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similar similarly to cosmos yeah chain link is is bowler bear market honestly uh its looking its looking like a 20 20 20 repeat right here you saw we wicked on may uh this would be this would be may 20th 2021 you can see here its march 20th 2020 and then this would be the drop we just had which wicked below as well and ended up ultimately closing back below and the rest is history so this has to it looks very similar you can see it retested it and it just broke below wicked out and broke back above and now its retesting so if it does something like this its just a repeat of 2020 and then into the end of the bull run we go probably to over 100 or maybe even around 100 probably 90. lets see if thats a fib 85 to 128 depending on when the bull market ends and then obviously if the bear markets going to start and this finally does get invalidated and youre looking at probably i can see it stopping here probably a seven dollar chain link honestly uh i i could see that now this thing this thing took out the six one eight on here lets see what about the start of the bull run yeah twelve dollars i think twelve dollars would be a bear market though honestly i dont even think i could draw a fib yeah bounce okay so it bounced at the six one eight fro okay thats why so bounce at the six one eight from this if it takes out fifteen dollars again then i would say thats all she wrote and its probably gonna go to ten dollars and then seven dollars would be the bottom um but until then similarly to cosmos until this trend gets taken out its still in a bull market its just a scary one theres really no other way to slice it its holding its holding this thing by the skin of its teeth so unless we get a bounce next week on btc yeah this this trend is broken as well so were gonna go ahead and delete this uh i think thats too far out yes i i dont even think i could draw a fib on here okay theres a good one yeah so here is your 2021 to bottom top to bottom its bouncing at the 786 which is 5007. if it loses 5007 its going to go into the abyss switch this right here is a 25 percent drop and honestly on a macro scale it could be playing out if we lose this trend line plus that fib i just drew and you know that would obviously require us to be in a bear market but until the support line breaks along with the support line on the usd pair its it could continue higher but were all waiting on if btc is going to drop or are we still in a bull market so yeah thats really what i think either its gonna go to 89 to 120 or its gonna go to seven bucks bullet bear market its tough to decide i dont think anybody knows right now because the btc longs are at all time high and the shorts uh also just piled in today so okay now the shorts are back at okay what the hell man the shorts are back theyre back to where they were oh man that is so bearish i got to make a new video so yeah those are my thoughts on chain link best of luck as always none of this is financial advice so you always have to do whats best for you $100 or $7 Chainlink Link - Price Prediction and Technical Analysis June 2021Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. These are my opinions on the markets, and you should only take it as that Join Discord: