Here’s Exactly Why It Could Happen! how do i send chainlink to my ether wallet$1000 Per Chainlink?

chainlink bitfinex how is chainlink different from ethereum how do i send chainlink to my ether wallet $1000 Per Chainlink? Here’s Exactly Why It Could Happen!
how do i send chainlink to my ether wallet linked address $1000 Per Chainlink? Here’s Exactly Why It Could Happen!
Hey yo, whats going on…it’s been a while  since we were together! After a short break,   I’m back in the saddle again and ready to  provide the best crypto content on the place   they call the TUBE. It’s a fresh year, so let’s  start out fresher than a brand new lamborghini.   You know our drill, even if it’s been  awhile. Because it’s time for Chico Crypto!! Well we gotta start out with the grandaddy  of all coins….BTC, Bitcoin. My last video   was around the 13th, and Bitcoin was at around  47,000…well right through the holidays, Bitcoin   pumped, and just after Christmas touched 52k…but  right back down we went to where we started…and   then evern further below, down to below  41k….and what’s so shocking about this?   This is right where Bitcoin started  1 year ago…in January of 2021. Sooo, BTC didn’t do what many expected. Even  myself. It didn’t hit around 100k…it didn’t   hit Plan B’s prediction of 135k…shoot it  didn’t even hit back into the 60k region.   Which of course Mr B responded to BTC’s  lackluster price performance and his models.   He tweeted “ICYMI In Case You Missed It  1 floor model failed, I will not use it   again. 2 S2F-Stock to Flow-model is at the same  critical point at the sd standard deviation   band as when I wrote the S2F article in March  2019. IMO S2F is still useful, in fact the model   is most useful in critical situations. I will  watch if S2F stays within 1 standard deviation. So Plan B axed his Floor model chart, but  is still sticking with his Stock to Flow,   which as we can see with the current BTC price  we are just out of the 1 standard deviation band,   and into the next band, 2 standard deviations. And as we can see throughout the past, BTC  hasn’t been in this lower band level for long.  If you look at those past touches of this  low band, which there is more than a few,   middle of 2020, end of 2018, into early 2019,  throughout 2017, middle of 2015.…,a touch usually   signaled a bottom, and after BTC would move  upwards back into the 1 standard deviation band. Which even the creator of the model spoke about.  Plan B said “I use models to protect myself from   emotions. Right now most people, including myself,  fear further decline of btc price and want to   sell. But S2F model shows btc is at the low end of  50k-200k 1 standard deviation band, a buy signal. Plan B. is saying with these current  prices and according to his s2f model,   it’s a buy signal….but what if his model  is wrong? When would his model become   invalidated ?? Well Plan B explained this.  He tweeted in response to that question   “When btc spends most of its time  in the white instead of the blue.” But what about altcoins??? Which altcoins  through this major bearish downtrend have   been hodling strong?? Well Can you  SMELLLLLL what Sergay is cooking??? Yes, I’m talking about that Stinky, Stinky  link, who you can smell from a mile away… Chainlink went from a low of 19 dollars  and 13 cents to end the year December 31st,   to as of yesterday 27 dollars and 17 cents. Only  a 42 percent increase in a week and half. Now   pretty much everything else got killed price  wise in this time period including bitcoin,   which means chainlink’s bitcoin  price ratio also went wild. So what is the reason for this stellar price  performance??? Well I could explain it,   but we might as well let the flan man himself  tell us. Let’s listen to what Sergay had to say   to begin 2022 on January 1st…and  after that he dove in further,   reiterating that it’s coming this year  and they are working hard to get it out…. So when this year? Like this quarter Q1? Mid  year? Or a disappointing end of the year?? Well, there was a very interesting  article put out on Chainlink and   staking and it definitely could  have leaked some information,   that wasn’t supposed to hit the airwaves just  yet. But luckily your Boy Chico caught it… The article was from Decrypt and  titled “Next Up for Chainlink in 2022:   LINK Staking and ‘Internet of Blockchains’.   The article states “In an exclusive interview  with Decrypt, Chainlink Co-founder Sergey Nazarov   shared what’s coming next. Most notable  for DeFi degens: staking is coming,   something Chainlink had not confirmed elsewhere  beyond a mention in its January 1 roadmap video” Yes, Decrypt sat down with Sergay, and interviewed  him….they got the inside scoop on staking. A scoop   that went a little too deep. Now within the  article there is a specific section that says   this “Chainlink has been working  on a staking solution for years,   and its April 2021 white paper laid out how it  would work. Nazarov says the team is now finally   satisfied with the security and scalability of  the consensus system they’ve designed, and is now   ready to launch staking this year. But he declines  to specify when in the year it might launch” Well that part of the article was  actually edited on many occasions   and some twitter users caught the edits. A David  Miller tweeted “Staking has already been audited,   Staking is already in test mode. Position  yourself accordingly. There may not be much   more chances to get in before singularity…with a  screenshot from the article before it was edited.   Which now says “Chainlink has been  working on a staking solution for years,   and it’s April 2021 white paper laid out how it  would work. Nazarov says the team is now finally   satisfied with the security and scalability  of the system they’ve designed, which has   been audited and is currently in test mode. But he  declines to specify when in 2022 it might launch. WOW! Chainlink staking has been audited and is  currently in testmode, aka a private testnet!!!   We all know what comes after the  private testnet, usually a public one… But I was talking about when…when Chainlink  staking could be coming that edit just said   it’s audited and currently in a testnet.  Well there was an edit, before that edit… A Timo.ETH on twitter caught this one. He tweeted  “Chainlink staking is ready. Its audited,   currently in testnet and will launch in the  first half of 2022. New tidbits from the decrypt   guys. So no need to wait for potentially next  december”...first half of 2022? What what what?? How can we confirm this? Well someone down in the  comments says “But he declines to specify when in   2022 it might launch. Where do you get first half  of 2022? Timo replies “They edited the article”   with a screenshot that said “Chainlink will launch  staking in the first half of 2022, allowing link   holders to secure the network by locking up some  of their link into the protocol, earning rewards.” You heard that right, Chainlink staking  will launch in the first half of 2022.   This would make sense if the code is audited,  and they are in the private testing stages. Sooo…expect Chainlink interest to start bubbling  as people once again believe in the power of the   LINK…because you will be able to stake  your LINK with Link node operators   and those node operators aren’t just  some tiny, small fish…they are big FISH. Chainlink put out a tweet yesterday that said  “Garbage in, garbage out—a data quality   problem solved by decentralization. Chainlink  Price Feeds feature three layers of aggregation   for more robust, globally accurate price data  thats hyper-resistant to single points of   failure…and as we can see one of those  layers is the Chainlink node operators,   which includes T-Systems, aka T-mobile, Swisscom,  accuweather, Linkpool, and Secure data links. But it doesn’t end with Chainlink staking in  2022. Back in the Decrypto article it says   “Chainlink is also set to launch CCIP, its global  standard for messaging and communication between   blockchains. CCIP seeks to do what TCP/IP did for  the internet: connect all the blockchains into   one “internet of blockchains,” and below that  they give the date “CCIP will launch in 2022,   Chainlinks cross chain interoperability protocol  is coming too…can you say SCHWING. Cuz Sergay,   the LINK Marines, and me…we all like to  schwing. Cheers I’ll see you next time! Could Chainlink hit $1000 per token!? We think so and here is exactly how it could happen!!Chainlink announced staking is being released this year in 2022. We have information and a leak that points to it being released sooner, rather than later in the year. Chainlink isn’t done with staking. They are creating the TCP/IP protocol for blockchains called Chainlink CCIP which also is being released this year!! 2022 is the year of LNK…are you ready to get stinky with that LINKY!?Subscribe to The Chico Channel-- My Favorite DEX is Here Time Stamps 00:00 Intro 00:37 BTC price outlook 01:26 Plan B Floor Model fail but S2F intact? 03:29 Wen Chainlink staking? 06:05 Did this edited Chainlink article leak the staking date? 07:20 Twitter user uncovers Chainlink Staking Private Testnet 08:33 Another Twitter user uncovers more precise Chainlink staking date 10:26 Chainlink CCIP launch date Watch These Videos Again Major Crypto Airdrop Is Incoming!! qlfHVpq2uQg Is This the Beginning of the End for Bitcoin RyAlYjdv6VA Who Is Satoshi? 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