uh i would love to be involved with that but i very much appreciate your guys time sounds good and yeah thank you so much uh well well chat more on discord all right bye hey everybody stick around for one sec uh thank you monica thank you john uh stick around for one sec because join the communities theyve got a great discord community the links will be down below tatiana did put a link in that chat if you want to learn how to do dynamic nfts thank you for getting that tatiana and i will make sure to add that to the description uh for those of you who are watching after the live event like and subscribe you know i gotta say it you know i gotta say it because we are doing these amas with really cool projects um all for like ever for like ever im doing them like every day except for friday i dont think but im doing another one tomorrow i got like four next week im gonna be doing them a lot and theyre all amazing interesting projects and what i will bring to you is a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity because i just love to learn come with me learn with me about these amazing interesting projects uh thank you crystal shot for showing up in the in the chat as well um our our celebrity guest as well uh and thank you again to john and monica for joining me hey everybody oh and thanks tatiana for helping me out and being a moderator i appreciate your time as well um great questions from the community thank you everyone im going to give my little situation going um join the chain link communities too if you want to talk to me about who you want to see on amaze im in the chain link telegram im on the chain link discord you can ping me there you can hit me on twitter im at andy boy and im not hard to find uh thanks its shane like live bye Join us on Chainlink Live for a video Q&A with Accursed Share. 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