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good morning or afternoon so this is just a quick follow-up video on my fence because of a first video got pretty good responses more than what I expected I would just kind of show you what I did to it after the fact this is what it looks like now if you watch the first video you can see what Ive done I did go back and add this top border out here so all these top pieces start to curling up pretty good so I put this back on or put this on and I also took out these metal poles or going through these went all the way across and I painted it dont have a real good shot from outside but just a quick video to show you final finished product case you needed some more ideas for yours and Ive managed to clean up all the stuff came out from it just a quick shot from the outside with the paint built the house next door I dont know I guess its been about a year at least a year or two since I built the fence anyway thanks for watching if you got any questions just put it in the comments below Just a follow up video to my WOOD FENCE video.j_WtbL2LqkM -link to first videoDid a few more things to it.