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so Im a software developer and a Technical Evangelist at hadera hats crap you can follow me on twitter if you want I mostly post about hadera though I think they talk about their hats crap and chain links and why were kind of a good combination peanut butter and jelly for enterprise my contracts and to just give you a little background without madera hash crap for anyone who doesnt know the hash crap is not built on a traditional blockchain hash graph is actually an alternative data structure and consensus algorithm to proof of work to block you in architectures when used in a public setting you can handle any order from ten thousand to a hundred thousand transactions per second within a single shard and so its really interesting there is the only public network thats allowed to use hash graph and so a hash graph is enables you that can keep your little waiting in your hash scrap watch it in your hash graph ledger and so you can do things like one node equals one boat if you want to answer them a private network you can do things like one token equals one vote if you want to use it in a public setting hadera chose to use prove mistake which is really nice and so were currently the only network that has a formal code verification of our asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance which basically is our mathematical proof for a DFT was translated a sneaky logic that compared logic is then verified by the kokis and you can download it and verify that yourself if you like and so another unique thing about federa is the hinari Governing Council so the Newberry got renamed council is responsible for all major decisions in our network theyre responsible for code based decisions upon decisions the actual fee structure that we have token releases all that good stuff is made by the hadera Governing Council and so theres up to 39 world class ownership organizations on our Governing Council every single member of the council will initially run a node theres seven different committees that these members can be a part of anything from out of a legal compliance marketing actual technical direction and stuff like that and one of the unique things about our council as well is that everyone has a three year term but they can only serve to attorneys so this ensures that unlike other platforms that the core developers or the owners or the foundations arent able to continuously control that platform for the rest of time its a really unique model and so theres currently six or eight members that weve had announced on the dare governing council so hard we were really excited especially an outside them join talk clucking indications just join without a week or two ago so were really really excited about that and these companies actually legally co-owned that theyre a traffic network you can see our public LLC agreements on to their comm backslash Council if you want to learn about the actual legal legal concerns and the types of agreements that they make as they sign on to and if stewardess Network into adoption and so just to give you a picture of kind of how this landscape worked basically folks a lot of services on this to thereafter graph between sentences so we have four services to date anyone can build third-party applications whatever they want on top of our networks and it stretches a lot of industries were really agnostic where you can build anything from supply chain so spoke to the tactical transparent finance just about anything you give the raw material any of these other agnostic networks to get along there and so the hadera Governing Council is truly responsible for governing that Mastercraft consensus algorithm and its implementation and then further the services and the platform features that are on top of it the Governing Council is no control or say over you know these third-party applications that people are building and so you can do whatever you want you dont have to talk to us you dont know the license what youd expect from another public network we have four services like I said just to give you kind of an overview of them we have our own cryptocurrency called each part its basically used for critical state its used to pay all your fees your gas or rent all of that good stuff its also used to incentivize no its nodes will actually incentivize that h-bar obviously and so attackers would need to gain over a third of our cryptocurrency to be able to civil attack us and things like that we have a very slopes open distribution model where I vote for a third lonely on the market for more than five years so we can guarantee that we can be civil attack for employment five years we have a file service so its a distributed file service its selectively immutable so when you create a file on our network your allows you to find the administration keys that are allowed to alter update that data on the network if you want something thats permanently immutable you couldnt even talk to define those admin keys and just do whatever you want like you traditionally would its a really effective way to point some ledger data to point to another database or to reference kind of like you know if you have some data Hollinger that you want to share with multiple parties you can encrypt that data out Ledgers shared like you use with the rest of the parties that are in genetic data and they can be downloaded and decrypted privately and so you know if you have things like highly viewable data storage you really can do interesting things like uploading references to legal documents uploading references to different types of credentials different types of identity documents and so it provides really trends things like decentralized 870 centralized Prudential management so its really nice that we have this kind of natively big city to our platform today smart contracts is a wonderful feature as well we absolutely support solidity out of the box which is really really nice so anything thats running on aetherium you can ports it Adaro that basically any code changes other than kind of the fee structures and itll just run and itll work perfectly its really nice Im like aetherium your transactions are actually always going to be executed and effect state in the same order in which theyre submitted to the network and so that way you dont have things like front-running you cant bribe miners to be included earlier in blocks its really interesting and then itll have kind of new business models for things like the central exchanges and other things of that nature another nice thing about videoing smart contracts that make some kind of an enterprise friendly option is that we have admin privileges so just like our files when youre creating a smart contract youre allowed to define administrative keys if you want you dont have to and this allows you to do things like update and pause the contract youre allowed to make fewer changes and those changes are track column ledger so things like the etherium Dow actually wouldnt have required a part for you could have just updated the contract with their 18 so its super unique here actually worth mentioning that Scott Kiel from the DLA Piper hes one of our Governing Council members actively building over 15 the solutions on are there at one of them was really did the trick and ice assets which is really exciting this is a quote from a podcast episode of artist really worth the listen and we actually just announced our fourth service which is a very consensus service so we have a white paper just for this new service which was co-authored by IBM were really really excited about that so you can go download and read about that white paper about how you should actually use them their consensus service and things like hyper love your fabric so this is totally worth the read that just came out about a month or so ago and so the consensus service basically exposures exposes the underlying Ashcraft consensus algorithm so instead of having to do things like micro payment based monetization or things like that youre allowed to actually create new types of business models around just transparent consensus and so youre able to do things like have military consensus service order transactions for your fabric networks so fabric currently doesnt have a Byzantine fault tolerant ordering system and so plugging plighted air into that then you immediately named the trusted security model of app scrap which is really really amazing and so you can do the same thing like you can verify that data in a traditional multi-party database if you want to do that in a side chain or side Ledger if you want again the security and have actually a more secure second layer solution than your actual layer one solution you can use hadera as a second layer solution for thick climate during the manages other networks and its a really unique service that were excited about no one else is really offering consensus as a service to date and so were really here today to talk about what Panera has to do with chain link as most people know this is a Oracle node so I think this year I could be wrong about that we announced that were working together to integrate chain link into the Coderre hash scrap network really really excited about this because we do have whole solidity support out of the box so anything that youre currently running on here ambling chain link youll be able to run on our network without any changes which is really great and so provide perspective I really say theres kind of two ways that hadera developers can use or contribute to the chain link ecosystem so obviously smart contact developers on Canaria can consume data from Oracles they can read and access all of this rich data that was provided by the decentralized channeling Oracle networks and chain link creates a really standardized easy to its easy to use way with a lot of examples coming up from a solidity background that is coming from aetherium which makes it a really nice easily accessible option to those wishing to develop on Coderre and I also see this kind of a second side which is that hadera developers and their ecosystem can in turn provide additional services to channel a note the consensus service if youre talking about building reputation systems for nodes is really way to do that theres also because we handle so many cryptocurrency connections a second you could do actual API based monetization or you could doing additional incentive layers on top of you know the existing chain link is your thats out there so if you wanted to do something like it difficult lot of times the marketplace theres H bars a really good option to that and so just like I said before this is just a basic example but anything that youre running on etherium will run on us without changes so any of their examples that are you know currently in their documentation and things like that are great examples of how youll be able to use chain link from me there yeah its a Democrat super nice and so basically the things license a why I think header and chain Waynes kinda like the peanut butter and jelly of smart contracts is that its a friendly standardized cheap easy to use solution for any type of enterprise smart contracts or Oracles that youre hoping to use and so its a really nice kind of availability where theres a lot of examples that you read right ecosystem with chain link and then we provide a lot of the administrative flexibility thats required from the enterprise side a lot of the performance thats required from the enterprise side a lot of the compliance and regulatory solutions and so we already have over 2,000 developers actively building on our test nuts which is really exciting because we havent launched yet these are just a few of the companies that are building on us to date which was really really exciting and they stretch all industry is from a supply chain finance gaming department pharmacy pharmaceutical subtracting theres just a wealth of applications out there and so whats next for today over at this really exciting time were actually going to be opening access to our main net thats been live since August of last year its and limited access and weve been selectively you know onboarding people and getting audits done and all that good stuff but well be opening that hopefully by the end of the summer which means that anyone can build in deploy applications on our network they can use any of the applications on our network our tips cryptocurrency will hopefully be listed on exchanges and so were actually onboarding dozens and dozens of applications who will be available freeze from day one so the first day that people will be able to use that their network there will be a wealth of applications running injuries we also have a bunch of community testing programs going on right now and we will be going on in the future some of them are targeted towards developers building applications some are targeted towards consumers that want to just test out the network didnt see whats worried about patch crap weve currently allocated over 200 million each part of these programs which may be more in the future which is really really exciting make you want to sign up on our website kinder than the future well be announcing more council members theyll be up to 39 eight to date some servants will be coming very shortly after if it airs open access because thats a new development hopefully well have more details issues that share soon about our chain link integration and the work that were doing with them and then haderas code base will be entirely open to review after after our beta period and E 1 is released its a really exciting stuff you can keep an eye out for open access hopefully we make some noise in the market and so if you really want to interested in getting involved like I really really recommend reading the hadera white papers so we have no like a 60 page white paper that outlines with their network our governance structure all of that does and then we also have at the end of it as the actual hash graph consensus algorithm white paper so if you get back to get down there youre able to do that and its really really brilliant stuff from Lehman and if you want to worry about our council visit our website we have a discord thats really targeted towards developers so if you want to actually ask about you know developing on the narrow types of SDKs we have available things like that just join discord all of our open source software can be on github and we had some really good documentation especially people coming from aetherium and tell me from a solidity background if you want to see how youve employed different networks or kind of what the differences are there so yeah this is a great way to get involved and so if anyones actively working on a decentralized application if youre interested in learning about that theyre like feel free to shoot me an email like above to talk to you explain to you over and out what kind of solutions are better suited for our networking verses and others and things like that so thank you guys are there any questions in there well use case of my moves inside that they sneaker with an iron sex so we have a lot of interesting companies that are doing things in the pharmaceutical and supply chain fields theres actually one that culture taro that Im excited about whos working with the Center for Disease Control in the CDC of the states working on open pharmaceutical apis or kind of drug shorting trap shortage trafficking tracking so if any pharmacy pharmacies or an aggregate of pharmacies around the United States are actually experiencing drug shortages theyre able to know in real time and soft the supply chain solutions thats just kind of one theres theres a bunch of type 2 yeah so it depends its really really well-suited to do ordering and fabric will have a native integration where its just plug and play where you can use your after their copy or whatever youre using chlorine can use ups if you want to business so I think I rode a with fabric and Piper and IBM launched a hot form in mind that was kind of you know a lot of excitement that theyve expressed about this but its not limited to that by any means I think if you want to do total fare ordering in a lot of environments theres not a lot of great solutions out there and its not just a way to do kind of consensus you can do type of its like a notary service of sense where you can submit any type of application or any type of data to the network like arbitrarily itd be encrypted it can not be encrypted and youll get a guarantee verified Im Sam from the entire you know hadera network which could actually be used as like a proven cord among a variety of other things so its not a disappointing flavor consensus you can assume that any type of arbitrary message to a given topic itll order can order it itll give you a live hack it will give you a guaranteed consents this timestamp within milliseconds so one the majority is the network reached it and from that you can do a lot of unique things with it whether you want to prove that data was on the network at a given time or if you want to order transactions in a block and theres a wealth in these cases Ill be around if you want to talk to me if you dont want to ask me in public so thanks 730 times Web3 Summit HackerNode talk 2019 hosted by Chainlink. 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