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right on lets get lets get started then cool well welcome everyone for joining us really excited today to have mark Zeller from the Ave team as well as Patrick Collins from the channeling team to join us so the agenda today is really to highlight a lot of the development and work thats been going into both the chain-link and Ave ecosystems we recently both participated in the ëthe global hack money hackathon theres over a hundred and ten projects submitted a lot of those were using Ave quite a few were using chain-link as well and using both at the same time which was really impressive and thats really what we want to highlight today is the work that these teams went in for the past month grinding it out and putting out finished products so we want to give them a chance to demo those for for both the Ave and the chain-link communities as well as the greater blockchain community and just highlight all the amazing work thats been going in so we have three teams that well be presenting today the first is going to be learning earn learning earn was built by Victor Jessa Daniel Edward and meat and theyre theyre based out of a Canada team as well as all around around the world and so a little bit about them Ill let them describe but theyll helps its a decentralized learning platform which is really really exciting I saw that ston a overall they even tweeted about these guys about the amazing work that they did and if you really want to see the power of chain link and Ave together this is a great project to check out the second project is going to be candy shop it was created by r3 Ock and V hub and so theyre Dex aggregator they also integrated chain link vrf so verifiable random function so really cool project that we want to highlight and then the final project that use both Ave and chain link is deed which is another decentralized educational platform that was made by Mathias Flavio and Roderigo so if you have questions three of these teams as theyre presenting feel free to drop them in the chat and well try to get to them as quickly as possible so without further ado Im gonna bring on the learning art team and let them give a little presentation so just give me one second were you here we okay Edward so Im promoting you to panelist right now hey Edward hey guys hey welcome yet they were joining us yeah nice to be here cool yeah is there anyone else from your team I dont think I saw oh maybe it would help if the rest of my team would raise their hands up on the on the panel I know Daniel and meat should be on Victor unfortunately is all the deadlines which to make a report so you cant make it today hey guys welcome big thanks for joining yeah its great to be here cool well mark you wanted me to learn intern team and then we can get into their presentation for sure yeah so yeah like first off like a big congrats to Alvin for reaching 100 million users this is amazing and also like a big congrats on King links like first year anniversary on a maintenance so yeah you guys are really leading the charge on define blockchain here and so I want to share the screen were gonna go through the video first and then well happy to take some questions from the crowd oh we just need to share screen Kingdom and if you could help us share screen Thanks so well just play this very quickly I know everybody Im bushi oh wait does everybody hear the sound yeah yeah okay the team learning Im the designer and we are a team of very talented we want to help people save money and we want to so essentially the rules in for our app and you can see this further in our flow diagram so how it works how this one works is students as well as donors are able to fund is taking an itch stating pool is dedicated and well students learn the same students once they complete all the tests are able to earn interest on the stake that they put there and are also able to get the statement students who dont finish give it to student soon to and funds return i return to donors heres a very quick plans for this band for a demo i love to share with you heres our student flow here meat is actually signing on to blockchain from here we all sit back in that student still staking in by here at art history and we are going to yearn for this course very simple you will do a page where you have to carry your furnace wallet - here you are students are able to state a hundred died and be able to take tests and test very quickly so once the test is done once students pass all of the tests here the idea is that theyre more legible to gain the interest at the end of it at the end of their term you just need to like complete the other tests in the time this is three months later Oh what happens after three months you have all the courses well you get your your stake and your diet participating in this course and here is the donor flow just very quickly the intention here is that students can earn way more donor the idea is donors gonna give as much in the amount they want and by thats taken to be schools are really going to fund that that can support any course the nice thing is they can support any program that they want specifically they want to but I back to this lets see in the future we want to scale this up by giving off men with words teams partnership ordering the boots to get you want to also think of revenue share and so yeah check out our our documentation 92 thoughts about this so yeah thats that was our video and yeah like the the mazing tech team that built it today our were just at Daniel and meets yeah maybe when we meet Sonic like joining the call were ready to ask take on any questions about how this is built it specifically when it comes to chain link and happy cool yeah think thanks a lot for the presentation Edward and the whole learner and team mark do you have any questions or want to ask them specifically anything I really looked the project I want to share that and a super cool that you cannot donors that actually contribute to the earnings of the actual students and the good thing with are they and he a tokens like their architecture is that you can seamlessly redirect the interest you earn directly to any contract address you want so lets say very rich and I have 1 million died for example and I want to support students for specific program that I think are worth it and I want to spread knowledge for mass adoption well I just have to click one button with learning in there for example and then all the interest for my one medium die will go directly to fund this initiative and why I read I stay in full control of my 1 million dies or if I want to change my mind or shall spend part of the money and no one is not no capital is not and thats super powerful to have this kind of stuff yep yeah its really cool watching you guys as progress I know that me and you Edward we were talking for a while before and everything that you do within just the defy and blockchain space is is really really incredible and definitely appreciated by the community it doesnt even have any any questions from from the audience for the for the learn and earn team feel free to drop him the chat one thing that Im kind of curious about from you guyss perspective jessa Edward Daniel what was your motivation to kind of build this and like what what kind of sparked the idea or what made you want to kind of join the project and kind of get into the education space do you want to okay so for me I actually have been in the e-learning space for five or six years I didnt specifically I just knew I wanted to work on a project with Ed because hes super cool and when he talked to me about how he wanted to tackle the problem of course completion it really resonated with me because I have signed up for so many Coursera courses and then just after like two weeks I just abandoned them because I dont have the incentive to finish or you know Im not really putting anything at stake for myself other than my time so I thought it was a really really cool problem to tackle so thats thats kind of my personal you and why I joined yeah I oh sorry I think Eds actually well I personally dont have but sorry Edie yeah go ahead yeah you youre the one who came up well with with victories hell yeah cool yeah we got we got one question here from from the audience if there is some sort of mark a place where you could see learning opportunities exist across different learning platforms or like different LMS type type platforms would it be is it only for like blockchain education or could you see this kind of expanding into anything I think because we have the X the Chrome extension it would have to most likely be courses that are offered in that capacity so they are courses that you can access from your browser learning management systems usually live behind the scenes somewhere and theyre not acts accessible to lots of people to be able to participate in the game so I would say just anything like Coursera or Khan Academy or you to me where you have access or we have access to their content and we can put learning on on those platforms would make it easier for people to access learning are cool so okay so as Jesse said I was just gonna say so far oh weve all weve done it on academy but its not our courses that like any specific blockchain courses its just any courses it you know the format is the same we can inject the same buckets in the same places so anything on Khan Academy currently works right on it so what more a question so like with avi initially like when you when you think of it you think of it as like a lending borrowing platform and now youre kind of seeing it explode into this developer tool system as well what was your experience like using Ave and how did you like see the support from the team and yeah what was that what was that experience like in the change that you saw well if I may answer that Thea yeah all they seemed been no youre youre youre breaking up all I want yeah yeah sorry yeah its um 1x its cool yeah Daniel Daniel was the one that really worked with Ave the most so hed be like if everyone can kind of use their ears a little bit to hear what he said I I think what what you meant Daniel was that the interface was easy for you to use and that we didnt actually reach out to the ave team that much I dont think Daniel really reached out hes like a whiz kid he just kind of figured it out on his own but um its been really good yeah yeah yeah so yeah but its really cool to be on this call and to get all the support we were I would say I was really surprised that we we won just because we didnt reach out that much and but yeah it was a really really cool experience and using the platform and we loved that our use case fits so well with what you guys are up to yeah I also I also want to give a shout out to Victor Lee who couldnt make it today because his background is actually in in research he used to work for a a pension fund so hes really good at finding details and thats where he really like discovered this problem of like MOOCs not like like having finished having really bad completion rates and that he also knew because he were hes part of the defy tronic group that defy could really like solve this same time and like if you go on our notion board a lot of like you do research that you put together is is there and also the the different kinds of payouts that that students can get depending on on the completion how much students complete how many donors are in so yeah like if anybodys curious about the model you can check it out on our notion and going back to like the LMS platforms as long as theyre connected to the internet right as long as they can interact with the blockchain I think we can make it work and the nice thing about the extensions are is that they we just need to let the Ascension plug-in buttons on any any education platform so if thats possible we can make anything work well well yeah thank you thank you team for for sharing really excited is there anywhere that if anyone wants to follow follow your progress that they can kind of see that yeah well like you can follow our notion board will always be updating it and if were if youre announcing any partnerships well be putting it there you can also follow us on on on Twitter we all have our handles on online and you could see us being which we did by you guys you on your music handles on Twitter and yeah bug us if you have any questions yeah were always cool yeah well make sure to drop those those links into into the description afterwards so everyone come yep mark is there anything else that you want to want to ask her or speak about not at this time but congrats again on what you built and I can wait you to see the project on maintenance and actually get it around me cool cool thank you guys really really appreciate you guys taking her time and its really exciting to see thank you cool so so next well be having the candy shop team and so ours is going to be presenting from them and then let me just add and then remove the other team real fast and then again if you have questions we also are monitoring the YouTube so if youre on YouTube and have questions feel free to drop them in there and well be able to get those and then everyone thats also on the zoom feel free to drop those questions into the Q&A hey arth hey guys hey thanks for joining us welcome Patrick do you want to want to introduce yeah so I had the I had the luxury of chatting with the the candy shop team a little bit / ARBs there was a couple of name change changes going on there before they kind of decided on what they wanted to do for the name but um but yeah basically just introduce you guys again down to what Keenan said you know candy shop the ideas have a dex aggregator but the idea is that optimizes on on efficiency by taking the arbitrage and but but by taking the profits from the arbitrage and splitting it basically into a lottery system so every time you make a swap and theres an armature arbitrage opportunity you basically get like a lottery ticket called the candy from these guys and at the end of the lottery you can cash out one of the things that was really really cool to see is that these guys use a verifiably random seed through the chain-link vrf so theyre lottery tickets are provably random and theres no dependence or trusting on the other theorem miners its completely random which is you know awesome to see for trust assess and defy and were were really excited to have them here yeah so welcome welcome in it and then I think I think just a just eglise here you started I think you said you came with the video is that correct as well Im gonna all right great sounds good take it away anybody see my screen yeah so Tandy shop is a text editor but we added a twist on top of it what it does is it creates a wrapper up on top of existing Texas and the purpose is to reduce the loss caused due to slippage it gave me Phi is the action of performing swaps by distributing lottery tickets and then the users are eligible to win and it lets anyone sponsor the lottery pool basically so it can increase Lee basically to boost liquidity so how is the slippage reduced whenever a user is performing the swap it automatic it automatically performs an arbitrage if there is an opportunity and part of the arbitrage is returned back to the user for gaming fiying it the users get lottery tickets which we are calling candies for performing swaps and the remaining part of the arbitrage profit that is not returned to the user is contributed to the lottery pool this lottery pool is committed to Iowa for earning interest and at the end of the lottery period it is a winner is picked using the verifiable randomness from Jane Lee and yeah he gets all the lottery how is how does increasing a liquidity work so any creator any token creators or liquidity pool liquidity providers they can basically sponsor the lottery pool so a larger lottery pool ends up incentivizing more trades because theres a larger lottery to win and it is something similar to to the trading contests that centralized exchanges used to hold so something on those lines so right now candy shop is in is not yet ready for the main net but we have deployment on Roxton Ill show dem over there so basically what happens is you have an interface like this we fold it from yunusov so mostly very similar you can just select any token over here and you enter the amount of swap that you want to do so initially it shows you the unit swap exchange rates currently we have integrated on top of it only and so it shows the unit of exchange rate and I am performing swap so when ice performace walk then it goes through we will see that the exchange rate turns out to be actually better than this so currently 1e is 36.4 1 but like when we perform the swap from candy shop 1 each was 39.2 to GRPs so we ended up getting a better exchanger and similarly there is a mechanism to sponsor the pool so you just come here and you say you want to sponsor how much amount and you you can just yeah so this is currently deployed on Roxton we still have things under development so the 100 day I got added to the lottery put a pencil so we have just integrated oneexchange as of now so we want to split it across multiple exchanges we want to enable sponsoring individual price pools so currently theres just one then we want to do it for individual tokens so that any token creators can sponsor just there and then we get to work on the web interface which is right now just spoken not suited for our purpose so were ready to work on that and we are a team of three so theres web of Jelani Trello Kumar and me orthotic yeah so thats it were open Im open to questions awesome yeah thank you so much for that thats a its pretty cool to see like basically right in front of our faces like hey here it is its on test net heres how it works were gonna go to maintenance soon and this is basically what its gonna look like I think thats fantastic so yeah so what well look for any any questions from the audience but but while were looking for for some of those questions I know you know we had the the chance to already chat a little bit before this but talk to me a little bit about implementing the vrf sign oh the the chain-link vrf actually launched kind of midway through the hackathon and thats when you were like oh wow like this is perfect how did how did that happen yeah so actually figured out how to do it so initially we just thought the well use a chain link or I fell or something but then the brfs came and so does this drill upon our team hes pretty good with contracts and everything so he just went he just figured it out immediately and intake got it decorated so yeah it was pretty cool yeah the the timing that worked out just just really well really well that the yeah so now it benefits because the whole thing becomes one chain now we dont have to trust any other part it just kind of fits in into the whole defy motivation so right yeah Im pretty good yeah for sure oh it looks like we we have a question actually from from Cole Hales ago on call or from Andrew Schmidt Im not sure could you explain a little more how the pool sponsoring works who is sponsoring so basically then when a user is performing swap and we we do the IB - to get some profit so that profit is right now it is being split in 80/20 eighty percent of it is returned back to the user and 20 percent of it is used to sponsor the lottery cool so this is like the basic version but if someone wants to sponsor their tokens lottery pool we want to enable that as well like he can just come in and say I increase liquidity for my pool and so sounds like these are some of the next steps that you guys are planning on building out yeah currently theres just one lottery pool for all tokens we want to split it up into individual tokens so that people can sponsor individual wins but currently what is what it does is like before performing any swap it keeps keeps contributing to the same pool yeah yeah that makes sense so another question from the audience hey ours if you could please discuss the motivation behind the idea how did you narrow it down howd you guys know up with us yeah what we were thinking is like this always swaps on decks and then why let arbitrage just take away the profit from it we could return it back to the user so thats where the idea came up but then we got so that thing could reduce arbitrage would be to increase liquidity providers like the amount of liquidity in the pool so for them basically to incentivize for that liquidity providers they had they wanted to have a large trading volume and to incentivize feeding we wanted to kind of gamy by it and introduce a lottery and everything so yeah cool well thanks art were really excited about about your work and implementing vrf its really cool to see different use cases that we didnt even think of when we were first developing and launching it so great work Im really excited to see where where it goes in the future cool so next were gonna be having deed presenting decentralized education platform you also used chain link and Ave and so let me bring on Mathias and the rest of the deed team really quick a Mathias lol hey nice to be here thanks for these opportunity Im here do we hold regal and Flavio the call as well right now yeah great so Im going to share my screen to play the video okay hello oh weve built a deed this centralized university powered by D Phi Im Matthias Im here together with Flavio and Rodrigo we built a pool together for education where I stood that can staked I to take courses and then money for completing them also this application can be used to deploy fully working universities 100% online using smart contracts students can stake Jai in the classroom thats going to be invested in it returns during the course student ID complete the course we got a share from the interest but you only need to submit an answer to get a die back teachers will get his cut but studies that Johnson managed to NASA will have the principal sent to the University this principal is going to be lock it inside University fund and this fund also receives resources from the nations and a coach from teachers earnings this lock at die would generate interest that can be used to give grants feel G NHSN pay staff and reinvesting endowment in the application you can connect to the University using parties and access all the classrooms listed there the application fetched the data from ENS to fill descriptions and images for classrooms and even students when entering a classroom with an address that is owner for that classroom you can access the dashboard for management and set up all the parameters you want for that classroom the teacher can set up the records in DNS but also the parameters of the classroom like the principal card at the cut from the successful and how much is going to be invested on Ava compound these settings must be set before the course is open for applications the teacher can trade between DIYing link using Eunice what the link is needed to call Jim Inc oracles to generate seed for rental numbers and also for timestamp and Lauren clocks when I started either in a classroom page he can apply to the course if he dont have the money to pay for the course he can ask for a grant for a great manager just need to find the address and have the score for that or he can make the deposit of the payment enjoy thats going to be logged in the course until the end of the duration set by the teacher of this class from students also have a page with their only formation where they can buy and sell either for joy using unis wad if they need you using SIA skynet students can get access the materials applauded this material should be used to solve the challenge of that classroom the standard need to build and deploy a contract and call a sole function for that challenge to solve his own UNIX seat in order to be successful in this classroom if he do so he can earn the successful pool price when the cost hence all investments are redeemed and transferred and he studied can claim his investments in this classroom the funds that go to the university are used for example to pay for related calls using the GSN automated or operated french manifest scam but this monitor an interest like borrowing and landing from compound or 8th by providing liquidity for Eunice WOD pose or by just leveraging token positions thank you very much so this was their demo presentation if you let me just explain bit about our about why we did it right sure our short special that basically we wanted to involve more people on the scene for blockchain development so having a specific way to reward people for learning solidity and other derivated things that you can see that the challenges correct or not using by eye smart control for that so this was our first approach and we wanted to put it into device circles on that one because having donations or just interest from eye on compounds or nave is not enough to generation of rewards for students so using a second defy circle that accumulates over Maltin years endowment can really empower that because instead of having only the funds from a few people or interest you can have the funds from a whole university operation on that and this can gather much more interest being generated and he was many much more students on that in the ever did induce the the the single defy circle awesome yeah thank you so much and just said just add a little bit more context I know we had to learn and earn Ill let go a little bit before before deed here whereas learner and its kind of more of a hey you know we can integrate blockchain with any learning platform you know deeds little deeds different in the sense theyre like hey no were having an entire university on the blockchain making this really scalable you know anybody can add their content to this university and and build it up and you know theyre doing that getting the random numbers through chain link so that people have random homeworks and getting a you know with the chain-link alarm clocks as well so say hey you know heres one lets do you better you better turn your paperwork in just a lot of really really cool things really cool ideas being implemented here and and doubling down on the 5k you know theres no theres a lot of issues in education and learning that the blockchain can solve and there are tons of different approaches so so yeah this is fantastic and and thank you for for for building this and and doing the demo right there so are there any any questions from the audience here I have have one in queue if if nobody jumps in I really have the fact that more and more project are just out of tea if they have any energy needs they just adopt entertaining solution for that keeps becoming more and more standards and that was something that was really needed because RNG is like one of the biggest needs into a crypto and through apps and adding an on chain solution for that thats critically yeah fool so Ill ask a question that was asked me for your team here and I know again we had the luxury to talk a little bit before I know the background here theres a lot of Mechanical Engineers actually as far as when you guys actually built you know whistle of e what were your favorite tools for developing with defy you mean for the for composing this tack tack tack tack or for building self of putting code together yeah you know either one well for the defi composability I really love it Eve and uni swab for the ease of documentation and of course for oracles cheney is the top of mind the go-to as we have no more or less call opening here in public having the same way the same functions to implement as much Oracles I am going to need and my application is a very strong wing for chaining as well so if you are implementing one Oracle okay you might even choose but if you are for two or more go for chaining because thats where the architecture is so well streamline it for the developing itself I really love it to use Beutler he did never experiment it before I was always going for TRO for my first choice but at this hackathon we started to experiment with Beutler and I really loved it it the way I can the way I can run a tests in the butyl Ill eat EVM and get like console.log something thats so powerful that it wasnt possible before so it was a really sweet addition for technology stack for building as well we one question that just dropped into the YouTube really really neat idea needed idea I could this from Andrew Schmidt I could see deed working great at scale so how do you guys plan to onboard new universities and courses and different different online programs to continue this down the road yeah we have started a few weeks ago to draw a road map the first most important step is to get these Hauk and turn in a product like Im making the marketing material making the branding and everything else and one very important step on that definition is choosing our focus or focus target because now as you have seen the present that you have three focus they stood in the teacher and enterpreneurs so we could get people to run their own interests at their own university like integrating with a lot of different partners and even like we are having a lot of movement on the education scenario inside blockchain so even like plug to get rid London earn great project you guys get and plugging together with other people on that inter preneur faucet should be a possible focus or we can shift teachers hey lets be the first instance and this is going to be the deed University and lets put as much students and teachers as we can first and this is a very different focus and we assume each hero figure out where should you should we go basing on how much funding should we get or how much traction should we get on different communities you know cool well great guys its really exciting to see you see your project and seeing a continue developing is there is there a place that people can continue seeing seeing you guys this development yeah we have run a demonstration its online you can check the hacker showcase but you can just go for a deed dot I dont have a way to write it but is the number four for four KJ is a website company website calm Shoji tofurkey own you can see there demonstration at that and also we have have been working on like a yes thanks I theres a search feature here dont know if the guys from your from YouTube can see it but we also behind this project have a foundation for building open code as well so if you guys are interested in joining the team building the future together just send an email reaches in to score link engine or whatever you want and lets hope in and lets build this decentralized future together love it awesome guys Ill really appreciate you guys taking your time and excited to see this continue forward congratulations on all the success nice thank you thats close all right cool yeah that the amazing group of projects and theres theres so more to that that didnt get the opportunity now we can do some more meetups down the road but its really fascinating just to see how to implement parts of Ave with parts of chain link and parts of this platform and how the defy space and decentralized finance and etherium and blockchain smart contracts in general are all just growing and flourishing incredibly mark I know that youve been around in this space for for a very long time and developing what are you some of your favorite defy tools or things that youre kind of noticing of trends within the ethereal and decentralized space you mean about project all different tools just development tools and projects basically as a format hed like this entrées education that projects a filter is like very exciting and very interesting we are doing actually I think it was the AK money someone that built a blogging especially 45 of years code so for visitors to you and its just such a game changer because he recognized directly if and addresses of Maine Nate on Wednesday he knows all the ABI for the targets and it just like saves so much time when you want to build and obviously traveled east like I think that you should use at some point and I think at rofl el-erian cheap projects for years now yeah the the the BS code I was a game-changing product that came out and was already already getting used if someone was just getting in to say that there may be like in web development as like a software engineer theyre like hey this decentralized this crypto stuff this is kind of cool where do you recommend someone start my personal recommendation will be you dont need to type them into CDT right now if you have no formula experience to manage the smart contracts you will have a much better time to actually try to interact with the device or the code if you learn the stack of ether gs4 for example if you have a bit of background in JavaScript well I am learning 30 s is only a few hours of your time to out the skills into your your your skillset and then you can keep like youre safe and do some transition into re and then take the a tokens and swap it on unisport and all of that with a few lines of code and it helps you understand the concept of gas the concept of knowns all this kind of concept you need to apprehend when you use it area and I think its the best first step to after that maybe dive down into sorry meet your VIPRE to actually build contract but interacting with contractors the first step is its a great start liking cool yeah yeah whoa drop those links in the description after afterwards in this video so other people can check that that tool out but you dont hear that most of time you know like a lot of people are like dive into solidity and you know its like Ill be the best step and be a little intimidating no matter how skilled of a software engineer web developer that you might be yeah I mean Im a huge fan of all of a since you guys first launched and its really exciting to see see the progress of your guyss platform and the the skyrocketing growth I think everyones really interested you can kind of see some things on your platform with coming soon with like token sets you guys just launched you know swap pools what other development and what what else can he tell us about the growth of Ave and way you guys are working on right now I think what we also understood with the project presented you know is that it areum is at a point right now where we eat its better to have synergy than to reinvent everything like for example we we are financial protocol so I think price field is super critical for us and we are two shows 10 years and years to build something on hold or use the industry stand up which is sending to our price feed and secure on network well I choose in check mink we gain like months or years of development we have a separate platform and its super incredible because we can focus on our core features and thats the the main thing right now material you dont have to reinvent everything you want to have a coin use case you can use out in liquidity we can create synergy with the other protocols so token set is here theres a lot of community there then why not used all tokens that Oscar oughtta on in order to leverage long how simply pour some stable coins and cover your spending without hurting your trading position and what we can expect from other it is here is more and more bridges with other protocol because we do not believe in world garden like we dont think that this implies finance is all about keeping users and chain inside the protocol i we think of the complete opposites that you should be completely the owner of your money and free to find the best opportunities so basically our job is to make sure that the best opportunities are inside our well yeah I think thanks for that answer if people want to follow obvious progress and join join your channels what is the best place for people to start and how to follow that we have the awesome list which is a community resource repository on github that lists all the project that are integrating heavy and all the best link to go to I think its a good first step the second step will be like a medium blog post because we we centralized we say the information and the news there and feel free to follow us on Twitter we love to have to speak to all community directly there and obviously we have this cold cool yeah well I think that that wraps it up for today is there anything else that maybe you want to want to add marker Patrick no not on my site cool well even we really really appreciate you coming its amazing and really exciting to see you see the growth of Ave fam really appreciate all the answers shout out to all the teams that were able to present today and shout out to all the other teams that just competed and are out there building its what what the ecosystem needs its amazing to see and it seems like every single hackathon there theres more and more teams building and that thats the only way that were going to be able to be able to continue growing mark if you have a presentation and happy we have time if you want if you want to share I will be more than happy to hand dont worry will her make it quick yeah can I share my screen yeah yeah you should should be able to share I just wanted to take a few minutes to present because its a developer meter and if you wish to build on defy maybe share all experience as a RP changing customer so a very shaming others as I said to focus on all projects we training provided centralizer read Oracles so this entire spine field and we do believe that its the only grade of crypto having to summarize all records wire need inside the blockchain ecosystem for years and Jennings provide them for us since there are they rich maintenance and that way we can focus on our projects and feel safe with their private and especially do it works when things go well but when things go bad and the network are some issue Shannon proved itself to be a very highly reliable partner so basically what happened during the Black Thursday events which was a sharp decline of the price variation of most Oconee crypto and also a sharp increase on the gas price of the transaction so basically the war Italian Network was completely congested and during the world Black Thursday event we are regular in highly reliable price feed that I that come from chain-link so the end result is that we suffer to a nominal amount of liquidation that was pretty standard within the situation while other defy actor art like some huge lost like mega Dow which a month or for 4.5 million dollar and I do believe that synergy done right just work because when we think of it every integration on our they is also a chain integration because each new decentralized applications that use a tokens which is the alpha version of the token deposit on our platform well the price fits to do that to change the MD angler who and thats why we are proud sponsor of open spreadsheet and if you have a new project and you have a developer Ill feel free to go to free chain that link through which weve the pride feed with sponsor and we are not yemeni sponsor training hes an industry of some doubt you will see big names there under the sponsors and the result of that is that in six months we went from zero dollars to 100 million dollars pocket size we reach the defi top four and I really believe that chain link is part of our success because it was easier to ship upward not and to be focus on your cup figure because we were secure about checking fields thats only the only thing I wanted to share about our or successful relationship using thanks mark yeah we really really appreciate that and yeah its exciting I mean we cant do it without each other Andy without the ave community and the chain link community and both of our development teams and everyone that went into helping this meetup come together from ISA and Irene and and everyone else on the team its a pleasure working with you guys and its incredible to see the development work that you guys have been able to put in and just continuous growth and just building building building and its great to see theres one question in the audience says Andrew says mark what whats your favorite use of the the Ave Eunice cool well Im feeding uh mandatory to say the link its against because actually you can like provide link and eat liquidity into unions what they mean to uni tokens for that then use it as collateral a body and obviously that might be a good idea to borrow stable coins through by morning hour and eat and provide liquidity again and you enter on leverage long which is 50% exposed to the link price variation so its much safer than just a 100 percent leverage long but its interesting to for traders obviously its not a financial advice oh sweet well I think this wraps it up really appreciate your time Marc I know I know youre really busy and do building and doing a lot of things so thanks for your time and thanks AVI and and the entire Ave team for all of your support and all the continued development again its amazing to see its really exciting and love that that we can be able to work together and so I think that wraps it up will drop all the links and do a little editing and put it into the video and then make sure to follow the Ave community and join the channeling community and then well see you next time thank you very much cool thanks everyone thank everyone so much Join Chainlink and the Aave teams with presentations from ETH Global HackMoney Winning Projects along with a Q&A with Marc Zeller of Aave where we will discuss the newest developer trends in Aave and Chainlink’s communities and spark ideas for continuous building. Presenters: Learn & Earn: A decentralized education platform that helps students online anywhere in the world get new skills and make some money along the way too. See Demo: Team: Victor, Jessa, Daniel, Edward, Meet CandyShop: A DEX aggregator that optimizes for efficiency by arbitraging user swaps and splitting arbitrage profits with users. Using Chainlink VRFs to get random numbers, users are automatically signed up for lottery tickets called candies to cash out on the arbitrage profit. See Demo: Team: Arth, Thrilok, Vaibhav DeEd: A lossless university that pools students DAI to earn interest and reward students and teachers for completed courses. They have created a system to create a completely scalable and customizable platform where teachers can create content and students are incentivized to finish. See Demo: Team: Matheus, Flavio, Rodrigo ______________ Learn more about Chainlink Website: Twitter: Telegram: Reddit: Discord: If you’re a developer, visit the developer documentation or join the technical discussion on Discord Learn more about Aave Aave Twitter: Aave Telegram: Aave Discord: Aave Reddit: Aave Facebook: Aave Instagram: The Aavesome list All Aave Resources: HackMoney,