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so today today is going to be a really big a princess Polly Hall and before I even get into it I did get you guys a coupon code Lea 20 to get 20% off princess Polly is not the cheapest site that I haul from at all but they definitely do have like the cutest stuff so dont sleep pretty so Pollys lit lets go ahead and get started Im gonna start off with like the accessories that I got because I got a lot of accessories this time last time I ordered off of princess Polly I got this set of leopard print scrunchies that I really liked so I saw this scrunchie on there and its like a super thick purple velvet one its super cute I think it might should I just leave it scrunchies are great cuz you can wear them in your hair but they also like add to your outfit so about 3 pairs of gold hoops from princess Polly because I just cant get enough so the first pair I got are the ones Im wearing now and theyre just like classic round hoops but theyre really thick I got these really dope chain hoop earrings oh my gosh I thought these were so edgy and then I also got these and okay these looks like they were Ethiopian or something to me and thats why I got them I have a lot of like Ethiopian things with these like shells these really really caught my eye I just think these are so adorable and these would be really good for like a beach day so then I got this belt and I got this one just because this tan color is really in for the springtime it has gold hardware of course and it has like this double O ring detailing I love belts like these because they look like a Gucci belt without actually paying hundreds of dollars Lucchese honestly cancelled because you guys didnt know they came out with this turtleneck sweatshirt that has um its just problematic Im just gonna put this on the screen here I reacted to this on my snapchat story so if you want to be like in with the ships I think Im gonna start doing more fashion updates on my snapchat so its love from Lea X finally I got to this hat from the brand Brixton its like a Baker boy hat or whatever these were really trendy in the fall time so I thought Id cop I just like really cant wear this with my afro right now so maybe when Im killing it with some wigs or I get a weave soon this will look good but as of right now theres not much I can do the first thing that I got clothing wise it was this a bodysuit if you know me you know Im obsessed with like body suits this one is a very pretty like burgundy color oh my gosh its beautiful it has underwire under the boobs which is really important to me when it comes to these because like if you order one of these off of like chien or wrong way theres not gonna be like real underwire thats gonna hold your boobs up yeah this costs a little more if you really pay attention to the details the fit the quality its more for a reason next I got two mini skirts I wanted more things for like going out one and also just for the springtime this first skirt I got is so cute I got it because it reminded me of the like super trendy neon green color thats been early on but this is more of like a mint green type color its not showing up as pigmented on the camera it looks like white right now its is very simple but I liked it a lot and this one is just like a circle skirt skater skirt type thing and I havent worn a skirt like this in so long but it caught my eye because of the print animal print is so in you guys I actually got another skirt from princess Polly so this is really different its like stretchy at the top it has this like ruched material and then the bottom is asymmetrical and its like layered I thought this was really cute and dainty and once again just perfect for the spring like a beach day a day at Malibu I dont know and its really really feminine and I feel like Ive been more into like the athleisure type of style athletic wear like not as feminine with my clothing so I wanted to get a few more pieces so I could still dress it up you know well I got a pair of casual bottoms as well and these are just like an everyday classic item that you guys are probably looking for right now Oh black biker shorts when I tell you theyre thick AF Im not playin Brown I wore these yesterday they were awesome they fit really well they sent you with the right areas and theyre so thick you cant see your underwear at all Hanna wears biker shorts all the time and she said that usually with black biker shirts she has to wear too on top of each other because theyre too see-through save yourself the time and just like cop these if youre looking for a classic pair theyre also like pretty sure cuz I feel like were biker shorts go wrong is theyll be this length but theyre not that high waisted and then theyre just like super long and Im just like no why is my whole thigh covered so these are like mini biker shorts you know what I mean and theyre super high waisted so perfect to wear with like cropped t-shirts and everything like that if thats what youre going for I got a few tops from princess Polly of course so the first one I got reminded me of like IMG air or something its super cute its just like a cropped black top it like laces in the front which is super cute and then the back is really open which is what caught my eye the most open back and then I just thought this is so cute and subtle once again dress it up dress it down whatever this would look so bomb with this skirt like ah its a fit already Im definitely wearing this I also got another pretty casual top that I thought would be perfect for the springtime hot to throw in a neon color like at least one fro at least one this is just like a really cute hot pink bodysuit theres not much to say but its really nice quality like you know theres like little seams right here it buttons at the bottom I think thats really important because I hate when body suits dont clamp at the bottom like I really got to take off my whole fit to pee I dont have time bro but I really really like the material of this its super soft this is like the finest top that I got oh my god whats a Korea time the other night and when I was my friends it was super fun and this is the perfect going out top it was so cute it has like this like jacquard print or whenever it had it in the front sweetheart neckline that its like kind of cedar in the back and I had a top like this that I wore to Saint Pablo tour a few years ago actually sold it on my deep pops a halter type top it was like made a very similar material to this so I I have had separation anxiety from that top so when I saw this on princess Polly I was like ah I mean it I have to say though this is so small you guys like I dont know it says size six but its so small like me and let them had to do so much to sit this on me and for it to fit and like throughout the night I have to say bro it was it was really tight there was points in the uber where I was sitting there and I have to like sit at a certain angle for like my backbone to be okay and I was like I dont know but this is a corset top so I dont know if thats just like what its supposed to do because it did cinch me my waist will snatch and hand told me that whatever her corset tops is really tied to finally I have two jumpsuits so the first one that I got is just this pair of overalls and I love oh these are short hauls short all my bad I love short hauls and I just love this color its a very rustic type look green theres not much to like explain its like pretty you can see it I guess but this is from the brand MPD off princess Polly this is gonna be great tour to class to were running errands and like all I have to do is throw a simple top underneath so I think I need to cop some more like simple short sleeve crop tops that are like tight so let me know if you guys know where I can get some of those because I think those will look good under the overalls I also got this like satin jumpsuit that I thought was so beautiful its long but like not all the way type long you know what I mean youll see then the trying on portion but yeah it has a satin belt theres not like a lot to it its very simple I probably wear this with like something like this underneath it you know unbutton a little bit be like oh this is something I would wear to a job interview I dont know if thats like two extra but they would just have to know that thats me so hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up and comment down below what other stories you guys want me to do hauls to very soon also be sure to check out princess Polly I literally love them you guys I dont have every single thing I got linked down below as well as my code Lea 24 a 20% off you guys I got be sure to check out my social medias Instagram snapchat Twitter whatever everything will be linked down below its all at la famiglia X and be sure to subscribe and hit that notification about YouTube is play and with the subscription so if you really want to know what I post definitely hit that Bell thank you guys for your constant love and support and I will see you guys in my next video bye Whats up real ones! I love Princess Polly Boutique and ordered a bunch of cute items - where should I shop next? 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